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Drumclamph Parish Church (Church of Ireland), Crew Bridge, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1846-64

Extracted from 22 FHL films of Civil Registration of Irish Marriages & Welcome to Irish Genealogy where copies of the certificates may be downloaded for no charge
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Drumclamph Parish Church, Crew Bridge, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone. Photo: Thanks to Diocese of Derry & Raphoe

The condition of the records, a considerable degree of difficulty in discerning the handwriting and quality of filming make transcription challenging and wherever possible the Ardstraw tithe applotment book (1833) and Griffiths Valuation (c1858) have been consulted in an attempt to confirm families and townland addresses.



No. Date Marriage
1 February 13 1846

William Kyle 30 years bachelor farmer Creduff. Father: William Kyle farmer


Catherine Kyle 22 years spinster farmer’s daughter Creduff. Father: James Kyle farmer

Witnesses: William Cooper & James Kyle

2 June 25 1846

John Caldwell 28 years bachelor farmer Miltown. Father: John Caldwell farmer


Rebecca Doak 22 years spinster Birnaghs. Father: James Doak pensioner

Witnesses: William Carron & Abraham Nielands

3 November 12 1846

James McFetridge 25 years bachelor farmer Carnkenny. Father: James McFetridge farmer


Sarah Ross 23 years spinster Pubble. Father: David Ross farmer

Witnesses: James Wilson & William Crawford

4 November 24 1846

John Cunningham 22 years bachelor labourer Belnalone. Father: James Cunningham labourer


Martha Love 17 years spinster Meaghy. Father: John Love labourer

Witnesses: James Buchanan & Robert Hamilton

5 December 22 1846

Abraham Gallagher full age bachelor labourer Kilstrol. Father: William Gallagher labourer


Bridget Conway full age spinster Kilstrol. Father: Charles Conway farmer

Witnesses: William Carson & Abraham Neilands

#6 April 26 1847

John Graham 27 years bachelor farmer Ballifoliard. Father: John Graham farmer


Catherine Crawford 26 years spinster Carnkenny. Father: Josias Crawford farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Crawford & James Love

7 May 4 1847

William Buchanan 22 years bachelor farmer Cavandaragh. Father: Robert Buchanan farmer


Matilda Carson 21 years spinster Drumclamph. Father: Samuel Carson farmer

Witnesses: John Buchanan & Samuel Carson

8 May 4 1847

John Noble 21 years bachelor farmer Dromore, Parish of Drumkeeran, Dio. Clogher [Co. Fermanagh]. Father: John Noble farmer


Sarah Noble 22 years spinster Binawood. Father: William Noble farmer

Witnesses: William Carson & Robert Noble

9 May 5 1847

David Hunter 25 years bachelor baker, Newtownstewart. Father: David Hunter cottier


Margaret Divine 25 years spinster Newtownstewart. Father: James Divine publican

Witnesses: John Divine & James Riddell

10   No entry
11 December 5 1847

James Maxwell 27 years bachelor farmer Mount Hall [Co. Donegal]. Father: James Maxwell farmer


Margaret Kearney 27 years spinster daughter of farmer Golan. Father: Richard Kearney farmer

Witnesses: William Carson & Colwell Carson

12   No entry
13 February 8 1848

Robert Johnson 21 years bachelor farmer Ardbarron. Father: Robert Johnson farmer


Livia Scott 19 years spinster Coolcrunaght. Father: Nehemia Scott farmer

Witnesses: William Scott & Robert McFarland

14 April 22 1848

Andrew Walls 24 years bachelor farmer Dunrain. Father: John Walls farmer


Rebecca Walls 24 years spinster Dunrain. Father: Christopher Walls farmer

Witnesses: John Walls & Matthew Walls

15 May 9 1848

James Duncan full age bachelor soldier Whitehouse. Father: William Duncan labourer


Mary Stewart full age spinster Whitehouse. Father: Charles Stewart labourer

Witnesses: James McCaskie & Joseph McCaskie

16 October 9 1848

William Ewing full age bachelor farmer Priestcess. Father: William Ewing farmer


Margaret White full age spinster Priestcess. Father: Robert White labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Orr & John McCormick

17 November 30 1848

David Reed full age bachelor farmer Tullycur, Pettigo. Father: James Reed farmer


Matilda McArthur full age spinster farmer’s daughter Lystimore, Castlederg. Father: John McArthur farmer

