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Rathneeny (1st Donegal) Presbyterian Church, Drumhome Parish, County Donegal, Ireland: Marriages 1845-63 & Historical Notes

PRONI Ref: MIC1P/6; D2535/1
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

This file of RATHNEENY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH MARRIAGES (1845-63) & HISTORICAL NOTES forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to COUNTY DONEGAL RECORDS on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Rathneeny Presbyterian Church near Laghey, Co. Donegal.

The records for Rathneeny (1st Donegal) and 2nd Donegal Presbyterian Churches have been filmed by the staff of PRONI, Belfast where they are available to consultation

Baptisms, 1824-85; Marriages 1824-43 and 1845-1847; Deaths, 1860-83; Census, 1861-2.

PRONI Ref: MIC1P/6; D2535/1



No. Date Marriage
1 April 17 1845

William Robinson 26 years bachelor farmer Moyne. Father: Mosey Robinson blacksmyth


Mary Ann Wray 21½ years spinster Annygassinn. Father: Andrew Wray farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Lytle & Hugh Hammond

2 Sep 21 1845

Robert Stewart 24 years bachelor shoemaker Woodside, Kinlitter [Killeter], County of Tyrone, Parish of Termonamongan. Father: William Stewart farmer


Hanna Wray 21½ years spinster Drimkeehan, Parish of Killymard. Father: James Wray farmer

Witnesses: John Burton & Abraham Bustard

3 Jan 6 1846

Samuel Maneely 27 years widower farmer Leghawny. Father: Andrew Maneely farmer


Eliza Harrin 21 years spinster Ballinakilly. Father: Robert Harrin farmer

Witnesses: James Ingrim & Robert Holmes

4 Feb 5 1846

John Thompson 21 years bachelor farmer Umberycalm? Father: John Thompson farmer


Bella Farrell 21 years spinster Ballybulgin. Father: William Farrell farmer

Witnesses: Matthew Kinkead & Arthur Johnston

5 Feb 17 1846

William Wray 21½ years bachelor farmer Arneygassin. Father: Alexander Wray farmer


Margaret Farrell 22 years spinster Drimlark. Father: Francis Farrell farmer

Witnesses: John Wray & James McNeely

6 Mar 17 1846

Walter Crawford 45 years widower farmer Alteylooh. Father: Walter Crawford farmer


Mary Ann Currigan 25 years spinster Alteylooh. Father: John Currigan farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Crawford & Charles Foster

7 Mar 19 1846

David Wray 26 years bachelor farmer Lackan. Father: John Wray farmer


Elizabeth Graham 24 years spinster Lackan. Father: Richard Graham farmer

Witnesses: John Farrell & Andrew Gormin

8 Apr 7 1846

William Dunkin 21 years bachelor farmer Drimanary. Father: James Dunkin farmer


Isabella Morrow 20 years spinster Homes. Father: Hugh Morrow farmer

Witnesses: Richard Morrow & John Dunkin

9 Ju1 9 1846

Robert Smyth 56 years widower farmer Mullins. Father: Matthew Smyth farmer


Margaret Irwin 38 years widow Carnbigh? Father: John Irwin farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Wray & Watt Gregory

10 Sep 8 1846

William Wilson 40 years widower farmer Drummore. Father: Edward Wilson farmer


Mary Farrell 28 years spinster Raneeny. Father: William Farrell farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Farrell & William Porter

11 Jan 28 1847

Robert Holmes 24 years bachelor farmer Ballinakilly. Father: William Holmes farmer


Mary Linn 21 years spinster Tullyearl. Father: William Linn farmer

Witnesses: John Colvin & Alexander Holmes

12 Nov 9 1847

William Little 21 years bachelor farmer Lackan. Father: William Little farmer


Jane Morrow 22 years spinster Homes. Father: Hugh Morrow farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Little & Richard Morrow

13 Nov 11 1847

James Wright full age bachelor agriculturalist? Bridgetown. Father: James Wright farmer


