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Leckpatrick Parish Church (St. Patrick's Church of Ireland) Ballymagorry, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages (with gaps) 1845-1932

Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Faye Logue & Len Swindley
From LDS films of the Civil Registration of Marriages in Ireland & Marriage Certificates
St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland and graveyard, Leckpatrick Road, Ballymagorry, Strabane, Co. Tyrone



Date Names Age Status Profession Residence Father Occupation Witness Witness
6 Jan 1845 John DONNELL 35 Bachelor Publican Strabane Thos. Donnell Farmer William Donnell James Donnell
  Elizabeth DONNELL 32 Spinster   Ballee John Donnell Farmer    
16 Jun 1845 Andrew THOMPSON 50 Widower Farmer Woodend Robert Thompson Farmer Andrew Holmes James Dunn
  Mary DUNN 21 Spinster   Leckpatrick John Dunn Farmer    
26 Nov 1845 James DONNELL 26 Bachelor Labourer Donaghedy Wm. Donnell Mason Josiah Lindsay Joseph Orr
  Jane GAMBLE 22 Spinster   Tullyard Robert Gamble Labourer    
27 Feb 1846 John BRIGGS Full Bachelor Farmer Parish of Leckpatrick William Briggs Farmer E. Donnell Josiah Lindsay
  Maria DONNELL Full Spinster   Parish of Leckpatrick William Donnell Farmer    
27 Feb 1846 John GRAHAM Full Bachelor Labourer Parish of Leckpatrick John Graham Labourer Thomas Knox Robert Dorough
  Matilda WADE Full Spinster   Parish of Leckpatrick John Wade Labourer    
20 May 1846 Thomas WHITE Full   Farmer's son Parish of Leckpatrick Thomas White Farmer Mansfield White Robert White
  Sarah MOORE     Farmer's daughter Parish of Leckpatrick Jacob Moore Farmer    
18 Oct 1846 John Russell LYNCH 35 Bachelor Sub Inspector Leckpatrick Thos. Lynch Gentleman Arthur Crawford Robert Holmes
        of Constabulary          
  Frances CRAWFORD 19 Spinster   Strabane Thos. Crawford Gentleman    
20 Dec 1846 John BLACKBURNE Full Bachelor Smith Strabane Joseph Blackburne Nailor Theophilus Baird Thomas Forbes
  Mary SULLIVAN Full Spinster   New Town, Strabane James Sullivan Nailor    
          Parish of Leckpatrick        
23 Dec 1846 John GRAHAM Full Bachelor Farmer Derigle, Strabane James Graham Farmer William Logan John Wright
  Mary MILLER Full Spinster   Ballylaw, Leckpatrick John Miller Farmer    
15 Apr 1847 William DONNELL Full Bachelor Tailor Leckpatrick Wm. Donnell Labourer Thomas Forbes Robert Gibson
  Rebecca GIBSON Full Spinster   Leckpatrick David Gibson Farmer    
2 May 1847 Joseph ANDREWS 26 Bachelor Carpenter Leckpatrick Wm. Andrews Carpenter Thomas Forbes Thomas McFarland
  Mary PORTERFIELD 21 Spinster   Woodend not known      
14 May 1847 James FRANCIS 22 Bachelor Labourer Woodend Joseph Francis Labourer Thomas Forbes James Arbuckle
  Isabella McARRIGLE 21 Spinster   Woodend Geo. McArrigle Flax dresser    
8 Jul 1847 James SINCLAIR 44 Bachelor Major Holy Hill Thomas Sinclair Lawyer William Sinclair James Sinclair jnr.
  Rebecca SINCLAIR 30 Spinster   Holy Hill James Sinclair Gentleman    
20 Oct 1847 Robert GRAHAM 20 Bachelor Labourer Leckpatrick James Graham Weaver Thomas Forbes Charles Carnwath
  Ann DOHERTY 24 Spinster   Strabane John Doherty Weaver    
25 Feb 1848 Wm. BRIGGS 21 Bachelor Farmer Ballymagorry Wm. Briggs Farmer John Briggs Wm. Donnell
  Matilda DONNELL 22 Spinster   Ballee Wm. Donnell Farmer    
9Mar 1848 Henry WAUGH 26 Bachelor Agent Strabane Jas. Waugh Shopkeeper James Knox Thos. Forbes
  Mary Ann NELSON 36 Widow   Parish of Leckpatrick Donald McDonnell Gent    
4 Dec 1848 Thomas FORBES 39 Bachelor Parish Clerk Leckpatrick Thos. Forbes Weaver Jas. Forbes Thos. Douglas
  Martha CUNNINGHAM 20 Spinster   Ballymagorry David Cunningham Shoemaker    
7 Dec 1848 Jas. ANDREWS 21 Bachelor Labourer Ballymagorry David Andrews Weaver Thom. Forbes John Vance
  Sarah MURPHY   Spinster   ? Hill, Donemana Wm. Murphy Labourer    
19 Dec 1848 Wm. McBETH Full Bachelor Farmer Glebe Hugh McBeth Farmer Thos. Forbes James Forbes
  Jane McBETH Full Spinster   Glebe Wm. McBeth Labourer    
24 May 1849 John GRAMES 20 Bachelor Labourer Leckpatrick James Grames Labourer Thomas Forbes Thomas Gamble
  Margaret DAVIS 21 Spinster   Leckpatrick Thomas Davis Labourer    
8 Nov 1849 Alex. SIMPSON 22 Bachelor Labourer Ballymagorry Saml. Simpson School-master Thomas Forbes Joseph Logue
  Mary Anne LOGUE 22 Spinster   Ballydonaghy Joseph Logue Labourer    
10 Jan 1850 John WHITESIDE 24 Bachelor Labourer Donagheady John Whiteside Weaver Thomas Forbes William Miller
  Margaret FERGUSON 22 Spinster   Leckpatrick John Ferguson Labourer    
27 May 1850 Robert CAMPBELL 28 Bachelor Farmer Taughboyne, Co Donegal William Campbell Farmer Alexander Magee Thomas Forbes
  Eliza Jane VANCE 21 Spinster   Ballymagorry John Vance Farmer    
21 Jun 1850 John HENNING 32 Bachelor Methodist Preacher Ballyshannon Alex. Henning Farmer Samuel Brodie Thomas Forbes
  Jane BRODIE (?) Full Spinster   Strabane James Brodie (?) Nurseryman    
21 Jun 1850 Thomas PARKHILL 21 Bachelor Labourer Dromeny William Parkhill Labourer Josiah Lindsay Thomas Forbes
  Ann GAMBLE 22 Spinster   Tulliard Robert Gamble Labourer    
24 Jun 1850 Samuel McGRANAHAN Full Widower Labourer Ballymagorry Wm. McGranahan Labourer Edward Divine Thomas Forbes
  Margaret PATTEN Ful Widow   Greenlaw John Patten Cow Dealer    
9 Sep 1850 John CAMPBELL 30 Bachelor Labourer Milltown Christopher Campbell Labourer Thomas Forbes Alexander Divenny
  Martha McGURK 26 Spinster   Ballymagorry Patk. McGurk Labourer    
15 Sep 1850 John DONNELLY 50 Bachelor Mason Tulliard Charles Donnelly Weaver Thomas Forbes James Anderson
  Eliza KIRKWOOD 30 Spinster   Tulliard Arthur Kirkwood Labourer    
12 Dec 1850 Robert WALKER Full Bachelor Pensioner Creaghan David Walker Mason Thomas Forbes John Lowry
          Parish of Donagheady        
  Letitia REED Full Spinster   Leckpatrick Francis Reed Farmer    
18 Dec 1850 Thomas LAIRD Full Bachelor Farmer Buckliss, Parish of Ardstraw Moses Laird Farmer Thomas Forbes Robert Laird
  Catherine Ann DUNN Full Spinster Dressmaker Balliskeagh John Dunn Farmer    
19 May 1851 William DEERY 23 Bachelor Labourer Ballee, Leckpatrick John Deery Shoemaker Thomas Forbes William Barnhill
  Jane McMANUS 19 Spinster   Leckpatrick John McManus Farmer    
5 Jun 1851 Henry MAGEE 20 Bachelor Labourer Parish of Urney Robert Magee Labourer Thomas Forbes Mansfield White
  Isabella GAMBLE 20 Spinster   Leckpatrick Robert Gamble Labourer    
5 Apr 1852 William KILPATRICK 25 Widower Farmer Castlebane, Stranorlar James Kilpatrick Farmer Stephen Kilpatrick Robert Moor
  Margaret MOOR 21 Spinster   Desart William Moor Farmer    
7 Apr 1852 Edward LYNCH 21 Bachelor Shoemaker Collermoney Samuel Lynch Schoolmaster Thomas Forbes Robert Grahams
  Ellen DOHERTY 21 Spinster   Killynaught John Doherty Labourer    
29 Jul 1852 John CUNNINGHAM 24 Bachelor Writing Clerk Strabane Alexander Cunningham School Master John Donald Wm. C????
  Isabella DONALD 22 Spinster   New Town, Strabane John Donald Stone Mason    
8 Sep 1852 John CURTIS 23 Bachelor Shoemaker Ballymagorry George Curtis Shoemaker Patrick Darling Wm. Donahy
  Mary DONAHY 24 Spinster   Clochcor Wm. Donahy Weaver    
24 Nov 1852 John McMONAGH 26 Bachelor Labourer Stony Path James McMonagh Labourer James Falls James White
  Isabella FALLS 25 Spinster   Leck James Falls Labourer    
15 Mar 1853 George WHITE   Bachelor Carpenter Desert John White Farmer Robert Moor Patrick Darling
  Eliza WHITE   Spinster   Desert James White Farmer    
4 Aug 1853 John McDERMOTT Full Bachelor Schoolmaster Parish of Skirts of Urney Thomas McDermott Farmer Andrew Spreull Charles Love
  Sarah CALDWELL Full Spinster Schoolmistress Leckpatrick William Caldwell Innkeeper    
10 Aug 1853 John CHAPMAN Full Bachelor Tinsmith Leckpatrick Isaiah (?) Chapman Tinsmith Robert Nicholl Alexander Nicholl
  Rebecca McAULEY Full Spinster   Camus j. Mourne James McAuley Labourer    
1 Sep 1853 Samuel KYLE Full Bachelor Farmer Dergle in Camus j. Mourne James Kyle Farmer James Kee James Buchanan
  Rebecca BUCHANAN Full Spinster   Holyhill William Buchanan Farmer    
9 Sep 1853 David KINCAID Full Bachelor Labourer Holyhill James Kincaid Labourer Bryan Cave/Cane (?) Berny McElhone (?)
  Anne SHARKEY 18 Spinster   Derrygle, Camus j. Mourne Hugh Sharkey Farmer    
25 Dec 1853 William SEMPLE Full Widower Scutcher Leckpatrick Robert Semple Farmer H. Irwin Robert Lindsay
  Margaret MARSHALL Full Spinster   Leckpatrick Samuel Marshall Labourer    
4 Jan 1854 William SINCLAIR 22 Bachelor Farmer Glenlark, Lower Badoney Ben (?) Sinclair Farmer William Sinclair James Buchanan
  Margaret PATTERSON Minor Spinster   Leckpatrick Thomas Patterson Farmer    
9 Mar 1854 Joseph ROBINSON Full Bachelor Carpenter Leckpatrick Samuel Robinson Carpenter William Robinson Joseph Loague
  Catherine LOAGUE Full Spinster   Leckpatrick Joseph Loague Labourer    
31 May 1854 William WHITE Full Bachelor Farmer Leckpatrick John White Farmer John Faulkner Mansfield White
  Anne FAULKNER Full Spinster   Leckpatrick James Faulkner Farmer    
8 Jun 1854 James WRIGHT Full Bachelor Weaver Leckpatrick James Wright Farmer John Wright Samuel Gourley/Gormley
  Esther COLHOUN Full Spinster   Leckpatrick Alexander Colhoun Farmer    
3 Aug 1854 John LOGAN Full Widower Tailor Leckpatrick Alexander Logan Farmer James Wright John Vance
  Margaret GAMBLE Full Widow   Leckpatrick John Donnelly Farmer    
8 Jan 1855 William CURTIS 22 Bachelor Shoemaker Ballymagorry George Curtis Shoemaker George McAlay (?) John Adams
  Mary ROBINSON 18 Spinster   Ballymagorry Joseph Robinson Mason    
8 Jan 1855 James LOWTHER 22 Bachelor Labourer Greenlaw Gilly Lowther   William Donaghy William McKee
  Theresa McCROSSAN 23 Spinster   Farmhill, Leck James McCrossan Labourer    
18 Jan 1855 William DONAGHY 23 Bachelor Labourer Cloghcor William Donaghy Weaver Henry Y. Irwin John Curtis
  Charlotte CURTIS 24 Spinster   Ballymagorry George Curtis Shoemaker    
