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Strabane, County Tyrone Methodist Ministers

Transcribed by Teena


Strabane Methodist Ministers

Adam Averell (1754-1847) -was born in Mullan, Co. Tyrone (he held out for the 'simple original Methodism, which gave way to a meeting of the Primitive Wesleyan Conference in 1818) Primitive Wesleyan Chapel opened in 1830 in Strabane.

George Brown of Creevy preached circa 1774

John Harper - was born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland. He entered the Irish itinerancy in 1786 and was ordained by John Wesley the following year for the mission to the West Indies. He resigned in 1799

Rev John Ker 1750-1830

Rev John Ker 1804-1890 -stationed at Newtonstewart in 1826,1828 and 1829

Rev Robert Ker 1836-1904 - Newtonstewart in 1879-80 and 1890-2 and as Supernumerary in 1895-1900

Thomas ROBERTS 1768

William CRAWFORD 1775-1789


Ministers who served in the Railway Road Church

Rev. Hugh McGahie 1889

Rev. Thomas Knox 1901

Rev. John G Whittaker 1904

Rev. Henry J.F Ranson 1907

Rev. Richard Green 1910

Rev. Henry Frackleton 1913

Rev. Horatio C. Collier 1921

Rev. C.H. McCartney Clayton 1923

Rev. Joseph D. Ritchie 1926

Rev. William T. Dennison 1929

Rev. Irvine Kirkpatrick 1933

Rev. John Berrenshaw 1938

Rev Robert Ferguson 1942

Rev Robert Knowles 1947