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Taughboyne Parish Church (St. Baithin's Church of Ireland), Churchtown, Carrigans, Co. Donegal, Ireland, Marriages 1845-1900

Diocese of Raphoe
Register of Marriages 1845-1900
Formatted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada
Taughboyne Parish Church
Photo Courtesy of Boyd Gray, West Ulster Genealogy

Diocese of Raphoe

Register of Marriages 1845-1900

[Earliest Registers destroyed in Dublin in 1922]

Church of Ireland Parish Registers Project of the Representative Church Body Library, Braemor Park, Dublin

This data has been made available through the courtesy of the RCB Library, Dublin and thanks the RCB Library for their permission and cooperation.

The original file may be consulted HERE.


Below is a complete index of names from the file.

The complete pdf file of the marriages may be consulted HERE.


Firstname Surname Maiden Name
John M Goold Adams  
Catherine Alexander  
James Alexander  
Rebecca Alexander Meghan
Samuel Alexander  
Henry Allen  
James Allen  
Mary Anne Allen Mckinney
James Allison  
Mary Ann Allison Hamilton
Richard Allison  
Robert Baillie  
David Baird  
James Baird  
Jane Baird Harrigan
Robert Baird  
Susan Crawford Baird Mclearn
Thomas Baird  
William John Baird  
Martilda Barnard  
Matthew Barr  
Anne Bayly Rankin
Charles Arthur Bayly  
John Frederick William Bayly  
John Beattie  
Annie Bell  
John Black  
Robert Black  
John Bligh  
Alexander Bolton  
Alexander Bothwell  
Elizabeth Bothwell Coll
James Bothwell  
Andrew Bovaird  
James Bovaird  
John Bovaird  
Margaret Bovaird Wallace
Margaret Bovaird Sharkey
Edward Bowen  
J Bowen  
Edward Bowern  
Alexander Bradley  
Hugh Bradley  
Martha Bradley Irwin
Robert Bradley  
Susan Bradley Mclaughlin
William Bradley  
John Brannan  
Martha Brannan Montgomery
David Brennan  
Arthur Brown  
James Brown  
John Brown  
Martha Brown Neely
Robert Brown  
Samuel Brown  
Sarah Brown Smith
Thomas Brown  
William Brown  
William Browne  
Andrew Buchanan  
James Buchanan  
Moses Buchanan  
Joseph Burnside  
James A Callen  
Mary A Callen  
James Campbell  
Robert Campbell  
Robert G Campbell  
Samuel Campbell  
John Canning  
Martha Canning Mccready
Robert Canning  
Samuel Canning  
John Carland  
John Caruthers  
Mary Caruthers Houston
Moses Caruthers  
Elizabeth Cassidy Mcnulty
James Cassidy  
Patrick Cassidy  
Joseph Chambers  
Matthew Chambers  
James Clements  
William Cochrane  
Anne Cole Simpson
Matthew Cole  
Isabella Colhoun  
John Colhoun  
Margaret Colhoun  
Mary Colhoun Coll
Robert Colhoun  
Hugh Coll  
Mary Coll Mcconnell
Matthew Coll  
Samuel Coll  
Catherine Conaghan  
John Connor  
Joseph Connor  
Mary Connor Spence
David Cooke  
John P Cowan  
John Pinkerton Cowan  
Joseph Cowan  
Mary Cowan Macauley
Andrew Crawford  
Catherine Crawford  
Isabella Crawford Macauley
James Crawford  
James Crawford  
James A Crawford  
John Crawford  
Maryanne Crawford Mccausland
James Crocket  
Joseph Cunningham  
William Cunningham  
Joseph Davis  
Thomas Davis  
Edward Deary  
Eliza Deary Hunter
Hugh Deary  
Patrick Denny  
Samuel Deveney  
Frances Anne Devenny Hannigan
George Devenny  
James Devenny  
John Devenny  
John Devenny  
Margaret Devenny Grames
Mary Jane Devenny Gillespie
Patrick Devenny  
Richard Devenny  
Samuel Devenny  
James Dillon  
Edward Divine  
Archibald Doak  
Elizabeth Doak Mclaughlin
Archibald Doake  
James Dogherty  
Margaret Dogherty Lackey
William Dogherty  
James Doherty  
John Doherty  
Anne Donnell Wills
Charles Donnell  
James Donnell  
John Donnell  
Mary Anne Donnell Smith
William Donnell  
Edward Duff  
Cunningham Duncan  
James Duncan  
