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Parish of Dromore, County Tyrone Roman Catholic Baptisms

Transcribed & Compiled by Michael O'Donnell
Notes: Surnames have been somewhat standardized in spelling.
****** = blank
? = can't decipher

Date Surname Name Father / Mother Name Mother Surname/ Town

9/17/1868 (Curran) James ****** ****** Dunne Glengeen
12/25/1869 ****** John ****** Susan McGee Galbally
10/9/1874 ****** Joseph ****** Mary Ann Murray Glengeen
10/9/1874 ****** James ****** Elizabeth Stenan? Whitehill Parish
2/2/1838 ****** Brigid
6/6/1846 ****** James ******
7/7/1868 ****** Mary Catherine ****** Catherine Gallagher Corbally
2/1/1874 ****** Margaret ****** Mary McMenamin Drumsheil
7/7/1868 ****** Catherine ****** ****** McMenamin Drumsheil
3/29/1866 ****** William ****** Ellen O'Neil Cornamuck
7/19/1857 ****** Catherine William
8/8/1868 ****** William ****** Margaret McGolrick Aughnamoe
10/8/1872 ****** Mary Ann ****** Rose Ann Killfather Dromore
7/4/1873 ****** Mary ****** Brigid Gallagher Drumsheil
3/2/1838 ****** John
1/31/1867 ****** John ****** Ann Quinn Corbally
3/10/1872 ****** Margaret ****** Rose McElroy Dromore?
2/14/1868 ****** Henry ****** Catherine ? Shaneragh
7/13/1876 ****** Bernard ****** Rebecca McEldowney Drumragh
5/24/1872 ****** Margaret ****** Mary Colgan Shaneragh
11/25/1870 ****** James ****** Mary Curran Aughadulla
10/1/1866 ****** John ****** Teresa? Owens ******
8/11/1866 ****** John ****** Catherine McDonnell Camderry
6/20/1838 ****** John
6/26/1870 ****** Margaret ****** Margaret Mary? Murray Dromore
2/26/1869 ****** Elizabeth ****** Mary Patterson Letteree
3/20/1869 ****** Robert ****** Mary O'Neil ******
3/16/1867 ****** James ****** Isabella Hannagan Dromore
9/8/1867 ****** Sarah ****** Margaret White Dromore
8/28/1869 ****** John ****** Elizabeth Goodfellow ******
3/7/1873 ****** Patrick ****** Mary Meenan? Dromore
5/27/1869 ****** Joseph ****** Rose McElroy Dromore
10/8/1877 ****** Mary Jane ****** Rose Dolan Dromore & Kilskeery
4/17/1868 ****** Ann ****** Mary Colgan? Shaneragh
9/23/1875 ****** Patrick ****** Catherine O'Brien Omagh
7/1/1877 ****** Mary Jane ****** Mary McElholm Dromore
1/30/1879 ****** James Joseph ****** Rebecca Usor ******
9/27/1878 ****** Isabella ****** Sarah McGee Drumskinny
10/20/1878 ****** Mary ****** Ellen Harvey Dromore
7/26/1867 ****** Catherine ****** Catherine Maguire Corbally
7/8/1867 ****** Patrick ****** Elizabeth Quinn Dromore
3/18/1873 ****** Joseph ****** Margaret McNamee Dromore
4/6/1837 ? ?
6/10/1837 ? Ann
8/1/1871 ? Brigid James Mary Crosby Corlaghdergan
7/30/1838 ? ?
1/1/1873 ? ? ? ? ? ?
7/18/1838 ? Mary Ann John
12/31/1836 ? ?
12/10/1837 ? Margaret
2/18/1837 ? Sarah
1/1/1837 ? John
10/29/1837 ? Ann
9/21/1856 ? Michael Phillip
6/12/1865 Alexander Margaret James Ann McGuigan Aughnamoe
8/1/1866 Alexander John James Ann McGuigan Aughnamoe?
3/30/1857 Alexander Robert James Ann McGuigan
11/10/1865 Anthony Joseph ****** Mary Murray Dromore
5/24/1874 Anthony Isabella ****** Mary Murray Dromore
6/3/1857 B? Daniel Constantine?
12/7/1868 Barmore Margaret Margaret Barmore Dullaghan?
6/6/1880 Barrett Mary Catherine John Rose Gallagher Tummery
11/5/1877 Barrett Rose John Rose Gallagher Tummery
12/4/1870 Barrett Patrick John? Rose Gallagher Tummery
1/4/1879 Barrett Patrick John Rose Gallagher Tummery
8/6/1876 Barrett Peter James Rose Barrett Gallagher Tummery
10/8/1869 Barrett Bernard John Rose Gallagher Tummery
2/26/1837 Barrett Ann
7/6/1873 Barrett John John Rose Gallagher Tummery
1/5/1875 Barrett Brigid John Rose Gallagher Tummery
2/5/1872 Barrett Daniel John Rose Gallagher Doocrock
12/10/1866 Black Mary Ann John Ann Daly Lettergesh
2/9/1875 Blakely Charles Edward John Mary Bogue Dromore
11/14/1879 Blakely Mary Catherine John Mary Bogue Dromore
5/22/1866 Blaney Mary Henry Ellen McGuigan Oughterard
3/3/1869 Boner Mary Hugh Elizabeth ****** Dromore
3/3/1869 Boner Brigid Hugh Elizabeth ****** Dromore
2/5/1871 Boner John John Hugh? Elizabeth ? Dromore
9/16/1838 Boyle Nicholas John
8/15/1879 Bracelin Hugh James Ann McCann Maghagart
12/31/1872 Bracelin James James Ann McCann Magheragart
3/28/1843 Bracelin John
1/11/1875 Bracelin Mary Ann Thomas Catherine Teague Blackbog
4/24/1875 Bracelin Breen John Edward Susan Doran Lettergesh
2/21/1867 Breen Mary Eugene Mary Doran Corbally
4/8/1857 Breen Bridgid James
7/18/1857 Breen ? James
4/7/1868 Breen Shelia? Eugene Mary Doran Corbally
10/19/1868 Breen Susan Patrick Rose McCarron Dromore
12/25/1867 Breen Ellen James Rose McGlaughlin Magheragart
5/13/1866 Breen Thomas James Sarah McGee Dergany
4/1/1869 Breen Owen James Rose McGlaughlin Aughnamoe
9/2/1866 Breen John James James Rose McGlaughlin Maghagart
10/19/1865 Breen Susan Eugene Mary Doran Corbally
11/1/1835 Breen Michael Hugh Margaret
9/10/1871 Breen Margaret James Ann McCarron? Maghagart
10/24/1879 Breen Charles Michael Michael Sarah McCann Dromore
8/3/1874 Breen James James Sarah? Siona? McCann Maghagart
10/29/1837 Breen Francis
11/30/1869 Breen ? Edward? Peter? Susan Doran Grennan
5/24/1876 Breen Elizabeth James Ann McCann Maghagart
4/3/1872 Breen Ellen Edward Susan Doran? Dullaghan
8/23/1876 Breen Francis Francis Sarah Gormley Grennan
10/30/1870 Breen Mary Ann Edward Susan Doran Dullaghan
8/20/1873 Breen Margaret Edward Susan Doran Lettergesh
4/11/1836 Breen Hugh
6/3/1876 Breen Francis Patrick Susan Doran Fartagh
8/26/1875 Breen James Eugene Mary Doran? Fartagh
6/23/1877 Breen Mary Ann Eugene Mary Doran Fartagh
6/9/1878 Breen James Francis Sarah Gormley Grennan
6/28/1880 Breen Alice Ann Francis Sarah Gormley Grennan
12/8/1878 Breen Sara? Edward Susan Doran Fartagh
12/6/1868 Broderick Joseph James Catherine Sweeny Mullaghbane?
7/24/1870 Broderick? Brutheil? Margaret Jane James Catherine Sweeny Mullaghbane
7/28/1836 Brown Eugene
3/8/1868 Brown Elizabeth Thomas Margaret Gorman Tullyclunagh
7/2/1870 Brown Mary Thomas Margaret Gorman Maghagart
2/3/1866 Brown Thomas Thomas Margaret Gorman Dergany
10/28/1872 Brown James Thomas Margaret Gorman Lisnaden
10/11/1857 Burns Daniel James maty Kelly
2/8/1866 Burns Francis Ludovici James Mary Kelly Dromore
8/13/1877 Burns Alice James Mary Kelly Aughnamoe
1/11/1876 Burns Francis John James Mary Kelly Aughnamoe
4/16/1870 Burns Mary Jane James Mary Kelly Cornamuck
4/22/1868 Burns Rose Ann James Mary Kelly? Maghagart
5/2/1871 Calhiu? Patrick Patrick Catherine Barliu? Letteree
6/13/1877 Campbell Elizabeth James Mary McKenna Rakeeranbeg
5/27/1868 Campbell Matthew John Ann Teague Dromore
5/6/1857 Campbell Mary Edward
10/6/1836 Campbell Ellen
2/10/1872 Campbell Elizabeth Ann John Ann Teague Dromore
7/27/1877 Campbell Ellen Charles Ann McElhatton Shaneragh
6/30/1873 Campbell Thomas Eugene Ann McNulty Aughadarra
12/5/1836 Campbell Thomas
10/20/1873 Campbell Sara Catherine John Ann Teague Dromore
8/6/1836 Campbell Hugh
4/1/1870 Campbell Sarah Edward Mary McCarney Polfore
12/3/1878 Campbell Patrick Joseph John Susan McEntee Shaneragh
12/21/1856 Campbell Ann Joseph
4/14/1870 Campbell Ellen John Mary McElroy Corbally
2/1/1877 Campbell Ann Eugene Ann McPulis Aughadarra
12/24/1866 Campbell Sara Ann John Ann Teague Dromore?
9/21/1875 Campbell Patrick Joseph John Ann Teague Dromore
2/21/1836 Campbell Daniel
7/3/1836 Campbell Charles
10/26/1875 Campbell Mary James Mary McKenna Rakeeranbeg
4/25/1837 Campbell Mary
5/29/1865 Campbell Mary Jane John Ann Teague Dromore
4/23/1837 Campbell Catherine
3/9/1867 Campbell Ann Joseph Mary McKenna Edenagon
5/21/1837 Campbell Rose?
12/14/1837 Campbell Edward
9/13/1875 Campbell John Charles Ann McElhatton Shaneragh
9/8/1858 Campbell Mary Joseph Mary McKenna
8/6/1867 Campbell Edward Edward Mary McBride Corbally
4/25/1880 Campbell Eugene Eugene Ann McNulty? McNelis Aughadarra
5/15/1857 Campbell Patrick Edward
7/5/1836 Campbell Ann
9/19/1838 Campbell Bridgid
10/30/1858 Campbell Hugh Hugh Susan Monaghan
4/20/1880 Campbell Mary Catherine Charles Ann McElhatton Shaneragh
7/18/1867 Campbell Susan Edward Mary McCarney Polfore
6/24/1865 Campbell Edward Edward Mary McCarney? Polfore
6/10/1837 Cannon James Patrick
3/25/1836 Carrol Catherine
3/27/1836 Carron Aimain Patrick Ann
4/30/1837 Casey? Thomas
1/2/1838 Cassels ?
4/27/1875 Cassidy Rose Ann Bernard Ann McGlaughlin Doocrock
4/15/1843 Cassidy John
6/19/1837 Cassidy Hannah?
5/28/1871 Cassidy James Bernard Ann McGlaughlin Doocrock
6/24/38 Cassidy Mary
2/25/1836 Cassidy Edward
5/7/1836 Cassidy Edward
1/4/1869 Cassidy Bernard Bernard Ann McGlaughlin ******
3/28/1841 Charlton William
9/22/1844 Charlton William
3/6/1836 Charlton Brigid
6/24/1838 Charlton Mary
1/17/1881 Clarke James John ? Sarah McSorley Dromore
2/9/1857 Clarke Margaret John
11/5/1837 Colgan James
9/21/1856 Colgan Margaret
11/8/1837 Colgan Mary
7/2/1876 Colgan Sara Francis Catherine Slevin Minegar
11/11/1856 Colgan ****** James
11/5/1837 Colgan James
1/8/1880 Colgan Margaret James Mary Dinnan Minegar
5/25/1837 Colgan Brigid
3/19/1837 Colgan Ann
7/30/1868 Colgan Edward Francis Catherine Slevin Minegar
3/28/1837 Colgan John Edward Mary
10/24/1868 Colgan Rose Francis Catherine Donnelly Minegar
6/10/1837 Colgan John
8/22/1858 Colgan Catherine Francis Catherine Slevin
9/24/1837 Colgan Ann
5/12/1879 Colgan Sarah Jane Francis Catherine Slevin Minegar
6/10/1837 Colgan Catherine Francis
12/26/1865 Colgan John Francis Catherine Slevin Minegar
6/28/1874 Colgan Theresa John? Francis Catherine Slevin? Minegar
4/4/1872 Colgan Isabella Francis Catherine Donnelly Minegar
8/8/1871 Colgan? Francis Francis ? ? Minegar
10/18/1836 Coll Rose
10/7/1870 Coll Brigid John Margaret Barrett Coraheskin
5/12/1836 Coll Margaret
7/13/1872 Coll Margaret John Margaret Barrett? Aughadulla
12/26/1835 Collins Francis Ann
8/28/1869 Coltan Brigid John Catherine Barton? Letteree
12/10/1835 Coltan James
1/21/1880 Coltan Ann Bernard Elizabeth? Coltan Corlaghdergan
7/14/1836 Coltan Rose
2/17/1875 Coltan Bernard Bernard Mary Donnelly Lettergesh
6/15/1836 Coltan
3/14/1836 Coltan Patrick
10/14/1873 Coltan Elizabeth Bernard Mary Donnelly Lettergesh
9/1/1880 Coltan Charles John Hugh Catherine Campbell Doocrock
7/15/1876 Coltan James Bernard Mary Donnelly Lettergesh
10/18/1867 Coltan Francis John? Thomas Catherine Barton? Carnalea
12/6/1836 Coltan Mary Ann
10/25/1836 Coltan Susan?
7/22/1878 Coltan Ann Bernard Mary Donnelly Lettergesh
6/29/1867 Coltan Mary John Catherine Gallagher Doocrock
3/11/1879 Coltan Bernard Hugh Catherine Campbell Doocrock
8/20/1865 Coltan Mary Ann John Catherine Barton Knocknahorn
6/21/1837 Coltan Ann
7/26/1865 Coltan Eugene ****** Catherine McBrien Knocknahorn
8/27/1836 Coltan Susan
2/22/1857 Coltan Mary Patrick Ann Slevin
5/3/1875 Connelly Mary Patrick Mary Duncan Aughadarra
10/26/1877 Connelly Sarah Patrick Mary Duncan Aughadarra
5/11/1859 Corey Margaret Felix Ann Carron
6/1/1868 Corey Paul Thomas Mary Maguire Shaneragh
5/17/1868 Corey Margaret Lucius Ellen McPhelimy Shaneragh
4/29/1877 Corey Susan Thomas Mary Maguire Shaneragh
12/26/1866 Corey Margaret James Margaret McBrien Shaneragh
4/17/1841 Corey Charles
1/3/1837 Corey Mary John Rose
1/9/1870 Corey Sarah James Margaret McBrien? Maguire Kildrum
2/15/1871 Corey Lucus Lucius Ellen McPhelimy Shaneragh
7/19/1838 Corey Thomas James
3/21/1836 Corey Edward
9/25/1838 Corey Ann
6/1/1841 Corey Patrick
5/8/1865 Corey Edward Lucius Ellen McPhelimy Shaneragh
3/6/1866 Corey Charles Thomas Mary Maguire Shaneragh
3/2/1865 Corey Patrick William Margaret McBride Dressoge
8/1/1838 Corey Thomas
3/3/1874 Corey Theresa Ellen Thomas Mary Maguire Shaneragh
9/26/1872 Corey James James Margaret O'Brien Kildrum
3/7/1870 Corey Mary Ann Thomas Mary Maguire Shaneragh
5/22/1837 Corey Ann
11/23/1873 Corey Lucius Lucius Ellen McPhelimy Shaneragh
5/21/1837 Corey? Mary
12/19/1878 Corr Francis James Sarah Gallagher Corlaghdergan
8/28/1869 Corr Peter James Sarah Gallagher Corlaghdergan
5/22/1873 Corr Mary James Sarah Gallagher Tummery
2/10/1857 Corr Margaret James
6/7/1872 Corr Mary Ann Thomas Catherine McGlaughlin Lisnaden
2/26/1837 Corr Ann
6/23/1867 Corr James James Sarah Gallagher Corlaghdergan
8/21/1836 Corr Henry
10/22/1837 Corr Mary
9/23/1871 Corr Thomas Thomas Mary Donnelly Tummery
2/4/1865 Corr Thomas James Mary Daly Dergany
1/17/1880 Corr Joseph? James Sarah Gallagher Corlaghdergan
9/17/1867 Corr James James Mary Daly Tummery
9/24/1874 Corr Ann James Mary Daly Corlaghdergan
5/10/1876 Corr Rose James Sarah Gallagher Corlaghdergan
9/23/1838 Corr? Catherine
9/16/1871 Corr? John John Mary McCusker Drumsheil
5/13/1869 Corrigan William William Rose Corrigan Glengeen
4/20/1873 Corrigan Rose Ann William Rose Corrigan Glengeen
7/13/1872 Corrigan Patrick Francis Susan? Brigid Smyth C?
10/14/1837 Corrigan Mary
1/29/1870 Corrigan Thomas Francis Brigid Smyth Esker
5/3/1879 Corrigan Mary Francis Brigid Smyth Esker
1/4/1877 Corrigan Patrick Bernard Brigid McCarney Glengeen
9/12/1867 Corrigan James Francis Brigid Smyth Esker
2/16/1877 Corrigan Frances Ann Francis Brigid Goan Esker
3/10/1857 Corrigan Thomas Eugene
9/28/1857 Corrigan Patrick John?
9/14/1874 Corrigan Margaret Francis Brigid Goan Esker
8/27/1871 Corrigan J? Bernard Brigid McCarney Glengeen
3/20/1867 Corrigan John William Rose Corrigan Glengeen
6/18/1874 Corrigan Bernard Bernard Brigid McCarney Glengeen
3/24/1867 Corrigan Michael Connor? Catherine Corrigan Glengeen
5/25/1865 Corrigan Rose Francis Brigid Goan Newpark
7/10/1865 Corrigan Bernard Connor Catherine Corrigan Glengeen
12/22/1835 Corrigan Margaret
6/21/1866 Corroran Thomas James Rose McCarney Minegar
4/1/1874 Corroran Patrick John Ellen McBride Minegar
10/24/1867 Corroran Rose Ann James Rose McCarney Minegar
3/23/1871 Corroran Mary John Ellen McBride Minegar
12/23/1868 Corroran John John ****** McBride Minegar
5/12/1870 Corroran Eugene James Rose McCarney Minegar
2/19/1867 Corroran Brigid John Ellen McBride? Minegar
10/4/1869 Corroran Curran Brigid Thomas Mary McDermott Dullaghan
4/8/1874 Corroran Curran? Patrick Thomas Mary McDermott? McDonnell? Dullaghan
1/21/1865 Cotters? Francis ****** Jane Gallagher Doocrock
4/27/1868 Cox Joseph John Catherine Garrity Lisnaden
2/23/1877 Cox James John Catherine Gormley Lisnaden
6/15/1866 Cox John John Catherine Gormley Lisnaden
12/2/1836 Crafford Catherine
10/24/1872 Creighton Mary James Rebecca Owens? ?
11/2/1877 Creighton William James Rebecca Monaghan? Morough? Mullaghbane
3/17/1877 Creighton Mary Ann James Rose Mumnagh Coraheskin
4/29/1875 Creighton Catherine James Rebecca ****** Aughadarra
2/5/1866 Creighton James James Rebecca Monaghan Aughadarra
7/11/1878 Creighton James James Rose Minnick? Monaghan? Coraheskin
2/5/1871 Creighton? Sarah James Rebecca Creighton? Aughadarra?
4/17/1871 Crosby Edward James Mary Cunningham Drumshine
5/20/1867 Crosby Catherine James Mary Cunningham Drumlish
4/17/1871 Crosby Catherine James Mary Cunningham Drumshine
11/7/1865 Crosby Sarah James Mary Cunningham Straduff
7/24/1869 Crosby Mary Jane James Mary Cunningham Drumsheil
2/6/1876 Crosby Brigid James Mary Hannagan Shaneragh
11/24/1873 Crosby James James Mary Cunningham Cranny?
7/31/1878 Crosley Crosby? Ann Elizabeth James Mary Cunningham Drumlish
12/30/1837 Cunningham John John
8/28/1836 Cunningham Catherine
9/16/1838 Cunningham John Eugene
1/2/1873 Cunningham James Michael Elizabeth Hannagan Cornamuck
8/9/1869 Cunningham Michael Michael Elizabeth Hannagan Cornamuck
3/15/1871 Cunningham Red Michael Mary?Elizabeth? Hannagan Cornamuck?