Witnesses: Robert McArthur & Robert Watson

18 December 5 1848

Thomas Graham full age bachelor farmer Creduff, parish of Termonamongan. Father: Robert Graham farmer


Elizabeth McCormick 19 years spinster farmer’s daughter Priestsessagh. Father: Colhoun McCormick farmer

Witnesses: Joseph McCormick & William J. Kyle

19 December 13 1848

George McMillin full age widower farmer Kilmore, Parish of Lower Langfield. Father: Robert McMillin farmer


Jane Rolleston full age spinster farmer’s daughter Golan. Father: David Rolleston farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Kerr & Arthur Rolleston

20 April 30 1849

James McCay full age widower farmer Whitehouse. Father: Hugh McCay farmer


Margaret Stewart full age spinster Whitehouse. Father: Charles Stewart farmer

Witnesses: David Wilson & Andrew Wilson

21 April 30 1849

William McGowan full age bachelor merchant Newtownstewart. Father: William McGowan merchant


Alicia McKinney full age spinster Strabane. Father: Michael Mckinney. Innkeeper

Witnesses: Edward McKinney & Cowper Walker

22 June 8 1849

John Laughlin full age widower labourer Drumlegagh. Father: Robert Laughlin weaver


Martha Montgomery full age spinster Drumlegagh. Father: John Montgomery shoemaker

Witnesses: John Sproule & William Carson

#23 June 13 1849

Robert Hamilton full age bachelor merchant Derry. Father: Samuel Hamilton farmer


Margaret Graham full age spinster Grahamstown. Father: James Graham farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Donnell, William Ross & William Carson

24 June ..? (illeg) 1849

Thomas Duncan 22 years bachelor labourer Whitehouse. Father: William Duncan labourer


Catherine Piery 22 years spinster Spawmount. Father: John Piery bleacher

Witnesses: Robert Wilson & John Porter & William Carson

25 September 10 1850

John Anderson full age bachelor labourer Derrygoon. Father: Daniel Anderson labourer


Margaret Kelly full age spinster Ratyn. Father: Hugh Kelly labourer

Witnesses: William Ross & William Carson

26 December 26 1850

James Ewing 24 years bachelor labourer Priestcess. Father: William Ewing labourer


Margaret Willoughan 21 years spinster Priestcess. Father: Thomas Willoughan labourer

Witnesses: John McCormick & Joseph Orr

27 December 13 1850

William Scott 25 years bachelor farmer Rakelly. Father: James Scott labourer


Margaret Cameron 21 years spinster Rakelly. Father: Samuel Cameron farmer

Witnesses: Peter Cameron & William Cameron

28 December 13 1850

John Smith 33 years bachelor farmer Milltown. Father: Andrew Smith farmer


Sarah Porter 23 years spinster Maghera Criggin. Father: Robert Porter farmer

Witnesses: Hugh Smith & William Porter

#29 December 28 1850

John McNelly 22 years bachelor labourer Crew. Father: Patrick McNelly labourer


Catherine Ector 21 years spinster place of residence not given. Father: Robt. Ector labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Patton & William Carson

30 January 24 1851

John Forbes 23 years bachelor farmer Clare. Father: John Forbes farmer


Margaret Hamilton 22 years spinster Coolcrunnought. Father: James Hamilton farmer

Witnesses: Abraham Williams & Thomas Mortland

#31 January 29 1851

William Dixon 30 years bachelor dealer Killen. Father: Wm. Dixon farmer


Mary Thompson 18 years .spinster N.T. Stewart. Father: Hugh Thompson farmer

Witnesses: John Hill & Elizabeth Anderson

#32 Date illegible 1851

Calwell Carson 25 years bachelor labourer Drumclamph. Father: William Carson clerk & sexton


Mary Buchanan 19 years spinster Cavandoragh. Father: Robert Buchanan farmer

Witnesses: William Buchanan & James Buchanan

#33 March 5 1851

John Walls 25 years bachelor farmer Dunraven. Father: Christopher Walls farmer


Mary Rollestone 17 years spinster Priestcess. Father: Daniel Rollestone farmer

Witnesses: Matthew Walls & John Walls

#34 November 12 1851

Thomas Love 19 years bachelor scutcher Cavandoragh. Father: John Love labourer


Martha Wilson 20 years spinster Drumclamph. Father: Andrew Wilson farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Carson & Thomas Wilson

