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Leckpatrick Presbyterian Church, Artigarvan, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1845-1930

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Faye Logue, Tully, Queensland, Australia
Leckpatrick Presbyterian Church and graveyard, Berryhill Road, Artigarvan, Strabane, Co. Tyrone


1 13 Oct 1845 Robert HAIRE Full Widower Farmer Liscreevaghan or Mulvin Thomas Haire Farmer Moses Chambers John McConaghy Alexander Wark
    Margaret QUIN Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan Richard Quin Mason      
2 12 Dec 1845 John McCOMBE Full Bachelor Farmer Legacurry David McCombe Farmer Moses Chambers Samuel Gourley Thomas ???
    Sarah STEWART Full Spinster _____ Killynanght or Letrim Mich. Stewart Farmer      
3 12 Feb 1846 Robert STORY Full Bachelor Farmer Loughnease John Story Farmer Moses Chambers James Hutcheson John McGhee
    Mary THOMPSON Full Spinster _____ Woodend David Thompson Farmer      
4 12  Feb 1846 Hamilton MAGHEE Full Bachelor Farmer Tiveny John Maghee Farmer Moses Chambers James Hutcheson John McGhee
    Elizabeth THOMPSON Full Spinster _____ Woodend David Thompson Farmer      
5 20 Feb 1846 Isaac STERRET Full Bachelor Farmer Tirkernaghan Saml. Starrat Farmer Moses Chambers John Bradly James Sterett
    Eliza BRADLY Full Spinster _____ Hollyhill John Bradly Farmer      
6 4 Mar 1846 Mitchel DIXON Full Bachelor Farmer Castletown James Dixon Farmer Moses Chambers David Weir William Dorough
    Mary J. WEIR Minor Spinster _____ Greenlaw James Weir Farmer      
7 14 May 1846 Charles DUN Full Bachelor Farmer Glenagorland Noble Dun Farmer Moses Chambers William Dorough Joseph Maxwell
    Mary DOROUGH Full Spinster _____ Milltown Thomas Dorough Farmer      
8 28 Sep 1846 John PORTER Full Bachelor Farmer Ballymagorry James Porter Farmer Moses Chambers Charles Donnell Wm. Boyd
    Anne C. BOYD Minor Spinster _____ Strabane John Boyd Merchant      
9 21 Dec1846 Robert McCLEERY Full Bachelor Farmer Tiveny Thomas McCleery Farmer Moses Chambers John Porter Joseph Bogle
    Jane PORTER Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry James Porter Farmer      
10 12 Aug 1847 David HUME Full Bachelor Farmer Carraghamore ? Wm. Hume Farmer Moses Chambers William Kee Robert Gourley
    Margaret Jane GOURLEY Full Spinster _____ Kenaghan James Gourley Farmer      
11 28 Apr 1848 James KELLAGHAN or CALLAGHAN Full Bachelor Farmer Kernagribbin George Callaghan Farmer Moses Chambers William Logan John Wright
    Margaret STEWART 19 Spinster _____ Killynaught Michael Stewart Farmer      
12 25 May 1848 Samuel McMICHAEL Full Bachelor Farmer Gortileck James McMichael Farmer Moses Chambers John Hutchison William Logan
    Sarah J. LAUGHLIN Full Widow _____ Killynaught James Hutchison Farmer      
13 26 May 1848 James FERGUSON Full Bachelor Labourer Hollyhill Andrew Ferguson Weaver Moses Chambers William Doragh James Ferguson
    Sarah DORAGH Full Spinster _____ Hollyhill Nathan Doragh Weaver      
14 23 Nov 1848 William HUSTON 20 Bachelor Labourer Ballymagorry James Huston Labourer Moses Chambers Joseph Lindsay Robert Lindsay
    Annie J. LINDSAY Full Spinster _____ Woodend John Lindsay Weaver      
15 28 May 1850 John James CRAWFORD Full Bachelor Baker Culduff John Crawford Baker Moses Chambers George Mcalary Samuel Gourley
    Margaret Jane CUNNINGHAM Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan James Cunningham Miller      
16 22 Aug 1850 George McFARLAND Full Widower Farmer Hollyhill Daniel McFarland Farmer Moses Chambers Josiah Lindsay John Moody
    Mary LINDSAY Full Spinster _____ Tullyard James Lindsay Farmer      
17 4 Oct 1850 Joseph BRADLEY Full Bachelor Farmer Ligfordrum Joseph Bradley Farmer Moses Chambers Victor Fulton James Cunningham
    Jane FULTON Full Spinster _____ Ligfordrum Victor Fulton Farmer      
18 27 Mar 1851 James CUNNINGHAM Full Bachelor Miller Milltown James Cunningham Miller Moses Chambers Samuel Gourley Robert Cunningham
    Martha ROBINSON Full Spinster _____ Milltown Joseph Robinson Labourer      
19 5 Apr 1852 John HUEY Full Bachelor Farmer Kenaghan James Huey Farmer Moses Chambers William Ellis Samuel McMichael
    Eliza McMICHAEL Full Spinster _____ Gortileck John McMichael Farmer      
20 10 Sep 1852 John MULLEN Full Bachelor Farmer Aughafad Alex. Mullen Farmer Moses Chambers Robert Craig John James McCrea
    Isabella GORDON Full Spinster _____ Kenaghan Wm. Gordon Farmer      
  Note beside above entry - For James Mullen ???? John Mullen, M.Chambers officiating minister dated this 30th day of October 1856        
21 23 Nov 1852 Joseph McNEIL Full Bachelor Labourer Ballyheather David McNeil Labourer Moses Chambers Nathan Dorough Robert Gamble
    Isabella DORAGH Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Nathan Doragh Farmer      
22 18 Jan 1853 Thomas WARK Full Widower Labourer Ballaghalair Robert Wark Farmer Moses Chambers John Wright Robert ???