5/3/1879 Cunningham Ellen Michael Elizabeth Hannagan Cornamuck
6/18/1865 Cunningham John Michael Elizabeth Hannagan Cornamuck
7/21/1876 Cunningham Margaret Michael Elizabeth Hannagan Cornamuck
3/3/1867 Cunningham Catherine Michael Elizabeth Hannagan Cornamuck
2/18/1875 Cunningham Elizabeth Michael Elizabeth Hannagan Aughadarra
12/2/1865 Curran Thomas Thomas Mary McDermott Dullaghan
10/25/1867 Curran Michael Thomas Mary McDermott Dullaghan
1/5/1866 Curran William William Mary McAleer Aughadulla
8/20/1875 Curran Mary Peter Mary Sweeny Lisnaden?
8/12/1876 Curran James Thomas Mary McDermott Dullaghan
2/1/1872 Curran John Thomas Mary McDermott Dullaghan
9/10/1876 Curran Rose Ann Peter Mary Teague Lisnaden
3/30/1874 Curran Brigid Peter Mary Teague Lisnaden?
2/24/1880 Curran Charles Joseph Thomas Mary McDermott Dullaghan
6/15/1878 Curran Ellen Peter Mary Teague Lisnaden?
2/23/1878 Daly John James Joseph Mary McGrade? Tummery
8/29/1876 Daly Peter Joseph Mary McGrade Tummery
7/19/1879 Daly Joseph Joseph Mary McGrade Tummery
4/26/1866 Daly? Mary Thomas Margaret Slevin Esker
3/30/1836 Danahy Patrick
1/9/1836 Danahy Patrick
10/29/1837 Devine? John John
9/9/1871 Devlin John James Martha McGee Aughadarra
1/3/1836 Divin Ann
3/10/1867 Dogherty Patrick James Hugh Jane (Sarah) Breen Aughee
7/16/1871 Dogherty Joseph Hugh Jane Breen Cornamuck
4/26/1843 Dogherty Thomas
1/17/1870 Dogherty Michael Hugh Jane Breen Meenagowan
6/11/1836 Dolan Felix
10/26/1868 Dolan Brigid Thomas Ann McElrone Aughnamoe?
2/28/1836 Dolan Patrick
3/25/1875 Dolan Catherine Patrick Catherine Campbell Aughnamoe
1/17/1866 Dolan Thomas Thomas Ann McElrone Aughnamoe
4/7/1869 Dolan Thomas James Patrick Catherine Campbell Aughnamoe
2/25/1872 Dolan Ann Patrick Catherine Campbell Aughnamoe
12/1/1835 Dolan James
4/14/1867 Dolan Felix Felix Mary Campbell Shaneragh
8/1/1873 Dolan Patrick Patrick Catherine Campbell Aughnamoe
9/24/1838 Dolan John
9/20/1870 Dolan Mary Patrick Catherine Campbell Aughnamoe
7/11/1836 Dolan Felix
7/10/1837 Dolan Ann
1/31/1871 Dolan Peter Felix Mary Campbell Shaneragh
3/10/1871 Dolan John Thomas Ann McElrone Aughnamoe
12/19/1874 Dolan Catherine Thomas Ann McElrone Aughnamoe
3/9/1865 Donaghy Patrick Francis Isabella McMenamin Polfore
10/26/1837 Donaghy William
1/5/1868 Donaghy Peter Edward Brigid McBride Glengeen
4/18/1868 Donaghy Peter Jacob Francis Isabella McMenamin Polfore
12/25/1873 Donaghy Mary Francis Isabella McMenamin Polfore
3/29/1837 Donaghy Joseph
5/21/1866 Donaghy William Francis Isabella McMenamin Polfore
10/1/1837 Donaghy Michael
4/29/1865 Donaghy? John Edward Brigid McBride Minegar
7/20/1869 Donnelly Brigid ****** Rose Goodwin (McGuigan) Corbally
5/15/1836 Donnelly Brigid
5/11/1837 Donnelly Cecelia?
6/9/1836 Donnelly Ann
9/21/1877 Donnelly Peter Daniel Margaret Maguire? Corbally
11/6/1835 Donnelly Brigid Catherine
10/7/1875 Donnelly Francis John Dennis Margaret Maguire Corbally
1/15/1881 Donnelly Rose Robert Mary Catherine Quinn Aughadarra
12/28/1880 Donnelly Rose Ann Paul Catherine McBride Corlaghdergan
4/30/1873 Donnelly Patrick Paul Catherine McBride Corlaghdergan
6/21/1878 Donnelly Brigid Robert Mary Catherine Quinn Aughadarra
10/17/1873 Donnelly Daniel Daniel Margaret? Maguire Corbally?
3/15/1870 Donnelly Edward Peter ****** ****** Coraheskin
7/17/1872 Donnelly Peter Peter Catherine McQuaid Coraheskin
12/2/1836 Donnelly Francis
5/16/1870 Donnelly Andrew Francis Rose McCusker Cornamuck
12/13/1867 Donnelly Michael Peter Catherine McQuaid? Corasheskin
12/10/1878 Donnelly William Paul Catherine McBride Corlaghdergan
2/2/1837 Donnelly Mary
2/13/1837 Donnelly Eugene
8/31/1865 Donnelly Margaret Jane Patrick Mary Phillips Tummery
5/11/1837 Donnelly Cecelia?
1/11/1875 Donnelly Mary Catherine Paul Peter Catherine McQuaid McBride
Corlaghdergan Corasheskin?
3/22/1866 Donnelly Patrick Francis Rose McCusker Tummery
10/14/1879 Donnelly Mary Daniel Margaret Maguire Corbally
10/3/1865 Donnelly Mary Peter Catherine McQuaid Coraheskin
1/8/1837 Donnelly James
5/22/1879 Donnelly Margaret John Catherine Morris Newpark
5/14/1865 Donnelly Ann Terence Rose McGuigan Corbally
3/14/1865 Donnelly Henry James Margaret McNulty Tullawee
1/4/1875 Donnelly Mary Ann John Catherine Morris Newpark
12/13/1835 Donnelly Patrick
12/20/1871 Donnelly Eugene Paul Catherine McBride Corlaghdergan
1/19/1877 Donnelly James Paul Catherine McBride Corlaghdergan
10/2/1856 Donnelly Mary Terence
1/7/1838 Donnelly ?
1/8/1838 Donnelly Patrick
8/29/1876 Donnelly Mary Ann Robert Mary Catherine Quinn Badoney
9/25/1838 Donnelly Catherine
3/3/1877 Donnelly Rose Ann John Catherine Morris Newpark
11/7/1856 Donnelly Eugene Peter?
11/13/1837 Donnelly? Patrick
2/15/1836 Doogan Michael
1/26/1838 Doogan Sarah
12/25/1836 Doogan Michael
9/21/1856 Doran Charles James
5/1/1868 Doran Rose James Brigid Quinn Minegar
8/15/1836 Doran Michael
8/18/1837 Doran Mary
7/16/1837 Doran? Susan
11/20/1836 Dorchey? Patrick
8/13/1853 Droogan Hugh Hugh Margaret
12/22/1836 Droogan William
8/8/1838 Duff Sara
10/18/1836 Dum John
10/12/1865 Eakins Margaret ****** Jane Hagan Coraheskin
6/4/1866 Earls Thomas James Brigid Marshall Aughnannia?
12/23/1865 Farrell Mary Ann James Catherine Groogan Grennan
5/26/1836 Farrell Manus
9/12/1879 Feary John John Sarah McWilliams Dullaghan
1/28/1876 Feary Sara Jane John Sarah McWilliams Dullaghan
11/3/1873 Feary? Daniel John Sarah McWilliams Dullaghan
7/12/1871 Feary? Hugh John Sarah McWilliams Dullaghan
9/13/1877 Feary? Susan John Sarah McWilliams Dullaghan
1/14/1879 Ferguson Thomas Moses Catherine MacGregor Paisley, Scot.and Corlaghdergan
11/17/1856 Flanagan Margaret Charles Alice McQuaid
3/24/1872 Flanagan Mary Jane Charles Ann Kelly ******
12/8/1866 Flanagan Catherine James Mary McCusker Augher
1/10/1836 Forman James
3/20/1866 Gahy Catherine Thomas Sarah McBriarty? Aughadulla
3/29/1836 Gallagher Patrick
9/6/1846 Gallagher Patrick
12/10/1856 Gallagher John Thomas
3/13/1836 Gallagher Patrick
4/6/1846 Gallagher Patrick
10/30/1843 Gallagher Patrick
12/20/1835 Gallagher Patrick
12/28/1870 Gallagher Michael John Susan Kelly Golan
8/14/1848 Gallagher Michael John
3/18/1836 Gallagher Patrick
10/12/1870 Gallagher Sarah John Catherine Muldoon Coraheskin
3/21/1841 Gallagher Patrick
11/23/1849 Gallagher Michael James Judith Bannon
1/26/1845 Gallagher Mary
3/5/1846 Gallagher John? Bernard
6/23/1863 Gallagher Margaret Ambrose Catherine Jane McCusker
8/29/1872 Gallagher Mary Jane Arthur Mary Teague Newpark
6/1/1871 Gallagher Sara Jane Michael Mary Donnelly Tummery
5/16/1871 Gallagher Bernard Daniel Sarah O'Neil Tummery
1/28/1849 Gallagher Margaret Michael
4/22/1871 Gallagher Ann John Catherine Donnelly Tummery
4/8/1841 Gallagher Mary
7/23/1844 Gallagher Mary
11/10/1856 Gallagher Catherine Anthony
11/10/1856 Gallagher Mary? Catherine Anthony
1/23/1845 Gallagher Mary
11/11/1856 Gallagher Mary Michael
5/14/1858 Gallagher Mary Ambrose Catherine Jane McCusker
6/4/1853 Gallagher Mary John Brigid
12/31/1847 Gallagher Mary Ludovici
2/17/1858 Gallagher Mary Peter
3/29/1846 Gallagher Mary Ann
4/9/1855 Gallagher Rose John
4/6/1860 Gallagher Mary Ann Patrick Mary Doogan
7/29/1838 Gallagher Mary
12/20/1835 Gallagher Michael
3/21/1841 Gallagher Michael
11/10/1844 Gallagher Mary
4/29/1866 Gallagher Patrick Francis Brigid Gallagher Tummery Gallagher
4/8/1846 Gallagher Rose
4/24/1859 Gallagher Thomas Thomas Catherine McKervey
5/18/1859 Gallagher Thomas Peter Ann Hughes
12/6/1866 Gallagher Ann Thomas Margaret Slevin Badoney
11/14/1866 Gallagher Sarah Patrick Ann Gallagher Kildrum
6/9/1859 Gallagher Catherine John Brigid Donnelly
8/21/1866 Gallagher John John Catherine Muldoon Coraheskin
3/12/1837 Gallagher Catherine
6/24/1866 Gallagher Alice Michael Mary Gallagher Tummery Gallagher
1/14/1838 Gallagher Mary
7/2/1837 Gallagher Mary
12/24/1859 Gallagher Elizabeth John Mary Monaghan
11/20/1871 Gallagher Patrick Patrick Sarah McQuaid Meenagowan
9/15/1857 Gallagher Mary Thomas
6/19/1865 Gallagher James Anthony Catherine Maguire Doocrock
6/29/1838 Gallagher Margaret Joseph
3/16/1866 Gallagher Sara Jane John Brigid Donnelly Tummery
4/6/1837 Gallagher Henry Patrick Brigid
6/8/1838 Gallagher Dennis Bernard
10/7/1865 Gallagher Patrick Francis Mary Donnelly Newpark
10/7/1865 Gallagher Patrick Daniel Sarah O'Neil Tummery
10/4/1857 Gallagher ? John
12/29/1865 Gallagher Thomas Michael Mary Goan Doocrock
5/28/1866 Gallagher Edward Patrick Margaret Dolan Mullanboy
4/12/1868 Gallagher Mary Ann Francis Mary Donnelly Newpark
3/6/1870 Gallagher Thomas Patrick Sarah McQuaid Meenagowan
3/6/1869 Gallagher Patrick Phillip Catherine Gallagher Doocrock
2/25/1869 Gallagher James Daniel? Dennis Sarah O'Neil Tummery
7/22/1838 Gallagher Michael
5/12/1844 Gallagher Rose
6/30/1844 Gallagher Rose
12/24/1868 Gallagher Felix Michael Ann McCourt Tummery
12/16/1868 Gallagher Mary Ann Patrick Sarah McQuaid Minegar
9/3/1868 Gallagher Patrick John Catherine Muldoon Coraheskin
9/16/1837 Gallagher Frances Ann
7/21/1871 Gallagher Eugene Phillip Catherine Gallagher Doocrock
5/19/1854 Gallagher Sarah Ludovici
1/1/1851 Gallagher Patrick
4/12/1868 Gallagher Catherine Michael Mary Donnelly Tummery
8/14/1848 Gallagher Terence John
3/18/1868 Gallagher Francis Daniel Sarah O'Neil Tummery
5/14/1857 Gallagher Brigid John
3/14/1841 Gallagher Thomas
12/31/1836 Gallagher Sarah
7/16/1837 Gallagher John
7/26/1836 Gallagher Thomas Charles
7/9/1867 Gallagher Daniel Daniel Rose Smyth Glengeen
6/13/1867 Gallagher Mary William Mary O'Neil Tummery
7/26/1836 Gallagher Sarah Charles
9/25/1845 Gallagher Alice Hugh
5/2/1841 Gallagher Brigid
11/1/1843 Gallagher Francis
1/26/1844 Gallagher Francis
11/16/1879 Gallagher Alice John Alice O'Neil Tummery
11/30/1840 Gallagher Henry
2/6/1847 Gallagher Henry
11/6/1848 Gallagher Henry Henry
7/11/1877 Gallagher Margaret James Margaret McNulty Doocrock
3/27/1836 Gallagher Hugh
5/20/1877 Gallagher John Thomas Margaret Ross Coraheskin
6/16/1843 Gallagher Isabella
1/3/1841 Gallagher Francis
3/27/1880 Gallagher Patrick Michael Rose Morris Coraheskin
12/10/1835 Gallagher Francis
1/12/1858 Gallagher Ambrose Anthony Catherine Maguire Doocrock*
3/1/1872 Gallagher Joseph Patrick Margaret Dolan Golan
9/1/1874 Gallagher Rose Michael Rose Morris Coraheskin
3/4/1858 Gallagher Ann Bernard
12/1/1857 Gallagher Ann Patrick
8/5/1872 Gallagher William John Catherine Donnelly Tummery
7/1/1874 Gallagher Catherine Arthur Mary Teague Newpark
6/24/1836 Gallagher John Thomas Mary
3/16/1852 Gallagher Bernard
4/20/1843 Gallagher Bernard Bernard
4/24/1874 Gallagher James John Catherine Donnelly Tummery
1/24/1836 Gallagher Brigid
1/20/1875 Gallagher Michael Michael Ann McCourt Tummery
6/8/1878 Gallagher Ellen Arthur Mary Teague Newpark
2/3/1870 Gallagher Patrick Anthony Catherine Maguire?* Doocrock
1/27/1870 Gallagher Thomas John Catherine Donnelly Tummery
4/24/1879 Gallagher Mary Ann Thomas Margaret Ross Coraheskin
11/29/1869 Gallagher Felix Michael Rose Morris Coraheskin
5/13/1880 Gallagher Isabella James Margaret McNulty Doocrock
5/3/1879 Gallagher Mary Catherine John Catherine Donnelly Tummery
6/11/1869 Gallagher Brigid Patrick Rose Gallagher Depog? Dressog?
7/31/1880 Gallagher Alice John Catherine Muldoon Coraheskin
5/29/1879 Gallagher Peter Patrick Catherine Woods Meenagowan
10/14/1880 Gallagher Ellen Patrick Sarah McQuaid Coraheskin
12/23/1880 Gallagher Mary Catherine Patrick Catherine Woods Meenagowan
9/28/1877 Gallagher Michael Daniel Sarah O'Neil Tummery
8/27/1878 Gallagher Edward Patrick Ann McCullan Dromore
8/29/1845 Gallagher Arthur
11/19/1847 Gallagher Edward John
6/24/1854 Gallagher Ellen Christopher
1/1/1844 Gallagher Elizabeth
4/12/1878 Gallagher Brigid Patrick Sarah McQuaid Meenagowan
6/19/1853 Gallagher Ellen Henry
10/6/1857 Gallagher Ellen Patrick Mary Doogan
4/12/1878 Gallagher Catherine Patrick Sarah McQuaid Meenagowan
11/27/1845 Gallagher Eugene
12/14/1855 Gallagher Eugene Peter
4/3/1878 Gallagher Michael Michael Rose Morris Coraheskin
10/9/1879 Gallagher Charles Peter Mary (Ann) O'Donnell Doocrock
10/22/1877 Gallagher Bernard Peter Mary Ann O'Donnell Doocrock
12/20/1878 Gallagher Thomas Michael Michael Susan McElroy Tummery
1/2/1872 Gallagher James Michael Rose (Mary) Morris Coraheskin
2/7/1876 Gallagher Francis Thomas Patrick Ann Gallagher Dromore
5/16/1860 Gallagher Christopher
1/8/1873 Gallagher Catherine Jane Peter Mary? Margaret O'Donnell Doocrock
8/2/1875 Gallagher Rose James Margaret McNulty Doocrock
7/11/1845 Gallagher Cornelius
5/12/1849 Gallagher Daniel Francis
4/15/1874 Gallagher Rose Ann Michael Susan McElroy Tummery
8/2/1875 Gallagher Mary Ann Peter Mary Ann O'Donnell Doocrock
8/26/1874 Gallagher Michael Joseph John Catherine Muldoon Coraheskin
7/17/1853 Gallagher James Peter
5/16/1847 Gallagher Christopher
10/13/1872 Gallagher John Anthony Catherine Maguire Doocrock
7/10/1856 Gallagher Charles Patrick
7/4/1872 Gallagher Elizabeth William Mary O'Neil Tummery
3/2/1845 Gallagher John
4/9/1845 Gallagher John
1/18/1877 Gallagher James John Catherine Muldoon Coraheskin
12/29/1876 Gallagher John John Catherine Donnelly Tummery
9/20/1876 Gallagher Mary Catherine Michael Susan McElroy Tummery
1/6/1876 Gallagher Margaret Arthur Mary? Catherine Teague Newpark
7/15/1846 Gallagher John
4/11/1876 Gallagher John Michael ****** ****** Coraheskin
2/18/1876 Gallagher Margaret Patrick Sarah McQuaid Meenagowan
12/23/1871 Gallagher Catherine Ann James Margaret McNulty Doocrock
10/27/1872 Gallagher James B? Michael Susan McElroy Tummery
9/4/1873 Gallagher Mary James Margaret McNulty Doocrock
9/11/1853 Gallagher Brigid Thomas
10/27/1858 Gallagher Brigid Thomas Margaret Slevin Badoney*
8/2/1853 Gallagher John Michael Mary
5/29/1836 Gallagher Catherine
1/12/1845 Gallagher Catherine
6/24/1848 Gallagher John Henry
9/13/1873 Gallagher Francis Patrick Sarah McQuaid Meenagowan?
1/26/1847 Gallagher John
3/23/1845 Gallagher Catherine
8/15/1846 Gallagher Catherine
7/1/1875 Gallagher Francis John Catherine Donnelly Tummery
8/30/1846 Gallagher John
2/6/1845 Gallagher James
10/14/1855 Gallagher Catherine Bernard
6/17/1858 Gallagher Catherine John Mary Monaghan
1/8/1855 Gallagher Catherine Patrick
12/22/1859 Gallagher Catherine Patrick Ann Gallagher
8/24/1846 Gallagher John
8/12/1873 Gallagher Daniel Daniel Sarah O'Neil Tummery
5/2/1862 Gallagher Ellen Anthony Catherine Maguire
4/11/1873 Gallagher Thomas John Catherine Muldoon Coraheskin
3/16/1873 Gallagher Mary Michael Rose Morris Coraheskin
1/31/1836 Gallagher Cecelia (Ambrose?)
3/15/1873 Gallagher Patrick Patrick Ann Gallagher Kildrum?
3/16/1857 Gallagher? Patrick Peter
12/9/1837 Gallen? Margaret Hugh Catherine
9/9/1871 Gallogly James Hugh Mary McQuaid Dromore
9/20/1876 Gallogly Hugh Hugh Mary McQuaid Dromore
2/3/1879 Gallogly Brigid Hugh Mary McQuaid? Dromore
11/13/1873 Gallogly ? Hugh Mary McQuaid Dromore
9/11/1869 Gallogly Mary Ann Hugh Mary McQuaid Dromore
8/12/1868 Geraghty Francis John Catherine McGuigan Glengeen
2/3/1857 Geraghty John John Ann McGrath
7/26/1875 Geraghty Joseph John Catherine McGuigan Glengeen
5/31/1866 Geraghty Nicholas John Catherine McGuigan Glengeen
4/9/1868 Geraghty? Garaghtin? Henry? James ? Morrow Highadarragh
6/5/1865 Gibson Rose Ann Thomas Catherine McCann Aughadarra
5/31/1870 Gibson George Thomas Catherine McCann? Aughee
7/24/1867 Gibson James Thomas Catherine McCann Aughadarra
2/17/1837 Glen..? Mary
2/17/1837 Glen..? Holland
7/9/1848 Goan Rose Patrick
9/9/1856 Goan Michael Patrick
2/3/1837 Goan Brigid
9/27/1836 Goan James
9/4/1838 Goan Bernard Patrick
3/11/1873 Goodfellow Sara Ann Edward Catherine Doogan Galbally
10/1/1837 Goodfellow Mary
4/25/1868 Goodfellow Margaret Edward? Catherine Doogan Galbally
6/9/1870 Goodfellow Susan Edward Catherine Doogan Galbally
3/19/1843 Goodfellow Francis
4/1/1878 Goodfellow Catherine Edward Catherine Doogan Aughnamoe
3/11/1838 Goodfellow Brigid Catherine William
9/26/1870 Goodman Rose Ann James Rose Ann Slevin Minegar
4/2/1875 Goodman Brigid James Rose Ann Slevin Minegar
10/26/1837 Goodman John James Rose Ann Slevin Minegar
2/22/1866 Goodman Goodfellow? Brigid Edward Catherine Doogan Galbally
2/19/1868 Goodwin Catherine Bernard Catherine Slevin Oughterard?