#35 November 18 1851

James Montgomery 30? years bachelor labourer Golan. Father: Robert Montgomery farmer


Jane Porter 23? years spinster Golan. Father: Matthew Porter

Witnesses: Samuel Stitt & John Livingstone

#36 December 21 1851

Arthur Potters 25 years bachelor labourer Concess. Father: Arthur Potters labourer


Susan Porter 21 years spinster Spamount. Father: Thomas Porter labourer

Witnesses: Robert Logue & Charles Logue

#37 December 19 1851

Charles McBride full age widower pensioner Claddy Hill. Father: Thomas McBride labourer


Anne Ormiston full age widow Claddy Hill. Father: James Watson weaver

Witnesses: John McGhee & William Carson

#38 #January 22 1852

Aaron Finley 30 years bachelor farmer Largybeg. Father: Alexr. Finley farmer


Anne Scott 20 years spinster Drumclamph. Father: John Scott farmer

Witnesses: Patrick Wilson & Samuel Finley


James Lecky 21 years bachelor labourer Magheralough. Father: Alexander Lecky farmer


Rebecca Lindsay 22 years spinster Magheralough. Father John Lindsay farmer

Witnesses: …….? Kerr & ……..? Carson?

#40 July 24 1852

John A. Galbraith 25 years bachelor gentleman London Derry. Father: John Galbraith officer


Margaret Nixon 18 years spinster N.T. Stewart. Father: Alexander Nixon painter

Witnesses: William Cooper & John McFarland

#41 September 10 1852

John Stewart 50 years widower labourer Aughasessy. Father: Charles Stewart labourer


Mary McFarlane 31 years widower Aughasessy. Father: Thomas McFarlane labourer

Father: William Carson & Andrew Thompson

#42 September 23 1852

Christopher Funston 21 years bachelor labourer Cavandoragh. Father: Thos. Funston publican


Sarah McNelly 21 years spinster worker in spinning mill Whitehouse. Father: Patrick McNelly labourer

Witnesses: John Buchanan & James Wilson

#43 November 1 1852

John McGahy 20 years bachelor labourer MagheraLough. Father: Richard McGahy labourer


Rosanna Lindsey 19 years spinster servant MagheraLough. Father: John Lindsey

Witnesses: Joseph Kerr & John Gailey

#44 December 29 1852

John Patterson 27 years bachelor farmer Magheralough. Father: William Patterson labourer


Eleanor Wilson 27 years spinster Whitehouse. Father: Thomas Wilson farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Wilson & Wm. McAskie

#45 December 31 1852

Robert Nickell 23 years bachelor soldier in the marines Glentymon, Parish of Urney. Father: Robert Nickell farmer


Mary Anne Morrow 19 years spinster Bellaught. Father: John Morrow farmer

Witnesses: George Morrow & John McCormick

#46 March 30 1853

Samuel Carson 28 years bachelor farmer Drumclamph. Father: Samuel Carson farmer


Margaret Scott 19 years spinster Cavandoragh. Father: David Scott farmer

Witnesses: John Buchanan & John Caldwell

#47 June 8 1853

Robert Patrick 21 years bachelor shoemaker Magheracriggan. Father: Robert Patrick labourer


Elizabeth Short 20 years spinster Kilrail. Father: James Short labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Kerr & Robert Gailey

#48 June 9 1853

John McLaughlin 27 years bachelor labourer Carnkenny. Father: Thomas McLaughlin labourer


Anne Logue 23 years spinster servant maid Whitehouse. Father: William Logue shoemaker

Witnesses: Thomas Stuart & Thomas Patterson

#49 June 9 1853

James Frien 20 years bachelor labourer Tiveny. Father: James Frien labourer


James McKeon 25 years spinster Dress-Maker Killstroll. Father: Joseph McKeon pensioner

Witnesses: James McKeon & Samuel Crawford

#50 June 22 1853

John Harpur 24 years bachelor farmer Pullyarnen. Father: Hugh Harpur farmer


Jane Orr 20 years spinster schoolmistress Priestcess. Father: John Orr farmer

Witnesses: Charles Harper & Joseph Orr

#51 July 19 1853

John Dennison 23 years bachelor labourer Spamount. Father: John Dennison labourer