    Mary DORAGH alias McANAGH Full Widow _____ Tullyard Thomas Doragh Farmer      
23 2 Jun 1853 James GOURLEY Full Widower Farmer Carnshina [Carnshanagh, Taughboyne] John Gourley Farmer Moses Chambers Robert McCleery John Lecky
    Ellen PORTER Full Spinster _____ Ballee James Porter Farmer      
24 2 Jun 1853 Robert RIPPY Full Bachelor Farmer Whiskey hill Robert Rippy Farmer Moses Chambers John Love ? James Dunn
    Martha GOURLEY Full Spinster _____ Kenaghan James Gourley Farmer      
25 17 Nov 1853 John ROBINSON Full Bachelor Farmer Aldoghal, Ardstraw Parish Henry Robinson Farmer Moses Chambers John James Knox John Wright
    Eliza STEWART alias GOURLEY Full Widow _____ Killynaught Michael Stewart Farmer      
26 5 Jan 1854 William McNUTTE Full Bachelor Farmer Ardnamoghill  [Killea, Co Donegal] John McNutte Farmer Moses Chambers William Mackey John Bradly
    Margaret McCREA Full Spinster _____ Kenaghan David McCrea Farmer      
27 5 Jan 1854 Robert GAMBLE Full Bachelor Labourer Tullyard Robert Gamble Labourer Moses Chambers John Nickle Andrew Nickles
    Ellen NICKLE Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Andrew Nickle Weaver      
28 12 Jan 1854 John James KNOX Full Bachelor Farmer Liscurry James Knox Farmer S. T. Wray William Logan John Wright
    Eliza LOGAN Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw William Logan Grocer      
29 12 Oct 1854 Robert CRAWFORD Full Widower Clergyman Free Church Scotland Free Church Manse Thornhill James Crawford Manufacturer Moses Chambers James K?? George Lyon
    Martha HAMILTON Full Spinster _____ Ballyfatten Robert Hamilton Surgeon R.N.      
30 15 Feb 1855 William GRAHAM Full Bachelor Labourer Artigarvan Haman Graham Paymaster Sergeant 35th Regiment Moses Chambers John Cunningham James Sigerson
    Sarah CARNWATH Full Spinster _____ Milltown Robert Carnwath Foundryman      
31 13 Apr 1855 William HAZLETTE Full Bachelor Labourer Coolermoney James Hazlette Weaver Moses Chambers James Fulton John Boak
    Martha KIRKWOOD Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw Oliver Kirkwood Labourer      
32 17 Sep 1855 David McNEEL Full Bachelor Labourer Ballyskeagh William McNeel Labourer Moses Chambers James Dunn John Thomas McNeel
    Sarah McNEEL Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh Joseph McNeel Labourer      
33 24 Oct 1855 William MITCHELL Full Bachelor Miller McCrackens James Mitchell Labourer Moses Chambers James Cunningham Samuel Forbes
    Susan McKENNA Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan John McKenna Sawyer      
34 16 Oct 1856 William McMICHAEL Full Bachelor Farmer Gortileck James McMichael Farmer Moses Chambers James Troan David McMichael
    Matilda POLLOCK 19 Spinster _____ Killynaught James Pollock Farmer      
35 7 Nov 1856 William LINDSAY Full Bachelor Farmer Woodend William Lindsay Farmer Moses Chambers John Cummins John Adams
    Jane DORAUGH Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Nathan Doraugh Farmer      
36 7 Nov 1856 George LINDSAY Full Bachelor Farmer Woodend James Lindsay Farmer Moses Chambers John Cummins John Adams
    Sarah DORAUGH Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Natham Doraugh Farmer      
37 5 Jan 1857 William McINTIRE Full Bachelor Ship Carpenter Londonderry William McIntire Carpenter Moses Chambers David Elliott John McFarland
    Jane NICKLE Full Spinster _____ Woodend Joseph Nickle Farmer      
38 6 Aug 1857 John BOAK Full Bachelor Labourer Ballylaw Wm. Boak Labourer Moses Chambers James Boak Robert Campbell
    Jane KIRKWOOD Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw Oliver Kirkwood Labourer      
39 6 Aug 1857 James KINCADE Full Bachelor Labourer Ballee Robert Kincade Labourer Moses Chambers James Boak James Gordon
    Margaret PATON Full Spinster _____ Beechmount Robert Paton Farmer      
  24 July 2011 Paul Dunlop at <mustardgeni[at]> has marriage certificate which indicates her surname is Eaton              
40 5 Apr 1858 William GORDON Full Bachelor Labourer Ballyskeagh John Gordon Dealer Moses Chambers Thomas McNeell John McFarland
    Jane McNEEL Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh Joseph McNeel Labourer      
41 25 Nov 1858 Joseph MITCHELL 21 Bachelor Labourer Ballee Joseph Mitchell Labourer Moses Chambers William Cunningham James ?ailsteds ?
    Eliza WOODS 21 Spinster _____ Woodend Allen Woods Farmer      
42 24 Dec1858 William CAMPBELL Full Bachelor Farmer Tullyard William Campbell Farmer   John McCrea William Semple
    Mary McCREA Full Spinster _____ Kenaghan David McCrea Farmer      
43 27 Jan 1859 Mansfield WHITE Full Bachelor Farmer Ballymagorry Thomas White Farmer Moses Chambers Thomas McCurdy John McFarland
    Mary Ann NICKLE Full Spinster _____ Woodend Joseph Nickle Farmer      
44 27 May 1859 James NICKLE Full Bachelor Weaver Tullyard Andrew Nickle Weaver Moses Chambers Robert Nickle Andrew Nickle
    Margaret SMYTH Full Spinster _____ Ballee Robert Smyth Labourer      
  Correction of error in above entry - age of female for full age, read 18 years. M. Chambers 10th March 1860          
45 3 Nov 1859 William NELSON Full Widower Farmer Barren Thomas Nelson Farmer Moses Chambers James Sterrett Thomas Ewing
    Rebecca CUNNINGHAM Full Spinster _____ Glebe Leckpatrick Walter Cunningham Police Sergeant      
46 11 Jan 1860 Joseph CAMPBELL Full Bachelor Shoemaker Ballymagorry William Campbell Corn Dealer Moses Chambers Wm. Hunter William Murdock
    Sarah WOODS 20 Spinster _____ Woodend Allen Woods Farmer      
47 31 May 1860 David CALHOUN Full Bachelor   Kernafern ? Thomas Calhoun Farmer Moses Chambers William Colhoun John McFarland
    Anne GORDON Full Spinster Farmer Silverhill William Gordon Farmer      
48 23 Nov 1860 John McMICHAEL Full Widower Labourer Ballyskeagh James McMichael Farmer Moses Chambers Edward Fulton James Boak
    Nancy BOAK Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw William Boak Labourer      
49 6 Dec 1860 Samuel MURDOCK Full Bachelor Farmer Galan John Murdock Farmer Moses Chambers John McConnell Joseph Murdock
    Mary Jane GORDON 20 Spinster _____ Silverhill William Gordon Farmer      
50 31 Mar 1863 Josiah LINDSAY Full Bachelor Land Steward Farmhill James Lindsay Farmer Moses Chambers Robert McCleery Robert Marshall
    Ellen ANDERSON 19 Spinster _____ Farmhill Robert Anderson Labourer      
51 4 Jun 1863 George BOAK Full Widower Farmer Killynaught William Boak Farmer Moses Chambers Edward Fulton Joseph Bates
    Matilda COOKE Full Spinster _____ Killyclooney John Cooke Farmer      
52 5 Jul 1863 James DORAGH Full Bachelor Labourer Porthall Robert Doragh Labourer Moses Chambers William Cunningham Joseph Pollock
    Elizabeth LIGHTEN 20 Spinster _____ Artigarvan James Lighten Labourer      
53 28 Aug 1863 James MITCHELL Full Bachelor Labourer McCrackens James Mitchell Labourer Moses Chambers Joseph Mitchell ? Joseph Campbell
    Catherine WOODS 22 Spinster _____ Stoneypath Allen Woods        
54 8 Oct 1863 John McCREA Full Bachelor Farmer Kilstrole James McCrea Farmer Moses Chambers John McCrea John ??
