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Killenny Catholic Chapel, Repairs Subscription Fund, Donagheady Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1833

Extracted from Strabane Morning Post
Transcribed by Len Swindley
St. Patrick’s RC Chapel, Killenny, Donagheady Parish, Co. Tyrone
Photo Courtesy of West Sperrin Family History Group

September 17, 1833


On the night of the 30th ult. some evil disposed person or persons, broke and carried off two windows from the Chapel of Killenny, in the parish of Donagheady. A Reward of £50 has been offered for the apprehension of the offenders; or TWENTY POUNDS will be given for such private information as will lead to the discovery of said person or persons


Donagheady and Leck

Fair Lake, the 14th September, 1833

The list of subscribers may been seen at our office


October 1 1833


Whereas, on the night of the 30th ult. some person or persons unknown, feloniously and sacrilegiously took out, and broke the sashes, and carried off the Glass of two Windows from the Chapel of Killenny, Parish of Donagheady.

NOW We, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, holding in the utmost abhorrence and detestation, such wanton conduct, do hereby offer a Reward of FIFTY POUNDS, to any Person or Persons who will prosecute to conviction the perpetrators of said act, or TWENTY POUNDS, for such private information as will lead to the discovery of said person or persons. Such rewards to be paid in proportion to the Sums annexed to our respective names.


Dated this 14th day of September 1833

The long list of subscribers contains the names of both Catholics and Protestants:

Surname First Name Amount
ALLEN Thomas £0.10.0.
BAIRD Andrew, Esq., R.N. £2.0.0.
BAIRD Andrew Baird, Esq. R.N. £1.1.0.
BAIRD William £1.0.0.
BAIRD James £0.10.0.
BEGLEY P. £1.0.0.
BLEE B. £1.0.0.
BOGLE Walter £1.0.0.
BOYLE W. £1.0.0.
BRETTIN Rev. Alexander £1.0.0
BROWN James £1.0.0.
BROWN Neal £1.0.0.
BROWN John £1.0.0.
BURGOYNE Rev. Thomas N. £2.0.0.
CAMPBELL Andrew £1.0.0.
CAREY John, Esq. £1.0.0.
CARLAND Michael £1.0.0.
CARNEY Dennis £1.0.0.
CARROLL John £1.0.0.
CAVANAGH Michael £1.0.0.
COLLINS James £1.0.0.
CONNISON Walter £1.0.0.
CONROY Rev. John £1.0.0.
COOKE William £1.0.0.
DANIEL Isaac £0.10.0.
DEERY James £1.0.0.
DIVEN Hugh £1.0.0.
DIVEN C. £1.0.0.
DIVEN John £1.0.0.
DIVEN P. £1.0.0.
DIVINE Shane £1.1.0.
DIVINE Patrick £1.1.0.
DIVINE Hugh £1.0.0.
DIVINE Patrick £1.0.0.
DIVINE Charles £1.0.0.
DIVINE Richard £1.0.0.
DIVINE Charles £1.0.0.
DIVINE Quenten £1.0.0.
DOHERTY James £1.0.0.
DONAGHY Bryan £1.0.0.
DOUGLAS Rev. Charles £1.1.0.
DUNN John £0.10.0.
FARRELL B. £1.0.0.
GAMBLE John £1.0.0.
GLASSE William £1.0.0.
GORMLY Neal £1.0.0.
GRAHAM George £0.10.0.
GRAY John £1.0.0.
GRIEVE Patrick £1.0.0.
HARKIN C. £1.0.0.
HASSAN Philip £1.0.0.
HAZLETT Rev. James £2.0.0.
HOLMES Robert W. Esq. Surgeon £1.0.0.
HOLMES John, Esq. £1.0.0.
HUTTON William, Esq. £2.0.0.
KERGAN James £1.0.0.
KERGAN Neal £1.0.0.
KEYS John £1.0.0.
LENEY Alex. Esq., M.D. £2.0.0.
LOGUE D. £1.0.0.
McCARBERRY F. £1.0.0.
McCAY John £1.0.0.
McCAY James £1.0.0.
McCORMICK D., Sen. £1.0.0.
McCORMICK B. £1.0.0.
McCREA Robert, Jun., Esq. £2.0.0.
McCREA Robert. Sen., Esq. £2.0.0.
McCREA John £1.0.0.
McCREA William £1.0.0.
McCREA Robert £1.0.0.
McCREA James £1.0.0.
McCREA John £1.0.0.
McCREA William £1.0.0.
McDAVITT William £1.0.0.
McDOUGAL James £1.0.0.
McELDOWNEY Rev. Patrick £2.0.0.
McELHENNY James £0.10.0.
McGAUCHEY W. £1.0.0.
McGILL James £1.0.0.
McGITTIGAN John £1.0.0.
McLAUGHLIN James £2.0.0.
McMENAMIN James £1.0.0.
McNALLY Owen £1.0.0.
McNALLY Patrick £1.0.0.
McNULTY Neal £1.0.0.
McRORY Bryan £1.0.0.
McRORY Charles £1.0.0.
McRORY James £1.0.0.
McSHANE Daniel £1.0.0.
McSHANE P. £1.0.0.
O’KANE Rev. William £3.0.0.
O’KANE Patrick £1.0.0.
O’KANE Robert £1.0.0.
O’KANE Dennis £1.0.0.
O’NEILL Francis, Esq. £2.0.0.
O’NEILL Daniel £1.0.0.
PHILIPS James £1.0.0.
PORTER Rev. Francis J. £2.0.0.
QUIN James £1.0.0.
QUIN James £1.0.0.
ROLSTON R. £0.10.0.
SHERAN Edward £1.0.0.
SIGARSON William £1.0.0.
SINCLAIR James, Esq. £5.0.0.
TOLAND Rev. David £2.0.0.
WALLACE T. £1.0.0.
WHITE John, Esq., Derry £1.0.0.
WRAY Rev. S. T. £1.0.0.

Besides a number of smaller sums amounting in all to £160