19 Jan 1855 John DODWELL 18 Bachelor Schoolmaster Lower Cumber James Dodwell Labourer Joseph McKane Isabella Anderson
  Isabella DOYLE 30 Spinster   Ballymagorry William Doyle Labourer    
2 Feb 1855 Thomas MOORHEAD Full Bachelor Farmer Shanvally, Parish of Donaghmore William Moorehead Farmer John Briggs William Donnell
          [Co Donegal]        
  Martha BRIGGS Full Spinster   Ballymagorry William Briggs Farmer    
4 Feb 1855 James ASH 27 Bachelor Carpenter Killyclooney Thomas Ash Farmer    
  Isabella GALBRAITH 20 Spinster     William Galbraith Farmer    
19 Feb 1855 David MONTEITH 27 Bachelor Labourer Stonypath Archibald Monteirth Labourer John Miller Robert Graham
  Sarah HUNTER Full Spinster   Collermoney James Hunter Labourer    
15 Nov 1855 Andrew FALLS Full Bachelor Labourer Leck James Falls Labourer David Devenny James Falls
  Isabella Doyle Full Spinster   Leck James Doyle Labourer    
7 Feb 1856 James PATTERSON 22 Bachelor Labourer Holy Hill Thomas Patterson Farmer William Sinclair John Patterson
  Anne GRAHAM 21 Spinster   G--------------- James Graham      
          parish of Camus juxta Mourne        
13 Feb 1856 William KEE 22 Bachelor Labourer Holy Hill Alexander Kee Farmer William Hawthorn James Kee
  Jane HAWTHORN 21 Spinster   Holy Hill Sinclair Hawthorn Labourer    
10 Mar 1856 Samuel MARSHALL 18 Bachelor Soldier Ballyskeagh Robert Marshall Farmer Thomas McNeil James McFarland
  Margaret HEMPTON 19 Spinster   Ballyskeagh William Hempton Labourer    
13 May 1856 William HAMILTON Full Bachelor Servant Liscurry Robert Hamilton Weaver William Knox John Gardner
  Catherine PORTER Full Spinster   Holy Hill William Porter Shoemaker    
21 July 1856 John MARSH Full Bachelor Sailor Camus John Marsh Gentleman William Elliott Mansfield White
  Anne Eliza PORTER Full Widow   Leckpatrick, Patrick Street John Boyd Merchant    
15 Oct 1856 John McMICHAEL Full Bachelor Labourer Artigarvan James McMichael Labourer Mansfield White David George Fulton
  Mary MURDOCH Full Spinster   Ballymagorry Robert Murdoch Labourer    
11 Nov 1856 John HUNTER Full Bachelor Labourer Collermoney John Hunter Labourer James Ash Henry Barr
  Isabella MONTEITH Full Spinster   Leckpatrick Archibald Monteith Labourer    
21 Nov 1856 Thomas McNEEL Full Bachelor Labourer Ballyskeagh Joseph McNeel Labourer James McFarland John McFarland
  Sarah Ann CRAIG Full Spinster   Ballyskeagh Thomas Craig Labourer    
28 Nov 1856 William McGOWAN Full Bachelor Labourer Barn, parish of Donagheady Thomas McGowan Labourer Francis Colhoun Oliver Anderson
  Martha ROBINSON 18 Spinster   Barley Hill, Leckpatrick Samuel Robinson Carpenter    
5 Jun 1857 Humphrey CAMPBELL Full Bachelor Labourer Leck John Campbell Labourer Joseph Maxwell John Cowden
  Eliza Jane FERGUSON Full Spinster   Leck John Ferguson Labourer    
28 Sep 1857 William GRAHAM Full Bachelor Labourer Collermony John Graham Labourer Henry Barr James Ash
  Mary BUCHANAN 20 Spinster   Collermony Andrew Buchanan Labourer    
26 Nov 1857 James FAULKNER Full Bachelor Farmer Tullyard James Faulkner Farmer James kelly William Hawthorn
  Rachel HAWTHORN Full Spinster   Kenaghan Sinclair Hawthorn Farmer    
10 Feb 1858 James HILL Full Bachelor Farmer Ardstraw Thomas Hill Farmer James Murphy John Jamieson
  Eliza JAMIESON Full Spinster   Loughneas John Jamieson Farmer    