    Rebecca McBRIDE 20 Spinster _____ Milltown William McBride Farmer      
55 3 Dec1863 Robert McCREA Full Bachelor Farmer Kenahan David McCrea Farmer John Roulstone John James Knox William Campbell
    Martha J. KNOX Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh Thomas Knox Farmer      
56 28 Apr 1864 Samuel YOUNG Full Bachelor Labourer Ballymagorry Wm. Young Labourer F. J. Porter William Ewing Robert Lindsay
    Rosanna PHILLIPS Full Spinster _____ McCrackens David Phillips Labourer      
57 20 Apr 1865 James KILPATRICK Full Bachelor Farmer Calhame     Joseph Leitch Joseph Carnwath Robert Moor
    Mary Anne MOOR Under Spinster _____ Leck Joseph Moor Farmer      
58 28 Jun 1865 William KERIGAN Full Widower Farmer Windyhill James Cargin Farmer Joseph Leitch Joseph Carnwath John Roulston
    Jane CARNWATH Full Spinster _____ Stoneypath James Carnwath Farmer      
59 11 Jan 1866 Alexander ECCLES Full Bachelor Baker Derry Alexander Eccles Farmer Joseph Leitch Mansfield White John McFarland
    Ellen NICKLE Full Spinster _____ Woodend Joseph Nickle Farmer      
60 1 Feb 1866 John DOGHERTY Full Bachelor Farmer Backhill Thomas Dogherty Farmer Joseph Leitch Joseph Carnwath George A. Dougherty MD
    Eliza Jane MOORE Full Spinster _____ Leck Joseph Moore Farmer      
61 31 May 1866 James TODD Full Bachelor Farmer Carrickatone Robert Todd Farmer John Roulstone ? David McMenamin Robert McMenamin
    Fanny CONBOY Full Spinster _____ Lifford John Conboy Teacher      
62 30 Jul 1866 Thomas EDMISTON Full Bachelor Labourer Glasgow   Labourer Joseph Leitch Alexander McCrea ? Alexander Pollock
    Eliza COLHOUN Full Spinster _____ Cloughcor John Colhoun Farmer      
63 28 Mar 1867 George McCAY Full Bachelor Farmer Castlewarren John McCay Farmer Joseph Leitch James Hilands Thomas McCay
    Margaret Jane GORDON Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh Stirling Gordon Farmer      
64 4 Jun 1867 Samuel KING Full Bachelor Farmer Altrest James King Farmer Joseph Leitch George Banks William McCay
    Mary BANKS Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw William Banks Farmer      
65 27 Jun 1867 Alexander WANN Full Bachelor Farmer Tullyard Robert Wann Schoolmaster Joseph Leitch John Cummings John McFarland
    Anne Jane CRAIG Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh Robert Craig Farmer      
67 8 Jan 1868 John Wray POLLOCK 19 Bachelor Baker Stannylane Thomas Pollock Farmer Joseph Leitch William Doragh David G. Fulton
    Eliza McCOMB Full Spinster _____ Milltown William McComb Farmer      
68 30 Jan 1868 William NELSON Full Bachelor Farmer Glencush Archy Nelson Farmer Joseph Leitch John Donnell James Wright
    Eliza POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Killynaught James Pollock Farmer      
69 26 Mar 1868 James ALLEN Full Bachelor Farmer Tiveny David Allen   Joseph Leitch William Miller William Logan
    Eliza Jane MILLER Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw James Miller        
70 15 Jun 1870 James SCOTT Full Widower Merchant Derry Robert Scott   Joseph Leitch Joseph ??? John ???
    Anne COLHOUN Full Spinster _____ Cloughcor John Colhoun        
71 15 Jun 1870 David ANDERSON Full Bachelor Merchant Glasgow John Anderson Merchant Joseph Leitch James Stevenson John Stirling
    Rebecca COLHOUN Under Spinster _____ Cloughcor John Colhoun Farmer      
72 24 Jun 1870 James LINDSAY Full Bachelor Farmer Woodend William Lindsay Farmer Joseph Leitch Robert Marshall William Huston
    Margaret BRATTEN Full Spinster _____ Woodend Thomas Bratten Carpenter      
73 16 Mar 1871 Moses GIBSON Full Bachelor Farmer Ballyskeagh James Gibson Farmer Joseph Leitch William A. Woods Robert Watson
    Eliza Anne GIBSON Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan Robert Gibson Farmer      
74 11 May 1871 Robert MILLER Full Bachelor Farmer Ballylaw Robert Miller Farmer Joseph Leitch George Boak James Wright
    Eliza CALLAGHAN Full Spinster _____ Carnagribbon James Callaghan Farmer      
75 11 Jul 1871 David PORTER Full Widower Gentleman Burb William Porter Lieut. H. P. C????? John ??? Wm. Miles
    Annie JACK Full Spinster _____ Lisnarrow .......... Jack Lieut.      