Faith Sturdy full age spinster Brown-hall. Father: Thomas Sturdy farmer

Witnesses: William Maneely & George Hammond

14 Nov 25 1847

Joseph Wray 23 years bachelor plowman Muckris (sic). Father: Joseph Wray farmer


Jane Farrell full age spinster Drimlark. Father: Francis Farrell farmer

Witnesses: John Farrell & James Farrell

15 Feb 8 1848

Hugh Robinson 22 years bachelor farmer Moyne. Father: Moses Robinson smith


Margaret Farrell full age spinster Drimlark. Father: James Farrell farmer

Witnesses: James Robinson & John Lentin

16 Apr 19 1848

William Bailie 28 years bachelor farmer Ratalla. Father: Hugh Bailie farmer


Ann Hughes 29 years widow Donegal. Father: Hugh Hughes ship master

Witnesses: Thomas Hughes & James Gallaugher

17 Aug 29 1848

William Lowry 46 years bachelor soldier Lough Eske. Father: John Lowry farmer


Bell Crawford 26 years spinster Lackan. Father: Robert Crawford farmer

Witnesses: George Thompson & James Crawford

18 Oct 5 1848

Adam Brooks 37 years bachelor soldier Ballyshannon. Father: Robert Brooks soldier


Martha Farrell 35 years spinster Raneeny West. Father: William Farrell farmer

Witnesses: James Farrell & Patt Deery

19 Dec 21 1848

Charles Wray 22 years bachelor farmer Town Lough. Father: Francis Wray farmer


Mary Ann White 20 years spinster Driminardough. Father: James White farmer

Witnesses: Abraham Pearson & William Smyth

20 Feb 20 1849

William Crawford 28 years bachelor farmer Gregstown. Father: Thomas Crawford farmer


Margaret Crawford 26 years spinster servant Dungowan. Father: Andrew Crawford farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Crawford & James Farrell

21 Oct 29 1850

Matthew Virtue 26 years bachelor farmer Ardchicken. Father: William Virtue farmer


Anne Love 27 years widow innkeeper Donegal. Father: George Elliott butcher

Witnesses: James Bustard & Margaret McKee

22 Feb 4 1851

James Farrell 30 years bachelor farmer Raneeny West. Father: William Farrell farmer


Lucy Wray 30 years spinster Lackan. Father: James Wray farmer

Witnesses: Hugh White & William McAuley

23 Mar 18 1851

David Wray 23 years bachelor farmer Lackan. Father: Arthur Wray farmer


Ellener Stewart 18 years spinster Tullymorn? Father: William Stewart farmer

Witnesses: : Hugh White & Richard Wray

24 Apr 30 1851

John McMechan 28 years bachelor sewed muslin agent Donegal. Father: William McMechan farmer


Sarah Martha Platt 22 years spinster Donegal. Father: Thomas Platt police sergeant

Witnesses: James Moore & Mary Hay

25 Nov 27 1851

Hugh Wray 19 years bachelor farmer Arnigasson, Parish of Donegal. Father: Alexander Wray farmer


Elizabeth Graham 17 years spinster Arnigasson, Parish of Donegal. Father: Isaac Graham farmer

Witnesses: William Graham & James P. Maxwell

26 Apr 1 1852

Creighton Morrow 38 years bachelor farmer Drimmardough? Father: David Morrow farmer


Sarah Morrow 18 years spinster Homes Hugh Morrow farmer

Witnesses: Robert Morrow & Richard Morrow

27 Jun 8 1852

William McAlhinny 50 years widower farmer Drimardough. Father: Thomas McAlhinny farmer

Mary Freeborn 35 years spinster Lackan. Father: Francis Freeborn? farmer

Father: James Graham & Andrew Freeborn

28 Sep 2 1852

John Wray 28 years bachelor farmer Arnagasson. Father: James Wray farmer


Jane Wray 23 years spinster Townlough. Father: Joseph Wray farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Wray & James Maxwell

29 Oct 7 1852

James Maxwell 20 years bachelor teacher Tullybrook. Father: Steen Maxwell teacher


Sarah Fullerton 22 years spinster teacher Mullins. Father: George Fullerton farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Graham & Noble Galbraith

30 Oct 12 1852

David Carson 26 years bachelor farmer Minchyfin. Father; John Carson farmer


Ann Walker 25 years spinster Minchyfin. Father: David Walker nailor

Witnesses: James Maxwell & John Lentin

31 Nov 20 1852

Andrew Walker full age bachelor weaver Lackan. Father: James Walker weaver


Elizabeth Scott full age spinster Moyne. Father: Sandy Scott farmer

Witnesses: James Maxwell & Ebinezer Maxwell

32 Jan 25 1853

James McElhinney 30 years bachelor farmer Lacken. Father: Thomas McElhinney farmer