Anne Porter 23 years spinster Spamount. Father: Thomas Porter labourer

Witnesses: Robert Logue & Charles Logue

#52 July 20 1853

James Stenson 36 years widower labourer Lagagh. Father: John Stenson labourer


Rebecca Forbis 27 years Coolnacrunaght. Father: Andrew Forbis farmer

Witnesses: James Forbis & George McDonnell

#53 January 17 1854

Matthew Davis 23 years bachelor labourer Goland. Father: John Davis labourer


Mary Jane Bradley 21 years spinster Spamount. Father James Bradley labourer

Witnesses: William Cooper & Alexander Porter

#54 January 25 1854

John Loughlin 22 years bachelor labourer Cavandoragh. Father: John Loughlin labourer


Margaret Duncan 19 years spinster Cavandoragh. Father: John Duncan scutcher

Witnesses: Joseph Kerr & William Cooper

#55 January 31 1854

John Perry full age widower bleacher Spamount. Father: John Perry bleacher


Sarah McCormick full age spinster Golan. Father: Daniel McCormick farmer

Witnesses: Alexander Adams & Arthur McCann?

#56 February 23 1854

John Cathers 24 years bachelor labourer Ardvarney? Father: Jacob Cathers farmer


Mary Rutledge 22 years spinster Ardbarren. Father: George Rutledge farmer

Witnesses: William Rutledge & Caspar Sproule

#57 March 27 1854

William Lecky 22 years bachelor farm servant Magheralough. Father: Alex. Lecky labourer


Elizabeth Gurely 21 years spinster Magheracriggan. Father: Hamilton Gurely labourer

Witnesses: Robert White & John Gurely

#58 April 6 1854

John McCarron 21 years bachelor scutcher Archill. Father: Andrew McCarron labourer


Sarah Patrick 18 years spinster Creevy. Father: John Patrick labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Stewart & William Carson

#59 April 24 1854

Andrew White full age bachelor Meaghy. Father: Andrew White farmer


Eliza Caldwell full age spinster Meaghy. Father: Andrew Caldwell farmer

Witnesses: John Caldwell & James White

#60 May 9 1854

Arthur Johnston full age bachelor farmer Mulroy. Father: John Johnston farmer


Rebecca Caldwell full age spinster Kilrail. Father: Henry Caldwell farmer

Witnesses: W. Gilbert & William Harper

#61 May 16 1854

James Vance full age bachelor Kilcroagh, Skirts of Urney. Father: Thomas Vance farmer


Eliza Jane Porter full age spinster Kilcreaghy. Father: Thomas Porter farmer

Witnesses: Francis Scott & Sherard Winter

#62 June 8 1854

Charles Winter full age bachelor farmer Coolcreaghy. Father: Patrick Winter farmer


Margaret Scott full age spinster Coolcreaghy. Father: William Scott farmer

Witnesses: Joseph McNickle & William Carson

#63 July 2 1854

Robert McMonigle full age bachelor labourer Kilcadden, Parish of Donaghmore [Co. Donegal]. Father: William McMonigle farmer


Rebecca Montgomery full age spinster Carnkenny. Father: John Montgomery farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Montgomery & John McKeown

#64 October 12 1854

Edward Heaselet full age bachelor farmer Corgary. Father: John Heaselet farmer


Sarah Kyle full age spinster Aughasessy. Father: John Kyle farmer

Witnesses: Henry Kyle & James Hyndman

#65 November 9 1854

John Robinson full age bachelor farmer Artbaran. Father: Arthur Robinson farmer


Eliza Johnston full age spinster Artbaran. Father: Robert Johnston farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Rawlston & Mary Fife

#66 November 23 1854

Robert Carson full age bachelor labourer Aughasessy. Father: John Carson farmer


Susannah Maguire full age spinster Meaghy. Father: Denis Maguire labourer

Witnesses: John McGee & William Carson

#67 November 30 1854

William Boyle full age Artamulagh. Father: John Boyle labourer


Sarah McGee full age spinster Kilchrecha? Father: John McGee labourer

Witnesses: John Conry? & John Moss

68 March 22 1855

Andrew Donaldson full age bachelor labourer Killydart. Father: William Donaldson labourer