1/7/1867 Goodwin? Goodman? Brigid Bernard Catherine Slevin Oughterard
3/17/1877 Gorman Catherine James Sarah Boyle Maghagart
10/5/1877 Gorman Hugh John Thomas Hannah? Murphy Dromore
7/23/1837 Gorman Andrew
1/12/1868 Gorman Henry Henry? Thomas Hannah? Murphy Dromore
3/27/1876 Gorman Michael Thomas Ann Murphy Dromore
1/11/1837 Gorman John?
12/5/1836 Gorman Francis
1/27/1836 Gorman Susan
8/23/1878 Gorman Brigid James Ellen Ultahan Maghagart
9/6/1868 Gorman James James Sarah ****** Maghagart
5/14/1873 Gorman Mary Catherine James Ellen Ultahan Maghagart
1/11/1871 Gorman Brigid Peter Brigid McPike Maghagart?
6/27/1872 Gorman Francis Peter Brigid McPike Badoney
10/12/1871 Gorman James James Ellen McMahon Maghagart
3/27/1843 Gorman James
4/10/1843 Gorman John
7/11/1836 Gorman Catherine
6/11/1836 Gorman Catherine
11/8/1865 Gorman Matilda Jane James Sarah Boyle Maghagart
3/15/1870 Gorman Brigid William ? ? ******
11/14/1873 Gorman Sarah Thomas READ? READ? READ?
11/17/1874 Gorman Sarah Thomas Hannah Murphy Dromore
12/23/1870 Gorman Andrew Thomas Hannah Murphy Dromore
4/15/1874 Gorman Ann Marie James Sarah Boyle Maghagart
10/24/1837 Gorman Thomas
5/15/1836 Gorman Ann
8/16/1876 Gorman John James Ellen Ultahan Maghagart
3/12/1872 Gorman Elizabeth ? Thomas Hannah Murphy Dromore?
7/14/1838 Gorman James
5/23/1871 Gorman Sara Jane James Sarah Boyle Maghagart
5/4/1837 Gorman Patrick
4/18/1879 Gorman Alice Thomas Hannah Murphy Dromore
7/1/1838 Gorman Susan ?
10/6/1880 Gorman Peter James Mary McElhatton Maghagart
7/4/1865 Gorman Jane ****** Mary Patterson Dromore
8/23/1866 Gorman Daniel Thomas Hannah Murphy Dromore
6/19/1838 Gorman Rose Ann
9/1/1880 Gorman Theresa Agnes Thomas Hannah Murphy Dromore
3/20/1865 Gorman Thomas Thomas Hannah Murphy Dromore
2/18/1837 Gorman? James
3/6/1836 Gorman? John
1/1/1857 Gormley William William
11/15/1835 Gormley Telicam
6/13/1858 Gormley John Peter Margaret Monaghan
6/6/1858 Gormley John James Mary Ann McCabe
4/11/1872 Gormley Hugh William Mary R..? Aughlish
11/9/1878 Gormley Catherine Robert? Mary Duncan Gardrum
2/23/1837 Gormley? Sarah
7/30/1857 Gormley? Daniel John
3/6/1871 Gray Peter John Una Helen? McQuaid Tummery
1/25/1838 Gray Patrick Hugh
10/17/1845 Gray Brigid
3/13/1874 Gray Mary Catherine John Ellen McQuaid Tummery
5/28/1876 Gray Ellen James Ellen McQuaid Tummery
6/14/1852 Gray Hugh
2/18/1838 Gray John Patrick
5/6/1872 Gray John John Ellen McQuaid Tummery
9/27/1866 Gray Margaret Peter Mary McCormick? Lettergesh
10/21/1878 Gray Eugene John Ellen Helen? McQuaid Tummery
7/10/1837 Gray Mary
5/14/1848 Gray Ellen Peter
5/9/1848 Gray Ellen Peter
5/28/1845 Gray Christopher
2/26/1870 Griffith Joseph James Isabella Gallagher? ?
2/26/1865 Groogan Hugh Hugh Margaret McNabb Grennan
9/23/1868 Groogan Sarah Hugh Margaret McNabb Grennan
11/4/1856 Groogan Peter Peter
12/1/1870 Groogan Alice Hugh Margaret McNabb Grennan
11/24/1873 Groogan Hugh John Rose Livingston Grennan
6/26/1875 Hackett George James Mary Goan Dromore
3/11/1879 Hackett Patrick James Mary Goan? Dromore
4/1/1872 Hackett James James Mary Goan Dromore
4/30/1878 Haghey John Hugh Ellen Hunt Gardrum
9/1/1838 Hainan James William
2/28/1838 Hainly? Margaret
12/18/1856 Hale Isabella Daniel
7/2/1837 Hall William?
1/6/1838 Hamilton Edward
5/15/1836 Hanley Bernard
11/8/1866 Hannagan Edward Edward? Mary Geraghty Cranny
2/23/1869 Hannagan Patrick Edward Mary Geraghty Cranny
1/10/1879 Hannagan Robert DennisDominic Mary O'Neil Aughee
10/19/1874 Hannagan Catherine Dominic Mary O'Neil Aughadarra
11/29/1876 Hannagan Mary Dominic Mary O'Neil Aughee
7/30/1837 Hannagan Ann
6/6/1837 Hannagan Catherine James Sarah
3/21/1870 Hannagan James Dominic Mary O'Neil Aughadarra
5/4/1837 Hannagan Catherine
12/27/1871 Hannagan ****** Edward Mary Geraghty ?
11/8/1835 Hannagan John
4/30/1872 Hannagan John Francis Dominic? Mary O'Neil Aughadarra
12/26/1868 Hannagan Ann Dominic Mary O'Neil Aughadane?
3/6/1837 Hararan? Hugh
11/17/1879 Harper Catherine Robert Catherine McGrath Tummery Gallagher
9/27/1874 Hasnan Mary Ann Eugene Brigid McAleer? Corbally
11/2/1878 Hasnan William Eugene Brigid McAleer Knocknahorn
1/4/1876 Hasnan Catherine Eugene Brigid McAleer Corbally
3/31/1877 Hasnan Brigid Eugene Brigid McAleer Corbally
3/28/1858 Hill Jane Dennis Ellen McMenamin
6/24/1858 Hilly Catherine John Catherine Dolan
7/21/1836 Hilly Terence
3/26/1843 Hilly Michael
11/12/1857 Hughes Brigid Lawrence Rose McCaffery
8/31/1869 Hughes Michael John Mary McAleer? Golan
8/28/1869 Hughes Lawrence Eugene Sarah Ellen? Coll Aughadarra
2/25/1866 Hughes Catherine Eugene Ellen Coll Aughee
3/19/1874 Hughes Phillip John Mary McAleer Drumsheil
3/30/1879 Hughes James John Mary McAleer Drumsheil
5/5/1871 Hughes James Eugene Ellen Coll Aughee
10/16/1876 Hughes Daniel John Mary McAleer Drumlish
8/27/1867 Hughes Sarah Eugene Ellen? Coll Aughadarra
7/1/1857 Hughes Bridgid Robert Ann McCusker
6/21/1858 Hughes James James Catherine McCusker
4/20/1873 Hughes Ellen Eugene Ellen Coll Aughee
4/14/1867 Hughes Patrick Patrick John? Mary McAleer Drumsheil
11/23/1837 Hughes Ellen Robert
10/16/1836 Hughes Michael
11/12/1836 Hughes Margaret
1/25/1876 Hunter William Thomas Ellen Gallagher Mullanboy
3/11/1871 Hunter Patrick Thomas Ellen Gallagher Corlaghdergan
7/20/1872 Hunter Ann Thomas Ellen? Gallagher Corlaghdergan
6/10/1866 Kane Mary Thomas ****** ****** Aughadulla
4/15/1865 Kean Alice Bernard Brigid McQuaid Corlaghdergan
9/11/1872 Keenan Peter Michael Mary Starrs Aughadarra
3/8/1870 Keenan Francis Robert James Brigid McCreevy? Cornamuck
3/16/1875 Keenan ? James Margaret Brigid? McCreevy? Cornamuck
7/15/1877 Keenan Elizabeth James Brigid McCreevy? Cornamuck
12/27/1835 Keenan Cecelia
10/30/1836 Keenan Cecelia
8/11/1872 Keenan Charles Michael James Brigid McCreevy Cornamuck
11/18/1867 Keenan Mary Catherine James Brigid McCreevy Cornamuck
8/20/1837 Keenan? John Charles Mary?
9/25/1838 Keenan? Eugene
12/20/1835 Kelly Thomas
7/8/1867 Kelly Edward Patrick Catherine McGlaughlin Minegar
7/23/1877 Kelly Thomas Eugene Brigid Breen Aughnamoe
1/14/1875 Kelly Nicholas? Francis Mary Gallagher Cranny
8/4/1872 Kelly Hugh Francis Mary Gallagher Cranny
10/22/1865 Kelly Michael Francis Mary Gallagher Cranny
10/10/1872 Kelly Michael? Eugene Brigid Breen Aughnamoe
4/15/1880 Kelly Joseph Edward Francis Mary Gallagher Cranny
6/14/1866 Kelly Catherine Jane Hugh Mary McCarney Aughnamoe
2/18/1838 Kelly Lawrence Richard
5/23/1877 Kelly Mary Francis Mary Gallagher Cranny
7/30/1875 Kelly Frances Ann Eugene Brigid Breen Aughnamoe
1/3/1836 Kelly Ann
5/24/1870 Kelly Francis? Francis Mary Gallagher Cranny
3/8/1868 Kelly Francis Francis Mary Gallagher? Cranny
7/17/1858 Kelly Rose Ann Hugh
9/19/1880 Kelly Daniel John Mary Donnelly Newpark
8/18/1870 Kelly Catherine Eugene Brigid Breen Aughnamoe
1/16/1836 Kelly Nora
9/13/1879 Kelly Susan Eugene Brigid Breen Aughnamoe
2/17/1880 Kelly Patrick Peter Susan McNulty Corbally
11/1/1868 Kelly Rose Eugene Brigid Breen Aughnamoe?
4/17/1836 Kelly Francis
3/26/1879 Kelly Alice John Mary Donnelly Newpark
9/4/1838 Kelly Rose Michael
3/11/1838 Kelly? Hugh
6/3/1865 Kennedy Catherine John Caroline Wright Dromore
5/13/1865 Keon Margaret James Mary Gorman Doocrock
9/27/1836 Kilfathers? Mary
11/14/1877 Kilganiff Joseph Daniel Patrick Mary Mannion? Dromore
2/11/1874 Kilganiff Patrick James Patrick ****** ****** Dromore
9/19/1880 Kilganiff Winifred Patrick Mary Mannion Dromore
8/3/1879 Kilganiff Henry Patrick Mary Mannion Dromore
11/20/1875 Kilganiff Frances Ann Patrick Mary McGrath? Dromore
3/31/1877 Kindlin? Thomas Terence James Catherine Teague Corbally
11/24/1836 Laundren? James
7/3/1838 Laurence Robert
3/3/1875 Lavelle Patrick D? Brigid Slevin Tattycor?
1/29/1879 Leech Mary ****** Margaret Evans Dullaghan
5/7/1836 Lennard Isabella Patrick Susan
6/26/1836 Lennard Patrick
8/26/1838 leo Susan Patrick
3/1/1837 Leviston? James
4/14/1843 Linvey Hugh
6/12/1880 Livingston Patrick James Mary McGuiness Letteree
10/11/1871 Livingston Andrew James Margaret Maguire Letteree
10/27/1876 Livingston Daniel James Margaret McGuiness Letteree
10/20/1878 Livingston Eugene James Margaret McGuiness Letteree
2/21/1873 Livingston Theresa Patrick Margaret Mc? Letteree
12/21/1874 Livingston James James Mary Maguire Letteree
6/12/1838 Loughran Francis
6/9/1836 Loughran Isabella John Margaret
7/29/1838 Loughran? William
6/23/1871 Love Elizabeth Thomas Mary McCarron Aughadulla
8/15/1836 Lowell? Dennis
9/20/1838 Lynch Dennis Charles
2/23/1837 Lynch Susan
11/12/1836 Lynch? Elizabeth
/27/1868 MacMacken Mary Patrick Mary Donnelly Corbally
7/30/1875 MacMacken Margaret Patrick Mary Donnelly Longhill
3/15/1880 MacMacken Ann Patrick Mary Donnelly Dressoge
2/1/1878 MacMacken Elizabeth Patrick Mary Donnelly Dressoge
11/11/1866 MacMacken Bernard Patrick Mary Donnelly Corbally
7/18/1866 MacMacken Dennis Dennis Ellen Woods Shaneragh
12/7/1870 MacMacken James Patrick Mary Donnelly Corbally
3/16/1866 MacMacken Patrick Patrick Mary Breen Dullaghan
2/3/1873 MacMacken Brigid Patrick Mary Donnelly Longhill
5/7/1870 Maguire Margaret Patrick Mary Breen? Dullaghan?
7/4/1836 Maguire Margaret Patrick Ann
9/27/1836 Maguire Patrick
4/24/1877 Maguire James ****** Brigid Breen Dullaghan
6/15/1874 Maguire Catherine John Margaret McManus? Tummery
1/5/1871 Maguire Thomas William Mary McGuigan Drumconnis
2/9/1880 Maguire Charles Patrick Mary Breen Dullaghan
3/1/1838 Maguire Ann Bernard
5/5/1872 Maguire Ann Patrick Mary Breen Dullaghan
9/3/1837 Maguire Catherine
12/7/1856 Maguire Catherine John Mary Teague
4/12/1841 Maguire Juliam
3/21/1868 Maguire Mary Patrick Mary Breen Dullaghan
4/22/1867 Maguire James Stephen ? Gallagher Corbally
2/25/1865 Maguire Mary William Mary McGuigan Drumconnis
7/1/1838 Maguire Michael
4/5/1837 Maguire John
4/7/1871 Maguire McGee Patrick John Ann McGrath Aughnamoe
4/6/1877 Marshall Joseph John Brigid Johnston Mullanboy
6/21/1878 Marshall Edward John Brigid Johnston Mullanboy
5/27/1880 Marshall Mary John Brigid Johnston Mullanboy
3/2/1838 Marshall Michael James Alice
10/1/1838 Martin Patrick Francis
6/7/1857 Martin William William Elizabeth Donnelly
3/13/1878 Martin Mary Henry? Ann? Corrigan Esker
12/21/1879 Martin Elizabeth Henry Ann Corrigan Esker
4/2/1865 Martin James John Catherine McGlinchy Tummery
2/4/1857 Martin Jane Daniel
5/1/1836 Martin Felix
9/19/1856 Martin Patrick Patrick
6/1/1866 Martin Charles Patrick Mary Reed Knockaraven
7/19/1838 Mc? John Bernard
1/22/1836 Mc? Thomas? Thomas Ann
8/28/1837 Mc? James
10/3/1837 Mc? John
9/16/1856 Mc? Ann Peter
2/18/1876 McAleer John John Mary McCarron Edenagon
12/29/1878 McAleer Hugh Hugh Isabella Breen Aughee
8/22/1871 McAleer Peter? Edward Ann Hughes Camderry?
3/21/1867 McAleer Henry Edward Ann Hughes Camderry
1/5/1870 McAleer Margaret Redincus*? Catherine McPeak Aughadarra
5/21/1878 McAleer William Francis Sarah McGolrick Gilmore Mullaghbane
10/29/1857 McAleer Ellen George Hanna McNulty
6/5/1872 McAleer Patrick Hugh Isabella Breen Aughee
4/30/1873 McAleer Edward Edward Sarah? McD..? Badoney
2/28/1876 McAleer Bernard Eugene Sara? Rose? McGrath Camderry
6/29/1837 McAleer Rose Charles
4/9/1878 McAleer Michael Edward Mary McConnell Badoney
7/22/1867 McAleer Mary Patrick Peter ? Mary McCarron Edenagon
9/19/1879 McAleer Patrick Peter Brigid McCarron Edenagon
7/27/1867 McAleer James Patrick Mary McCann McCarron?* Edenagon
7/30/1867 McAleer Bugrac? Joseph Rose Ann McAleer Dergany
5/13/1837 McAleer Daniel
3/2/1878 McAleer Thomas John John Brigid Dogherty Dromore
1/25/1878 McAleer Joseph Eugene Sarah McGrath Golan
2/18/1876 McAleer Margaret John Mary McCarron Edenagon
1/28/1870 McAleer Thomas Patrick Mary McCarron Galbally
10/4/1869 McAleer Francis Joseph John ? Rose Ann McAleer ?
4/15/1866 McAleer John John Mary McWilliams Tattycor
11/4/1871 McAleer Patrick Daniel Brigid Reed Esker
7/25/1872 McAleer Sarah Patrick Mary McCarron Galbally
6/16/1865 McAleer Isabella Patrick Mary McCarron Aughee
4/6/1879 McAleer Francis Daniel Catherine Quinn Kildrum
8/22/1857 McAleer Catherine John Ann McElrone
7/27/1872 McAleer Ellen Peter Brigid McCarron Galbally
5/2/1880 McAleer Eugene Eugene Sarah McGrath Golan
8/11/1872 McAleer Ann Jane Daniel Catherine Quinn Minegar
5/29/1879 McAleer Mary Patrick Susan Martin Aughlish
10/1/1838 McAleer Joseph Milonis?
8/1/1866 McAleer Ann Redincus? Catherine McPeak Aughadulla
8/15/1866 McAleer Patrick Edward Mary McDonnell Badoney
10/6/1869 McAleer Daniel Daniel Bessy Reed? ******
11/5/1876 McAleer Mary Catherine Hugh Isabella Breen Aughee
2/13/1876 McAleer John Dennis Catherine Quinn Esker
8/17/1865 McAleer Mary Ann Edward Ann Hughes Camderry
8/5/1872 McAleer Thomas Eugene Alice Murratt Mullaghbane
9/8/1865 McAleer Mary Jane Joseph Rose McAleer Aughee
4/14/1836 McAleer Catherine
5/16/1865 McAleer Ann John Ann McElrone Drumlish
1/6/1875 McAleer Edward Edward Mary McDonnell Badoney
3/15/1872 McAleer Brigid John Brigid Dogherty? Dromore
7/30/1858 McAleer Patrick ?
12/3/1877 McAleer Alice Joseph Rose Ann McAleer Glenarn?
5/2/1870 McAleer Joseph Joseph Margaret McCusker ?
1/1/1869 McAleer Charles Hugh Isabella Breen Aughee
3/28/1836 McAleer Mary
8/15/1836 McAleer Andrew?
2/8/1869 McAleer William Patrick John Brigid Dogherty Dromore
1/4/1869 McAleer Ellen Edward Mary McConnell Badoney
10/4/1838 McAleer Elizabeth
12/23/1873 McAleer Rose Ann Daniel Brigid Reed Oughterard
4/6/1836 McAleer Patrick
4/5/1875 McAleer Eugene Peter Brigid McCarron Edenagon
1/25/1857 McAleer Hugh Hugh Mary Harvey
3/25/1836 McAleer Patrick
2/27/1872 McAleer Daniel Francis Sarah ? Esker
3/14/1869 McAleer Margaret Edward Ann Hughes ?
10/15/1837 McAleer Edward
3/17/1870 McAleer Rose Ann Francis Sarah Gilmore? Dergany
9/1/1874 McAleer James Hugh Isabella Breen Aughee
4/14/1870 McAleer John Peter Brigid McCarron Galbally
3/7/1871 McAleer John James John Brigid? Dogherty Dromore
11/13/1856 McAleer Bernard ?
7/26/1876 McAleer James Edward Ann Hughes Camderry
12/22/1879 McAleer Brigid Daniel Brigid Reed Carnalea
9/3/1867 McAleer Joseph Joseph Margaret McCusker Dromore
11/15/1835 McAleer John
5/20/1874 McAleer Margaret John Brigid Dogherty Dromore
9/27/1867 McAleer Patrick Eugene Sheila Alice? Murratt Derna?
10/17/1867 McAleer Edward Daniel Brigid Reed? ******
6/7/1857 McAleer Ann Michael? Ann Charleton
10/26/1867 McAleer Mary Catherine Daniel Catherine Quinn Aughee
12/29/1836 McAleer Eugene
1/8/1874 McAleer Brigid Edward Ann Hughes Golan
10/24/1856 McAleer Mary Hugh
2/28/1880 McAleer Alice Francis Sarah Gilmore Mullaghbane
1/16/1872 McAleer Mary ? Mary McAleer Aughadulla
12/14/1837 McAleer John
3/21/1841 McAleer Rose
5/10/1877 McAleer Margaret Peter Brigid McCarron Edenagon
3/1/1871 McAleer John Edward Mary McDonnell Badoney
9/3/1868 McAleer Mary John Catherine Muldoon Corahesk
12/31/1837 McAleer Mary
5/28/1876 McAleer Margaret Ellen Daniel Brigid Reed Dullaghan
6/8/1870 McAleer Thomas Hugh Isabella Breen Aughee
10/24/1870 McAleer? Patrick Daniel Catherine Quinn Newpark
5/19/1874 McAlinny Edward Patrick Mary McGrath? Newpark
8/5/1876 McAlinny Elizabeth Patrick Mary McGrath Dergany
1/31/1870 McAlinny Rebecca Patrick Mary McGrath Newpark
7/30/1878 McAlinny Michael Patrick Mary McGrath Newpark
10/8/1879 McAlinny Sarah Catherine Patrick Mary McGrath Newpark
10/16/1867 McAlinny John Patrick Mary McGrath Newpark
4/22/1880 McAnespie Catherine Robert Ann? Rose Ultahan Shaneragh
10/18/1866 McAnespie Patrick Robert Ann Ultahan Shaneragh
2/17/1867 McAnespie Ann Patrick Ann McNulty Shaneragh
2/25/1865 McAnespie Dominic Robert Ann Ultahan Shaneragh
6/21/1857 McAnespie Thomas Daniel Rose McKenna
3/22/1877 McAnespie John Robert Ann Ultahan Shaneragh
7/13/1871 McAnespie Ann? Robert Ann Ultahan Shaneragh
4/8/1868 McAnespie Brigid Robert Ann Ultahan Shaneragh
4/26/1865 McAnespie John Patrick Ann McNulty Shaneragh
7/13/1875 McAnespie Mary Robert Ann Ultahan Shaneragh
3/13/1873 McAnespie Thomas Robert Ann Ultahan Depog? Dressog?
9/5/1836 McArdle Ellen
12/13/1837 McAtee Peter
1/1/1837 McAtee John
3/25/1873 McAtee Mary Ann Patrick Margaret McNulty Mullaghbane
3/6/1876 McAtee Patrick Patrick Margaret McNulty Mullaghbane
6/19/1836 McAughey William
1/17/1873 McBride Ann Terence Isabella? O'Neil Corlaghdergan
6/24/1877 McBride Catherine Patrick Mary McGuigan Minegar
5/11/1837 McBride Margaret
6/2/1875 McBride Catherine Patrick Mary McGuigan Minegar
7/8/1866 McBride Patrick Thomas Brigid McGlaughlin Minegar
10/26/1877 McBride John Daniel? Ellen Teague Minegar
12/22/1869 McBride Rose Thomas ****** ****** Minegar
12/2/1837 McBride Margaret Ann?
3/31/1867 McBride Brigid Patrick Mary McGuigan Minegar
11/4/1871 McBride Mary Ann Daniel Ellen Teague Minegar
5/8/1876 McBride Patrick Daniel Ellen Teague Minegar
4/30/1879 McBride Patrick Joseph Daniel? Ellen Teague Minegar
10/6/1867 McBride George Patrick? Ellen? O'Neil Lettergesh
5/27/1872 McBride Sara Patrick Ellen? O'Neil Dromore
11/17/1880 McBride Patrick Daniel Ellen Teague? Lange? Minegar
6/6/1837 McBride Brigid
7/10/1877 McBride Michael Thomas Brigid McGlaughlin Minegar
3/20/1871 McBride Catherine Thomas Brigid McGlaughlin Minegar
4/10/1875 McBride Edward Thomas Brigid McGlaughlin Minegar
3/13/1858 McBride Terence Terence
4/20/1855 McBride Bernard Terence
4/30/1856 McBride Michael Henry
5/31/1868 McBride Mary Patrick Mary McGuigan Minegar
2/15/1874 McBride Sarah Thomas? Patrick Brigid McGlaughlin Minegar
10/27/1879 McBride Thomas Thomas Brigid McGlaughlin Minegar
6/17/1873 McBride Alice Patrick Mary McGuigan Minegar
12/30/1864 McBride Mary Ann Thomas Brigid McGlaughlin Minegar
2/19/1868 McBride Margaret Thomas Brigid McGlaughlin Minegar
10/1/1869 McBride Mary Ann Patrick Mary Gorman Doocrock
9/24/1874 McBride Rose Daniel Ellen Teague Minegar
11/13/1835 McBride Mary
2/4/1873 McBride Ellen Thomas Brigid? Margaret? McGlaughlin Minegar
1/30/1870 McBride Isabella Patrick Ellen? O'Neil Dromore
1/1/1853 McBride Peter Henry Margaret Lalido?
4/8/1870 McBride Patrick Patrick Mary McGuigan Minegar
4/6/1870 McBride? ? Terence? Isabella? O'Neil Corlaghdergan
9/1/1865 McBride? Jane Terence Isabella O'Neil Tummery
2/8/1873 McBride? Ellen Daniel Ellen Teague Minegar
7/18/1869 McBrien Mary Ann Hugh Ann Breen Camderry
8/25/1872 McBrien John ? Charles Ellen? Gallagher Carnalea
6/29/1836 McBrien Mary
1/4/1857 McBrien Margaret Charles
1/16/1837 McBrien John
12/16/1856 McBrien Susan James
2/22/1867 McBrien Brigid Charles Ellen Gallagher Carnalea
9/13/1875 McBrien Catherine Hugh Ann Breen Kildrum
3/31/1866 McBrien George Thomas Elizabeth? Armstrong Aughee
5/8/1836 McBrien Patrick
5/26/1857 McBrien Bridgid Michael
7/11/1865 McBrien Patrick Hugh Ann Breen Corlaghdergan
7/3/1836 McBrien James William Rose
11/4/1878 McBrien John Hugh Ann Breen Kildrum
3/4/1874 McBrien Patrick Thomas Elizabeth Armstrong Aughadarra
4/2/1837 McBrien Hugh
1/24/1836 McBrien Brigid
5/26/1859 McBrien Catherine Michael Hanna Gallagher
3/31/1877 McBrien Thomas Thomas Susan Foster Aughadarra
8/30/1857 McBrien Francis Henry Patrick Cecelia Mac?
3/8/1871 McBrien Patrick Patrick Cecelia? Sisly? McGaughey Dromore
3/25/1866 McBrien (O'Brien) Margaret Patrick Cecelia McGaughey Dromore
7/16/1872 McBrien (O'Brien) Sara Jane Hugh Ann Breen Golan
9/21/1874 McCaffery Michael Eugene Susan Donnelly Corbally
3/31/1868 McCaffery James? Andrew Catherine Teague Kildrum?
4/4/1872 McCaffery Patrick Andrew Catherine Donnelly Aughadulla
8/26/1879 McCaffery Mary Catherine Eugene Susan Donnelly Corbally
4/11/1867 McCaffery Catherine Thomas Margaret McAtee Shaneragh
3/23/1870 McCaffery Mary Andrew Catherine Teague Kildrum
12/5/1859 McCaffery Peter Thomas Margaret McEntee
12/14/1856 McCaffery John John
3/26/1843 McCaffery Thomas Andrew
4/6/1871 McCaffery Eugene Eugene Susan Donnelly Newpark
4/26/1846 McCaffery Thomas
5/27/1866 McCaffery Francis Andrew Catherine Teague Kildrum
12/8/1835 McCaffery Rose
2/14/1875 McCaffery James Thomas Margaret McAtee? Shaneragh
2/9/1877 McCaffery Patrick Thomas Margaret McAtee (McAleer?) Shaneragh
5/6/1874 McCaffery Andrew Andrew Catherine Donnelly Mullaghbane
3/13/1836 McCaffery Patrick
1/2/1869 McCaffery Ann John Catherine Kane Straduff
11/24/1836 McCaffery Michael
5/21/1837 McCaffery Elizabeth
11/15/1872 McCaffery Catherine John Catherine Kane Dromore?
3/27/1836 McCaffery Mary Ann
11/3/1879 McCaffery Joseph Thomas (Bernard?) Margaret McAtee McEntee Shaneragh
12/30/1868 McCaffery Brigid Thomas Margaret McAtee Shaneragh
4/22/1876 McCaffery Rose Ann Eugene Susan Donnelly Corbally
1/27/1872 McCaffery Daniel Andrew? Catherine Teague Kildrum
6/19/1872 McCaffery Margaret Thomas Margaret McAtee (McAleer?) Shaneragh
7/22/1877 McCaffery James Eugene Susan Donnelly Corbally
12/27/1872 McCaffery Mary Ann Eugene Susan Donnelly Corbally
3/24/1865 McCaffery Mary Thomas Sarah McPeak Kildrum
10/24/1870 McCaffery? Susan Thomas Margaret McEntee McAtee Shaneragh
2/20/1859 McCaffrey Thomas John Mary McCusker

10/27/1869 McCann Julian? Patrick Hugh Julianne Kelly Galbally
8/15/1838 McCann Michael
7/24/1865 McCann Ann Jane Michael Catherine O'Neil Straduff
11/25/1875 McCann Sara Ann Edward John? Catherine Teague Magheragart
2/10/1857 McCann John Eugene
4/10/1872 McCann Sarah Catherine Hugh Margaret McCann Dromore
5/4/1865 McCann William Michael Brigid McGlaughlin Drumskinny
10/25/1880 McCann Ellen John Catherine Teague Maghagart
10/12/1867 McCann Michael Michael Catherine O'Neil Grennan
5/1/1836 McCann Brigid
1/1/1837 McCann Edward
5/16/1877 McCann Thomas Henry Patrick Catherine Gallagher Rahony
12/8/1872 McCann Ellen James Brigid McGlaughlin ?
11/8/1875 McCann Eugene Patrick Catherine Gallagher Rahony
12/25/1836 McCann Hannah
6/30/1875 McCann Terence Terence Margaret Ultahan Shaneragh
6/8/1873 McCann Brigid John Catherine Teague? Maghagart
5/20/1877 McCann Mary Catherine John Catherine Teague Maghagart
8/14/1871 McCann ? Thomas John? Catherine Teague Maghagart?
8/15/1838 McCann Michael
12/20/1856 McCann Sarah Henry Matilda Quinn
2/22/1857 McCann Catherine Felix
8/19/1866 McCann Brigid John H? McGeraghty Dullaghan
6/13/1871 McCann Mary Ann Hugh Jane Kelly Galbally
12/30/1864 McCann Thomas Hugh Jane Kelly Edenagon
3/8/1874 McCann? Mary Ann Patrick Catherine Gallagher Rahony
4/13/1867 McCanny Sarah Francis Sarah McGuigan ******
2/29/1880 McCanny Francis John Mary Jane McGuigan Dromore
10/19/1875 McCanny Catherine James Margaret Coll Maghagart
1/8/1865 McCanny Margaret Francis Sarah McGuigan Oughterard
5/13/1873 McCanny Michael Francis Sarah McGuigan Oughterard
10/7/1876 McCanny John John Mary Jane McGuigan Dromore
9/18/1836 McCanny Francis
8/9/1879 McCanny Patrick Francis Sarah McGuigan Oughterard
6/5/1875 McCanny Mary Francis Mary McGuigan Aughlisond?
6/21/1837 McCarney Eugene
6/12/1876 McCarney Sara Ann James Susan Monaghan Minegar
9/20/1848 McCarney Brigid John
3/23/1871 McCarney Patrick James Susan Monaghan? Minegar
12/4/1873 McCarney Neil James Susan Monaghan Minegar
5/20/1878 McCarney Mary Edward Catherine Campbell Glengeen
9/12/1878 McCarney James James Susan Monaghan Minegar
1/28/1866 McCarney John Patrick Brigid Hegney Minegar
12/21/1865 McCarney John James Susan Monaghan Minegar
7/2/1837 McCarney Susan
12/27/1872 McCarney Jane George Isabella M'Quinn Tummery
3/11/1866 McCarney Patrick George Isabella McQuaid Tummery
8/20/1875 McCarney Mary Ann George Isabella McQuaid Tummery
6/16/1869 McCarney Thomas Patrick Brigid Hegney? Hagenny? Minegar
9/11/1836 McCarney Charles
11/23/1880 McCarney Patrick Edward Catherine Campbell Glengeen
10/7/1869 McCarney Catherine George Isabella McQuaid ?
12/2/1836 McCarney Francis
6/19/1869 McCarney Francis James Susan Monaghan Minegar
7/29/1867 McCarney Mary James Susan Monaghan Minegar
4/26/1880 McCarney Catherine James Rose Goan Doocrock
12/4/1836 McCarney Terence
4/8/1857 McCarney John Patrick
7/17/1871 McCarney McCanny Ann Francis Sarah McGuigan Oughterard
1/11/1867 McCarney(corrigan) Mary Bernard Brigid McCarney Glengeen
12/5/1875 McCarney? Mary Catherine James Rose Goan Doocrock
10/20/1877 McCarney? McCarron Margaret James Rose Goan? Doocrock
2/23/1872 McCarron Ann Charles Brigid McNally Dullaghan
7/9/1836 McCarron Mary
9/15/1867 McCarron Peter? Charles Brigid McNally Dullaghan
3/15/1836 McCarron Daniel Thomas Ann
3/21/1836 McCarron Mary Ann
9/8/1865 McCarron William Felix Rose McHugh Tummery
9/5/1869 McCarron James Patrick Ellen Quinn Tullymagough
10/4/1865 McCarron Mary Patrick Catherine McKenna Aughadarra
10/11/1865 McCarron Jane Michael Mary McHugh Shaneragh
4/6/1873 McCarron Ellen Michael Mary Dogherty Shan?
10/13/1865 McCarron Mary Ann Michael Brigid Teague Dullaghan
7/22/1874 McCarron Francis James Ann Slevin Cornamuck
8/26/1838 McCarron Bridgid James
6/27/1838 McCarron Mary
10/1/1838 McCarron Ellen
9/10/1837 McCarron Felix
6/16/1873 McCarron Mary Ann James Ann Slevin Cornamuck
7/6/1868 McCarron Bernard Patrick Ellen Quinn Corlaghdergan
2/4/1868 McCarron Mary?Susan? Michael Mary McHugh Shan?
6/11/1880 McCarron James Michael Mary Dogherty Shaneragh
7/21/1868 McCarron Michael Patrick Catherine McKenna Aughadarra
6/3/1877 McCarron Margaret James Ann Slevin Cornamuck
8/5/1856 McCarron alexander Isiah?
7/2/1837 McCarron John
6/15/1865 McCarron Patrick Charles Brigid McNally Dullaghan
11/13/1835 McCarron Michael
12/28/1869 McCarron Jane James ? McGolrick Dullaghan?
10/1/1838 McCarron Alice
3/21/1876 McCarron Jane Michael Mary Dogherty Shaneragh
12/15/1875 McCarron Patrick Joseph Patrick Ann Slevin Cornamuck
6/9/1836 McCarron Mary
6/24/1838 McCarron Patrick Anthony
6/6/1841 McCarron Darby?
12/2/1836 McCarron Mary Ann
8/15/1838 McCarron William
9/20/1836 McCarron Felix
8/30/1874 McCarron Edward Patrick Ellen Quinn Dergany
2/15/1837 McCarron Eugene
7/13/1879 McCarron Ellen John Alice McMahon Dromore
11/5/1837 McCarron ?
6/20/1879 McCarron James James Ann Slevin Cornamuck
2/10/1876 McCarron Edward Patrick Ellen Quinn Meenagowan
3/21/1836 McCarron Patrick Charles Margaret
5/3/1867 McCarron Patrick Patrick Ellen Quinn Corlaghdergan
5/31/1878 McCarron Alice Michael Mary McHugh Shaneragh
2/17/1837 McCarron ?
2/15/1836 McCarron Brigid
8/12/1870 McCarron Michael Michael Mary Dogherty Shaneragh
12/10/1866 McCarron Ann John Sarah Quinn Dullaghan
10/22/1837 McCarron Rose
3/17/1873 McCarron Margaret Edward Brigid Teague? Treanor Dromore
3/21/1841 McCarron Ann
3/22/1871 McCarron Mary Ann Patrick Ellen? Quinn Tullymagough
4/23/1867 McCarron Peter Michael Brigid Teague Dullaghan
4/3/1873 McCarron Ellen Patrick Ellen Quinn Dergany
7/7/1857 McCarron Francis Michael
2/22/1836 McCarron Catherine
5/22/1836 McCarron Francis
5/30/1858 McCaughey Elizabeth Elizabeth
11/28/1876 McCaughey Michael Patrick Margaret Teague Tullawee
10/25/1880 McCaughey Margaret Patrick Margaret Teague Tullawee
12/26/1878 McCaughey Patrick Patrick Margaret Teague Tullawee
8/28/1836 McCaul Ann
12/6/1836 McCesney? Eugene
12/31/1877 McClean Mary Jane Francis Mary? McCusker Lettergesh
1/28/1868 McClean Mary Thomas Mary O'Neil Lettergesh
11/23/1866 McClean Edward John Thomas Margaret O'Neil Lettergesh
1/2/1880 McClean Edward Francis Mary McCusker Lettergesh
9/25/1867 McCloskey Sarah Francis Catherine Scallen Dullaghan
8/31/1838 McCloskey John Arthur
11/2/1835 McClusky Michael
4/21/1857 McColgan John Edward
7/15/1838 McColgan Sara Edward
1/10/1872 McColgan McCusker? Brigid Patrick Rose Gorman ?
7/15/1873 McColgen? Colgan Francis Francis Catherine Donnelly Minegar
6/24/1836 McConnally? Margaret James Margaret
1/21/1874 McCool Mary Ann George Rose Gallagher Dromore
12/28/1877 McCormick James Patrick Helen Ellen McGreanor Treanor Drumconnis
10/17/1879 McCormick Daniel Patrick Ellen Treanor Drumconnis
1/15/1877 McCormick Mary Ann Andrew Mary Ann McMahon Corlaghdergan
5/19/1872 McCormick Andrew Patrick Helen Ellen Treanor Drumconnis
7/23/1838 McCormick Patrick
1/9/1871 McCormick John Andrew Mary McMahon Dromore
3/12/1837 McCormick John
4/10/1867 McCormick Frances Jane Michael Margaret McHugh Cornamuck
6/7/1857 McCormick Peter Peter Ann Droogan
3/23/1871 McCormick Margaret Patrick Ellen Treanor Drumconnis
4/27/1869 McCormick Arthur Michael Mary Ann Margaret McHugh Cornamuck
1/24/1874 McCormick Joseph Andrew Mary Ann? McMahon Corlaghdergan
4/24/1865 McCormick Dennis Michael Margaret McHugh Cornamuck
12/26/1878 McCormick Catherine Andrew Mary Ann McMahon Corlaghdergan
12/1/1872 McCormick Andrew Andrew Mary Ann McMahon Corlaghdergan
6/16/1876 McCormick Francis John Patrick Ellen McGreanor Drumsonnis
2/1/1865 McCourt Ellen John Susan McMenamin Tattycor
12/25/1874 McCourt ****** ****** ****** ****** ******
3/25/1869 McCourt Catherine John Susan McMenamin Tullydergan
12/28/1875 McCourt Joseph John Susan McMenamin Aughlish
11/21/1866 McCourt James John Susan McMenamin Tattycor
7/21/1836 McCourt Susan
11/1/1880 McCourt Susan John Susan? McMenamin Drumconnis
3/19/1871 McCourt Patrick John Susan McMenamin Tullyclunagh
10/12/1837 McCourt Rose Ann
5/6/1865 McCourt Michael James Ann McGrade Carnalea
7/1/1867 McCourt John James Ann McGrade Carnalea
4/18/1836 McCourt Elizabeth
10/14/1876 McCourt Catherine Ann James Catherine U..? Cornamuck
4/11/1878 McCourt Jane John Susan McMenamin Auglish
5/31/1873 McCourt (Smyth) Ellen John McCourt Susan McMenamin Tullyclunagh
8/23/1867 McCreanor Hugh Thomas Alice Megan? Fidyclunagh?
2/3/1837 McCreanor Rose Ann
9/11/1836 McCreanor Mary Ann
8/13/1877 McCreanor Brigid Francis Rose Cairns Glengeen
4/1/1872 McCreanor Treanor Ann Eugene Sarah Slevin Tummery
3/12/1837 McCreevy Catherine
7/9/1867 McCropan Catherine Dominic Sasha? McCourt Drumconnis
12/26/1867 McCropan Dominic John Jane McGlaughlin Aughadarra
2/26/1878 McCrossan Michael John Jane Winters Rakeeranbeg
3/25/1876 McCrossan Patrick John ****** Winters Rakeeranbeg
1/18/1880 McCrossan Margaret Ann James Mary Ann McQuaid Corlaghdergan
10/16/1877 McCrossan Francis James Mary Ann McQuaid Corlaghdergan
11/17/1874 McCrossan Catherine Francis Rose ? Lettergesh
3/27/1843 McCrystal John
2/2/1838 McCrystal Rose
11/29/1835 McCulgan Ellen
1/18/1881 McCulgan McCusker? Thomas Edward Mary Kelly Shaneragh
1/18/1836 McCullaugh Ellen
3/4/1876 McCusker Hugh Hugh Ann McDonnell Corlaghdergan
1/4/1838 McCusker Fergal
12/8/1835 McCusker Rose
11/23/1837 McCusker Patrick Dennis
8/4/1844 McCusker Patrick
7/16/1876 McCusker Honora? Michael Mary Treanor Corlaghdergan
6/6/1874 McCusker Jane Hugh Ann McDonnell Corlaghdergan
3/12/1872 McCusker Edward Edward Mary Kelly Cranny
8/22/1867 McCusker Mary Edward Brigid McNulty Corbally
12/7/1866 McCusker Sara Ann Michael Mary Treanor Lettergesh
2/2/1867 McCusker James Daniel Catherine McElrone ?
6/25/1870 McCusker Henry Michael Mary Wilson Gardrum
12/7/1856 McCusker Cornelious Terence Mary McCusker
4/24/1859 McCusker Rose Terence Brigid McBride
2/25/1859 McCusker John Eugene Brigid McNulty
12/20/1856 McCusker John Thomas Margaret Slevin
3/31/1866 McCusker John Edward Mary Kelly Curley
11/5/1836 McCusker L?
2/4/1871 McCusker Margaret Eugene Catherine McMenamin Badoney
1/19/1869 McCusker Thomas Dennis Catherine McElrone Drumlish
11/12/1836 McCusker Peter
12/9/1868 McCusker Mary Michael Mary Treanor Corlaghdergan
9/22/1868 McCusker Isabella Edward Mary Kelly Cranny
9/10/1868 McCusker Mary Patrick Brigid McFadden? Magheragart
3/19/1868 McCusker Mary Catherine Eugene Catherine McMenamin Badoney
3/31/1876 McCusker Margaret Patrick Brigid McFaggy Kildrum
4/5/1857 McCusker Mary Michael Rose Gallagher
1/1/1857 McCusker Brigid Terence
1/21/1838 McCusker Joseph
2/24/1874 McCusker Michael Michael Mary Treanor Corlaghdergan
4/9/1872 McCusker Mary Elizabeth Daniel? Catherine McElrone? Drumlish
1/28/1874 McCusker Mary Daniel Catherine McElrone Drumlish
1/14/1874 McCusker Hugh Patrick Rose Gorman Mullanboy
7/13/1838 McCusker Eugene
6/25/1837 McCusker Thomas
4/12/1865 McCusker Ann Terence Brigid McBride Letteree
6/17/1876 McCusker Mark Daniel Catherine McElrone Drumlish
3/1/1837 McCusker Ellen
8/17/1871 McCusker ? (Hugh) Brigid McCarney Carnalea
11/17/1856 McCusker James Fergal? Mary McBrien
11/26/1865 McCusker Francis Eugene? Catherine McMenamin Badoney
5/3/1871 McCusker Brigid Patrick Brigid McFadden Aughadulla
2/9/1866 McCusker Joseph Joseph Mary Coltan Lettergesh
2/16/1866 McCusker James Michael Mary Jane Wilson Drumlish
4/6/1866 McCusker Joseph Patrick Brigid McFadden Magheragart
4/27/1866 McCusker James James Jane McCusker Tattycor
5/30/1876 McCusker Mary Catherine Patrick Rose Gorman Mullanboy
9/3/1837 McCusker ?
8/21/1865 McCusker Mary Ann Fergus Mary McBrien Corlaghdergan
2/22/1880 McCusker Patrick Hugh Ann McDonnell Corlaghdergan
7/14/1878 McCusker Catherine Donal Catherine McElrone Drumlish
7/8/1879 McCusker Brigid Francis Mary McSorley Kildrum
3/21/1875 McCusker ? Edward Mary Kelly Cranny
7/8/1879 McCusker Catherine Francis Mary McSorley Kildrum
4/19/1875 McCusker Ellen Francis Mary McSorley Kildrum?
3/24/1878 McCusker Michael Patrick Brigid McFaggy Kildrum
3/20/1853 McCusker James Eugene Brigid
3/22/1875 McCusker Joseph Joseph Mary McCaffery Dromore
12/29/1872 McCusker ? Michael? Mary? Wilson? Gardrum
2/2/1879 McCusker Francis Dennis Catherine McSorley Kildrum
11/28/1877 McCusker Ellen Hugh Ann McDonnell Corlaghdergan
1/26/1877 McCusker Thomas Michael Mary Jane Wilson? Aughlish
12/9/1872 McCusker Maria? Joseph? Mary McCaffery Corlaghdergan
1/25/1878 McCusker Michael Edward Mary Kelly Cranny
3/24/1873 McCusker Ann Eugene Catherine McMenamin Badoney?
7/24/1844 McCusker Hugh
8/4/1880 McCusker James Patrick Rose Gorman Mullanboy
12/25/1837 McCusker Brigid
12/27/1874 McCusker Michael Michael Jane McAleer? Kildrum
11/14/1871 McCusker Hugh Michael Mary Treanor Corlaghdergan
3/1/1870 McCusker Thomas Michael Mary Treanor Corlaghdergan
6/22/1860 McCusker John Patrick Brigid McFadden Magheragart*
10/11/1877 McCusker James Michael Mary Treanor Corlaghdergan
6/27/1877 McCusker Alice Francis Mary McSorley Kildrum?
9/30/1876 McCusker Theresa Eugene Catherine McMenamin? McMahon Badoney
5/23/1873 McCusker James Patrick Brigid McFadden Aughadarra
9/30/1838 McCusker Michael Daniel
12/31/1872 McCusker James Esther? Hugh Ann McDonnell Corlaghdergan
1/10/1859 McCusker James Eugene Catherine McMenamin Badoney*
2/21/1873 McCusker Mary Francis Mary McSorley Kildrum
3/26/1876 McCusker McGroarken? Catherine Michael Catherine Dolan Polfore
2/12/1877 McDade Brigid William Brigid Coltan Tattycor
3/23/1872 McDade Sara Ann William Brigid ****** Tattycor
5/22/1879 McDade Margaret William Brigid Coltan Cornamuck
11/14/1867 McDade? Ann William Brigid Coltan Tattycor
11/29/1837 McDermott Mary
6/13/1871 McDermott Mary Jane William Sarah Gallagher Lettergesh
6/18/1879 McDermott John William Sarah McMahon Lettergesh
4/10/1873 McDermott Michael William Sarah McMahon Lettergesh
6/2/1837 McDermott Iona? Hugh
4/4/1876 McDermott Patrick Patrick? ****** ****** Lettergesh
4/30/1868 McDermott Francis William Sarah McMahon? Lettergesh
7/20/1865 McDermott Catherine William Rose Sara McMahon Lettergesh
9/8/1871 McDonnell Margaret Hugh Susan Breen Camderry
3/12/1877 McDonnell Mary Ann Hugh Susan? Breen? Camderry
7/5/1865 McDonnell James James Brigid McAtee Straduff
6/16/1872 McDonnell Francis Francis Catherine McGrath Lettergesh
12/24/1879 McDonnell Susan Hugh Susan Breen Camderry
6/19/1857 McDonnell Hugh Eugene
12/17/1867 McDonnell James Brigid McAtee Camderry
1/11/1870 McDonnell John Hugh Susan Breen Camderry
5/7/1873 McDonnell Hugh Hugh Susan Breen Camderry
9/16/1867 McDonnell Sarah Francis Catherine McGrath Lettergesh
2/24/1869 McDonnell Hugh Francis Catherine McGrath Lettergesh
8/16/1879 McDonnell John James Brigid McEntee Camderry
4/8/1873 McDonnell Mary Ann James Brigid Winter? Camderry
5/12/1870 McDonnell Catherine Francis Catherine McGrath Lettergesh
12/28/1866 McDonnell James Eugene Rose Muldoon Camderry
3/7/1871 McDonnell Patrick James Brigid McEntee Straduff
2/16/1836 McDonnell Ann
7/19/1874 McDonnell Eugene Francis Catherine McGrath Lettergesh
6/19/1875 McDonnell McConnell Ellen Hugh Susan Breen Camderry?
3/25/1875 McDonnell? Peter James Brigid McAleer McAtee Camderry
6/26/1836 McDonough John
6/7/1869 McDowd McDade? Mary William Brigid Coltan Tattycor
2/16/1836 McElcolm James
1/21/1836 McElholm Matthew? Charles Sarah McElholm?
10/6/1879 McElkill Mary Ann John Isabella McGuigan Aughadulla
6/9/1836 McElkill Ann
6/24/38 McElkill John
5/15/1836 McElrevy Manus
10/31/1836 McElrone Catherine
2/2/1838 McElrone Catherine
9/27/1857 McElrone Sara James
3/12/1837 McElroy Patrick
2/28/1873 McElroy Patrick Dennis Catherine Donnelly Corbally
12/22/1876 McElroy James Dennis Catherine Donnelly Tummery
9/21/1836 McElroy John
3/24/1871 McElroy Mary D? Catherine Donnelly Corbally
2/2/1879 McElroy Brigid Daniel Catherine Donnelly Corbally
12/31/1874 McElroy Alice Daniel Catherine Donnelly Corbally
5/19/1865 McElvey Joseph ****** Margaret McNamee Dromore
12/18/1836 McEn? Ellen
2/18/1838 McEntagast? Margaret
9/24/1878 McEntee Mary Jane Patrick Margaret McNulty Mullaghbane
6/16/1836 McEvoy Nicholas
7/16/1836 McEvoy Nicholas
10/20/1836 McEvoy Ellen
10/4/1838 McEvoy Thomas
1/20/1873 McFarland Michael James Catherine McCann Dromore
6/6/1836 McFarland Elizabeth
11/2/1835 McGarland Hugh
9/7/1868 McGee Mary John Ann McGrath Aughnamoe?
12/2/1875 McGee John John ? Ann McGrath Esker
8/16/1870 McGee James William Margaret Corrigan Esker
4/4/1868 McGee Elizabeth William Margaret Corrigan Esker
11/4/1872 McGee Elizabeth William Margaret Corrigan Esker
5/11/1880 McGee Francis John Ann McGrath Dergany
1/18/1865 McGeraghty John John Susan McKenna Esker
12/4/1867 McGeraghty ? James Susan McC? Tummery
6/23/1871 McGill Ann Michael Mary Small? Mullaghbane
6/18/1880 McGill ,ar Michael Mary Ann Spratt? Aughadulla
5/12/1873 McGill Mary John Sarah Friel? Claddy Parish?
11/18/1874 McGill Brigid Michael Mary Ann Spratt Mullaghbane
10/17/1877 McGill James Michael Mary Ann Spratt Aughadulla
2/7/1873 McGill Mary Michael Mary Ann Spratt Mullaghbane
5/22/1875 McGinn Alice William Mary McGuigan Drumconnis
9/30/1875 McGinn John James Mary Donaghy Dromore
8/27/1872 McGinn? Maguire Michael William Mary McGuigan ?
2/24/1866 McGlaughlin Rose Ann James Mary Teague Camderry
10/25/1836 McGlaughlin Michael
1/17/1876 McGlaughlin Thomas William Rose Ultahan Shaneragh
2/21/1869 McGlaughlin Mary William Rose Ultahan Shaneragh
1/27/1869 McGlaughlin Owen Owen Margaret? McCann Minegar
4/7/1868 McGlaughlin Margaret Jane Daniel Mary Daly Doocrock
1/13/1872 McGlaughlin Brigid James Brigid Breen Meenagowan
4/9/1869 McGlaughlin Margaret Michael Mary McC? Magheragart
9/7/1878 McGlaughlin Mary Ann Eugene Margaret Breen Letteree
8/17/1872 McGlaughlin Charles Patrick Catherine Goodman? Golan
8/12/1870 McGlaughlin Patrick Patrick Catherine Goodwin KeinKar.?
3/4/1870 McGlaughlin Daniel Daniel Mary Daly Doocrock
8/22/1867 McGlaughlin William Patrick Catherine Goodman Golan?
6/24/1869 McGlaughlin Joseph James Brigid Breen ******
9/14/1838 McGlaughlin Bridgid Henry
4/14/1871 McGlaughlin Thomas Thomas Sarah McBrien McBride Dressoge
1/20/1869 McGlaughlin Rose Michael Mary Gallagher Doocrock
6/25/1872 McGlaughlin Mary Elizabeth George Catherine Reilly Dromore
3/6/1836 McGlaughlin Charles
3/2/1836 McGlaughlin James
6/26/1874 McGlaughlin Thomas Michael Edward? Catherine McBrien Carnalea
3/8/1879 McGlaughlin Catherine Edward Catherine McBrien Carnalea
9/3/1876 McGlaughlin Mary Ann Joseph Ann McCanny? Aughadarra
10/2/1836 McGlaughlin Michael
12/10/1865 McGlaughlin Mary Ann Patrick Catherine Goodman Shaneragh
2/22/1857 McGlaughlin Mary Daniel Ann McGrath
3/8/1867 McGlaughlin John John Brigid Margaret? Cassidy Glengeen
8/8/1871 McGlaughlin Susan Eugene Brigid McCarron Minegar
3/11/1843 McGlaughlin Catherine
7/13/1873 McGlaughlin James George Catherine Reilly Dromore
10/12/1856 McGlaughlin John John
6/6/1837 McGlaughlin Brigid
7/15/1865 McGlaughlin William Eugene Brigid McCann Minegar
12/27/1876 McGlaughlin Jane Edward Catherine McBrien Carnalea
5/21/1837 McGlaughlin Brigid
2/15/1875 McGlaughlin George Bernard George Catherine Reilly Dromore
2/7/1876 McGlaughlin Patrick James Henry Rose Ann Maguire Dromore
12/22/1872 McGlaughlin James Daniel Mary Daly Doocrock
9/11/1875 McGlaughlin John Francis Patrick Catherine Goodman Golan
4/8/1879 McGlaughlin Ellen Edward Brigid Corrigan Glengeen
12/22/1836 McGlaughlin Ann
6/2/1869 McGlaughlin Sara Jane Thomas Sarah McBrien Drinny?
3/17/1870 McGlaughlin Patrick Daniel Ann Gallagher? Mullanboy
7/11/1858 McGlaughlin Thomas James Mary Teague? Mumnia?
4/19/1879 McGlaughlin Mary Catherine John Catherine McNulty Dromore
6/10/1837 McGlaughlin Brigid
10/28/1878 McGlaughlin Margaret Patrick Ann Ultahan Shaneragh
11/4/1866 McGlaughlin Mary Edward Catherine McBrien Carnalea
1/14/1865 McGlaughlin Catherine John Brigid Cassidy Glengeen
5/31/1880 McGlaughlin Margaret Joseph Ann McCarney? Aughadarra
1/14/1865 McGlaughlin Nigel James Brigid Breen Meenagowan
2/28/1836 McGlaughlin John
3/12/1843 McGlaughlin Patrick
12/22/1836 McGlaughlin William
4/27/1873 McGlaughlin Ann? William Rose Ultahan Shaneragh
2/16/1836 McGlaughlin William
7/2/1837 McGlaughlin Ellen Felix?
5/29/1868 McGlaughlin Peter James Mary Teague Camderry
2/10/1874 McGlaughlin Ann Thomas Sarah McBrien Galbally?
2/11/1871 McGlaughlin William William Rose Ultahan Shaneragh
4/25/1877 McGlaughlin Mary Catherine George Catherine Reilly Dromore
4/20/1877 McGlaughlin William Edward Brigid Corrigan Glengeen
8/29/1878 McGlaughlin Daniel George Catherine Reilly Dromore
3/19/1837 McGlaughlin John
6/21/1866 McGlaughlin James Michael Mary Gallagher Doocrock
11/14/1871 McGlaughlin Mary Catherine Patrick? Margaret McGlaughlin
7/31/1836 McGlaughlin Terence
6/6/1858 McGlaughlin Ann Daniel Mary Daly Doocrock*
5/27/1878 McGlaughlin Joseph Hugh Joseph Ann McCarney? Aughadarra Highadarra?
5/30/1858 McGlaughlin Ann Eugene
1/26/1867 McGlaughlin Michael Michael Mary McMeartin? Magheragart
6/2/1836 McGlaughlin James
1/15/1838 McGlaughlin Daniel
4/11/1867 McGlaughlin Mary Thomas Sarah McBrien O'Brien Dressoge
3/2/1875 McGlaughlin Margaret William Rose Ultahan Mullaghbane
4/1/1852 McGlaughlin James James
11/3/1867 McGlaughlin Patrick William Rose Ultahan Shaneragh
9/20/1857 McGlaughlin Sara Peter
11/12/1867 McGlaughlin Peter Peter Mary McPeak ?
9/16/1857 McGlaughlin Sara Bernard
8/17/1873 McGlaughlin Mary Jane Michael Mary Gallagher Doocrock
3/26/1865 McGlaughlin Patrick Thomas Sarah McBrien Dressoge
9/6/1875 McGlaughlin Patrick Edward Brigid Corrigan Glengeen
3/6/1856 McGlaughlin Sarah Eugene
9/30/1870 McGlaughlin Francis James Mary Teague Golan
12/23/1879 McGlaughlin Brigid ****** Catherine McGlaughlin Lettergesh
5/26/1872 McGlaughlin James Edward Catherine McBrien Carnalea
5/22/1859 McGlaughlin Hugh John Ann Gallagher
1/5/1867 McGlaughlin Edward James Brigid Breen Meenagowan
9/18/1868 McGlaughlin Ellen Edward? Catherine McBrien Carnalea
4/4/1874 McGlaughlin Mary Ann Edward Brigid Corrigan Glengeen
1/11/1837 McGlaughlin? Sarah
3/11/1836 McGlinchy Mary John Alice
3/21/1873 McGlinchy Catherine James Sarah McQuaid Letteree
2/5/1837 McGlinchy Brigid
12/28/1870 McGlinchy Brigid James Sarah McQuaid Letteree
2/2/1836 McGlinchy Brigid
11/1/1866 McGlinchy Sara Ann James Sarah McQuaid Letteree
8/14/1865 McGlinchy Mary Jane James Sarah McQuaid Letteree
9/26/1868 McGlinchy James James Sarah McQuaid Letteree
11/27/1836 McGlinchy Susan
12/25/1877 McGlinchy John James Sarah McQuaid Letteree
1/8/1876 McGlinchy Catherine ? James Sarah McQuaid Letteree
10/12/1874 McGlinchy Andrew James Sarah McQuaid Letteree
1/4/1838 McGlinchy Ann
8/11/1836 McGlinchy? ?
6/26/1878 McGolrick James Henry Margaret Gallagher Dullaghan
7/13/1868 McGolrick Patrick John Mary Corrigan Corbally
9/3/1873 McGolrick Catherine Henry Mary Ann Margaret Callaghan Gallagher Dullaghan
11/24/1836 McGolrick Ellen?
3/31/1876 McGolrick Mary Ann Henry Margaret Gallagher Dullaghan
2/12/1866 McGolrick Ellen John Mary Corrigan Knocknahorn
12/14/1866 McGolrick James Hugh Susan Quinn Camderry
3/22/1872 McGolrick Margaret John Mary Corrigan Corbally
6/26/1838 McGolrick Ellen
12/13/1876 McGolrick Matilda John Mary Corrigan Corbally
5/25/1837 McGolrick James
8/6/1836 McGovern Eugene
12/1/1870 McGrath Francis Michael Rose Devlin Dergany
11/10/1871 McGrath ? Bernard Catherine Slevin? Maghagart
1/30/1868 McGrath Francis Michael Rose Devlin Dergany
5/18/1880 McGrath Ann Isabella Michael Mary Ann Connelly Dromore Dergany?
5/31/1866 McGrath Margaret Michael Rose Devlin Dergany
1/1/1874 McGrath Bernard Michael Rose Devlin Dergany
5/8/1836 McGrath John
4/23/1872 McGrath Thomas James Mary Jane O'Donnell Tummery
11/8/1870 McGrath Hugh James Mary Jane McDonnell Tummery
9/8/1868 McGrath John Michael Brigid Slevin Tattycor
4/29/1866 McGrath Brigid Michael Brigid Slevin Drumlish
2/12/1857 McGrath Isabella Bernard
7/6/1867 McGrath Elizabeth Bernard Catherine Slevin Belisle
8/31/1872 McGrath James Michael Rose Devlin? Dergany
4/3/1869 McGrath Patrick Michael Mary Donnelly Dergany Dromore?
9/29/1856 McGrath Hugh Brigid
3/6/1877 McGrath Rose Ann Michael Rose Doolin Esker
2/18/1876 McGrath Thomas Michael Rose Devlin Esker
3/25/1865 McGrath Bernard Bernard MaryCatherine Slevin Magheragart
3/3/1869 McGrath James James Mary Jane McConnell ?
