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Elders and Commissioners from Urney, County Tyrone

Source: Early Days of the Laggan Presbytery by Alex Lecky. 1908
Information provided by Rachel Dysart

Elders attending Laggan Presbytery

Days of the Laggan Presbytery
pub 1908
Revd Alexander Lecky
Ruling Elders and Commissioners
The following are the names of the men who attended the meetings of
the Laggan Presbytery between the years of 1672 and 1700 as ruling
Elders or as commissioners, together with the names of the
congregations which they represented. they were doubtless the leading
men in the districts in which they lived, and their names deserve to
be held in remembrance on account of the part which they took in
laying foundations of Presbyterianism in the Laggan, and for the
services which they so cheerfully rendered, without fee or reward,
amid much persecution and many difficulties, in maintaining a preached
gospel in troublous times. In all of these congregations there are
still to be found families bearing these honoured names, and in many
cases they are no doubt the descendants of these good men - a fact of
which they have no reason to be ashamed and good reason to be proud.


Elders and Commissioners from Donaghadie

William BIRNIE
Robert COWAN
James KERR
Lieut John LESLEY
James M'CREE
Thomas POAK
Matt RAE
Robert SPEIR


Elders and Commissioners from URNEY

Matthew Semple
John Wallace
Robert Gamble
John Stevenson
John Burnside
Robert Allison
William Paton
Wm Stevenson
Michael Simson
Robert Wyly
John Swan
John Smith
William Waker
Wm Rodger
David Shiels
John McArthur
Alex Wylie
Joseph Lyon
Capt Robert Hamilton
John Monteith
Robert Pont
Robert Orr
John Hamilton
John Holmes
John Fulton
John Robinsone
H Noble
James Brown
Samuel Simple (sic)
James Brock
Robert Wilson
Robert Smith
Joseph McCrory
John Hemphill
Robert Riddell
Robert Neyley

Elders and Commissioners from Ardstraw

John Boyd
Robert Fleming
Thomas Carmichael
William Hay
William Keyes
John Crawford
William Lindsay
John Kelso
James Leich
William Selchridge
Andrew Brown
James Wilson
Alex Taggart
Alex Delap
Ensign Matthew Robertson
Francis Crawford
Robert Patrick
John Johnston
James Kenny
Thomas Stewart


Elders and Commissioners from Strabane

Thomas Wolson
John Motherwell
James Ritchie
Alex Ramsay
Robert Carson
Nathaniel Patterson
Patk Caldwell
John Brown
William Maxwell
Hugh Shaw
James Wilson
Thomas Wray
John Graham
James Hamilton
William Love
Daniel Broadly
William Marshall
John Love


Omagh (Drumra, TermonM'Gurk, Longfield, Cappagh, Bodoney)

George Pirrie
Alexander Crawford
John Carmichael
Thomas Carmichael
William Noble
Gawin Dudgeon
John Turner
Patrick Moore
John McCollum
James Denny
Robert Henderson
Robert Calbreth
John M Farlane
William Cratte
Francis Little
John M'Cay
John Craig
Thomas Little
Alexander Moore
Robert M'Coslan
Willaim Crawford
Hugh Moore
William Law
David Flemon
Andrew Mitchel
Andrew Brown
John Crawford
John M'Coi
William Mure
James Rodger
Alexander Hunter
John Brein
Robert Johnston
Da. Kenedy
Robert Finig
Robert Paul
John Reid
John Weir
Edward Couper
Robert Crawford
David Turner