Isabella Shinnan full age spinster Kinkitt. Father: Andrew Shinnan labourer

Witnesses: Robert Watson & William Carson

69 May 9 1855

Charles Robinson full age bachelor farmer Erganagh. Father: William Robinson farmer


Catherine Mullin full age spinster Binnewood. Father: George Mullin farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Huey & William Mullin

70 November 5 1855

Daniel McClinchy full age widower labourer Ardstraw. Father: Edward McClinchy labourer


Margaret Hindman full age widow Killstroll. Father: John Hindman labourer

Witnesses: Andrew Branagan & James Cunningham

71 November 22 1855

William Menagh full age bachelor servant Magheracoltan. Father: Hugh Menagh schoolmaster


Margaret Logue full age spinster Whitehouse. Father: William Logue shoemaker

Witnesses: James McCaskie & Charles Logue

72 December 19 1855

Matthew Porter full age bachelor weaver Moormount. Father: William Porter weaver


Jane Bradley full age spinster Parish of Dromore. Father: William Bradley labourer

Witnesses: Kyle Young & William Porter

73 December 20 1855

Samuel McClung full age bachelor farmer Parish of Fintona, Co. Tyrone. Father: James McClung farmer


Ellen McCormick full age spinster Priestcessagh, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Colhoun McCormick farmer

Witnesses: James McCormick & Robert Johnston

74 January 7 1856

James Porter full age widower farmer Magheracriggan. Father: Robert Porter farmer


Mary Wilson full age widow Magheracriggan. Father: Joseph Wilson farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Wilson & John Buchanan

75 January 7 1856

Hugh McKeown full age bachelor farmer Parish of Camus-juxta-Mourne. Father: Alexander McKeown farmer


Mary Barnhill 19 years spinster Tivenny, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: William Barnhill farmer

Witnesses: John McKeown & William Barnhill

76 January 25 1856

William Maghan full age bachelor weaver Coolcreaghy. Father: James Maghan labourer


Margaret Jones full age spinster Meaghey. Father: Thomas Jones labourer

Witnesses: William Carson & Samuel A. Carson

77 June 10 1856

William McAleer full age bachelor labourer Killstrol. Father: Patrick McAleer labourer

Sarah Allen 20 years spinster Kilstrol. Father: Robert Allen labourer

Witnesses: Samuel Moody & William Carson

78 June 18 1856

William Scott 25 years bachelor farmer Coolaghey. Father: William Scott farmer


Mary Jane Moffet 23 years widow Inisclan. Father: William McCormick farmer

Witnesses: James W. McCormick & Joseph McCormick

79 November 24 1856

Robert Davis full age bachelor labourer Tivenny. Father: Charles Davis Labourer


Mary Ann Stevenson full age spinster Whitehouse. Father: James Stevenson labourer

Witnesses: James Stuart & George McFarland

80 November 26 1856

Andrew Rutledge 20 years bachelor labourer [residence illegible] Father: John Rutledge labourer


Eliza Robinson minor spinster Ardbarren. Father: Arthur Robinson farmer

Witnesses: John Hunter & Stuart Winter

81 December 29 1856

James McAnelly 19 years bachelor labourer Aughasessy. Father: John McAnelly labourer


Eleanor McAnelly full age spinster Drumlegagh. Father: Patrick McAnelly labourer

Witnesses: James McNally & William Carson

#82 February 18 1857

William Dennison full age bachelor shoemaker Golan. Father: John Dennison labourer


Frances Dunbar full age spinster Golan. Father: John Dunbar labourer

Witnesses: John Hamilton & William Cooper

#83 March 8 1857

Michael Keenan full age bachelor labourer Creevy. Father: Thomas Keenan labourer


Mary Davis full age spinster Magheracreggan. Father: Robert Davis mason

Witnesses: Joseph Kerr & David Clark

#84 March 18 1857

John William McCormick 21 years bachelor farmer Priestsessagh. Father: Colhoun McCormick farmer


Isabella Hamilton 21 years spinster Coolnacrunnaught. Father: John Hamilton farmer

Witnesses: John Forbes & Thomas Graham

#85 April 13 1857

Samuel Flanagan 22 years bachelor mechanic Spawmount. Father: William Flanagan Time keeper at Sion mill