Jane Duncan Moore
Margaret Jane Duncan  
Robert Duncan  
Mary C Dunlop  
Eliza Dunn Campbell
Hugh Dunn  
John Dunn  
Robert Dunn  
Margaret Eaton  
John Eaton  
John Eatons  
Nathaniel Eatons  
Matthew Edwards  
James Ekins  
Jane Ekins Elliott
John Ekins  
John Elliott  
Thomas Elliott  
Andrew Ferguson  
Fanny Jane Ferguson  
Lizzie Ferguson  
Margaret Ferguson Mckinney
Samuel Ferguson  
John Finch  
William S Findlay  
Anne Flemming Rutherford
James Flemming  
John Flemming  
Mary Jane Forrest  
William H Forster  
Allen Forsyth  
Mary Anne Forsyth Black
Robert Forsyth  
James Forsythe  
Charles Foster  
Henry Foster  
Margaret Foster Moore
Richard Foster  
Ann Fullerton  
C Fullerton  
Orr Fullerton  
Andrew Galbraith  
Eliza Jane Galbraith Mccausland
Hugh Galbraith  
James Galbraith  
Josias Galbraith  
Thomas Galbraith  
Mary Gallaher  
John Gamble  
James Gardiner  
Jane Gardiner Mcconnell
Mary Anne Gardiner Neely
Robert Gardiner  
William Gardiner  
Esther Gardner Eatons
James Gardner  
Margaret Gardner Tinney
Robert Gardner  
William Gardner  
Anne Gibbens Elliott
John Gibbens  
Charles Gibson  
John Gibson  
Mary Gibson Gibson
James Gilifillan  
James Gillespie  
John Gillespie  
Joseph Gillespie  
Mary Gillespie Mcclintock
Rebecca Gillespie Jamieson
Robert Gillespie  
William Gillespie  
Samuel Gilmour  
Andrew Glenn  
John Glenn  
Martha Glenn Forsythe
John Godfrey  
Robert Godfrey  
Rose Godfrey Bligh
Charlotte Golden  
Mary Jane Golden Cunningham
Michael Golden  
Patrick James Golden  
George Gordon  
Jane Gordon Gillespie
Jane Gordon Gillsepie
John Gordon  
William Gordon  
William Gorman  
Andrew Gourley  
Henry Gourley  
Margaret Gourley Devenny
Samuel Gourley  
Catherine Graham Sweeny
Hugh Graham  
Matthew Graham  
Thomas Graham  
Marshall Grames  
William Grames  
John Gregg  
Samuel Gregg  
Thomas Grier  
Andrew Hagan  
Annie Hagan Reed
James Hagan  
John Hagan  
George Hall  
John Hall  
Mary Hall Killen
James Hamilton  
James Babington Hamilton  
Margaret Hamilton Devenny
Robert Hamilton  
John Hannigan  
Joseph Hannigan  
Annie Harkin Gregg
Henry Harkin  
Joseph Harrigan  
Matthew Harrigan  
James Hart  
Mary Hart Gilliland
Thomas Hart  
James Hayes  
Sarah Hayes Lowry
Thomas Hayes  
Samuel Henderson  
Sarah Hetherington  
William Hetherington  
John Holmes  
Samuel Holmes  
James Houston  
John Houston  
Susan Houston Waugh
Alexander Hughes  
Mary Hughes Jamieson
Andrew Hunter  
John Hunter  
Martha Hunter Mckinny
Sarah Hunter Graham
Thomas Hunter  
William Hunter  
Martha Hyndman Nesbitt
Thomas Hyndman  
William Hyndman  
Jane Irwin Doherty
John Irwin  
Robert Irwin  
William Irwin  
James Jackson  
Margaret Jackson Mccready
Robert Jackson  
William Jackson  
Alexander Jamieson  
Hugh Jamieson  
Ralph Joyce  
Robert Joyce  
Anne Kane Denny
Arthur Kane  
James Kane  
John Kane  
Margaret Kane Curran
Edward Kelly  
Mary Kelly Walker
William Kelly  
William G Kennedy  
Samuel Kerr  
John Keys  
Margaret Kildea  
Alexander Kilgore  
James Kilgore  
John Kilgore  
Jonathan Kilgore  
Joseph Kilgore  
Mary Jane Kilgore Devenny
Matilda Kilgore Devenny
Rebecca Kilgore Devenny
Andrew Killen  
David Killen  
John Killen  
Rebekah Killen Mcgowan
James Kincaid  
Martha Kincaid Roulston
Mary Jane Kincaid Nesbitt
William Kincaid  
William Henry Kincaid  
William George Kirkpatrick  
James Knight  
Thomas Knox  
Alexander Lackey  
William Lapsley  
Annie Latta  
James Latta  
Maggie Latta  
Margaret Latta Porter
Robert Latta  
William Latta  
Alexander Lecky  
Eliza Lecky Devenny
John J Lecky  
Robert Lecky  
Catherine Lindsay  
George Lindsay  
John W Lindsay  
Thomas Lindsay  
Alexander Lowry  
Andrew Lowry  