22 Feb 1858 Alexander GORDON 20 Bachelor Labourer Stonypath John Gordon Labourer Thomas Ewing Joseph Carnwath
  Eliza SHEILS 21 Spinster   Collermoney James Shiels Labourer    
10 Jun 1858 Joseph McBETH 30 Bachelor Labourer Glebe William McBeth Farmer Thomas Ewing John Adams
  Fanny CAMPBELL 19 Spinster   Glebe John Campbell Labourer    
2 Sep 1858 James Bucknell ATKINS 32 Bachelor Master Mariner Cork George Atkins Wine Merchant John Atkins John Colquhoun
  Mary COLQUHOUN 26 Spinster   Strabane Samuel Colquhoun Solicitor    
22 Nov 1858 Robert YOUNG 27 Bachelor Labourer Ballymagorry William Young Labourer James Robinson John McFarland
  Catherine McGURK 26 Spinster   Ballymagorry Patrick McGurk Labourer    
28 Feb 1859 William GORDON Full Bachelor Farmer Edymore, Camus Robert Gordon Farmer John Stewart Robert Moore
  Matilda DONNELL Full Spinster   Woodend John Donnell Farmer    
21 Apr 1859 Thomas KEYS Full Bachelor Farmer Donagheady William Keys Farmer    
  Matilda GALBRAITH Full Spinster   Leck William Galbraith Farmer    
21 Jul 1859 James GREER Full Bachelor Shoemaker Camus, Strabane James Greer Labourer William Gorman William Doherty
  Eliza ROBB Full Spinster   Leckpatrick John Robb Farmer    
5 Oct 1859 John ADAMS Full Bachelor Smith Ballymagorry William Adams Smith William Colhoun Francis Colhoun
  Mary PATTERSON Full Spinster   Ballymagorry James Patterson Labourer    
14 Oct 1859 William DONNELL Full Bachelor Farmer Woodend John Donnell Farmer Robert Smyth William Clendinning
  Rebecca WHITE Full Spinster   Milltown Thomas White Farmer    
11 Nov 1859 William FORDE Full Bachelor Shoemaker Leckpatrick William Forde Tin Smith Edward Loage Thomas Edwards
  Eliza BAIN Full Spinster   Donagheady James Bain Labourer    
23 Feb 1860 David JACK Full Bachelor Labourer Donagheady John Blacksmith John Gamble Robert Henry
  Margaret Jane GALBRAITH Full Spinster   Leck William Galbraith Farmer    
7 Sep 1860 John JAMISON Full Bachelor Farmer Loughneas, Leckpatrick John Jamison Farmer James Marshall Samuel Forbes
  Martha DAVIS Full Spinster   Ballyheather, Donagheady Matthew Davis Farmer    
22 Nov 1860 Wm DARRAGH 22 Bachelor Labourer Bennelly Robert Darragh Labourer Thomas McNeel John Wright
  Ann GRAHAM 22 Spinster   Killynaught Wm Graham Labourer    
16 Feb 1861 Augustus Nicholas WILSON Full Bachelor Captain 4th Regiment Leckpatrick Nicholas Wilson late Col. 64th Reg. Alexander Leney Mary Badham Thornhill
  Adelaide Badham THORNHILL Full Spinster   Leckpatrick Edward Thornhill      
20 Feb 1861 Robert MOORE Full Bachelor Farmer Leckpatrick William Moore Farmer John Briggs Robert Donnell
  Ann DONNELL Full Spinster   Leckpatrick William Donnell Farmer    
25 Nov 1861 Francis DONAGHY Full Bachelor Labourer Stonypath Edward Donaghy Labourer Moses Miller John Gordon
  Nancy McKANE Full Spinster   Stonypath James McKane Labourer    
25 Nov 1862 Samuel McKANE Full Bachelor Labourer Ballylaw James McKane Labourer Samuel Forbes Martha McGowan
  Ellen McGOWAN Full Spinster   Donagheady John McGowan Labourer    
19 Mar 1863 John MOORHEAD Full Bachelor Farmer Balymularty, Parish of Ardstraw William Moorhead Farmer William Dick Andrew Dunn
  Sarah DUNN Full Spinster   Ballyskeagh John Dunn Farmer    
19 Mar 1863 Andrew THOMPSON Full Bachelor Farmer Holy Hill James Thompson Labourer William Doragh Hugh Witherow