Mary-Ann Morrow 32 years spinster Clarcam. Father: Hugh Morrow farmer

Witnesses: James Maxwell & John Lenton

33 Feb 2 1853

John Farrell 28 years bachelor farmer Drimlark. Father: James Farrell farmer


Ann Freeborn 28 years spinster Lacken. Father: Richard Freeborn farmer

Witnesses: James Maxwell & Hugh White

34 Mar 3 1853

James Kincaid full age bachelor Lurganboy. Father: Thomas Kincaid weaver & farmer


Eliza Linn full age spinster Ballinakilly. Father: William Linn farmer

Witnesses: James Maxwell & Andrew Moorhead

35 Jan 12 1854

Robert Maneely 22 years bachelor farmer Clarcalm. Father: William Maneely farmer


Betty Morrow 21 years spinster Clarcalm.. Father: Robert Morrow farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Owens & Isaac Graham

36 Mar 14 1854

Robert White 26 years bachelor farmer Drimnahoul. Father: George White coast guard


Margaret Farrell 18 years spinster Leghawney. Father: John Farrell farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Owens & Andrew Freeborn

37 Aug 1 1854

George Coulter 40 years widower farmer Creven. Father: Robert Coulter farmer


Betty Wray 45 years widow Aughlin. Father: Arthur Maneely farmer

Witnesses: Francis Farrell & Thomas Owens

38 Sep 28 1854

James Graham 21 years bachelor farmer Drumgowan. Father: William Graham farmer


Mary Cunningham 22 years spinster Drumgowan. Father: George Cunningham farmer

Witnesses: James Johnston & John Scott

39 Oct 12 1854

Hugh Ramsay 21 years bachelor farmer Drimaghan. Father: Mark Ramsay farmer


Ann Wray 21 years spinster Aughegassan. Father: Joseph Wray farmer

Witnesses: John Little & John Grier

40 Oct 25 1854

Alexander Marshall 29 years bachelor farmer Rossilly. Father: David Marshall farmer


Eliza Anne Thompson 21 years spinster Brookfield. Father: Samuel Thompson minister

Witnesses: James Wright & Samuel Thompson, Junr.

41 Nov 21 1854

William Love 26 years bachelor servant Brookfield. Father: William Love farmer


Catherine Elliott 21 years spinster Screen? Father: Robert Elliott farmer

Witnesses: James Gallagher & William Thompson

42 Dec 6 1984

James Virtue 36 years widower servant Drimgowan. Father: David Virtue farmer


Margaret Rutherford 21? years Drimgowan. Father: Robert Rutherford carpenter

Witnesses: Francis Farrell & William Graham

45 Dec 21 1854

Andrew Wray 21 years bachelor farmer Arneygasson. Father: Andrew Wray farmer


Margaret Graham 18 years spinster Cully. Father: James Graham farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Owens & Andrew Graham

44 Jan 25 1855

William Scott 25 years bachelor farmer Carmollin? Father: Patrick Scott farmer


Martha Carson 21 years spinster Loughnadaragh. Father: John Carson farmer

Witnesses: William Scott & James Freeborn

45 May 1 855

Thomas Morrow 20 years bachelor farmer Copany. Father: Hugh Morrow farmer


Nancy McElhinny 24 years spinster Drimindagh. Father: John McElhinny farmer

Witnesses: James Johnston & Eliza Jane Johnston

46 May 22 1855

John Scott 28 years bachelor farmer Ballybulgan. Father: Samuel Scott farmer


Jane Clarke 26 years spinster Ratinny. Father: Alexander Clarke famer

Witnesses: Thomas Scott & Joseph Clarke

47 Jan 10 1856

John Brandon full age widower merchant Donegal. Father: William Brandon farmer


Fanny Scott full age spinster Donegal. Father: John Scott farmer

Witnesses: John G. Laird & Henry Montgomery Linn?