8/30/1876 McGrath Margaret Michael Brigid Slevin Kildrum
11/19/1872 McGrath Michael Michael Brigid Slevin Mullanboy
3/3/1869 McGrath Owen James Mary Jane McConnell ?
11/11/1867 McGrath Mary Ann James Mary Jane McDonnell? Tummery
9/22/1870 McGrath Rose Ann Michael Brigid Slevin Golan
10/4/1837 McGrath Patrick Patrick
11/2/1873 McGrath? Hannah Jane James Mary Jane McDonnell Tummery
4/6/1877 McGreanor Margaret Phillip Mary Fitzpatrick Newpark
5/4/1877 McGreanor John John Ann McGuigan Glengeen
5/20/1874 McGreanor Patrick Patrick Christina Gallagher Doaheny?
2/22/1874 McGreanor Eugene Phillip Mary Fitzpatrick Newpark
7/15/1876 McGreanor Margaret Patrick Sarah Gallagher Cornamuck
2/18/1875 McGreanor Isabella Francis Rose Campbell Glengeen
12/11/1874 McGreanor Elizabeth John Ann McGuigan Mullaghbane
1/9/1837 McGroarken John
11/10/1880 McGroarken Alice Michael Catherine Dolan Polfore
7/9/1836 McGroarken Mary
6/9/1836 McGroarken Mary
7/29/1836 McGroarken Bernard
4/21/1868 McGroarken Mary Ann Edward? Mary McGuigan McGlaughlin Galbally
3/5/1837 McGroarken Eugene
1/22/1878 McGroarken Mary Michael Catherine Dolan Polfore
9/19/1872 McGroarken Catherine Edward Mary McGlaughlin Tullyclunagh
3/2/1870 McGuigan Mary Henry Margaret Livingston Letteree
10/9/1837 McGuigan Ellen Susan?
2/2/1880 McGuigan Mary Ann Patrick Mary Jane? (Jane) McCusker Dromore
11/25/1880 McGuigan James James Isabella McCusker Badoney
3/6/1836 McGuigan Mary
9/8/1836 McGuigan Eugene
9/10/1837 McGuigan Margaret John
7/5/1858 McGuigan Hugh Thomas
2/5/1837 McGuigan Isabella
3/8/1841 McGuigan Rose Charles
9/23/1874 McGuigan Margaret Ann Henry Margaret Livingston Dromore?
4/4/1880 McGuigan Catherine Michael Brigid Teague Letteree
9/25/1838 McGuigan Mary
8/26/1838 McGuigan Michael Michael
1/8/1879 McGuigan Michael Hugh Patrick Mary Jane? (Jane) McCusker Dromore
6/16/1872 McGuigan Ellen Henry Margaret Livingston Dromore
4/24/1843 McGuigan Catherine
2/24/1865 McGuigan William John Ann McCarron Letteree
6/9/1874 McGuigan Mary Ann John Rachael Musken?MacMacken? Drumconnis
11/18/1835 McGuigan Joseph
7/24/1857 McGuigan Patrick Patrick
3/24/1841 McGuigan Mary
4/15/1841 McGuigan Mary
2/13/1838 McGuigan Rose Ann?
3/31/1878 McGuigan Henry Henry Margaret Livingston Dromore
4/24/1841 McGuigan Mary
5/5/1841 McGuigan Michael
3/5/1843 McGuigan Margaret
6/1/1841 McGuigan Bernard
1/29/1836 McGuigan Bernard
12/12/1879 McGuigan Sarah Jane Henry Margaret Livingston Dromore
9/5/1836 McGuigan John
12/11/1835 McGuigan Michael
2/7/1871 McGuigan Ellen John Rachel? McMacken Drumconnis
11/8/1837 McGuigan John
2/3/1838 McGuigan Bridgid
3/26/1837 McGuigan Ann
3/23/1871 McGuigan Rose Henry Margaret Livingston Letteree
10/20/1836 McGuigan James
12/5/1836 McGuigan William
1/7/1838 McGuigan Elizabeth
10/7/1837 McGuigan James
3/22/1867 McGuigan Ann John Ann McCarron Letteree
12/3/1878 McGuigan James Michael Brigid Teague Letteree
5/8/1836 McGuigan Patrick
6/17/1836 McGuigan Brigid
9/2/1872 McGuigan Patrick Patrick Mary Jane McCusker Dromore?
3/23/1858 McGuigan Mary Patrick
8/11/1876 McGuigan Catherine Brigid Henry Margaret Livingston Dromore
9/2/1856 McGuigan? John Thomas
2/7/1869 McGurn Bernard William Mary Goodwin D?
7/30/1868 McGurn John Eugene Sarah Slevin Minegar
6/29/1837 McHugh Alice
8/29/1868 McHugh Francis John Mary McQuaid Tummery
3/1/1838 McHugh John? Edward
6/6/1880 McHugh Mary Charles Ellen Livingston Dromore
8/9/1878 McHugh Catherine Aann Charles Ellen Livingston Dromore
12/4/1865 McHugh Michael John Mary McQuaid Tummery
4/5/1837 McHugh Mary
9/28/1837 McInerny? Michael
1/12/1837 McIvor James
9/11/1867 McKean Brigid Felix ? McKean Glengeen
8/5/1872 McKeanor Mary Ann Thomas Alice ? Mullaghbane
6/12/1857 McKeenan? John John
11/26/1836 McKees Thomas
5/1/1836 McKees James
2/10/1838 McKenesy? James?
6/17/1836 McKenna Mary
6/25/1868 McKenna Francis John Brigid Monaghan Skeogue
7/1/1871 McKenna William John Brigid Monaghan Skeagh
2/8/1871 McKenna John Joseph Iona? McKenna ******
4/9/1880 McKenna James Charles Ann Goan Aughadarra
4/25/1866 McKenna Brigid John Brigid Monaghan Skeagh
4/19/1843 McKenna James Francis
8/26/1837 McKenna? Susan James
8/2/1874 McKeon James Felix Jane O'Brien McBrien Glengeen
1/24/1870 McKeough Thomas Felix Hannah McBride McBrien ******
5/7/1872 McKeough James Thomas Catherine Colgan ?
11/4/1877 McKeough Bernard Henry Catherine Bogue Skeogue
10/27/1876 McKeough Elizabeth Felix Hannah McBrien Glengeen
6/14/1879 McKeough Hannah Felix Hannah O'Brien Glengeen
5/14/1865 McKeough Mary Ann Felix Hannah McBrien O'Brien Glengeen
6/17/1872 McKeough Catherine Felix Hannah O'Brien Glengeen
1/20/1879 McKeough Catherine Henry Catherine Bogue Skeogue
1/27/1875 McKeough Isabella Henry Catherine Teague Bogue Skeagh Skeogue
4/26/1876 McKeough Brigid Henry Catherine Bogue Skeogue
7/26/1857 McKeough? Catherine ?
11/21/1835 McLemore Hugh
9/1/1838 McLewiston Andrew James
9/25/1838 McLinsey Margaret
5/20/1873 McMahon Sara Francis Brigid Treanor Corlaghdergan
5/10/1865 McMahon Mary Francis Brigid Treanor Corlaghdergan
12/3/1869 McMahon Edward Michael Jane Sweeny? Tullymagough
1/27/1838 McMahon Margaret
7/15/1880 McMahon Elizabeth John Hannah McVey Drumskinny
1/21/1838 McMahon Charles
9/26/1877 McMahon James John Hannah McVey Mullinagoagh
5/4/1879 McMahon John John Hannah McVey Drumskinny
1/30/1872 McMahon Mary Ann Patrick Alice McQuaid Mullinagoagh
10/16/1873 McMahon James James Alice McCarron Tummery
11/6/1874 McMahon Jane Charles Catherine McCaffery Dergany
12/14/1876 McMahon Edward Joseph Charles Catherine McCaffery Dergany
1/8/1869 McMahon Rose Francis Brigid Treanor Corlaghdergan
7/4/1872 McMahon Edward Michael Catherine McCusker Dergany
7/30/1837 McMahon Mary
1/24/1836 McMahon Isabella
9/1/1857 McMahon Sara James ? ?
4/3/1836 McMahon Francis
7/19/1870 McMahon John Leonard Bernard? Mary McFaggy McFadden Tummery
3/1/1866 McMahon Catherine Michael Catherine McCusker Dromore
3/9/1874 McMahon Mary Ann Peter Ellen Curran Rakeeranbeg
3/28/1843 McMahon Patrick
6/5/1868 McMahon Mary Michael Mary Muldoon Aughlish?
10/20/1872 McMahon Brigid Michael Jane Sweeny Tullymagough
7/18/1858 McMahon ? Francis
10/10/1866 McMahon Patrick John Catherine McQuaid McCarron Tummery
10/6/1866 McMahon Francis Charles Patrick Alice McQuaid Maghagart
8/23/1866 McMahon Bernard Francis Brigid Treanor Corlaghdergan
2/18/1875 McMahon John John Hannah McVey Polfore
3/28/1866 McMahon Ellen James Alice Curran McCarron Tummery
11/25/1856 McMahon Patrick John
1/3/1871 McMahon Patrick James Alice McCarron Chummery +?
5/17/1868 McMahon Mary Catherine Bernard Mary McFadden Tummery
5/17/1879 McMahon Agnes Charles Catherine McCaffrey Dergany
2/18/1875 McMahon Mary Catherine Michael Jane Sweeny Tullymagough
4/19/1836 McMahon Bernard
4/14/1878 McMahon Mary Ann Charles Catherine McCaffery Dergany
5/16/1869 McMahon James Patrick Alice McQuaid Bridge Hill
6/2/1874 McMahon Patrick Patrick Alice McQuaid Maghagart?
3/26/1843 McMahon Felix
5/17/1871 McMahon James Nicholas Michael? Jane Sweeny Tullymagough
10/4/1836 McMahon Michael James Brigid
9/30/1875 McMahon John John Catherine McEvoy Dromore
7/2/1868 McMahon John James Ann McCarron Tummery
6/2/1871 McMahon Ann Francis Brigid Treanor Tummery
9/20/1867 McMahon? Thomas Michael Jane Sweeny Tummery
6/15/1874 McManus Charles Charles Ann (Alice?) Gallagher Dromore
7/28/1879 McManus Patrick Charles Alice Gallagher Dromore
11/17/1876 McManus Patrick Francis Brigid O'Rorke Dromore
4/5/1872 McManus Margaret Paul Sheila? McManus? Dromore
6/8/1877 McManus John Charles (Campbell) Alice Gallagher Dromore
2/27/1870 McMenamin Brigid James Alice McCusker Aughlish
8/20/1858 McMenamin Joseph James Alice McCusker Auglish*
12/28/1837 McMenamin John Hugh
3/29/1846 McMenamin James
12/28/1867 McMenamin Francis John Mary McVey Polfore
6/22/1848 McMenamin John Hugh
12/4/1867 McMenamin Patrick James Alice McCusker Aughlish
7/21/1877 McMenamin Mary Ellen James Catherine? McManus Polfore
4/2/1872 McMenamin Ellen Patrick Ellen Donnelly Corbally
4/12/1843 McMenamin Hugh
11/30/1843 McMenamin Alice
4/16/1878 McMenamin Brigid Patrick Ellen Donnelly Corbally
1/15/1836 McMenamin James
11/6/1835 McMenamin Catherine
1/31/1867 McMenamin Catherine Patrick Ellen Donnelly Dullaghan
4/4/1852 McMenamin Mary
9/21/1847 McMenamin Peter Hugh
1/14/1875 McMenamin Mary Ann John Mary McVey Polfore
4/11/1849 McMenamin Daniel James
6/25/1872 McMenamin John John Mary McVey Polfore
9/12/1851 McMenamin Mary Ann Eugene
4/12/1874 McMenamin Margaret Patrick Ellen Donnelly Corbally
5/30/1858 McMenamin Elizabeth Hugh
11/12/1840 McMenamin Ellen
8/9/1869 McMenamin Susan Patrick Ellen Donnelly Corbally
10/7/1847 McMenamin? Ann Hugh
6/2/1877 McMenamin? Mary James Margaret Coll Maghagart
4/12/1857 McMenamin? Hugh Hugh?
7/10/1837 McMenamin? John
3/21/1868 McMullan Catherine Nicholas Catherine Reilly Dromore
6/15/1868 McNabb Brigid Francis Brigid Cavanagh? Rahony
9/27/1866 McNabb Sara Francis Brigid Cavanagh ******
4/17/1877 McNabb Cornelious John Mary McQuaid Dromore
10/18/1872 McNabb Brigid Francis Brigid Cavanagh? Rahony
8/1/1879 McNabb Mary Ellen John Mary McGuigan Dromore
4/10/1870 McNabb Brigid Patrick Ann Breen? ?
12/28/1874 McNabb Patrick Joseph John Mary? McQuaid ?
10/7/1870 McNabb Charles John Francis Brigid Cavanagh Rahony
12/24/1867 McNabb Michael John Mary McGuigan Dromore
9/28/1869 McNabb Michael Daniel ****** ****** Tattycor
10/11/1874 McNabb Patrick Francis? Brigid Cavanagh Rahony
10/2/1867 McNabb Ellen Patrick Ann Breen Skeogue
9/13/1867 McNabb Mary Jane Dennis? Ann McCarty? Aughadarra
7/1/1838 McNabb Robert
4/22/1877 McNabb Charles John Mary McGuigan Dromore
11/26/1872 McNabb Mary Eugene Jane Donnell Shaneragh
12/4/1872 McNabb Phillip Patrick? Ann Breen Skeagh
9/3/1874 McNabb Joseph John Mary McGuigan Dromore
11/8/1875 McNabb Catherine Patrick Ann Breen Skeogue
3/23/1879 McNabb Sarah Patrick Ann McNabb Skeogue
12/3/1865 McNabb Francis John Mary McGuigan Dromore
8/11/1872 McNabb? James John Mary McGuigan Dromore
2/21/1865 McNally John Edward Ellen McGuigan Knocknahorn
11/1/1875 McNally Ann Edward Ellen McGuigan Corbally
1/18/1868 McNally Catherine Charles?Edward? Ellen McGuigan Corbally
8/7/1858 McNally Charles Eugene
12/9/1872 McNally Ellen Edward Ellen McGuigan Corbally
4/10/1866 McNally Mary Eugene Sarah McGrade ?
1/7/1867 McNally Hugh Edward Ellen McGuigan Corbally
1/18/1857 McNally Daniel Daniel Brigid Monaghan
2/10/1870 McNally Brigid Edward Ellen McGuigan Corbally
5/5/1872 McNally Eugene John Mary Coltan Letteree
5/27/1871 McNally Mary Thomas Mary Kinnen Lettergesh
11/12/1865 McNamee James Patrick Ellen McCarron Dromore
8/15/1838 McNamee Edward
2/7/1870 McNamee John Patrick Ellen McCarron Dromore
4/19/1875 McNamee Patrick Patrick Ellen McCarron Dromore
2/11/1872 McNamee Brigid Patrick Ellen McCarron Dromore
4/17/1879 McNamee Patrick Patrick Ellen McCarron Dromore
3/25/1868 McNamee Margaret Patrick Ellen McCann Dromore
2/26/1877 McNamee Charles Patrick Ellen McCarron Dromore
8/22/1880 McNamee Mary Ann Joseph Ann McCann Tummery
9/21/1836 McNamee Margaret
8/19/1867 McNanny Murphy? William Eugene Sarah Campbell Newpark
5/1/1866 McNella McNally? Peter John Mary Coltan Letteree
10/20/1872 McNelly? ? Francis Mary K? ?
2/26/1870 McNespick (McAnespie) Hugh Robert Ann Ultahan Shaneragh
9/30/1856 McNulty Catherine Charles
3/9/1859 McNulty Margaret Charles Cecelia Gallagher
4/20/1870 McNulty Margaret Terence Ellen Breen Dullaghan
4/3/1873 McNulty Margaret Henry Mary Quinn Badoney
10/10/1836 McNulty Michael
10/5/1845 McNulty Margaret
4/21/1841 McNulty Margaret Bernard
5/26/1865 McNulty Phillip Terence Ellen Breen Dullaghan
4/7/1861 McNulty Rose Charles Cecelia Gallagher
6/20/1837 McNulty Sarah
7/28/1873 McNulty Mary Daniel Mary Jane McGuinness Letteree
3/28/1873 McNulty J? Paul? Rose Johnston Knocknahorn
11/4/1872 McNulty Patrick Terence? Ellen Breen Dullaghan
1/25/1836 McNulty Catherine
9/7/1874 McNulty James James Mary Breslin? Corbally
4/7/1877 McNulty Charles Henry Mary Quinn Badoney
3/13/1838 McNulty Alice Nigel
7/1/1875 McNulty Catherine Terence Ellen Breen Dullaghan
12/23/1869 McNulty Isabella Charles Susan Gorman Aughadarra
8/25/1867 McNulty James Terence Ellen Breen Dullaghan
8/9/1878 McNulty James Neil Rose Quinn Corlaghdergan
9/6/1866 McNulty John Nigel Mary McGee Dullaghan
1/18/1875 McNulty Catherine Henry Mary Quinn Badoney
3/25/1871 McNulty Rose Nicholas Bessy Quinn Corlaghdergan
4/14/1871 McNulty Jane Henry Mary Quinn Badoney?
2/22/1866 McNulty Ellen Michael Margaret Slevin Badoney
4/27/1871 McNulty Patrick Nicholas Rose Johnston Corbally
5/20/1836 McNulty Eugene
5/11/1836 McNulty Eugene
7/27/1836 McNulty James James Rose
2/1/1866 McNulty Charles James Alice Breslin Dullaghan
2/17/1875 McNulty Patrick John James Rose Gallagher Dromore
7/25/1875 McNulty Catherine Nicholas Rose Hilly Corbally
8/22/1854 McNulty Margaret Patrick
9/5/1836 McNulty Oneram
8/23/1853 McNulty Margaret John Mary ?
9/29/1866 McNulty Nigel Hugh Mary Quinn Dullaghan
4/20/1843 McNulty Elizabeth Nigel
12/13/1879 McNulty Thomas Nicholas Rose McQuaid CorballyFergus
6/22/1877 McNulty Nicholas Nicholas Rose Hilly Corahesk
1/4/1879 McNulty Hugh Felix James Sarah Gallagher Oughterard
3/3/1872 McNulty Hugh Hugh Mary Ann Quinn Carnalea
5/6/1836 McNulty Michael Charles Rose
7/29/1838 McNulty Edward
3/20/1870 McNulty Patrick Michael Margaret Slevin Badoney
5/25/1870 McNulty Ann Hugh Mary Ann Quinn Carnalea
11/12/1836 McNulty Bernard
2/3/1859 McNulty Margaret Michael Margaret Slevin
3/10/1837 McNulty Mary
5/20/1841 McNulty Charles
3/23/1868 McNulty Mary Ann Hugh Mary Quinn Carnalea
7/18/1838 McNulty Margaret James
5/20/1868 McNulty Bernard Nigel Elizabeth Quinn Corlaghdergan
8/24/1879 McNulty Charles Michael Alice McCarron Badoney
2/23/1857 McNulty Michael Michael Charles?
10/6/1879 McNulty Mary Ellen Terence Ellen Breen Dullaghan
10/4/1838 McNulty Ann James
7/7/1844 McNulty Patrick
3/6/1868 McNulty Mary Ann ? Alice ? Dullaghan
5/25/1857 McNulty Margaret Michael Alice McCarron
7/6/1858 McNulty Peter Patrick Rose McCann
10/8/1868 McNulty Mary Nicholas Rose Johnston Corbally
12/31/1864 McNulty Mary Jane Nigel Margaret McGee Dullaghan
12/6/1873 McNulty Sara Ann Nigel Elizabeth Quinn Corlaghdergan
10/6/1879 McNulty Sarah Brigid Terence Ellen Breen Dullaghan
2/16/1865 McNulty Alice Henry Mary Quinn Badoney
2/1/1865 McNulty John Nicholas Rose Johnston Knockaraven
12/13/1867 McNulty James Henry? Mary? Quinn? Badoney?
12/16/1868 McNulty Rose Henry Mary? Ann Quinn Badoney
8/17/1871 McPeak Brigid Eugene Jane McK? Dullaghan
5/29/1875 McPeak Michael Michael Margaret McGuigan Minegar
11/3/1865 McPeak Thomas Thomas Mary McNally Tummery
8/23/1875 McPeak John John Ellen Campbell Aughadarra?
9/7/1873 McPeak (McPike) Ann Jane Michael Margaret McGuigan Badoney
8/5/1873 McPeak McPike Alice Eugene Ann McCarney Dullaghan
10/3/1857 McPike Patrick Bernard Brigid McNulty
5/31/1838 McPike ? Bernard
6/20/1836 McPike Sarah
5/16/1859 McPike Bernard Bernard Brigid McNulty
11/5/1837 McPike Sarah James
8/28/1878 McPike Rose Eugene Ann McCarney Dullaghan
9/27/1870 McPike James James Alice McCusker Kildrum
9/22/1877 McPike Bernard James Alice McCusker Kildrum
9/12/1848 McPike Margaret Bernard
12/20/1835 McPike Michael
9/21/1838 McPike Patrick
6/12/1836 McPike Eugene
5/30/1873 McPike Mary Ann John Alice Campbell Oughterard
12/21/1869 McPike Mary Ann Eugene Sarah? Ann McCahey Dullaghan
3/9/1878 McPike Brigid John Ellen Campbell Oughterard
5/5/1877 McPike Mary Michael Margaret McGuigan Badoney
7/11/1836 McPike James
6/11/1836 McPike James
7/12/1836 McPike Eugene
10/9/1879 McPike Bernard Michael Margaret McGuigan Biddona
4/2/1837 McPike Charles Charleen
7/26/1880 McPike Patrick Eugene Ann McCanny Dullaghan
1/14/1874 McPike (McPeak) John James Alice McCusker Kildrum?