Andrew Hamilton

Anne Lowry Mccullogh
Annie Lowry Lowry
David Lowry  
Fanny Lowry Edwards
Gauwn Lowry  
Gavin Lowry  
Hugh Lowry  
James Lowry  
John Lowry  
Lizzie Lowry Rutherford
Mary Jane Lowry Mcclintock
Robert Lowry  
Sarah Lowry Mcfarland
William Lowry  
Eliza Lyle Mcclintock
John Lyle  
Robert Lyle  
John Macauley  
William Macauley  
James Macdonogh  
James Dillon Macdonogh  
Anne Macgowan Mccloskie
Edward Macgowan  
George Maclear  
James Maclear  
Sarah Maclear Martin
Andrew Magee  
Catherine Magee  
David Magee  
Hugh Magee  
Robert Mahaffy  
Catherine Makehan Mckane
George Makehan  
William Makehan  
James Martin  
Andrew Mason  
Ellinor Mcadoo Donnell
James Mcadoo  
John Mcadoo  
Hugh Mcanulty  
David Mcauley  
James Mcauley  
Jane Mcauley Hamilton
John Mcauley  
Matilda Mcauley Devenny
William Mcauley  
Catherine Mcaward Magee
Thomas Mcaward  
William Mcaward  
Ester Mcbrearty Robinson
James Mcbrearty  
John Mcbrearty  
Sam Mcbride  
James Mccain  
William Mccain  
Alexander Mccarron  
Andrew Mccauley  
Anne Mccauley Hannigan
Thomas Mccauley  
Alexander Mccausland  
James Mccausland  
Joseph Mcclay  
Margaret Morrison Mcclay Browne
Samuel Mcclay  
George Mccleary  
Margaret Mccleary Montgomery
Robert Mccleary  
Elizabeth Mcclements Lindsay
James Mcclements  
William Mcclements  
Alexander Mcclintock  
Andrew Mcclintock  
Charles Mcclintock  
Eliza Mcclintock  
James Mcclintock  
John Mcclintock  
Joseph Mcclintock  
Mary Mcclintock Davis
Mary Mcclintock  
Rebecca Mcclintock Nesbitt
Samuel Mcclintock  
Thomas Mcclintock  
William Mcclintock  
Henry Mccloskie  
William Mccobb  
Alexander Mcconaghy  
Joseph Mcconaghy  
Martha Mcconaghy Smythe
Robert Mcconaghy  
Adam Mcconnell  
Amy Mcconnell Mckain
Andrew Mcconnell  
Ann Jane Mcconnell  
Anne Mcconnell Mckain
Archibald Mcconnell  
Ellen Mcconnell  
Henry Mcconnell  
James Mcconnell  
Jonathan Mcconnell  
Mary Ann Mcconnell Mcgowan
Moses Mcconnell  
Samuel Mcconnell  
Sarah Mcconnell  
Scott Mcconnell  
Thomas Mcconnell  
William Mcconnell  
George Mccool  
Alexander Mccorkell  
Anne Mccorkell Brown
David Mccorkell  
George Mccorkell  
Mary Mccorkell Browne
Moses Mccorkell  
Eliza Mccready  
James Mccready  
Maggie Mccready  
Alexander Mccreden  
Robert Mccullough  
James Mcdowell  
Jane Marshall Mcdowell Quigley
John Mcdowell  
Robert Mcdowell  
John Mcfahan  
Mary Mcfahan O’niel
Mary Mcfahan Holmes
Robert Mcfahan  
William Mcfahan  
Andrew Mcfarland  
Andrew Mcfarlane  
Ellen Mcfarlane Mcmullen
John Mcfarlane  
Bella Mcgee  
John Mcgennis  
Jane Mcgirr Gibson
John Mcgirr  
Matthew Mcgirr  
Robert Mcgirr  
Sarah Mcgirr Thompson
William Mcgirr  
John Mcgowan  
Thomas Mcgowan  
Ellen Mcintyre Finch
James Mcintyre  
William Mcintyre  
James Mckain  
John Mckain  
Joseph Mckane  
Mary Mckane Doake
William Mckane  
Andrew Mckean  
James Mckean  
David Mckim  
Archy Mckinley  
James Mckinley  
Rosanna Mckinley Divine
Daniel Mckinney  
Margaret Mckinney Barr
Samuel Mckinney  
William Mckinney  
Hugh Mckinny  
John Mcknight  
Mary Ann Mcknight Latta
