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Names of Masters of Families, Cappagh Parish, County Tyrone 1699

Extracted from LDS Film #100173
Transcribed by Len Swindley

Morgan’s account of the parish of Cappagh, Co. Tyrone 1699.

Written at Omagh 22 June 1699 and addressed to Rt. Rev. William, Lord Bishop of Derry.

From Lyons Collection of Archbishop King’s correspondence in Trinity College, Dublin, Library.


Masters of families in Cospy parochine are:

ANDERSON Samuel Protestant
BARELANDS [BORLAND] John Presbyterian
BORDLAND [BORLAND] Andrew Presbyterian
BUCHANNAN Patrick Presbyterian
CONNINGHAM Henry Presbyterian
CRAIG Andrew Presbyterian
DRUMMOND Alexander Protestant
FFULLERTON William Presbyterian
GIBAN [GIBSON?] William Presbyterian
GILLESLY [GILLESPY] James Presbyterian
GRAHAM Alexander Presbyterian
HAMILTON James Presbyterian
HARVEY Robert Presbyterian
KEERS [KERR?] John Protestant
M’CAUSLAND [McCAUSLAND] William Protestant
M’MAINS [McMEANS] Andrew Presbyterian
MAN [MAINS/ MEAHAN?] Widow Presbyterian
McCAUSLAND William Protestant
McFFARLAND John Presbyterian
McFFARLAND John Presbyterian
MOOR William Presbyterian
NICOLL William Presbyterian
O’QUEEN [O’QUINN] Hugh Papist
PETERSON Andrew Presbyterian
PETERSON James Presbyterian
PIRIEN John Presbyterian
RINKIN [RANKIN] Hugh Presbyterian
STEWART John Protestant


Several of these have but two kine [cows] and some one acker [acre] of corne sowen, some none