7/23/1838 McPike? Margaret
9/16/1837 McQuaid Michael
11/22/1856 McQuaid Anthony Anthony?
11/2/1875 McQuaid Brigid Thomas Mary Barrett Tummery
3/5/1843 McQuaid Mary
12/20/1835 McQuaid Sarah
10/23/1865 McQuaid Margaret James Margaret McGuigan Knocknahorn
1/27/1838 McQuaid Terence Patrick
9/6/1836 McQuaid Michael
3/3/1870 McQuaid Rose Terence Rose McCarney Corbally
12/3/1866 McQuaid Catherine Thomas Mary Barrett Tummery
11/30/1856 McQuaid Mary Thomas
10/7/1837 McQuaid Michael
12/23/1878 McQuaid Mary Catherine Patrick Ellen McGlaughlin Tummery
2/13/1838 McQuaid Patrick Hugh
6/21/1874 McQuaid Mary Michael Mary McElrone Letteree
11/26/1856 McQuaid Mary Terence?
4/7/1879 McQuaid Brigid Michael Mary McQuaid Letteree
6/6/1854 McQuaid Rose Eugene
1/26/1838 McQuaid Brigid Hugh
2/9/1866 McQuaid Rose Patrick Margaret Gallagher Knocknahorn
8/8/1866 McQuaid Catherine Sarah Patrick Mary McGuigan Dromore
12/10/1835 McQuaid Ellen
7/9/1836 McQuaid Peter
7/21/1858 McQuaid Hannah Hannah McQuaid
11/1/1835 McQuaid Rose Bernard
12/5/1870 McQuaid Catherine James Mary Slevin Letteree
4/23/1873 McQuaid Margaret Terence Mary Coll Cranny
11/29/1856 McQuaid Michael James Margaret McGuigan
6/26/1868 McQuaid Francis Patrick Margaret Gallagher Corbally
9/4/1877 McQuaid James Patrick Brigid Gallagher Corbally
12/22/1835 McQuaid James James Margaret
6/9/1836 McQuaid Peter
9/4/1877 McQuaid Bernard James Ann (Mary) Slevin Letteree
6/7/1877 McQuaid James Patrick Ellen McGlaughlin Tummery
4/5/1879 McQuaid Henry Eugene Margaret Hall Letteree
4/22/1880 McQuaid Peter James Ann Slevin Letteree
11/27/1865 McQuaid Ann Elizabeth Terence Mary O'Dare Corbally
2/11/1871 McQuaid Thomas James Thomas Mary Barrett Tummery Gallagher
7/8/1838 McQuaid Rose
4/10/1836 McQuaid John
4/18/1875 McQuaid Brigid James Mary? Slevin Letteree
7/6/1836 McQuaid John
6/26/1836 McQuaid Ann
12/25/1837 McQuaid Brigid Charles
10/1/1838 McQuaid Mary
10/16/1836 McQuaid Catherine
7/5/1857 McQuaid James Joseph Patrick Susan Martin
10/25/1867 McQuaid Terence Terence Rose McCarney Corbally
7/3/1838 McQuaid Susan
2/21/1874 McQuaid Patrick Patrick Mary Gallagher Corbally
7/18/1877 McQuaid Patrick James Mary McCusker Carnalea
6/30/1836 McQuaid Thomas
3/28/1876 McQuaid Michael Michael Mary McElrone Letteree
10/5/1880 McQuaid Cornelious Patrick Ellen McGlaughlin Tummery
9/23/1880 McQuaid Brigid Eugene Margaret? Mary Hall Letteree
7/16/1838 McQuaid Raymond? James
11/22/1873 McQuaid Michael James Mary McCusker Carnalea
4/7/1836 McQuaid Joseph James Ann
6/11/1857 McQuaid Catherine John
2/6/1869 McQuaid Patrick Thomas Mary Barrett Tummery
2/22/1865 McQuaid Ann Terence Rose McCarney? McCanny Knocknahorn
1/25/1857 McQuaid Hugh Eugene
7/17/1838 McQuaid Sara Michael
8/4/1865 McQuaid Bernard Hugh Brigid Breen Knocknahorn
2/22/1836 McQuaid Ellen
1/9/1873 McQuaid Patrick ? ? Slevin Letteree
7/29/1838 McQuaid Eugene
1/13/1867 McQuaid Rose John Brigid Cororan Aughnamoe
4/17/1836 McQuaid Ellen
12/10/1835 McQuaid Patrick
1/7/1873 McQuaid James? Terence? Rose? McCarney? Corbally
2/25/1857 McQuaid James Patrick Mary McAleer
9/25/1857 McQuaid Catherine Patrick Margaret McCarney
4/3/1836 McQuaid Patrick
10/1/1874 McSorley Mary William Susan McGough (McGrath) Dergany
5/21/1879 McSorley Charles William Sarah McGrath Aughadarra
2/11/1866 McSorley Edward William Susan McGrath Dergany
12/24/1837 McSorley Joseph James
4/3/1872 McSorley John William Susan McGrath Newpark
1/16/1837 McSorley ?
1/1/1868 McSorley Sarah William Susan McGrath Newpark
10/30/1876 McSorley Susan William Susan McGrath Dergany
5/8/1836 McSorley Susan
2/17/1870 McSorley Isabella William Susan McGrath Newpark
3/14/1872 McSweeny McAlinny Patrick Patrick Mary McGrath Newpark
4/17/1843 McVey Ann
7/17/1868 McWilliams John Patrick Peter? Ann McQuaid Magheragart
12/31/1837 McWilliams Bernard
11/9/1866 McWilliams John Patrick Margaret Curran? Mullaghbane
2/29/1876 McWilliams Mary Patrick Margaret Morris Mullaghbane
7/13/1869 McWilliams Patrick Patrick Margaret ? Mullaghbane
8/19/1866 McWilliams Ann Peter Peter? Ann McQuaid Maghagart
2/18/1837 Meighan Maureen?
9/5/1836 Meighan Joseph
9/25/1873 Meith? John John Mary McCarron Dromore
2/21/1836 Moloy Edward
5/15/1857 Monaghan Sara Cornelius
7/15/1838 Monaghan Ann Nigel
7/29/1874 Monaghan Catherine Arthur Brigid Breen Glengeen
9/24/1865 Monaghan Patrick Patrick Sarah McDonagh Glengeen
10/13/1872 Monaghan Patrick William Catherine Colgan Glengeen
11/6/1871 Monaghan Susan Arthur Brigid Breen Glengeen
6/8/1876 Monaghan William John William Catherine McGuigan Glengeen
5/1/1871 Monaghan Mary Ann Patrick Mary Gallagher Glengeen
7/7/1874 Monaghan James William Catherine Colgan Glengeen
3/17/1872 Monaghan Patrick John Ann Coltan Tummery
3/1/1876 Monaghan Mary Arthur Brigid Breen Glengeen
8/2/1878 Monaghan Francis William Catherine Colgan Glengeen
9/29/1877 Monaghan Cornelious John Patrick Mary Gallagher Tummery
8/24/1877 Monaghan James John Ann Coltan Tummery
8/7/1874 Monaghan ? Joseph John? Ann Coltan Tummery
5/7/1873 Monaghan Sara Patrick Mary Gallagher Glengeen
7/8/1868 Monaghan Ellen Arthur? Brigid Breen Glengeen
3/7/1868 Monaghan Francis Patrick? ? McDonagh Glengeen
6/18/1866 Monaghan Bernard John Ann Coltan Tummery Gallagher
4/23/1879 Monaghan Susan Arthur Margaret Brigid? Breen Glengeen
7/2/1877 Monaghan Phillip Arthur Brigid Breen Glengeen
7/5/1869 Monaghan Catherine William Catherine Colgan Glengeen
6/18/1873 Monaghan John Arthur Brigid Breen Glengeen
2/19/1871 Monaghan Catherine William Catherine Colgan Glengeen
12/23/1867 Monaghan Brigid William Alice?Catherine? Colgan? Glengeen
3/27/1870 Monaghan Brigid John Ann Coltan Tummery?
12/21/1856 Monaghan Ann Patrick
6/5/1867 Monaghan Hugh John Ann Coltan Tummery
10/17/1856 Monaghan Mary John
8/15/1838 Monaghan Hannah
2/9/1867 Monaghan Brigid Arthur Brigid Breen Glengeen
8/24/1876 Morris Catherine James Catherine Gormley Glengeen
4/21/1879 Morris John Francis James Catherine Gormley Glengeen
4/4/1836 Morris Patrick
8/3/1875 Morris James Phillip? Reid Alice Reed Aughlish
3/16/1873 Morris Brigid Charles Sarah ****** Dullaghan
4/18/1874 Morris Bernard James Catherine Gormley? Glengeen
10/2/1865 Morris James Francis Brigid Leary? Dullaghan
6/11/1857 Morris Ellen Francis
8/10/1865 Morris Ellen James Catherine Gormley Glengeen
12/29/1871 Morris Thomas James Catherine Gormley Glengeen
4/30/1867 Morris James James Catherine Gormley Glengeen
6/10/1869 Morris Jane James Catherine Gormley Glengeen
9/5/1836 Morris? Keans? Ann
5/31/1879 Muldoon Margaret Patrick Sarah McNabb Grennan
6/15/1871 Muldoon Joseph John Mary McGlaughlin Mullaghbane
11/25/1865 Muldoon Isabella Mary James Catherine Gahan Polfore
5/12/1868 Muldoon Joseph Patrick Sarah McNabb Grennan
5/7/1879 Muldoon Edward John Mary Ann McGlaughlin Mullaghbane
3/31/1868 Muldoon Ann Bernard Sophia? Dogherty Mullaghbane
2/9/1869 Muldoon Rose Ann John Mary Ann McGlaughlin Mullaghbane
3/12/1873 Muldoon Catherine Bernard Sophia Dogherty Mullaghbane
9/5/1866 Muldoon Dominic John Mary? McGlaughlin Augha?
12/21/1875 Muldoon Rose Ann James Rose Sheenan Letteree
6/15/1871 Muldoon John John Mary McGlaughlin Mullaghbane
3/16/1876 Muldoon Mary Thomas Mary McGlaughlin Mullaghbane
10/2/1873 Muldoon Charles John? Mary Ann McGlaughlin ?
9/8/1836 Muldoon Catherine
3/18/1870 Muldoon Patrick Bernard Sophia Dogherty Mullaghbane
2/28/1870 Muldoon John Patrick Sarah? McNabb Dullaghan
2/10/1877 Muldoon Catherine Patrick Sarah McNabb Grennan
4/22/1866 Muldoon Mary Bernard Sophia Dogherty? ?
3/11/1872 Muldoon Mary Jane Patrick Sarah McNabb Grennan
1/25/1837 Muldoon James
3/10/1871 Muldoon Bernard James Ann Sluman? ?
1/21/1875 Muldoon Sara Ann Patrick Sarah McNabb Grennan
4/26/1873 Muldoon John James Rose Sheenan Letteree
4/6/1837 Mullan Bernard?
1/6/1837 Mullan Patrick
10/25/1868 Mullan Michael Patrick Ann O'Neil Golan?
4/25/1865 Mullan Catherine Henry Mary Mullan Mullaghbane
11/25/1867 Mullan Mary Henry? Mary Mullan Mullaghbane
7/12/1857 Mullan Peter Michael
11/5/1870 Mullan Sara Ann Nicholas Catherine Kelly Dromore
2/19/1880 Mullan Mary Ann James Rose Ann McCarney Esker
2/22/1870 Mullan Patrick Henry Mary Mullan Mullaghbane
8/9/1838 Mullan? Ann
8/20/1837 Mullan? Mary?
6/16/1836 Mulvaney Hugh
7/18/1836 Mulvaney Ann
5/8/1836 Mumnagh Alicia
12/14/1837 Mungan? Catherine
11/13/1837 Mungan? Bernard
3/22/1877 Murphy Margaret Eugene Sarah Campbell Shaneragh
4/3/1879 Murphy Patrick ****** Brigid Doyle No fixed residence
11/1/1880 Murphy Joseph Eugene Sarah Keenan Kildrum
3/3/1875 Murphy Mary Ann Eugene Sarah Campbell Shaneragh
8/11/1878 Murray Charles James ****** Mary Murray Dromore
1/16/1837 Murry Margaret
11/26/1837 Murry Mary
6/16/1836 Murry James
8/11/1836 Murry Frances Ann
8/6/1836 Murry Catherine
11/7/1837 Murry? Catherine Patrick
7/26/1836 Nathan? Catherine Thomas Honora
3/19/1837 Nevil? Patrick
12/15/1836 Nichols Francis
3/27/1836 Nugent Mary Michael Catherine Murphy
10/14/1875 O'Bannon Michael ? Michael Ann Sweeny Drumlish
6/18/1866 O'Brien Hugh Hugh Ann O'Neil Knockaraven
4/2/1865 O'Brien Isabella Michael Ann Sweeny Dromore
4/6/1866 O'Brien Mary Daniel Mary Moran Dromore
1/23/1880 O'Brien Catherine James Rose McGuigan Dromore
3/17/1871 O'Brien Isabella Thomas Susan Armstrong Aughadarra
1/28/1869 O'Brien Theresa Ellen Michael Ann? Sweeny Dromore
6/26/1878 O'Brien Margaret Ann James Rose McGuigan Dromore
1/25/1868 O'Brien Ann Daniel Mary Moran Dromore
7/26/1880 O'Brien Sarah Thomas Susan Armstrong Aughee
12/8/1871 O'Brien Theresa Michael Rose Ann ****** ?
11/9/1869 O'Brien? McBrien Eugene Daniel? Mary? Moran ? Dromore
12/18/1852 O'Donnell Con Daniel
9/25/1867 O'Donnell Ellen Charles Sarah Quinn Newpark
7/17/1858 O'Donnell Brigid John Ann McQuaid
8/8/1849 O'Donnell Brigid Hugh
3/26/1868 O'Donnell Brigid Bernard Brigid Hughes Galbally
9/17/1846 O'Donnell Charles
7/4/1855 O'Donnell Patrick Daniel
9/5/1852 O'Donnell Terence Con
11/21/1867 O'Donnell James Daniel Rose Maguire Doocrock
2/26/1865 O'Donnell Margaret Charles Sarah Quinn Galbally
4/10/1860 O'Donnell Thomas Daniel Rose Maguire Doocrock*
3/7/1847 O'Donnell Catherine
3/27/1857 O'Donnell Catherine John
5/24/1880 O'Donnell Margaret Jane Bernard Brigid Hughes Galbally
11/12/1843 O'Donnell Daniel
6/1/1872 O'Donnell John Daniel Rose Maguire Doocrock
3/22/1857 O'Donnell Isabella James
6/20/1876 O'Donnell Francis Bernard Brigid Hughes Galbally
11/3/1843 O'Donnell John
9/16/1867 O'Donnell John Bernard Brigid Hughes Galbally
9/14/1838 O'Donnell Catherine
6/2/1844 O'Donnell Daniel
2/18/1837 O'Donnell James
8/2/1853 O'Donnell Ellen Charles
8/12/1877 O'Donnell Francis James Brigid McAleer McAtee Straduff
9/17/1859 O'Donnell Catherine John Ann McQuaid
9/22/1850 O'Donnell James Con
6/16/1844 O'Donnell James
9/11/1854 O'Donnell Eugene Con? Comadi Catherine
7/16/1865 O'Donnell Francis Daniel Rose Maguire Doocrock
5/23/1866 O'Donnell James Bernard Brigid Hughes Galbally
5/23/1866 O'Donnell Michael Bernard Brigid Hughes Galbally
9/25/1872 O'Donnell Mary Ann Bernard Brigid Hughes Tummery
11/22/1844 O'Donnell Mary
7/2/1850 O'Donnell Mary Daniel
9/22/1857 O'Donnell Daniel Daniel Rose Maguire Doocrock*
3/15/1871 O'Donnell Patrick Bernard Brigid Hughes Galbally
8/10/1879 O'Hanlon Michael Joseph Richard Brigid McIver Gardrum
1/16/1874 O'Neil George Bernard Brigid Barrett Tummery
7/23/1868 O'Neil Brigid Henry Ellen McCarney Rahony
9/20/1875 O'Neil William Joseph James Rose McKenna Dromore
8/18/1877 O'Neil Daniel Edward James Rose McKenna Dromore
12/20/1871 O'Neil Sara? Hugh Catherine McAleer Aughee
4/28/1878 O'Neil Mary Bernard Brigid Barrett Tummery
7/26/1880 O'Neil Michael Bernard Brigid Barrett Tummery
4/30/1837 O'Neil George
1/15/1879 O'Neil Hugh Augustine James Ellen Mullhall Dromore
12/7/1873 O'Neil Hugh Hugh Catherine McAleer? Aughadarra
2/8/1857 O'Neil Brigid Patrick
7/29/1876 O'Neil James Henry Ellen McCarney Rahony
6/29/1873 O'Neil Thomas John Thomas Mary Dollian Dromore
8/25/1836 O'Neil Mary Ann
1/19/1875 O'Neil Mary Brigid James Ellen Mullhall Dromore
10/10/1875 O'Neil Charles Bernard Brigid Barrett? ?
7/28/1874 O'Neil Thomas Henry Ellen McCarney Rahony
3/8/1876 O'Neil Margaret Hugh Catherine McAleer Aughee
4/6/1871 O'Neil James Patrick? Ellen McMahon Corbally
4/30/1880 O'Neil Rose Ann Henry Ellen McCarney Rahony
2/28/1866 O'Neil Patrick Daniel Matilda Quinn Dromore
2/28/1866 O'Neil Henry Daniel Matilda Quinn Dromore
3/4/1876 O'Neil Ellen James Ellen Mullholen Dromore
3/27/1872 O'Neil Catherine Ann James Rose McKenna Dromore
7/2/1865 O'Neil Sara Ann Thomas Mary Dolan Dromore
11/14/1866 O'Neil Ellen Henry Catherine Helen? McCarney Minegar
7/29/1878 O'Neil Henry Henry Ellen McCarney Rahony
5/20/1870 O'Neil Henry Henry Ellen McCarney Rahony
2/28/1867 O'Neil Mary Daniel Matilda Quinn Dromore
5/29/1873 O'Neil Charles John William Ellen McMahon Corbally
2/16/1865 O'Neil Catherine Patrick Ellen McMahon Corbally
12/30/1835 O'Neil Edward
12/18/1866 O'Neil Henry James Sarah O'Neil Tummery
8/15/1867 O'Neil Elizabeth Thomas Mary Dolan Dromore
8/28/1873 O'Neil Francis James James Rose McKenna Dromore
9/18/1877 O'Neil John James Ellen Mullhall Dromore
10/18/1870 O'Neil Thomas? Augustine James Ellen Trulhall? Mullhall? Dromore
4/26/1872 O'Neil Sarah Henry Ellen McCarney Rahony
11/6/1872 O'Neil Sara Jane James Ellen Mulhall Dromore
10/3/1878 O'Neil Elizabeth Hugh Catherine McAleer Aughee
10/28/1880 O'Neil Robert Michael Margaret McCoy Tummery
5/30/1867 O'Neil Charlene? Jane Hugh Catherine McAleer?? Aughee
10/7/1836 O'Neil Josephine Dennis Mary
3/15/1874 O'Neil? Mary Ann James Mary Mullholen Dromore
6/29/1838 O'Reilly ? ?
10/28/1878 O'Reilly Ann Jane Patrick Sioney McGirr Dromore
2/27/1877 O'Reilly Ann Patrick Sioney McGirr Dromore
3/6/1873 O'Reilly Patrick Patrick Sioney McGirr Dromore
3/19/1843 O'Reilly James
4/24/1843 O'Reilly John
6/24/1879 Ormsby Thomas Richard Mary Ann McCaffrey Newpark
6/29/1866 Owens Rose Bernard Mary Monaghan Corlaghdergan
5/14/1857 Owens John Bernard
3/29/1836 Owens Catherine Hugh Mary
4/30/1837 Owens Catherine
4/15/1869 Owens Francis Bernard Mary Monaghan Corlaghdergan?