76 21 Sep 1871 William DARRAGH Full Widower Labourer Springvale Robert Darragh Labourer Joseph Leitch James Wright Thomas Porter
    Sarah PORTER Under Spinster _____ Killynaught Thomas Porter Shoemaker      
77 5 Dec 1871 John MONTEITH Full Widower Minister Silverbrook Wm. Monteith Minister F. J. Porter John Williams Jeannie Barr
    Anna Bella BARR Full Spinster _____ Claremont Samuel Barr Merchant      
78 6 Jun 1872 Robert POLLOCK Full Bachelor Farmer Stannilane Thomas Pollock Farmer Joseph Leitch James Roulston Thomas Pollock
    Mary LOWRY Full Spinster _____ Glencush James Lowry Farmer      
79 5 Nov 1872 Mark KERR Full Bachelor Grocer Magherafelt George Kerr Farmer Joseph Leitch John Murray Eliza Devenny
    Jane COLHOUN Full Spinster _____ Cloughcor John Colhoun Farmer      
80 11 Mar 1874 Robert BUCHANAN Full Bachelor Farmer Tiveny   Farmer Joseph Leitch Mitcheal Gordon Robert Hunter
    Eliza WOODS Full Spinster _____ Ballinbuoy   Farmer      
81 25 May 1875 James WRIGHT Full Bachelor Farmer Killynaught John Wright Farmer John Roulstone Samuel McCrea Alexander McCrea
    Sarah J. McCREA Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw Alex. McCrea Farmer      
82 24 May 1877 John WEIR Full Bachelor Farmer Mullinaveagh, Co. Donegal John Weir Farmer James P. Dickson David Weir Mary Galbraith
    Mary Jane WEIR Full Spinster _____ Greenlaw James Weir Farmer      
83 18 Nov 1877 John HENDERSON Full Bachelor Farmer Garvagh Thomas Henderson Farmer James P. Dickson James Henderson Isaac Henderson
    Annie REID Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh Joseph Reid Farmer      
84 5 Mar 1878 John Robert FERGUSON Full Bachelor Farmer Creghan Andrew Ferguson Farmer James P. Dickson William Pollock Anne Callaghan
    Rebecca WRIGHT Full Spinster _____ Killynaught John Wright Farmer      
85 14 Mar 1878 James SCOTT Full Bachelor Grocer Woodend William Scott Grocer James P. Dickson Robert McComb Emily Gordon
    Catherine GORDON Full Spinster _____ Ballee James Gordon Farmer      
86 21 Mar 1878 David WEIR Full Bachelor Farmer Greenlaw James Weir Farmer James P. Dickson Robert Don???? Lizzie ???
    Annie WANN Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Robert Wann Farmer      
87 27 Mar 1878 John MAC FEETERS Full Bachelor Carpenter Artigarvan Robert McFeeters Civil Bill Clerk James P. Dickson William John Gourlie Margesy Denison
    Jane DENISON Full Spinster _____ Cloghor John Denison Farmer      
88 18 Apr 1878 William DENISON Full Bachelor Farmer Cloghor John Denison Farmer James P. Dickson James Hall Maggie Maxwell
    Mary Jane DOUGLAS Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry Thomas Douglas Publican      
89 29 Aug 1878 James BRITTON Full Bachelor Labourer Woodend Thomas Britton Mason James P. Dickson Joseph McKane Sarah Britton
    Annie McKEAN Full Spinster _____ Island More Joseph McKean Labourer      
90 ? Oct 1878 John AUSTIN Full Bachelor Labourer Melton Andrew Austin Labourer James P. Dickson Thomas McNeill Ellen Austin
    Lizzie McFARLAND Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry Adam McFarland Labourer      
91 17 Oct 1878 John CROCKETT Full Bachelor Gentleman Farmer Drumskeen Alexander Crockett Gentleman Farmer James P. Dickson Joseph H. Chambers Mary McCrea
    Maggie CHAMBERS Full Spinster _____ Millbank Moses Chambers Minister      
92 Blank - though signed by Daniel Rodden and witnessed by William King & Lizzie Rodden          
  Transcription by Emerald Ancestors from original records held at the General Register Office (NI)          
  19 Dec 1878 Daniel RODDEN Full Bachelor Shoemaker Gortmason (Gortmessan) William Rodden Labourer J P Dickson William King Lizzie Rodden
    Mary Jane PHILLIPS Full Spinster   Ballymagorry David Phillips Labourer      
93 8 Jul 1880 Robert L. PORTER Full Bachelor Gentleman Gortmason Rev Francis Porter Minister John Monteith Janie Barr ? Annabella Monteith
    Martha McLAUGHLIN Full Spinster _____ Derry Henry McLaughlin Gentleman Farmer      
94 30 Jun 1881 Joseph McCREA Full Bachelor Farmer Gorticross James McCrea Farmer Robert Frizell Robert McCrea William Stevenson
    Fanny Jane PLATT Full Spinster _____ Tamnabrian Henry Platt Farmer      
95 26 Jul 1883 George KERR Full Widower Farmer Ballee Wm. Kerr Farmer Robert Mitchell Robert Anderson Samuel Donnell
    Eliza Jane ANDERSON Full Spinster _____ Ballee Wm. Anderson Farmer      
96 6 Sep 1883 Samuel COLHOUN Full Bachelor Labourer Kernahan William Colhoun Labourer Robert Mitchell Joseph Colhoun Lizzie Kidd
    Anne THOMPSON Full Spinster _____ Kernahan William Thompson Farmer      
97 22 Oct 1883 Robert DEERY Full Bachelor Labourer Woodend James Deery Labourer Robert Mitchell John Cummins Maggie Henderson
    Eliza HUSTON Full Spinster _____ Woodend Wm. Huston Labourer      
