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Drumragh Parish Church, St. Columba's Church of Ireland, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Subscription List to the Building of the New Church 1860

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution, January 6 1860
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Drumragh Parish Church, St. Columba’s Church of Ireland, Omagh, Co. Tyrone (Photo: Google Maps)



The following is a List, up to the present date, of SUBSCRIPTIONS to the NEW CHURCH for which Mr. Galbraith has given a Site:

Mrs. Spiller, Rash

Miss Thompson, Rash

A. Bole. Esq., County Longford

Mrs. Galbraith, Armagh

Joseph Goff, Esq.

Right Hon. Lord C. Hamilton

R. D. Coulson, Esq.

His Grace The Primate

John Samuel Galbraith, Esq.

Rev. G. Galbraith, Curate of Kilglass, Ardagh

J. F. Alexander, Esq.

Right Hon. Joseph Napier

Mr. John Mitchell

Mr. Robert Cunningham

Mr. Mark Cunningham

Mr. John Eager

Mr. Thomas Earley

Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe

The Countess Dowager of Caledon

Sir John M. Stewart, Bart.

George Hall Stack, Esq.

Alexander Campbell, Esq.

Mr. Joseph McKnight, Omagh

Mr. John McAdam, Omagh

Mr. Andrew Graham, Omagh

Mr. James Alcorn, Esq.

Mr. Nathaniel Carson, Omagh

Mr. John McMaster, Omagh

Mr. John McFarland, Omagh

Messrs. Buckmaster & Co., Dublin

Robert Galbraith, Esq.

Rev. John B. Chapman

Thomas Hamilton, Esq., Grange

Andrew Rodgers, Esq.

Wm. Rodgers, Esq.,

Mr. Andrew Steen

Mr. John Crawford, Froughmore

Mr. Henry Lyons

Mrs. Bready

Mr. George Livingstone

Mr. Wm. Osborne

Rev. Henry Tottenham

Anketell Moutray, Esq., Favor Royal

Rev. John Buchanan, Aldershott

Mrs. Buchanan, Tattykeel

Luke Buchanan, Esq. Tattykeel

Mrs. Crawford, Riverstown

Rev. Thomas Stack, Glenelly

Mrs. Galbraith, Clanabogan

Miss Galbraith and Miss K. Galbraith

Mr. Wm. Elliott, Omagh

Mr. John Carson, Omagh

John Blacker Buchanan, Esq.

John Rodgers, Esq. Glenock

The Countess Dowager of Belmore

Right Honourable H. Corry, M. P.

The Earl of Belmore

G. Perry McClintock, Esq.

Samuel Galbraith, Esq., (additional)

Mr. William Henderson, Omagh

Thomas Black, Esq.

Corry Coulson, Esq.

Thomas Auchinleck, Esq., 11th Regiment

Captain Claude Houston

Samuel Galbraith, Esq., 16th Madras, N. I.

Edward Greer, Esq.

Mrs. Greer, Omagh (Hotel)

Proprietor Tyrone Constitution

Mr. R. Coulter

Samuel Galbraith, Esq.

Rev. Robt. Hamilton, Curate of Castlefield and Jas. A. Hamilton, Esq., jointly

Wm. O. Orr, Esq.

Geo. Buchanan, Esq., Bucklersbury, London

Further subscriptions will be thankfully acknowledged by the REV. J. B. CHAPMAN, SAML. GALBRAITH, Esq., and J. .F. ALEXANDER, Esq., Provincial Bank

For the amounts subscribed by individuals refer to the published list: