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Ballylennon Presbyterian Church, Taughboyne Parish, County Donegal, Ireland Subscribers to Repair Fund 1861

Extracted from the Londonderry Standard, February 14, 1861
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Ballylennon Presbyterian Church in the townland of Listannagh, Taughboyne Parish, Co. Donegal


The Rev. Mr. Hanson, in the name of the Committee of the above Church, thankfully acknowledges to have received the following sums in aid of the recent repairs to their place of worship:

Marquis of Abercorn £10

William Weir, Esq., Glasgow £10

James McKenzie, Esq., Glasgow £10

Viscount Hamilton, M. P., £5

T. Connolly, Esq., M. P., £5

Sir E. Hayes, M. P., £2.10s

M. Colhoun, Esq., £3

Messrs. D. & R. Taylor (Coleraine) £2.10s

Robert McCrea (Grange) [Co. Tyrone] £2

Henry A. Lowry (Drumcrow) £2

S. Gourley (Shannon) £2

John Hanson, Esq., £2

Revd. J. Alexander, £1

Revd. Budd, £1

Revd. Allen, £1

Mrs. Rankin (St. Johnstown) £1

William Gamble, Esq., (Porthall) £1

Dr. Greer (Lifford) £1

Dr. Sheldon (Raphoe) £1.1s

Rev. J. Thompson £1.1s

George McCarter, Esq. £1

George Gordon, Esq. £1

James Stevenson, Esq. £1

James Huston, Esq. £1

Richard Hamilton, Esq. £1

David Wilson, Esq. £1

James Denny, Esq. £1

James McCrea, Esq. £1

James Herdman, Esq. £1

William J. Kincaid, Esq. £1

William Gardner, Esq. £1

J. Bigger, Esq. £1

A. Lindsay, Esq. £1

James Macpherson, Esqr. £1 (Proprietor of Londonderry STANDARD)

William McCarter, Esq. £1

W. Tillie, Esqr. £1

Proprietors of Londonderry Sentinel £1

Rev. J. Gibson 10s

Walter Scott 10s

Wm. Wright 10s

John Graham 10s

J. Crosbie 10s

Wm. Smyth 10s

William Cooke 10s

Wm. Larmour 10s

-----Ferguson (Sion) 10s

R. Wilson 10s

S. Donnell 10s

Robert McCrea (Mullahaney) 10s

S. Carson 10s

William Wilson 10s

James Witherow 10s

William Ramsay (Dunfanaghy) 10s

James Wilson (St. Johnstown) 10s

Moore Allen (Carrickbrack) 10s

late Stewart Gordon (Derry) 10s

John Lyon 10s

Hamilton Thompson 10s

Hugh Stevenson 10s

John McAdoo 10s

M. J. Alexander 10s

J. Graham 10s

Thomas Devlin 10s

John Adams (Ballyfatton) 10s

David McConaghy Esq 10s

Rev. Dr. Denham 10s.

Dr. Little 10s.

Mr - Wilson (Tops) 15s.

Mr. William Porter 7s. 6d.

Mr. James Kinch 6s. 6d.

Mr. D. Smith 5s

Mr. Oliver Stewart 5s

Mr. Thomas Watson 5s

Mr. J. Jarvis 5s

Mr. James McMonagle 5s

Mr. N. Simms 5s

Mr. James H. Smith 5s

Mr. William Wilson 5s

Mr James Cowan 5s

Mr. James Henderson 5s

Mr. E. Stephenson 5s

Mr. Richard Smyth 5s

Mr. Alexander Porter 5s

Mr. Wilson (St. Johnston) 5s

Mr. D. Cunningham 5s

Mr. William Gallagher 5s

Mr. William Mullan 5s

Mr. A. McVicker 5s

Messrs. Alexander & Rankin 5s

Mr. John Gregg 5s

Mr. Robert Allen 5s

Mr. S. Fleming 5s

Mr. G. Walker 5s

Mr. S. Entrican 5s

Mr. James Sherrard 5s

Mr. James McGaffin 5s

Mr. William Hamilton 5s

Mrs Rankin 5s.

Rev. J. McConaghy 5s.

Dr. Mitchell 5s

Miss Cunningham 5s

smaller sums 7s


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