98 Blank                    
99 22 Nov 1883 James ALEXANDER Full Bachelor Farmer Dooish, Co. Donegal Robert Alexander Farmer Robert Frizell William Woods James Lowrey
    Sarah WOODS Full Spinster _____ Collermoney Samuel Woods Farmer      
100 28 Dec 1883 John BOAK Full Bachelor Labourer Ballylaw John Boak Labourer Robert Mitchell Robert Boak Emma Anderson
    Catherine DOHERTY Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw John Doherty Labourer      
1 31 Jul 1884 Samuel GUTHRIE Full Bachelor Farmer Calehame Nathan Guthrie Farmer Robert Mitchell John Jas. McClintock James Gibson
    Martha GIBSON Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan Robert Gibson Farmer      
2 6 Aug 1884 Robert BATES Full Bachelor Merchant Strabane Robert Bates Farmer Robert Mitchell John Bates Robert McCombe
    Mary A. McCOMBE Full Spinster _____ Milltown Artigarvan Wm. McCombe Farmer      
3 12 Aug 1884 Thomas TEDLY Full Bachelor Carpenter Milltown James Tedley Carpenter John Roulstone Alexander Bryce ?? Gordon
    Ellen BRYCE Full Spinster _____ Glencush James Bryce Farmer      
4 12 Aug 1884 Thomas ANDERSON Full Bachelor Farmer Ardnaglass Alexander Anderson Farmer Thomas Thompson Robert Anderson James Anderson
    Mary Eliza ANDERSON Full Spinster ______ Curryfree Adam Anderson Farmer      
5 21 Jan 1885 James McFARLANE Full Bachelor Farmer Hollyhill George McFarlane Farmer John Irwin Samuel Taylor John Lindsay
    Annie WALLS Full Spinster ______ Tullyard William Walls Farmer      
6 22 Jan 1885 John ARTHUR Full Bachelor Farmer Dergalt John Arthur Farmer James McMath John Colhoun Mary Colhoun
    Eliza Jane COLHOUN Full Spinster _____ Fawney James Colhoun Farmer      
7 20 Aug 1885 James OLIVER Full Bachelor Farmer Gortmellon Wm. Oliver Farmer Robert Mitchell James Day Elizabeth Craig
    Isabella CRAIG Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh Robert Criag Farmer      
8 29 Apr 1886 Thomas QUIN Full Widower Labourer Pollockstown John Quin Labourer Robert Mitchell Annie Gibson Thomas Gibson
    Matilda GIBSON Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan William Gibson Labourer      
9 26 May 1887 Saml. A. CRAWFORD 20 Bachelor Farmer Ballee John Crawford Farmer Robert Mitchell Minnie Faulkner John ???
    Eliza Jane McCRORY ? 20 Spinster _____ Woodend Dennis McCrory Merchant      
10 14 Jul 1887 James KEE Full Bachelor Farmer Castletown Wm. Keys Farmer Robert Mitchell Rebecca Ann Fulton Samuel Loughlin
    Alice McCrea POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Killynaught Alexander Pollock Farmer      
11 24 Oct 1889 Robert McCOMB Full Bachelor Farmer Milltown Wm. McComb Farmer Robert Mitchell William Pollock Jane Pollock
    Margaret KNOX Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh John L. Knox Farmer      
12 28 Jan 1890 Benjamin Alexander CURRIE Full Bachelor Smith Cullion Joseph Currie Labourer John Roulstone Joseph McDermott Joseph Love
    Jane Mary PICKET Minor Spinster _____ Cullion Robert Picket Labourer      
13 21 Jan 1892 Samuel ATWELL Full Bachelor Farmer Garvaghy James Atwell Farmer Robert Mitchell Susan Craig James Moffatt
    Sarah A. CRAIG Full Spinster _____ Gorticrum John Craig Farmer      
14 19 Apr 1892 David Wm. WALLACE Full Bachelor Carpenter Artigarvan James Wallace Farmer Robert Mitchell Wm. Pollock James Gordon
    Sophia GORDON Full Spinster _____ Ballee James Gordon Farmer      
15 5 May 1892 John McGOVERN Full Bachelor Labourer Gortmellon Thos. McGovern Labourer Robert Mitchell Maggie McGovern James McGovern
    Matilda COLHOUN Full Spinster _____ Gortmellon James Colhoun Farmer      
16 16 Jun 1892 Wm. MAHAFFY Full Bachelor Farmer Lurganahanagh Ninian Edw. Mahaffy Farmer Robert Mitchell Matilda Mahaffy John James Donaghy
    Sarah GIBSON Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan Robert Gibson Farmer      
17 21 Mar 1893 David ALLEN Full Bachelor Mechanic Donemanagh William Allen Farmer Robert Mitchell Marie McKee John R. Gordon
    Sarah CLARKE Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh John Clarke Farmer      
18 25 Jul 1894 Robert BOAK Full Bachelor Labourer Ballylaw John Boak Labourer Robert Mitchell John Jas. Donaghy Sarah Maggie Fulton
    Jane GIFFIN Full Spinster _____ Windy Hill William Giffin Labourer      
19 16 Aug 1894 William AIKIN Full Bachelor Farmer Bunderg George Aikin Farmer Robert Mitchell Susan Craig James Craig
    Isabella CRAIG Full Spinster _____ Gorticrum John Craig Farmer      
20 19 Dec 1894 David Alexander ROSS Full Bachelor Farmer Kilstrauls Robert Ross Farmer James McMath John Townly Anabella Irwin
    Elizabeth BARR Full Spinster _____ Claremont House Strabane Samuel Barr J.P. Gentleman      