Margaret McClauran 22 years spinster Breen. Father: John McClauran railway porter

Witnesses: James Love & John Kerr

#86 August 7 1857

William Bates full age bachelor farmer Urbalreagh. Father: William Bates farmer


Elizabeth Sproule full age spinster Urbalreagh. Father: James Sproule farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Dunn & Samuel A. Carson

#87 August 19 1857

James Duncan 16 years bachelor labourer Cavandorragh. Father: John Duncan labourer


Sarah Jane Lindsay minor spinster Ratteen. Father: John Lindsay labourer

Witnesses: John Buchanan & Joseph Kerr

#88 August 25 1857

Charles Logue full age bachelor shoemaker Magheragar, Parish of Urney. Father: Charles Logue labourer


Elizabeth Bradley full age spinster Golan. Father: William Bradley labourer

Witnesses: Samuel Loughlin & Alexander Porter

#89 October 8 1857

Robert Nelson full age bachelor labourer Baronscourt. Father: William Nelson labourer


Jane Montgomery 18 years spinster Baronscourt. Hugh Montgomery labourer

Witnesses: Richard Montgomery & William McNicholl

#90 October 14 1857

John Ginn 27 years bachelor labourer Clare. Father: William Gallagher (stet) labourer


Anne Logue 21 years spinster Kilrail. Father: Charles Logue shoemaker

Witnesses: William Porter & Arthur Porter

#91 November 26 1857

Robert Johnston full age bachelor labourer Coolcrunaght. Father: William Johnston labourer


Sarah Humphreys full age spinster Crawfordstown. Father : John Humphreys labourer

Witnesses: John Humphreys & James Humphreys

#92 November 26 1857

Matthew Hamilton full age bachelor labourer Letterbin. Father: Alexander Hamilton labourer


Eliza Scott full age spinster Magheralough. Father: James Scott schoolmaster

Witnesses: Henry Huey & William Johnston

#93 December 2 1857

Charles Stewart full age bachelor labourer Aghasessy. Father: John Stewart labourer


Martha Kane full age spinster Coolnacranagh. Father: William Kane pensioner

Witnesses: Hugh Moore & Samuel Carson

#94 August 18 1858

Jeremiah Lindsay full age bachelor labourer Magheracrigan. Father: John Lindsay labourer


Mary Johnston full age spinster servant Rattyn. Father: William Johnston farmer

Witnesses: John Rankin & Samuel Carson

#95 September 15 1858

Charles McClung full age bachelor labourer Castlederg. Father: William McClung labourer


Rosanna Davies full age spinster servant Magheracrigan. Father: Robert Davies mason

Witnesses: Joseph Kerr & John James Colhoun

#96 September 29 1858

Thomas McFarland full age bachelor labourer Creevagh. Father: Joseph McFarland labourer


Jane Gordon full age spinster servant Creevagh. Father: John Gordon labourer

Witnesses: William Gailey & William Cooper

#97 October 7 1858

William Elliott full age bachelor labourer Urbelreagh. Father: Andrew Elliott farmer


Eliza Kane full age spinster servant Drumclamph. Father: William Kane labourer

Witnesses: William Buchanan & Samuel Carson

#98 October 26 1858

William Duncan 20 years bachelor labourer Cavandoragh. Father: John Duncan cottier


Margaret Sheenan full age spinster Listymore. Father: Andrew Sheenan caretaker

Witnesses: John Buchanan & John Buchanan

#99 November 23 1858

Thomas Forster full age bachelor labourer Brockliss. Father: Walter Forster labourer


Anne Baird full age spinster servant Erginagh. Father: Denis Baird labourer

Witnesses: Tommas Irwin & William Carson

#100 April 25 1859

Robert Carson full age widower labourer Baronscourt. Father: John Carson labourer


Margaret McFarland full age spinster servant Whitehouse. Father: Thomas McFarland labourer

Witnesses: Galbraith McFarland & Henry Huey

#1 June 1 1859

William Humphries full age bachelor farm servant Crawfordstown. Father: William Humphries farmer


Mary Jane Scott full age spinster Magheralough. Father: James Scott schoolmaster

Witnesses: James Aiken & Joseph Orr

#2 September 15 1859

Robert Moore full age bachelor carpenter Ardstraw. Father: Joshua Moore farmer


Margaret Sproule full age spinster Ardstraw. Father: James Sproule farmer

Witnesses: William Hamilton & William Carson

#3 November 21 1859

Robert Bogle full age bachelor labourer Archill, Baronscourt. Father: John Bogle labourer


