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Abercorn Estate - Petition to the Earl of Abercorn from the Provost & Burgesses of the Corporation of Strabane & The Minister and Churchwardens of the Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland March 27, 1753

PRONI Ref. D623/A/30/175
FHL Film #1736518
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

My Lord,

We the Provost and Burgesses of the Corporation of Strabane and Minister and Churchwardens of the Parish, take the Liberty of representing to yr. Lordship in the most respectfull manner, the ruinous condition of our Parish Church: and at the Same time do assure yr. Lordship that by increase of conformists who yearly who come to live here, it is not capable of containing the Numbers who resort to it.

In hope therefore of your Lordship’s encouraging us to repair and Enlarge our church and also procure a decent sett of Communion plate which we are entirely destitute of, we humbly apply to yr. Lordship for assistance and remain – My Lord – Your Lordship’s most dutifull and Obedt. Servants,

Will. HAMILTON, Minr.

Robert HORNE, Church Warden

William ORR, Church Warden