Andrew Mclaughlin  
Ellen Mclaughlin  
Hugh Mclaughlin  
Jane Mclaughlin Thompson
John Mclaughlin  
Louisa Mclaughlin  
Margaret Mclaughlin Sheilds
Margaret Jane Mclaughlin  
Mary Mclaughlin Sawyers
Ninian Mclaughlin  
Robert Mclaughlin  
Samuel Mclaughlin  
Sarah Mclaughlin Mcclintock
Susan Mclaughlin  
Susanna Mclaughlin Watson
William Mclaughlin  
Matthew Mclearn  
William Joseph Mclearn  
Alexander Mcloughlin  
Andrew Mcloughlin  
Mary Mcloughlin  
Sarah Mcloughlin Foster
Henry Mcmenamen  
James Mcmonigal  
James Mcmonigle  
John Mcmonigle  
Mary Mcmonigle Joyce
Anne Mcmullan  
Bridget Mcmullan Brown
Daniel Mcmullan  
James Mcmullan  
David Mcmullen  
James Mcmullen  
John Mcnaught  
Thomas Mcnaught  
Henry Mcnulty  
Rebecca Mcnutt  
John Mcquone  
Patrick Meghan  
Andrew Mehaffey  
John Mehaffey  
Margaret Mehaffey Mehaffey
Robert Mehaffey  
William Mehaffey  
Andrew Mehaffy  
Eliza Catherine Mehaffy Lowry
John Mehaffy  
Alexander Mercer  
James Miller  
John Miller  
John James Miller  
Mary Anne Miller Knox
William Miller  
James Mills  
James Mitchell  
John Molloy  
Ellen Montgomery Magee
James Montgomery  
John Montgomery  
Lizzie Montgomery  
Maggie Montgomery  
Margaret Montgomery Motherwell
Martha Montgomery  
Robert Montgomery  
Sarah Montgomery Mcconnell
Thomas Montgomery  
Annie Moore Mccarron
David Moore  
Eliza A Moore Shannon
James Moore  
James Moore  
John Moore  
Richard Moore  
William Moore  
Mathew Morrison  
William Morrison  
Andrew Morrisson  
Esther Morrow Hagan
John Morrow  
Margaret Motherwell  
William Motherwell  
Isabella Munn Foster
James Munn  
Alexander Neely  
Catherine Neely Mcclintock
John Neely  
Matthew Neely  
William Neely  
Elizabeth Nesbitt Mcclintock
Ellen Nesbitt  
Isabella Nesbitt  
James Nesbitt  
Martha Nesbitt  
Thomas Nesbitt  
William Nesbitt  
Margaret Nicholl  
Archibald Noble  
James Noble  
John Noble  
Mary Noble Mcconnell
Patrick O’niel  
Ellen Orr Taylor
James Orr  
John Orr  
Robert Orr  
William Orr  
Grace Park Donnell
John Park  
Robert Park  
Catherine Parke Mcconnell
David Parke  
George Parke  
Margaret Parke Latta
Thomas Parke  
William Parke  
Margaret Ann Parker  
Mathew Parker  
Mattilda Parker  
Robert Parker  
Susannah Parker Mclaughlin
Thomas Parker  
William Parker  
Mary Anne Patterson  
James Payne  
Letitia Payne  
Marjory Payne Rutherford
Robert Payne  
Samuel Peoples  
William Peoples  
Jane Philson Mckinney
John Philson  
Robert Philson  
Alexander Porter  
Andrew Porter  
Catherine Porter Stephenson
Eliza Porter Graham
Fanny Porter Gordon
Hugh Porter  
James Porter  
Jane Porter Vance
John Porter  
Joseph Porter  
Mary Porter Mccullough
Robert Porter  
Samuel Alexander Porter  
Thomas Porter  
William Porter  
Samuel Porterfield  
Thomas Porterfield  
Adam Quigley  
Alexander Quigley  
John Quigley  
Joseph Quigley  
Mary Quigley Lowry
James Rankin  
Robert Rankin  
Robert B Rankin  
Samuel Rankin  
Samuel R Rankin  
Sarah Rankin Graham
Thomas Rankin  
William Rankin  
William Reed  
James Robinson  
John Robinson  
Margaret Jane Robinson Gordon
Rebecca Robinson Hagan
Walter Robinson  
William Robinson  
Andrew Rodgers  
Eliza Jane Rodgers Lowry
Thomas Rodgers  
Elizabeth Rogers Mcmenamen
James Rogers  
John Rogers  
David Rollestone  
Martha Rollestone Gillespie
Eliza Ross Montgomery
Hugh Ross  
John Ross  
Samuel Ross  
Susannah Ross Mcanutly
Andrew Roulston  
James Roulston  
Joseph Roulston  
Laura Adeline Huffington Roulston Harris
Maggie Roulston  
Alexander Rutherford  
Annie Rutherford Mckane
Edward Rutherford  
John Rutherford  
Lizzie Rutherford  
Margery Rutherford  
Samuel Rutherford  
Thomas Rutherford  
William Rutherford  
Charles Sawyers  
Ellen Shannon Mclaughlin
John Shannon  
William Shannon  
David Sharkey  
James Sharkey  
Margaret Sharkey Taylor
Samuel Sheilds  
Alexander Shields  
James Simpson  
Jane Skipton  
William Skipton  
Catherine Smith  
Eliza Smith Mcfarland
Hugh Smith  
James Smith  
John J Smith  
Margaret Smith  
Rebecca Smith Joyce
William Smith  
John James Smyth  
Robert Smyth  
William Smyth  
David Smythe  
Andrew Speer  
Susannah Speer Brown
Alexander Spence  
David Spence  
John Spence  
Mary Spence Deary
William Spence  
Elizabeth Stafford Mcclay
James Stafford  
Joseph Stafford  
Mary Jane Stafford Mcgennis
T H Staunton  
James Steen  
Matthew Steen  
Rebecca I Steen  
Hugh Stephenson  
James Stephenson  
John Stephenson  
James Stevenson  
John Stevenson  
Robert Stevenson  
Alexander George Stuart  
Charlotte Emma Stuart Bowen
George F Stuart  
Alexander Sweeny  
James Sweeny  
Andrew Taylor  
Catherine Taylor Mcfane
Eliza Taylor Sharkey
Ellen Taylor Holmes
Ellinor Taylor Morrison
James Taylor  
John Taylor  
John M Taylor  
Lizzie Taylor  
Margaret Taylor  
Margaret Taylor Neely
Mary Taylor Neely
Rebecca Taylor Baird
Robert Taylor  
Samuel Taylor  
William Taylor  
Anthony Thompson  
Ellen Thompson  
Joseph Thompson  
Margery Thompson Porterfield
Martha Thompson Gillespie
Robert Thompson  
William Thompson  
Anne Tinney Sweeny
David Tinney  
Elizabeth Tinney Gardner
John Tinney  
Phebe Tinney  
Robert Tinney  
Samuel Tinney  
James Tinny  
John Tinny  
Martha Tinny Tinny
Mary Jane Tinny Mitchell
Robert Vance  
Ellen Walker Young
Joseph Walker  
Maggie Walker  
Robert Walker  
Samuel Walker  
Thomas Walker  
William Walker  
Eliza Wallace Wallace
Elizabeth Wallace  
Robert Wallace  
Walter Wallace  
G Walsh  
William Wark  
James Watson  
William Watson  
Thomas Waugh  
James Weir  
Margaret Weir Lowry
Marget Weir Lowry
Robert White  
William White  
James Whittaker  
Mary Jane Whittaker Brown
Sarah Whittaker  
Robert Wilkey  
John Wilkin  
Matilda Wilkin Latta
Margaret Wilkinson Montgomery
Samuel Wilkinson  
William Wilkinson  
John Wills  
Catherine Wilson Kerr
Catherine Wilson Brogan
George Wilson  
John Wilson  
Rebecca Wilson Lindsay
Robert Wilson  
Thomas Wilson  
William Wilson  
Henry Woods  
Thomas Woods  
Andrew Wray  
John Wray  
Martha Wray Mcconnell
John Wright  
John Young  
William M Young  


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