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Ellen Dunn v George Ellis - Breach of Promise Case, Donemana, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1907

Submitted by
William Houston


Derry Journal - Friday, 12th July, 1907

Ellen/Ellin Dunn was born in Ballyneanor on the 26th June, 1868, the daughter of Edward and Margaret Dunn [nee Gordon]. She died on the 9th April, 1913, aged 46, in the presence of her sister, Martha Glass, of cardiac imbalance, that she'd suffered from for over a year. Sad end to a sad story of Ellen, but she left a son, John Robert, who lived around Donemana. Her death record lists her as 'married', but there's no record that she actually was married.


Sequel to a Donemana Courtship published in the Londonderry Sentinel Saturday 12 October 1907


Tyrone Assizes as published in the Londonderry Sentinel - Thursday 12 March 1908.


It would appear George didn't marry either...died in 1939 and was buried from his sister's house