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Townlands of the Abercorn Manors in Co. Tyrone

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Faye Logue, Tully, Queensland, Australia

The extensive Abercorn Estate consisted of four manors in Co. Tyrone and another in Co. Donegal. Those in Tyrone were Donelong/Dunnalong, Cloghogle/Cloghogall, Strabane and Derrygoon/Derrywoon. The Donegal Estate contained the manor of Magavelin & Lismochery.


A huge collection of records relating to the management of this estate was presented to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) by the Abercorn family and is catalogued under reference D/623 and these have also been microfilmed by the LDS.

(See for a full description and film numbers)

Papers of the Hamilton family, Earls, Marquises and Dukes of Abercorn containing leases, deeds, accounts, maps, rentals, out letters, etc. relating to estates in Cos. Tyrone, Donegal and Londonderry, ca. 1610-1920. In addition to their Irish land holdings, they owned estates near Edinburgh, Scotland and in London, England. They were the highest ranking family which participated in the Plantation and are the only dukes in Ulster. Their main residence has been Baronscourt, County Tyrone, since the eighteenth century.


Manor of Cloghogle

Townland Parish
Altnagerog (Altnageerog) Leckpatrick
Artigarvan Leckpatrick
Backfence Leckpatrick
Ballee Leckpatrick
Ballydonaghy Leckpatrick
Ballykeery Donagheady
Ballylaw Leckpatrick
Ballymagorry Leckpatrick
Ballyskeagh Leckpatrick
Brownhill Leckpatrick
Craignagappiel (Craignagapple) Leckpatrick
Crockanbrache (Knocknabrack) Leckpatrick
Crocknearvore (Knockinarvoer) Leckpatrick
Crocknahorna (Knocknahorna) Leckpatrick
Desart (Desert) Leckpatrick
Duniboe (Dunnyboe) Donagheady
Fyfinn Leckpatrick
Gorticrum Leckpatrick
Gortileck Donagheady
Greenlaw & Gribbin Leckpatrick
Killynaught Leckpatrick
Leggavidder (Lagavadder) Leckpatrick
Leggariette (Lagavittal) Leckpatrick
Legnagalloglagh Leckpatrick
Liscurry Leckpatrick
Lisduff (Lisdoo) Leckpatrick
Loughnease Leckpatrick
Polateeby (Pullateebee) Leckpatrick
Roundhill Leckpatrick
Stranabrosney Donagheady
Stranisky (Stranisk) Leckpatrick
Tullyard Leckpatrick
Woodend Leckpatrick
Strabane Fields (Town Parks) Leckpatrick & Camus
Strabane Bog Leckpatrick
Strabane Town Parks Leckpatrick
Greenbrae Leckpatrick
MacCrackins Leckpatrick
Owenreagh Leckpatrick
Pollockstown Leckpatrick


Manor of Donelong

Townland Parish
Altnagallaglagh (Sandville) Donagheady
Ballybeeny Donagheady
Burndennett (Milltown) Donagheady
Carrickatain Donagheady
Castlemellan Donagheady
Castlewarren Donagheady
Cavanacreagh Donagheady
Cloghboy Donagheady
Cloghogal Donagheady
Creaghcor Donagheady
Cullin (Cullion) Donagheady
Culmachery (Coolmaghery) Donagheady
Donelong Donagheady
Drumgauty Donagheady
Edan (Eden) Donagheady
Falinasloy (Ballyheather) Donagheady
Gortivey Donagheady
Gortmellan Donagheady
Gortmesson Donagheady
Lisdivin Donagheady
Maghereagh Donagheady
Magheramesson Donagheady
Menaghill Donagheady
Mountcastle Donagheady
Tavanabraidy (Tamnabrady) Donagheady
Tavanabrien (Tamnabryan) Donagheady
Tavanaclair (Tamnaclare) Donagheady
Tavanakeery Tamnakeery Donagheady
Tavanasollis (Sollus) Donagheady
Tullyard Donagheady


Manor of Derrygoon

Townland Parish
Achafad (Aghafad) Ardstraw
Aghasessy Ardstraw
Archill Ardstraw
Ballyaloan (Ballynaloan) Ardstraw
Ballyrannin (Ballyrenan) Ardstraw
Bytiern (Byturn) Ardstraw
Casty (Cashty) Ardstraw
Cavandorough (Cavandarragh) Ardstraw
Cloonty Ardstraw
Creevey Ardstraw
Derrigoon Ardstraw
Drumclamph Ardstraw
Drumleggah (Drumlegagh) Ardstraw
Envaugh (Envagh) Ardstraw
Letterbinn Ardstraw
Magherycrigan (Magheracreggan) Ardstraw
Magherylough (Magheralough) Ardstraw
Rateen (Ratyn Ardstraw
Roosky (1777 map indicates this was an area within Archill) Ardstraw
Tamnach (Tamnagh) Ardstraw
Whitehouse Ardstraw


Manor of Strabane

Townland Parish
Ballaught (Ballought) Ardstraw
Ballyfolliott (Ballyfolliard) Ardstraw
Ballymalarty (Ballymullarty) Ardstraw
Breen Ardstraw
Bunderg Ardstraw
Carrickgolan (Carrigullin) Camus
Cavanalee Camus
Crew Ardstraw
Drumeagle Urney, Co Tyrone
Drumnaboy Camus
Drumnahoe Ardstraw
Dunnileab (Dernalebe) Camus
Dunrevan Ardstraw
Edymore Camus
Elagh Camus
Egenaugh (Erganagh) Ardstraw
Glenglush Ardstraw
Glentimon Urney, Co Tyrone
Gortlocker (Gortlogher) Urney, Co Tyrone
Knockrow Ardstraw
Liggartown Urney, Co Tyrone
Liskey Camus
Lisnatunny Ardstraw
Listymore Ardstraw
Lurganboy Ardstraw
Magherygar (Magheragar) Urney, Co Tyrone
Peacockbank Urney, Co Tyrone
Priestsessagh Ardstraw
Shannony Ardstraw
Sion Mill Urney, Co Tyrone
Skinboy Ardstraw
Termegan (Tirmegan) Ardstraw
Tullynadartans (Tullydoortans) Urney, Co Tyrone
Tullywhisker Urney, Co Tyrone
Strabane Camus & Urney, Co. Tyrone


The Churchlands of Ardstraw

The following townlands in Ardstraw parish were recorded in Abercorn rentals as the Churchlands of Ardstraw; they were not owned by the Abercorns, but leased from the Bishop of Derry.






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