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Leckpatrick Presbyterian Church, Artigarvan, Strabane, Co. Tyrone; List of Stipend Payers 1863

Extracted from Financial Statement of the Seven Congregations of Glendermott Presbytery for the Year 1863
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

The stipend is raised by voluntary contributions, and those only are reported who actually contribute:

Surname First Name Amount
ANDERSON John Two shillings and sixpence
ANDERSON Oliver Five shillings
BAIRD William Ten shillings
BOAK George No contribution
BOAK John Four shillings
BOAK William Six shillings
BOYD Mrs. Ten shillings
BRADLEY Mrs. (half year) Two shillings and sixpence
BRATTIN Francis No contribution
BRIDGEFORD James Twelve shillings
CLARKE James Nine shillings
COLHOUN John One pound
CORNWATH John No contribution
CORNWATH Joseph One pound
CORNWATH Robert Six shillings
COX Oliver Ten shillings
CRAIG John Nine shillings
CRAIG Robert Nine shillings
CRAWFORD John Eight shillings
CUMMINS Mrs. Ten shillings
DAVIS Margaret Two shillings and sixpence
DENNISTON Mrs. Seven shillings
DEVENNY William No contribution
DONAGHY William Seven shillings and sixpence
DONNELLY Charles Four shillings
DORAGH Nathaniel Five shillings
DORAGH Robert Two shillings and sixpence
DOUGLASS Thomas Eight shillings
GIBSON James Eight shillings
GIBSON Robert (half year) Two shillings and sixpence
GIBSON Robert Ten shillings
GLENN Miss Ten shillings
GORDON James Ten shillings
GORDON Margaret No contribution
GORDON Mrs. Eight shillings
GORDON William Six shillings
GOURLY James Eight shillings
GOURLY John Five shillings
GOURLY Samuel One pound
HEBURN Andrew No contribution
KILGORE Esther Two shillings and sixpence
KINCAID James No contribution
KINCAID William No contribution
KIRKWOOD Aaron Four shillings
KIRKWOOD Oliver Two shillings
KNOX Alexander Twelve shillings
KNOX James, jun. Three shillings
KNOX James, sen. One pound
KNOX John Fifteen shillings
LINDSAY Anne Three shillings
LINDSAY James Eight shillings
LINDSAY James Four shillings
LINDSAY John Fifteen shillings
LINDSAY Wm. Five shillings
LOWRY John Ten shillings
MARSHALL Mrs. Fifteen shillings
McCLEERY Robert One pound
McCOMB William Ten shillings
McCREA Alexander Ten shillings
McCREA David Ten shillings
McCREA John Two pounds
McCREA Miss Ten shillings
McCREA William Two pounds
McELHENNY James One pound)
McGOWAN John Seven shillings and sixpence
McINTYRE Gustavus Nine shillings
McNEILL David Four shillings
McNEILL Joseph Four shillings
McNEILL Joseph, jun. Four shillings
MILLER James Eight shillings
MILLER John Six shillings and three pence
MITCHELL David Five shillings
MITCHELL Joseph No contribution
MITCHELL William Five shillings
MOORE Joseph Ten shillings
MORRISON Thomas Six shillings
NICKLE Andrew Four shillings and ten pence
NICKLE Joseph Twelve shillings
POLLOCK Mrs. Nine shillings
POLLOCK Thomas Nine shillings
PORTER James Twelve shillings
PORTER Jane Four shillings
PORTER Mrs. Fourteen shillings
SMITH Miss Twelve shillings
SMITH William No contribution
THOMPSON Jane (half year) One shilling and sixpence
THOMPSON William Five shillings and sixpence
WARK Jane Three shillings
WEIR David, jun. Ten shillings
WEIR David, sen. Nine shillings
WEIR William Ten shillings
WOODS Miss No contribution
WRIGHT Mrs. Ten shillings

Stipend paid to REV. M. CHAMBERS £34.15.1