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Subscription List Offering Reward at Mullaghmenagh, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, July 1849

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution, July 6 1849
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



WHEREAS, on the Night of TUESDAY last, the 3d instant, some evil disposed person and persons committed an OUTRAGE on the property of WILLIAM HAGUE, Esq., contractor for the building of the lunatic asylum, by setting two water pumps on fire, and breaking a number of barrows, at Mullaghmeenagh quarry. We, the undersigned, hereby offer a REWARD of Fifty Pounds, in proportion to the sums attached to our names, for the Discovery and Prosecution to Conviction of all or any of the parties concerned in such outrage; and a further reward of Twenty-Five Pounds, for such Private Information as may lead to the Discovery and Conviction of said parties.

Witness our hands the 5th July, 1849

HAGUE William £20.0.0
STACK Thomas, J. P. £15.0.0
GALBRAITH S., J. P. £5.0.0
SCOTT Charles, J. P. £5.0.0
O’KANE M., P. P. £5.0.0
HARKIN John £5.0.0
SCOTT William £5.0.0
DONNELLY John £5.0.0
NELIS John £5.0.0
WATSON William £5.0.0
WADE George £4.0.0
COLHOUN James, C. C. £2.0.0
TAGGART Thomas, C. C. £2.0.0
SCOTT James £2.0.0
BUCHANAN James B. £2.0.0
McADAM John £2.0.0
HAMILTON Thomas £2.0.0
HAMILTON John, M. D. £2.0.0
DENNY David £2.0.0
HYLAND Thomas £2.0.0
REILLY John £2.0.0
ALEXANDER James F. £2.0.0
RENNIE A. £2.0.0
JOHNSTON J. F. £2.0.0
ALCORN Nathaniel £1.0.0
BOYLE Anne £1.0.0
McGREW James £1.0.0
MOSS Edward £1.0.0
McKNIGHT Joseph £1.0.0
BLAIR Daniel £1.0.0
BELL Dawson £1.0.0
NUGENT Hugh £1.0.0
JOHNSTONE Robert J. £1.0.0
ROBINSON Joseph £1.0.0
ORR John £1.0.0
DOYLE Peter £1.0.0
HOUSTON John £1.0.0
McKENNY John £1.0.0
CONNOR Hugh £1.0.0
ELLIOTT William £1.0.0
McFARLAND John £1.0.0
MAYNES Patrick £1.0.0
JEFFREY Alexander £1.0.0
TRACEY Edward £1.0.0
CONROY James £1.0.0
McCARRON Edward £1.0.0
HAGUE Hugh £1.0.0
HARRISON George £1.0.0
McALEER Owen £1.0.0
McALEER John £1.0.0
YOUNG Edward £1.0.0
McCUTCHEON Joseph £1.0.0
McCORKELL George £1.0.0