Elizth. Laughlin full age spinster Magheraugar. Father: John Laughlin labourer

Witnesses: David Davies & William Carson

#4 December 13 1859

John Humphreys full age bachelor shoemaker Kilrail. Father: John Humphreys labourer


Eliza Elkin 20 years spinster servant Bridge-hill. Father: James Elkin labourer

Witnesses: James Crawford & William Elkin

#5 January 31 1860

Robert Forbes full age bachelor labourer Coolcrunaght. Father: Andrew Forbes small farmer


Jane Porter full age spinster Golan. Father: Robert Porter labourer

Witnesses: Andrew McDonnell & James Forbes

#6 March 21 1860

William Irwin full age bachelor labourer Crawfordstown. Father: William Irwin labourer


Mary Anne Humphries full age spinster Crawfordstown. Father: William Humphries labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Orr & James Johnston

#7 December 6 1860

James Robertson full age bachelor servant Erginagh. Father: Henry Robertson labourer


Anne Maxwell under age spinster Listymore. Father: Geo. Maxwell labourer

Witnesses: Robert McArthur & Thomas Jack

#8 March 19 1861

Thomas McKimmon full age bachelor labourer Crew. Father: John McKimmon labourer


Fanny Keys full age spinster Listymore. Father: John Keys labourer

Witnesses: Robert McCarther & William Armstrong Baird

#9 June 6 1861

Andrew Forbes full age bachelor labourer Clare. Father: Andrew Forbes farmer


Eliza Hamilton full age spinster Clare. Father: Henry Hamilton labourer

Witnesses: Geo. Forbes & James Crawford

#10 July 30 1861

Patrick Bradley full age bachelor labourer Spamount. Father: James Bradley labourer


Rebecca Law full age spinster Spamount. Father: Patrick Law labourer

Witnesses: Matthew Walls & William Carson

#11 August 13 1861

Charles Haran 18 years bachelor labourer Ardbarren. Father: Charles Haran labourer


Susanna McNaught 18 years spinster Garvetagh. Father: James McNaught labourer

Witnesses: David Hunter & Joseph Hunter

#12 October 13 1861

John Young full age bachelor labourer Clare. Father: John Young farmer


Elizabeth Roulston full age spinster Goland. Father: James Roulston farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Kerr & Arthur Roulston

#13 October 18 1861

Robert Montgomery full age bachelor bookhawker Strabane. Father: John Montgomery gardener


Ellen Wilson full age spinster Carncorn. Father: Robert Wilson farmer

Witnesses: James White & William Cooper

#14 May 23 1862

Robert Loughlin full age bachelor labourer Breen. Father: Robert Loughlin labourer


Rebecca Fox full age spinster Kinkit. Father: Matthew Fox labourer

Witnesses: John Loughlin & Robert Entrican

#15 May 27 1862

William McClung full age bachelor labourer Garvetagh. Father: William McClung labourer


Sarah Barton full age spinster Ardstraw. Father: John Barton carpenter

Witnesses: Robert Moore & Barbara Booth

#16 February 27 1863

James William McCormick full age widower farmer Priestcess. Father: Colhoun McCormick farmer


Mary Anne Orr 18 years spinster Gortanagan, Parish of Cappagh. Father: Samuel Orr farmer

Witnesses: Samuel McClung & James Fullerton, jun.

#17 March 24 1863

John Caterson full age bachelor farmer Ault, Parish of Urney. Father: James Caterson farmer


Eliza McArthur full age spinster Lystimore. John McArthur farmer

Witnesses: Robert McArthur & Robert Oliver

#18 May 28 1863

Hugh McCay full age bachelor farmer White House. Father: James McCay farmer


Jane Hamilton full age spinster Ballinaloan. Father: John Hamilton farmer

Witnesses: Hugh McCay & Matilda Hamilton

#19 September 23 1864

William McCallion full age bachelor scutcher Killen. Father: Hugh McCallion scutcher


Jane Bruce full age spinster Sion Mill. Father: James Bruce labourer

Witnesses: Robert Duncan & Samuel Russell