48 Feb 13 1856

Hugh Graham full age bachelor farmer, Tully. Father: John Graham farmer


Mary Montgomery full age spinster Ballydevitt. Father: James Montgomery farmer

Witnesses: Robert Bustard & Eliza Graham

49 Feb 21 1856

William Patterson 27 years bachelor farmer Edrim Glebe. Father: David Patterson farmer


Jane Wray 26 years spinster Arneygassin. Father: Andrew Wray farmer

Witnesses: Gilbert Wray & Thomas Owens

50 Feb 19 1857

Robert Farrell full age bachelor teacher of National School Lighoaney. Father: John Farrell school master

Elenor Farrell full age spinster Driminardagh. Father: Thomas Farrell farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Thompson & Mary Jane Thompson

51 Nov 12 1857

John Bustard full age bachelor farmer Corvin, Parish of Donegal. Father: Andrew Bustard farmer


Eleanor Wray 19 years spinster Arnagassin, Parish of Donegal. Father: Andrew Wray farmer

Witnesses: Robert Hamilton & Gilbert Wray

52 Mar 9 1858

Andrew Nelson full age bachelor carpenter Rossnowlagh, Parish of Drumholm. Father: Andrew Nelson farmer


Susan McAlister full age spinster Sperestown, Parish of Donegal. Father: Stephen McAllister weaver

Witnesses: Robert Jennings & George Stevenson

53 Feb 15 1859

John Scott full age bachelor farmer Ballybulgan. Father: Hugh Scott farmer


Margaret Thompson full age spinster Mullinacross. Father: Matthew Thompson farmer

Witnesses: William Graham & John Graham

54 Feb 24 1859

Hugh Wray 19 years bachelor farmer Arnegassin. Father: James Wray farmer


Susan Hanna 18 years spinster Kuldrum. Father: John Hanna farmer

Witnesses: Robert B. Maxwell & Stephen Hanna

55 Mar 15 1859

Hugh Morrow full age bachelor seaman Homes or Summerhill. Father: Hugh Morrow farmer


Sarah Hewitt full age spinster Glen, Mountcharles. Father: Andrew Hewitt farmer

Witnesses: William Hewitt & Robert B. Maxwell

56 Sep 22 1859

David Virtue full age widower commission merchant Donegal. Father: James Virtue farmer


Catherine Scott full age spinster Donegal. Father: James Virtue farmer

Witnesses: Robert Scott & James Virtue

57 Nov 26 1859

John McIntyre full age bachelor gardener Lough Eske. Father: Daniel McIntyre farmer


Margaret Bustard full age spinster Corvin. Father: Adam Bustard farmer

Witnesses: William Sweney & John Bustard

58 Mar 22 1860

Henry Wray 28 years bachelor merchant Donegal. Father: John Wray farmer


Sarah White 21 years spinster Drumlask. Father: George White coast guard

Witnesses: Joseph Smith & Edward Hammond

59 Oct 25 1860

William Sweney 22 years bachelor shoemaker Drimgowan. Father: William Sweney farmer


Jane Graham 21 years spinster Drimgowan. Father: John Graham farmer

Witnesses: George Bustard & John Graham

60 Nov 1 1860

Walter Farrell 27 years bachelor farmer Drumlask. Father: Francis Farrell farmer


Isabella Crawford 21 years spinster Tullyarl. Father: George Crawford farmer

Witnesses: John …..? & George Crawford

61 Mar 2 1861

William Meneely 30 years bachelor traveling agent Arneygasson. Father: William Meneely farmer


Mary Graham 24 years spinster Arneygasson. Father: Isaac Graham farmer

Witnesses: James Graham & Robert Bustard

62 Apr 11 1861

Thomas Ellis full age bachelor farm servant Drimgowan. Father: James Ellis farmer


Margaret Ingram full age spinster Tullyearl. Father: Arthur Ingram farmer

Witnesses: George Graham & Eliza Stewart

63 Apr 8 1862

James Elvin 28 years bachelor farmer Woodland. Father: James Elvin farmer


Bessy Wray 24 years spinster Townlough. Father: Joseph Wray farmer

Witnesses: Francis Wray & John Wray

64 Aug 17 1863

William Wray full age widower farmer Arneygasson. Father: James Wray farmer


Eliza McCredy full age widow Clar. Father: Thomas McCredy farmer

Witnesses: Francis Farrell & John Cassidy


Rathneeny Church



Surname Given Name
BAYLY George
DELAP Robert
LOVE Alexander
McCLURG Alexander
NOBLE William
SCOT Lieut.


Information from Donegal Democrat articles June/July 1974, from the Drumhome Heritage Society, Dec. 12 2020

Rathneeny Presbyterian Church celebrated the Tercentenary of the Rathneeny Congregation during the week 23rd to 30th June 1974. The Church on the Old Laghey Road is the oldest existing church building owned by the Congregation in the county.


First Minister in 1674.

The history of Donegal Presbyterian Church at Rathneeny is indeed an interesting one. In 1674 the Lagan Presbytery appointed Mr. William Henry to be the first Minister of Donegal. His charge stretched as far as Clyhore outside Belleek where he preached one Sunday out of three. In those far off days both clergy and worshippers had to travel long distances by horse and on foot. The next Minister Mr. Thomas Craighead came from Scotland and was ordained in 1698.

The first Church at Rathneeny was built around this time. Mr. Craighead was succeeded by Rev. John Holmes who ministered from 1715 to 1744. He was followed by Rev. Andrew Hamilton who died in 1764.

List of Ministers up until 1974 at the time of the 300th Celebrations were as follows:

Rev. Robert Caldwell 1767-1791

Rev. William Houston 1791-1824

Rev. Samuel Thompson 1824-1861

Rev. Archibald Lowry 1861-1881

Rev. William Waddle 1881-1884

In 1884 Rathneeny was united with the Donegal Town Congregation. Rev. Robert Nelson took charge of both places.

The following are the Ministers of Donegal since the Union,

Rev. Robert Nelson. 1884-1924

Rev. A. A. G. Kirkpatrick 1921-1926

Rev. R. H. Gilmore 1927-1931

Rev. T. R. Johnston 1933-1938

Rev. A. E. C. Rowan 1940-1949

Rev. V. H. Ryan 1949-1951

Very Rev. T. M. Barker 1951-1959

Rev. Charles Marshall 1960 to current at the time of 1974.

The first Rathneeny Church dates back to 1674. Originally it was a thatched building with a clay floor. It served the congregation for about 100 years before being replaced by the current building in 1801.

During the weeklong Celebration of the Tercentenary of Rathneeny congregation in June 1974, large crowds attended services, talks and events in Ballyshannon, Rathneeny and Donegal Town.

The service in Donegal Town was given by Rev. C. Marshall and was broadcast on R.T.E. The Choir was conducted by Mrs. N. Simpson and the organist was Miss Shay Glenn.

After the service, an exhibition of Presbyterian historical items was opened by Very Rev. Dr. William Boyd. Some of these interesting items on display included an old minute book of Lagan Church, which is as old as the Annals of the Four Masters, a letter from the Rev. James Porter, the renowned Presbyterian Minister who was hanged on a tree outside his Church in Greyabbey [Co. Down] for his part in the 1788 rebellion. A pitch pipe which was used to find the correct note for the congregation before organ or other known church instruments were in use, a pewter Communion Token, Pew Rent Books, minute books of the famine years.


Rathneeny Churchyard has served as the graveyard for members of Donegal Presbyterian Congregation from 1930

Rathneeny Presbyterian Church in Laghy, County Donegal - Find a Grave Cemetery



Return visit of Donegal Community in U.S.A.

In 1714 a group of emigrants from Donegal settled in the valley of Chicquesalunga in Pennsylvania U.S.A. and their church is called Donegal Springs Church. It is interesting to note that in that area of Pennsylvania there are two townships, Donegal East and Donegal West, having then in 1974 a total population of over ten thousand.

These Presbyterians from Donegal as elsewhere in the colonies pledged themselves to the cause of Independence and the names of those who served in Washington's Army are inscribed on a memorial in the Church grounds. In the grounds of the same Church is also a 'Witness Tree' a white oak said to be three to four hundred years old. A congregation from the U.S. sent a delegation back to Donegal to partake in the Tercentenary Celebrations at Rathneeny.

On the Sunday evening a tree planting ceremony was held in the grounds at Rathneeny Church, where an Irish Oak was planted by Mrs. H. L. Temple, Donegal assisted by Mr. Herbert Moyer retired Minister of Donegal Presbyterian Church, Pennsylvania. This tree symbolises the association of Rathneeny with the daughter Church at Donegal Springs where a White Oak grows next to the Church for over nigh on 300 years. Mr. James White, T.D. conveyed the greetings of Dàil Eireann to the Congregation from the U.S.A.

Donegal Presbyterian Church, Donegal Springs, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, USA. Erected 1732

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