21 30 May 1895 Andrew MITCHELL Full Bachelor Carpenter Strabane Town Parks James Mitchell Labourer Robert Mitchell Jane Ann Crawford John Crawford
    Elizabeth CRAWFORD Minor Spinster _____ Ballee John Crawford Farmer      
22 6 Nov 1895 John James FULTON Full Bachelor Farmer Windy Hill Edward Fulton Farmer Robert Mitchell Maggie Hall James Ellis Clarke
    Jane POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Ballymagory John Pollock Shop Keeper      
23 19 Nov 1896 Thos. STEWART Full Bachelor Labourer Edymore James Stewart Labourer Robert Mitchell Mary Jane Stevenson William Fulton
    Elizabeth KILLGORE Full Spinster _____ Killynaught Joseph Killgore Labourer      
24 5 Jan 1897 Robert HUNTER Full Bachelor Labourer Killyclooney Robt. Hunter Labourer Robert Mitchell Martha Allen John Hamilton
    Annie BOAK 16 Spinster _____ Killyclooney George Boak Shoe Maker      
25 12 May 1897 Matthew PATTERSON Full Bachelor Labourer Ballyheather Robert Patterson Labourer James Connell David Allen Minnie Potts
    Martha ALLEN Full Spinster _____ Killyclooney James Allen Farmer      
26 26 May 1898 Thomas BUCHANNAN Full Bachelor Farmer Kennaghan William Buchannan Farmer Robert Mitchell Robert Crawford Elizabeth Mitchell
    Ann J. CRAWFORD Full Spinster _____ Ballee John Crawford Farmer      
27 2 Jun 1898 James KERRIGAN Full Bachelor Farmer Windy Hill Alexander Kerrigan Farmer Robert Mitchell Joseph Pollock Alice Fulton
    Mary Jane POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Killynaught Alexander Pollock Farmer      
28 26 Dec 1899 William DONNELL Full Bachelor Farmer Ballee William Donnell Farmer Robert Mitchell Isabell Jane Laird Ezekiel Donnell
    Elizabeth M. LAIRD Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Andrew Laird Farmer      
29 April-26-00 James GORDON Full Bachelor   Ballee James Gordon Farmer Robert Mitchell Maggie Craig James Austin
    Elizabeth CRAIG Full Spinster   Ballyskeagh Robert Craig Farmer      
30 October-17-01 Joseph AYTON Full Widower Carpenter Whitecastle Thomas Ayton Fisherman Joseph Morrison Lizzie Stevenson Robert Stevenson
    Mary KILGORE Full Spinster _____ Killynaught Joseph Kilgore Labourer      
31 January-09-02 John LINDSAY Full Bachelor Farmer Killinny Alexander Lindsay Farmer James McMath John Macauley Euphia Lindsay
    Mary Jane FORBES Full Spinster _____ Ardstraw Robert Forbes Farmer      
32 January-14-02 Dorrington BOYLE Full Bachelor Farmer Leat Jacob Boyle Farmer James McMath Henry Henderson Matilda Gordon
    Mary HENDERSON Full Spinster ______ Lisnarrow David Henderson Farmer      
33 March-20-02 James PORTERFIELD Full Bachelor Labourer Killynaught John Porterfield Labourer Joseph Morrison Margaret J. McBeth Hugh Macbeth
    Matilda J. GALBRAITH Full Widow _____ Colermony William Hall Labourer      
34 April-24-02 Noble Crawford WATSON Full Bachelor Farmer Ballymagory John Watson Farmer Joseph Morrison Christina M??? Thomas Pollock
    Jane POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Killynaught Robert Pollock Farmer      
35 August-05-02 John GIBSON Full Bachelor Engineer Raphoe Ramsey Gibson Land Steward J. Morrison William Thompson Sophia Gibson
    Annie Rebecca MURPHY Full Spinster _____ Kennaghan Alexander Murphy        
36 November-26-02 Robert NICHOL Full Bachelor Labourer Tullyard Robert Nichol Labourer Joseph Morrison Bella Nicholl David Kennedy
    Sarah KENNEDY Full Spinster _____ Porthall Patrick Kennedy        
37 November-17-04 James HALL Full Bachelor Farmer Gobnascale John Hall Farmer J. Morrison John Bryson Sarah Laughlin
    Lizzie Maggie ALLEN Minor Spinster _____ Gobnascale James Allen Farmer      
38 November-30-04 William McCREA Full Bachelor Farmer Taharina William McCrea Publican J. Morrison David George Fulton Julia Alice Fulton
    Florence FULTON Minor Spinster _____ Ballylaw Robert Fulton Farmer      
39 March-16-05 Charles CARNWATH Full Bachelor Labourer Artigarvan     J. Morrison Lizzie Austin James Kilgore
    Ellen PORTER Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan Robert Porter Labourer      
40 August-09-06 Robert James ALEXANDER Full Bachelor Farmer Ballyheather James Alexander Farmer J. Morrison John Roulston Agnes Roulston
    Mary Jane ROULSTON Full Spinster _____ Stoney Path James Roulston Farmer      
41 September-05-06 James STEWART Full Bachelor Station Master Ballymagorry Thomas Stewart Farmer J. Morrison Matthew ??? Bessie Pollock
    Kathleen POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry John Pollock Grocer      
42 December-24-06 Joseph REID Full Bachelor Clerk Londonderry Archibald Reid Gardner J. Morrison David Crawford Eliza Mitchell
    Mary CRAWFORD Full Spinster _____ Ballee John Crawford Farmer      
43 February-14-07 Alexander McFARLANE Full Bachelor Farmer Letterbratt James McFarlane Farmer J. Morrison Alfred Black ?? ????