  Eliza Jane KELLY Full Spinster   Tullyard James Kelly Farmer    
1 Jun 1863 George BROWN 26 Bachelor Labourer Urney George Brown Labourer James Elliot James Riddell
  Jane McELFALLS 26 Spinster   Leckpatrick James McElfalls Labourer    
5 Nov 1863 Charles MATTHEWS Full Bachelor School Master Leckpatrick Joseph Matthews Farmer Edmond Thompson Geo. W. Downing
  Mary Eliza JENKINS Full Spinster   Leckpatrick Andrew Jenkins Post Master    
4 Dec 1863 Joseph BUCHANAN Full Bachelor Farmer Leckpatrick Joseph Buchanan Farmer Joseph Carnwath Samuel Forbes
  Mary PORTER Full Spinster   Donagheady John Porter Farmer    
14 Mar(?) 1864 John DOHERTY Full Bachelor Labourer Ballyskeagh John Doherty Labourer Robert Graham Wm. Love
  Jane McMORRIS 19 Spinster   Ballyskeagh John McMorris Farmer    
3 Mar 1864 John ARBUCKLE Full Bachelor Farmer Liscable, Upper Badoney John Arbuckle Farmer Joseph Galbraith William Arbuckle
  Sarah Anne GALBRAITH 20 Spinster   Collermoney, Leckpatrick William Galbraith      
7 Mar 1864 James BROWN Full Bachelor Labourer Woodend, Leckpatrick John Brown Labourer Samuel Forbes Jane McNaught
  Christina VANCE Full Spinster   Strabane James Vance Labourer    
21 Jul 1864 Samuel GORDON Full Bachelor Shopkeeper Strabane Peter Gordon Process Server William Donnell William Gordon
  Eliza WHITE Full Spinster   Miltown, Leckpatrick Thomas White Farmer    
28 Jul 1864 John GIVEN 20 Bachelor Shoemaker Barley Hill, Leckpatrick Alexander Givin Labourer John Curtis Mansfield White
  Eliza CURTIS 21 Spinster   Ballymagorry George Curtis Butcher    
11 Aug 1864 David McNEIL Full Bachelor Labourer Gorticross Joseph McNeil Labourer John Ferguson Robert McNeil
  Eliza FERGUSON 19 Spinster   Liscurry Greer Ferguson Labourer    
24 Nov 1864 Thomas PRENDERGAST Full Bachelor Labourer Tullyard, Donagheady William Prendergast Dealer Robert Lindsay Samuel Forbes
  Martha GORMLEY Full Spinster   Woodend Robert Gormley Shoemaker    
12 Apr 1866 John RODDEN Full Bachelor Labourer Ballymagorry, Leckpatrick Patrick Rodden Labourer David Evans John Cummings
  Sarah EVANS Full Spinster   Ballymagorry, Leckpatrick John Evans Labourer    
1 May 1866 Andrew FALLS Full Widower Labourer Lower Lecke, Leckpatrick James Falls Labourer Samuel Forbes John Falls
  Mary WOODS Full Spinster   Stoneypath, Leckpatrick Allen Woods Labourer    
28 Mar 1867 Moses MILLER Full Bachelor Farmer Ballylaw James Miller Farmer William McMichael William Logan
  Mary Jane BLACK Full Spinster   Black Park, Leckpatrick Thomas Black Farmer    
1 Apr 1896 Thomas BOYD Full Bachelor Dealer Tullyard Richd. Boyd Labourer Thomas Stewart Kate McDaid
  Annie CAMPBELL Full Spinster   Ballymagorry John Campbell Labourer    
26. Oct. 1910 William SPEER Full Bachelor Farmer Gortin Road Allan Speer Farmer    
  Annie GALBRAITH Full Spinster   Leck Joseph Galbraith Farmer    
31. Oct. 1912 Samuel BARNHILL 48 Bachelor Farmer Killen, Ardstraw Robert Barnhill Farmer    
  Sarah J. GALBRAITH 23 Spinster   Ardstraw Joseph Galbraith Farmer    
28. Dec. 1921 Joseph GALBRAITH Full Bachelor Farmer Woodend Joseph Galbraith Farmer    
  Margaret DONNELL Full Spinster   Woodend Thomas W DONNELL Farmer    
24. Feb. 1932 William John GALBRAITH 56 Bachelor Farmer Leck Joseph Galbraith (Dec'd) Farmer    
  Jane Weir COWAN 48 Spinster   Leck William Cowan (Dec'd) England