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St. Michael's Church of Ireland, Castlecaulfield, Donaghmore Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Confirmations 1828

The Register of the Parish of Donaghmore, St. Michael's Church, Castlecaulfield: LDS Film 962187
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


N.B. - These records are from a typewritten transcription of the Parish Register. It seems to contain a number of 'typos' and spelling errors. The original spellings on the film have been maintained.

Names of Persons belonging to the Parish of Donaghmore who were confirmed in Dungannon Church on Monday, March 24th 1828.

Surname Given Name Townland
ARMSTRONG Eliza Mullamore
ARMSTRONG William Gorey
ATKINSON Jonathan Mullariffy
BELL Robert Drumhirk
BORROWES Eleanor Reskcor
BURROWES George Dristerna
BURROWES Thomas Tomag
BURTON William Gorey
CAMPBELL Anne Jane Reskcor
CAMPBELL John Drumreany
CAMPBELL Mary Drumreany
CHARLES Susanna Killimady Knox
CLEMENTS William Stackernagh
COLHOUN Maria Donaghmore
COTTON Elizabeth Edenerannon
COUHTENEY Sampson Aghgrenny
COURTENEY Elizabeth Aghgrenny
COURTENEY John Aghgrenny
DAVISON Elizabeth Ross
DAVISON Isabella Ross
DAVISON Lilly Auglish
DICKSON Ethelinda Killimady Knox
DONAGHEY James Auglish
DONAGHEY John Donaghmore
DONALDSON Robert Drumreany
DONNELIY Mary Mullaghfudderlin
DONNELLY Elizabeth Ross
DONNELLY Mary Tullilig
DONNELLY Thomas Mullaghfudderlin
DONNELLY William Mullaghfudderlin
DUFFY Letitia Gurtnagoley
EVATT William Auglish
FORBES Alexander Stackernagh
FORBES Anne Lisnamonaghan
FORBES James Terines
FORBES Jane Terines
FORBES Mary Lisnamonaghan
FRIZELL Andrew Cullienfad
FRY Eliza Drumhirk
GRIMES Margaret Drumhirk
HALL George Drumhirk
HALL Henry Foigh
HALL Hugh Foigh
HALL Jane Drumhirk
HAZLETON Robert Drumhirk
HIGGINS Anne Jane Mullamore
HINCHY Margaret Glasmullo
HOLLAND Henry Killimady Knox
IRWIN Andrew, senior Ballimagullo
IRWIN James Donaghmore
IRWIN Joseph Mullamore
JOHNSTON John Lisnamonaghan
JOHNSTON Mary Reskcor
JOHNSTON Sarah Reskcor
JOHNSTON William Lisnamonaghan
KELLY Maria Killiliss
KELLY Mary Killimady Knox
LEE James Drumreany
MAGEE Elizabeth Ballinsaggart
MAGEE Margaret Ballinsaggart
MAGEE Margatet Donaghmore
MAGEE Mary Ballinsaggart
MALIOGH Anne Mullamore
McCAUSLAND John Lisnamonaghan
MCCLEAN Anne Tulliarn
McCLEAN Rachel Kilnaslee
MCCORMICK Mary Tulliarn
McENTRYE Andrew Killileaven
McENTRYE Elizabeth Drumhirk
McENTYRE James Drumhirk
McENTYRE John Drumhirk
McENTYRE Margaret Killileaven
McENTYRE William Drumhirk
McLOUGHLIN Alex. Clonovody
McLOUGHLIN James Clonovody
McLOUGHLIN John Clonovody
McLOUGHLIN Mary Clonovody
McLOUGHLIN Robert Clonovody
McOLEAN Margaret Kilnaslee
MILES Rachel Drumhirk
MILLS Charles Garvagh
MILLS Jane Garvagh
MILLS Sally Garvagh
MITCHELL John Ballimagullo
MOONEY Thomas Mullamore
MOORE Ally Deralski
MOORE Anne Deralski
MULHOLLAND George Aghgrenny
MULHOLLAND Margaret Aghgrenny
MYNHEER Matty Ross
NOBLE Elizabeth Killimady Knox
OLIVER James Tulliarn
PATTERSON George Lisnamonaghan
POTTER Ellen Tulliarn
REYNOLDS Elizabeth Drumreany
REYNOLDS William Drumreany
RICHARDSON Arabella Aghgrenny
RICHARDSON David Ballimagullo
RICHARDSON Eliza Aghgrenny
RICHARDSON Oliver Aghgrenny
RICHARDSON Thomas Sessaghmore
ROBINSON James Mulligruon
ROBINSON William Eskra
SHILLINGTON Antony Glasmullo
SHILLINGTON Eliza Glasmullo
SHILLINGTON Henry Glasmullo
SHILLINGTON Thomas Glasmullo
SIMONTON Rachel Eskra
SOMERVILLE William Kilnaslee
STEEN Elizabeth Tulliarn
STEEN Henry Tullinura
STEWART Gerard Tullilig
STUTHERS Hugh Glasmullo
STUTHERS Sarah Glasmullo
THORNBERRY Mary Donaghmore
VENABLES Thomas Glasmullo
VENABLES William Drumhirk
WALSH Beatrice Killimady Evans
WALSH Isabella Killimady Evans
WELTON Ellen Kilnaslee
WELTON Richard Kilnaslee
WHITE Maria Edenerannon
WHITE Robert Edenerannon
WIER Archibald Drumreany
WILCOCKS Beatrice Ballinsaggart
WILDMAN William Tullinura
WILLIAMSON Elizabeth Reskcor
WISHART Mary Drumreany
WISHART Samuel Ross
WISHART Susanna Ross