    Lizzie Mary ARBUCKLE Full Spinster _____ Gortileck John Arbuckle Labourer      
44 September-11-07 George CAMPBELL Full Bachelor Cashier 12 Artillery St. Londonderry Wm. Campbell Farmer David Hay David Campbell Rebecca Patton
    Mary PATTON Full Spinster _____ Gortileck Joseph Patton Farmer      
45 November-13-07 John James FULTON Full Bachelor Clerk Ballymallart John Js. Fulton Farmer J. Morrison Julia C. Laird Albert E. Donnell
    Frances LAIRD Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Andrew Laird Farmer      
46 June-30-08 James BUCHANAN Full Bachelor Farmer Kennaghan William Buchanan Farmer J. Morrison Archibald Faulkner Minnie Buchanan
    Maggie KEE Full Widow _____ Kennaghan James Faulkner Farmer      
47 July-16-08 William Alexander YOUNG Full Bachelor Labourer 7 Todd  of Parkland, Shettleston, Scotland Robert Young Labourer J. Morrison Letitia Darragh William Darragh
    Mary Jane DARRAGH Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry William Darragh Labourer      
48 July-29-08 William BAILEY Full Bachelor Farmer Blackfort, Omagh William Bailey Farmer James Connell John Bailey Sara Jane Mathers
    Violet MATHERS Full Spinster _____ Tamnabrine James Mathers J.P. Farmer      
49 September-14-10 James ROWAN Full Widower Teacher Killymallaght Joseph Rowan Tradesman James Connell James Ramsay Minnie A. Mercer
    Lizzie MARSHALL Full Spinster Teacher Craigtown John A. Marshall Farmer      
50 January-19-11 Wm. HUGHEY Full Bachelor Farmer Aughafad Robert Hughey Farmer David Hay Maggie Miller William Miller
    Sara J. MILLER Full Spinster _____ Tykernahan John Miller Farmer      
51 January-19-11 Thomas EVANS Full Bachelor Grocer Donemana David Evans Labourer John Rutherford Martha Love David M. Allen
    Elizabeth LOVE Full Spinster _____ Mountcastle James Love Carpenter      
52 17-Apr-11 John MACKEY Full Bachelor Grocer Drumsure John Mackey Farmer John Rutherford William Mackay Harriette Matilda Olphert
    Jane McCREA 18 Spinster _____ Tullyard James McCrea Grocer      
53 April-20-11 David MILLER Full Bachelor Farmer Corrick John Miller Farmer J. Morrison William Miller Mary Donaghey
    Bella DONAGHEY Minor Spinster _____ Ruskey Hugh Donaghy Labourer      
54 September-21-11 Joseph TAYLOR Full Bachelor Farmer Carrickshandrum James Taylor Farmer Matthew Neill Robt. Jno. Pollock Katie Pollock
    Rebecca Ann POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Killynaught Robert Pollock Farmer      
55 July-18-12 Robert CARNWATH Full Bachelor Mechanic Glasgow John Carnwath Labourer J. Morrison John McNeill Lizzie McNeill
    Isabella McNEILL Full Spinster _____ Milltown Thos. McNeill Scutcher      
56 September-05-13 James Stewart BLAIR Full Bachelor Farmer Dergalt Robert Blair Farmer C. R. Toland David Stewart Maggie Nicholl
    Isabella NICHOLL Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Robert Nicholl Labourer      
57 December-18-13 Robert DARRAGH Full Widower Labourer Leckpatrick Thomas Darragh Labourer J. Morrison Sarah Darragh Thomas Darragh
    Letitia DARRAGH Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry William Darragh Labourer      
58 January-09-14 John BALLINTYNE Full Bachelor Baker Strabane Samuel Ballintyne Labourer Edward Clarke William Colhoun Margaret Ballantine
    Elizabeth G. QUINN Full Spinster ____ Londonderry Charles Quinn Farmer      
59 February-26-14 Samuel R. FULTON Full Bachelor Farmer Ballylaw Robert Fulton Farmer J. Morrison Ellen Kincaid Willie Hunter
    Rebecca LINDSAY Full Spinster _____ Tullyard John Lindsay Farmer      
60 October-01-14 Alexander McGRUGAN Full Bachelor Farmer 43 Earl St, Belfast Wm. J. McGrugan Artisan J. Morrison Robert J. Pollock Mary J. McMichael
    Catherine POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Killynaught Robert Pollock Farmer      
61 November-19-14 John HYWOOD Full Bachelor Labourer Artigarvan John Hywood Sergeant in Army Edward Clarke James Blair Bella Blair
    Margaret NICHOLL Full Spinster _____ Tullyard Robert Nicholl Farmer      
62 June-03-15 James M. HATRICK Full Bachelor Farmer Skeog James Hatrick Farmer J. Morrison Jas. Gilfillan Margaret E. M. Hatrick
    Margaret Louisa MILLER Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan James Miller Miller & Grain Merchant      
63 September-29-15 David A. FULTON Full Bachelor Farmer Mosspleasant David Fulton Farmer J. Morrison John Fulton Josephine Pollock
    Bessie POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry John Pollock Grocer      
64 May-17-16 Edward LINDSAY Full Bachelor Farmer Tullyard John Lindsay Farmer J. Morrison Samuel Taylor Martha Hunter
    Maggie HUNTER Full Spinster _____ Killynaught Robert Hunter Farmer      
65 June-26-16 John Jas. CUMMINGS Full Bachelor Labourer Woodend John Cummings Farmer J. Morrison Louie N. Roy Lizzie Hawthorne
    Francis HAWTHORNE Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry Thomas Hawthorne Labourer      
66 July-10-16 J. C. McILWAINE Full Bachelor   Strabane     J.Morrison Robert J. Laird Isabel McFarlane
    Julia Caldwell LAIRD Full Spinster   Tullyard Andrew Laird Farmer      
67 November-23-16 David GALLAGHER Full Bachelor Labourer Artigarvan     J. Morrison Robert Montgomery Minnie McNeill
    Maggie MARSHALL Full Spinster _____ Stone Walls James Marshall Farmer      
68 December-21-16 Edward FULTON 20 Bachelor Farmer Windy Hill J. J. Fulton Farmer J. Morrison John Fulton Lizzie Hawthorne
    Martha HAWTHORNE 16 Spinster _____ Ballymagorry Thomas Hawthorne Labourer      
69 February-08-17 John CAMPBELL Full Bachelor Vanman Ballycolman Av, Strabane John Campbell   J. Morrison J. Lindsay Minnie McNeill
    Eliza Jane McNEILL Full Spinster _____ Parish of Camus Thos. McNeill        
70 June-20-17 John J. McCARTER Full Bachelor Farmer Tullygarvin Robert McCarter Farmer Matthew Neill Robert J. McCarter Eleanor Montgomery
    Annie TAYLOR Full Spinster _____ Lisburn James Taylor Farmer      
71 August-15-17 Moses John ADAMS Full Bachelor Merchant Sion Mills Moses Adams Farmer Matthew Neill Robt. McLoughlin Annie McVeittie
    Isabella ADAMS Full Spinster _____ Sion Mills William Adams Painter      
72 October-31-17 William S. ANDERSON Full Widower Farmer Victoria Bridge Robert Anderson Farmer Richard Laird Archie Anderson Rebecca Patton
    Jane PATTON Full Spinster _____ Crew Joseph Patton Farmer      
73 June-14-18 James SCOTT Full Bachelor Farmer       J. Morrison Thomas Arbuckle Sarah J. Fulton
    Julia A. FULTON Full Spinster _____ Ballylaw Robert Fulton Farmer      
74 October-16-18 Wm. HUNTER Full Bachelor Farmer Killyclooney Robert Hunter Farmer J. Morrison Robert Jas. Hunter Martha Hunter
    Elizabeth M. POLLOCK Full Spinster _____   Robert Pollock Farmer      
75 February-26-20 Robert F. CUMMINGS Full Bachelor Farmer Woodend John Cummings Farmer J. Morrison John Robert Boak Lizzie Lapsley
    Hessie LAPSLEY Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry George R. Lapsley        
76 November-17-20 Hugh FRIEL Full Bachelor Motor Driver Sion Mills Bearney John Friel Labourer J. Morrison Alexander Wallace Minnie Wallace
    Sarah Elizabeth SMYTH Full Spinster _____ Sion Mills John Smyth Labourer      
77 November-25-20 Alfred ROY Full Bachelor   Strabane Robert W. Roy   J. Morrison William McIntyre Sarah Jane Pollock
    Elizabeth POLLOCK Full Spinster   Artigarvan Andrew J. Pollock Grocer      
78 May-06-21 James DOHERTY Full Bachelor Policeman Beechmont Strabane Joseph Doherty Painter J. Morrison Archibald Jack Mary Moorhead
    Sarah DUNNAN Full Spinster _____ Sion Mills Patrick Dunnan Labourer      
79 June-29-21 Joseph McNEILL Full Bachelor Shoe Maker Milltown Joseph McNeill Labourer J. Morrison Albert McNeill Jeanie Hughes
    Maggie ROWAN Full Spinster _____ Lifford John Rowan Labourer      
80 June-29-21 Joshua GOLIGHER Full Bachelor Labourer Fawney Cross Derry William Goligher Labourer J. Morrison Thomas McNeill Margaret Miller
    Minnie McNEILL Full Spinster _____ Milltown Thomas McNeill Labourer      
81 February-28-22 William WRAY Full Bachelor Policeman Strabane Robert Wray Driver J. Morrison A. Davidson E. Farrell
    Jeanie E. FARRELL Full Spinster _____ Strabane John Farrell ????      
82 May-26-22 James YOUNG 20 Bachelor Labourer Strabane Robert Young Labourer Edward Clarke John Nicholl Annie Young
    Florrie NICHOLL 20 Spinster _____ Tullyard James Nicholl Labourer      
83 June-05-22 Charles William WATKINS Full Bachelor Soldier       J. Morrison Patrick Reynolds Rebecca Pollock
    Josephine POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry John Pollock Grocer      
84 November-22-22 James PORTERFIELD Full Widower Labourer Artigarvan John Porterfield   J. Morrison James Wolfe Lily Wolfe
    Elizabeth TINNEY Full Widow _____ Ballymagorry George Robb        
85 March-20-23 Thomas DARRAGH Full Bachelor Special Policeman Ballymagorry Wm. Darragh Labourer J. Morrison Donald Forbes Sarah Darragh
    Sarah LOVE Full Spinster _____ Ballymagorry Illegitimate        
86 September-20-23 Allen McCULLOUGH Full Bachelor Soldier Strabane John McCullough School Master J. Morrison Lily Mills Fred Mills
    Sarah Jane ROULSTON Minor Spinster _____ Strabane James Roulston Mechanic      
87 October-04-23 Henry ALLEN Full Bachelor Carpenter Dunamanagh Thomas Allen Contractor J. Morrison John Fulton Nettie Clarke
    Sarah CLARKE Full Spinster _____ Ballyskeagh James Clarke Farmer      
88 June-25-24 John ADAMS Full Bachelor Farmer Ballygatton David Adams Farmer Matthew Neill David Adams Elizabeth Adams
    Martha Irwin ADAMS Full Spinster _____ Glebe William Adams ???      
89 July-04-24 John NICHOLL Full Bachelor Special Policeman Tullyard     J. Morrison James Young Annie Young
    Susan BLAIR Full Spinster _____ Townsend St, Strabane          
90 August-21-25 William SMALLWOOD Full Bachelor Policeman Urney     J. Morrison Joseph Mills Levina Booth
    Mary A. McCONAGHY Full Spinster _____ Sion Mills          
91 September-30-25 David LEITCH Full Bachelor Printer Main St, Strabane William J. Leitch Farmer J. Morrison Fred Wallace Martha K. Wallace
    Ellen J. WALLACE Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan Alex. Wallace Carpenter      
92 January-20-26 John James HARPER Full Bachelor Soldier R.U.R. Armagh James Harper   J. Morrison Thomas Burke Catherine Gordon
    Elizabeth BURKE 18 Spinster _____ Sion Mills Robert Burke Flax Dresser      
93 July-13-26 Nathaniel T. McKEAN 24 Bachelor Farmer Concess Andrew McKean Farmer J. Morrison Willie Lindsay Matilda Lucas
    Matilda McKNIGHT 24 Spinster _____ Berney Robert McKnight Farmer      
94 July-20-26 John A. L. MILLER Full Bachelor Miller Artigarvan James Miller Miller J. Morrison ?????????? Jean D. Clarke
    Mary G. M. MORRISON 20 Spinster _____ Artigarvan J. Morrison Clergyman      
95 September-01-26 John R. BOAK Full Bachelor Farmer Ballymagorry John Boak Labourer J. Morrison William McIntyre Minnie Pollock
    Sarah J. POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan Andrew J. Pollock Merchant      
96 August-05-27 James BUICK Full Widower Office Clerk Omagha, Nebraska U.S.A. James Buick Farmer J. Morrison Leslie Miller Mary Miller
    Mary (Minnie) MORRISON Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan J. M. Morrison Farmer      
97 February-16-28 William McINTYRE Full Bachelor Clerk Strabane Robert McIntyre   J. Morrison Gerald Glendinning McIntyre Evelyn Pollock
    Minnie POLLOCK Full Spinster _____ Artigarvan Andrew J. Pollock Grocer      
98 March-01-28 Thomas John Bell McCORMICK Full Bachelor Banker 12 Fitzroy Av Belfast John McCormick Manager J. Morrison E. Trimble ?? Barnhill
    Frances Violet BARNHILL Full Spinster _____ Brickfield Strabane William W. Barnhill Farmer      
99 February-04-30 Samuel MAXWELL Full Bachelor Farmer Camus, Lifford James Maxwell Farmer John T. Montogmery Fred Maxwell Margaret Adams
    Elizabeth ADAMS Full Spinster _____ Stragullan, Strabane Thomas Adams Joiner      
100 June-09-30 John MORROW Full Bachelor Wood Turner Sion Mills John Morrow Engine Driver J. Morrison James Morrow Sadie Nicholl
    Isabella NICHOLL Full Spinster _____ Strabane Robert Nicholl Labourer