4/3/1837 Owens Mary
12/10/1835 Owens Peter
10/21/1870 Owens Brigid Bernard Mary Monaghan Corlaghdergan
3/10/1838 Owens William
7/7/1857 Passmore? Francis Joseph
7/28/1874 Quinn Michael John? Francis Mary Maguire Corlaghdergan
2/4/1876 Quinn Eugene Hugh Mary Crosby Dressoge
5/25/1875 Quinn Dennis Hugh Ann McMenamin Lettergesh
8/28/1877 Quinn John C? Rebecca Moore? Moss Minegar
1/25/1876 Quinn Ellen Henry? Hugh Brigid Sweeny? Tanny Dromore
4/14/1860 Quinn Daniel Dennis? Dennis Jane McKervey
2/25/1880 Quinn Edward Charles Elizabeth Jordan Minegar
9/22/1877 Quinn Brigid Edward Alice Winter Dergany
2/7/1880 Quinn William John Hugh Mary Crosby Esker
1/23/1859 Quinn Joseph Michael Brigid Gallagher Grennan*
6/24/1877 Quinn Ellen Hugh Ann McMenamin Lettergesh
2/24/1875 Quinn John Edward? John Alice Winter Carnalea
2/6/1848 Quinn Jane George
3/13/1875 Quinn Mary Nicholas Sarah Donnelly Killskeery
12/20/1858 Quinn Jane Charles Margaret McKervey Lettergesh
7/4/1877 Quinn Joseph John Mary Maguire Aughadarra
7/29/1838 Quinn Edward
11/11/1879 Quinn Charles Charles Margaret McKervey Lettergesh
7/13/1875 Quinn Isabella Charles Margaret McKervey Lettergesh
6/8/1866 Quinn James Hugh Ann McCarron? McCann Letteree
7/10/1873 Quinn Mary Ann Henry Brigid Sweeny Dromore
9/1/1838 Quinn Ellen John
4/23/1866 Quinn James Hugh Ann McMenamin Lettergesh
8/29/1867 Quinn James Edward Alice Winter Carnalea
9/26/1856 Quinn Joseph Michael
3/26/1871 Quinn James Hugh Ann McMenamin Lettergesh? Letteree
6/15/1857 Quinn Catherine James
11/20/1836 Quinn Patrick
12/23/1859 Quinn James Hugh Mary Crosby
6/29/1838 Quinn Edward Edward
1/18/1857 Quinn James John Mary Breen
4/26/1841 Quinn Ann
9/6/1867 Quinn John Patrick Catherine ? Dullaghan
10/7/1878 Quinn Margaret Henry Brigid Sweeny? Tanny Dromore
6/29/1838 Quinn Hugh ?
7/13/1871 Quinn ? Edward? Isabella R? Minegar
6/1/1879 Quinn Edward Edward Rebecca Moore Minegar
1/12/1879 Quinn Elizabeth Charles? John Elizabeth? Ann Jordan Minegar
4/17/1836 Quinn Hugh
1/12/1879 Quinn Rebecca George (Usor) Jane Kerberry Minegar
1/9/1837 Quinn James
5/22/1837 Quinn Brigid
7/1/1871 Quinn John? John? Mary Maguire Corbally
8/12/1866 Quinn Mary John Mary Maguire Corbally
8/10/1871 Quinn Thomas Hugh Mary Crosby Drumlish
2/11/1866 Quinn Margaret Charles Margaret McKervey Lettergesh
3/4/1866 Quinn Jane ****** Mary McKenna Drumsheil
3/27/1836 Quinn Alicia Eugene Ellen
1/24/1869 Quinn Hugh John Mary Maguire Corbally
12/25/1868 Quinn Joseph William Isabella? Elizabeth Goan? ******
1/5/1879 Quinn Catherine Hugh Ann McMenamin Lettergesh
10/8/1869 Quinn Bernard Hugh Ann McCarron Letteree
1/16/1873 Quinn Edward William Isabella Goan Dromore
7/6/1880 Quinn Alice John Mary Maguire Shaneragh
7/28/1837 Quinn Terence
3/31/1878 Quinn John Charles Elizabeth Jordan Minegar
5/14/1880 Quinn John James Mary Holland Dromore
12/11/1869 Quinn Mary Ann Edward Alice Winter Carnalea
5/12/1865 Quinn Charles Hugh Mary Crosby Esker
3/8/1867 Quinn William James Mary Holland? Hill..? Dromore
12/4/1856 Quinn John Hugh Ann McCarron
3/14/1874 Quinn Sara Catherine Hugh Mary Crosby Badoney
11/26/1835 Quinn Catherine
10/29/1857 Quinn Catherine Dennis Jane McKervey
5/7/1867 Quinn Mary Hugh Mary Crosby Esker
4/20/1870 Quinn Ellen Charles Margaret McKervey Lettergesh
3/25/1868 Quinn Ann Charles Lettergesh
9/21/1836 Quinn James
6/12/1869 Quinn Edward Hugh Mary Crosby Drumsheil
8/27/1859 Quinn John John Mary Breen
9/26/1868 Quinn Catherine Hugh Ann McMenamin Lettergesh
5/3/1865 Quinn Catherine John Mary Breen Dullaghan
11/30/1856 Quinn Catherine William Isabella Goan
1/5/1873 Quinn Ann Hugh Ann McMenamin Lettergesh
3/14/1869 Quinn Mary Edward Ann Hughes Carnalea?
3/4/1843 Quinn William
11/23/1873 Quinn Rose Charles Margaret McKervey Lettergesh
5/8/1836 Quinn Elizabeth
12/5/1845 Quinn Brigid
11/22/1856 Quinn Brigid Charles Margaret McKervey Lettergesh
5/14/1880 Quinn Catherine Edward Alice Winter Dergany
3/19/1865 Quinn Patrick Michael Brigid Gallagher Grennan
4/23/1837 Quinn? Mary John Brigid
6/9/1857 Quinn? Edward Hugh
11/13/1837 Quinn? Margaret
11/20/1870 Rafferty Margaret John Mary Coyle Tattycor
8/10/1836 Rafferty Catherine
11/12/1837 Rafferty James Patrick
6/15/1875 Rafferty Catherine John Mary Coyle Polfore
3/14/1871 Reed ? John Catherine McElroy Dergany
11/22/1867 Reed? Brigid John Catherine McElroy Dergany
9/10/1838 Reilly Peter Peter
3/18/1836 Reilly Michael
3/2/1836 Reilly? Patrick
8/17/1836 Reilly? John
11/11/1873 Rooney Eugene Patrick Charles Brigid McNulty Doocrock
1/29/1865 Rooney James Charles Brigid McNulty Doocrock
12/3/1869 Rooney Catherine Charles Brigid McNulty Doocrock
3/25/1873 Roske Francis Michael Mary McManus Dromore
2/20/1837 Rosny? Elizabeth
6/2/1837 Ryan Ann Patrick
1/7/1838 Scallen Eugene
2/9/1871 Scallen Brigid John Catherine McBrien Gardrum?
10/12/1874 Scallen Catherine Henry Margaret McElkill ?
2/6/1870 Scallen Henry Henry Margaret McElkill Straduff
11/10/1878 Scott Letitia Mary James Mary Andrew Mullaghbane
4/28/1869 Shannon Mary Ann James Susan Canning Shaneragh
5/12/1836 Shannon Charles
10/8/1865 Shannon Patrick Patrick Hannah McCann Cornamuck
6/27/1869 Shannon Henry Patrick Hannah McCann Cornamuck
2/24/1867 Shannon Catherine Patrick Hannah McCann Cornamuck
1/6/1868 Sharkey Brigid William Ann McCarron Polfore
4/23/1870 Sharkey Eugene William Ann McCann Polfore
9/11/1874 Sharkey Mary Isabella William Ann McCann Tattycor
8/25/1865 Sharkey John William Ann McCann Polfore
5/27/1872 Sharkey Sarah Ann William Ann McCann Polfore
11/30/1876 Sheenan Sara Jane Patrick Hannah McCann Cornamuck
3/6/1857 Sheenan Bernard Bernard Hanora Farry
2/24/1872 Sheenan Rose Patrick Ann McCann Cornamuck
9/24/1878 Sheenan Shannon John Patrick Hannah McCann Cornamuck
10/3/1874 Sherman? Shannon Thomas Patrick Hannah McCann Cornamuck
7/7/1858 Shiels James John
1/15/1866 Shiels Elizabeth Patrick Mary Campbell Tummery
2/7/1878 Shiels Patrick John Catherine Maguire Tummery
4/6/1837 Shiels John
11/6/1880 Shiels James John Catherine Maguire? Tummery
6/11/1869 Slenander? Jane James Ann Goodwin Serphimore?
12/22/1871 Slevin Margaret David Rose McEntee Badoney
12/13/1869 Slevin Jane James Mary McCusker Dromore
12/23/1879 Slevin Michael Michael Mary Crakin? Minegar
11/11/1879 Slevin Robert James Terence Catherine Williams Dromore
8/24/1838 Slevin Hanora Edward
12/7/1875 Slevin Margaret Daniel Catherine Gallagher Corlaghdergan
6/17/1836 Slevin Catherine
3/24/1878 Slevin Patrick Bernard Brigid McQuaid Dullaghan
9/28/1879 Slevin Rose Ann Michael Susan Slevin Cranny
5/17/1878 Slevin Michael Michael Ann Quinn Kildrum
9/1/1876 Slevin Edward Edward Mary McQuaid Corlaghdergan
2/21/1877 Slevin Catherine Michael Mary McGroarken Minegar
8/15/1878 Slevin Mary Ann John Mary Ross Rakeeranbeg
11/23/1875 Slevin Ann Michael Susan Slevin Cranny
2/6/1877 Slevin Catherine James Catherine McCormick Polfore
3/5/1879 Slevin Florence James Catherine McCormick Polfore
12/2/1872 Slevin Patrick Terence Catherine McGuigan Minegar
4/30/1879 Slevin James Terence Catherine McGuigan Minegar
9/13/1877 Slevin Bernard William Sarah Goodwin Oughterard
2/21/1878 Slevin James Patrick Ellen McNulty Glengeen
2/14/1879 Slevin Brigid Edward Mary McQuaid Corlaghdergan
4/16/1879 Slevin Patrick Arthur Mary Teague Aughnamoe
6/8/1836 Slevin Eugene
4/23/1869 Slevin Nigel Michael Susan Slevin? Cranny
4/26/1869 Slevin Daniel Francis Mary McNulty Corbally
4/15/1873 Slevin Catherine William Sarah McGuigan Oughterard
1/8/1836 Slevin James Michael Catherine
5/17/1873 Slevin Alice Michael Mary Mc..? Minegar
12/14/1880 Slevin Mary Ann Patrick Ellen McNulty Minegar
11/10/1869 Slevin Brigid Cormac Elizabeth Slevin Minegar
1/23/1877 Slevin Thomas Michael Susan Slevin Cranny
10/22/1837 Slevin Rose?
9/9/1865 Slevin Patrick Michael Mary McGroarken Minegar
2/4/1869 Slevin John Michael Ann Quinn Polfore
7/9/1874 Slevin Susan Edward Mary McQuaid Corlaghdergan
9/1/1873 Slevin Margaret Ann James Catherine ****** Polfore
7/13/1874 Slevin Catherine Patrick Ellen McNulty Glengeen
2/10/1867 Slevin Catherine James Mary McCusker ?
11/6/1836 Slevin Patrick
11/20/1836 Slevin Charles
11/6/1836 Slevin Ann
3/14/1872 Slevin Mary Ann Michael Ann Quinn Polfore
6/8/1870 Slevin Bernard Michael Ann? Mary Quinn Kildrum?
8/16/1870 Slevin Ellen Daniel Catherine Gallagher Corlaghdergan
7/10/1856 Slevin Hugh Patrick
9/20/1874 Slevin Eugene Arthur Mary Teague Aughnamoe?
6/27/1872 Slevin Bernard Bernard Brigid McQuaid Dullaghan
10/15/1867 Slevin Michael Michael Catherine Slevin Minegar
9/23/1870 Slevin Brigid Arthur Mary Teague Aughnamoe
11/18/1870 Slevin Mary Catherine Francis Mary McNulty Corbally
10/3/1874 Slevin Rose Ann John Mary Ann McAleer Minegar
12/16/1868 Slevin Patrick William Sarah McGuigan Oughterard
4/12/1874 Slevin Margaret Michael Ann Quinn Kildrum
5/7/1870 Slevin Susan Daniel Rose McAtee Badoney
6/11/1836 Slevin Thomas
3/20/1870 Slevin Mary William Sarah McGuigan Aughnamoe?
7/11/1836 Slevin Thomas
2/28/1867 Slevin Patrick Daniel Catherine Gallagher Corlaghdergan
4/14/1872 Slevin Joseph Edward Mary? (Catherine) McQuaid Corlaghdergan
11/23/1873 Slevin James Michael Susan ? C?
1/11/1837 Slevin John
3/31/1865 Slevin Mary James Mary McCusker Dromore
7/2/1837 Slevin Rose Michael
12/5/1870 Slevin ? Bernard Brigid Mc? Dullaghan
9/18/1837 Slevin Ann John
1/4/1869 Slevin Mary Ann Michael Mary McGroarken Minegar
12/4/1836 Slevin Daniel
4/23/1874 Slevin William William Sarah McGuigan Oughterard
5/19/1874 Slevin Michael Terence Catherine McGuigan Minegar
1/22/1857 Slevin Eugene Michael
10/1/1837 Slevin Francis
6/1/1870 Slevin Mary Edward Mary McQuaid Corlaghdergan
3/5/1865 Slevin Michael Michael Sarah McCarney Minegar
3/15/1866 Slevin Patrick Edward Mary McQuaid Corlaghdergan
7/18/1871 Slevin Michael Michael Susan Slevin Cranny
1/10/1876 Slevin Susan Arthur Mary Teague Aughnamoe
4/5/1837 Slevin Daniel
4/15/1875 Slevin John Bernard Brigid McQuaid Dullaghan
8/14/1836 Slevin Patrick
4/28/1877 Slevin Catherine Daniel Rose McEntee Badoney
8/9/1838 Slevin John
5/5/1877 Slevin John Francis Arthur Mary Teague Aughnamoe
7/17/1876 Slevin Susan Michael Ann Quinn Kildrum
6/5/1868 Slevin Rose Ann Daniel Rose McAtee Badoney
3/7/1875 Slevin Alice Michael Mary McGroarken? Minegar
1/11/1866 Slevin Bernard Michael Brigid Slevin Aughnamoe
6/26/1836 Slevin John
3/11/1866 Slevin Patrick Michael Catherine Slevin Minegar
10/31/1856 Slevin Bernard Daniel
6/4/1877 Slevin Mary Ann Terence Catherine McGuigan Minegar
11/10/1856 Slevin Michael John
4/10/1857 Slevin Susan John
10/14/1875 Slevin Henry Terence Catherine McGuigan Minegar
5/13/1837 Slevin Terence
3/6/1876 Slevin John William Rose McGuigan Aughtena?
2/20/1874 Slevin Michael Francis Mary McNulty Corbally
7/14/1872 Slevin Ann Francis Mary McNulty Corbally
11/9/1868 Slevin Ellen Arthur Mary Teague Aughnamoe?
12/27/1870 Slevin John Michael Mary McCrorken Minegar
7/2/1836 Slevin Mary Ann John Margaret
3/15/1837 Slevin Mary
3/17/1837 Slevin Rose
8/27/1836 Slevin Mary Ann
1/18/1876 Slevin Brigid Ellen Francis Mary McNulty Corbally
5/13/1875 Slevin Mary Jane James Catherine McCormick Polfore
2/13/1871 Slevin Patrick Patrick Ellen Gray Lettergesh
8/4/1868 Slevin Mary Ann John Mary Donaghy Magheragart
8/15/1871 Slevin ? William Sarah McGuigan ?
8/21/1858 Slevin Mary Patrick Margaret Martin
6/1/1836 Slevin Mary
3/10/1836 Slevin Mary
7/20/1868 Slevin Daniel Edward Mary McQuaid Corlaghdergan
12/7/1871 Slevin James Eugene Margaret? Monaghan Minegar
3/19/1880 Slevin Patrick Michael Ann Quinn Kildrum
11/18/1874 Slevin Michael Daniel Mary McAtee Badoney
6/12/1866 Slevin Daniel Daniel Rose McAtee Badoney
7/12/1837 Slevin? James James
7/22/1838 Slevin? Terence
6/26/1836 Sludden Ann
11/30/1837 Sludden? Francis
2/9/1871 Smyth Sara Ann Francis Rose Teague Rakeeranbeg
2/13/1867 Smyth Francis Joseph Patrick Mary McCusker Dromore
11/20/1836 Smyth John
2/26/1837 Smyth James
6/29/1838 Smyth Bridgid
10/20/1873 Smyth Susan Francis Rose Teague Rakeeranbeg
6/10/1838 Smyth Bridgid
5/30/1876 Smyth Rose Francis Rose Teague Rakeeranbeg
2/2/1866 Smyth Mary Ann Patrick Mary McCusker Dromore
2/15/1836 Smyth Joseph
9/4/1870 Smyth Ellen Joseph Mary Slevin Esker?
7/15/1868 Smyth Daniel Patrick Mary McCusker Dromore
8/30/1871 Smyth ? Patrick ****** ****** Dromore
6/20/1868 Smyth Charles Francis Rose Teague Lisnaden
2/19/1866 Smyth Teresa Francis Rose Teague Rakeeranbeg
5/30/1871 Starr Ann Patrick Elizabeth (Lisa) McCusker Mullaghbane
4/18/1866 Starr Arthur Arthur? Catherine McMahon ?sully
9/8/1869 Starr Elizabeth Patrick Elizabeth McCusker Mullaghbane
12/3/1836 Starr Elizabeth
6/8/1867 Starr James Patrick Elizabeth McCusker Aughadarra
8/24/1870 Starr Patrick Peter Margaret McQuaid Golan
10/20/1857 Starr Bridgid Patrick Catherine Donnelly
5/2/1879 Starr John Patrick Elizabeth McCusker Aughadulla
2/21/1838 Starr? Eugene Eugene
10/15/1873 StGeorge John Ann McElrone Dromore
10/12/1872 Summervil Andrew George Susan Doran Dergany
10/3/1875 Summervil Sara Jane George Susan Doran Doaheny
4/16/1878 Summervil? Bernard? George Susan? Jordan (Doran) Doocrock
9/25/1879 Summervil? Alice George Susan Doran Corlaghdergan
4/10/1836 Swan Sarah
6/13/1880 Sweeny Mary Ann Thomas Susan Breen Tummery
4/14/1873 Sweeny Catherine Thomas Susan D..? Camderry?
8/23/1875 Sweeny Isabella Jane Thomas Susan Breen Tummery
3/1/1857 Sweeny Patrick Patrick Margaret Donegan
12/11/1877 Sweeny Susan Thomas Susan Breen Tummery
4/6/1837 Sweeny John
3/18/1868 Teague Catherine Francis Brigid McGlaughlin Letteree
3/29/1879 Teague Catherine James Alice McQuaid Knocknahorn
4/2/1876 Teague Brigid Patrick Rose Goan Cornamuck
10/19/1868 Teague James Patrick Brigid McElroy Corbally
3/29/1879 Teague Susan Felix Brigid McQuaid Letteree
8/14/1868 Teague Mary Catherine Patrick Ann Donnelly Cornamuck
12/3/1836 Teague Sarah
4/13/1871 Teague Patrick Patrick Brigid McElroy Corbally
9/23/1838 Teague Francis
2/6/1870 Teague Brigid Ann Patrick Ellen Curran Rakeeranbeg
7/23/1868 Teague Michael Francis Rose McQuaid Letteree
1/5/1871 Teague Francis Felix Brigid McQuaid Letteree
4/16/1879 Teague Brigid James Susan Reed Rahony
2/27/1868 Teague Patrick Patrick Ellen Curran Rakeeranbeg
6/19/1873 Teague John James Susan? Reed Rahony
6/26/1870 Teague James Edward Rose Keenan Aughee
11/13/1869 Teague Bernard Bernard Ann Muldoon Tully?
10/16/1836 Teague Ann
4/28/1867 Teague Rose Ann James Mary O'Neil Golan
5/13/1870 Teague Jane Patrick Ann Campbell Tummery
5/1/1876 Teague Edward John Mary McGirr Tullyclunagh
5/16/1873 Teague Eugene Edward Rose Sheenan Aughee
1/8/1881 Teague Catherine Patrick Rose Goan Cornamuck
11/9/1876 Teague Brigid Edward Rose Keenan Aughee
7/4/1867 Teague Felix Felix Catherine McCarron Letteree
5/2/1879 Teague Edward Patrick Rose Goan Cornamuck
11/28/1876 Teague Catherine Dennis Catherine McGuinnes Aughadarra
9/11/1880 Teague Bernard Francis Alice Maguire Tullymagough
9/6/1880 Teague Sara Ann Bernard Ann McAloon Tullymagough
10/14/1867 Teague Ellen Patrick Ann Campbell Tummery
11/2/1876 Teague Ellen Patrick Ellen Curran Rakeeranbeg
1/31/1870 Teague Jane Patrick Sarah Donnelly Cornamuck
4/26/1869 Teague Mary Ann Felix Brigid McQuaid Letteree
6/14/1880 Teague Edward Patrick Brigid McElroy Corbally
11/21/1870 Teague Mary Ann John James? Susan Reed Rahony
3/23/1867 Teague Patrick Patrick Ann Donnelly Cornamuck
1/30/1869 Teague Edward Edward Alice Gallagher Tummery
12/4/1866 Teague Eugene Patrick Brigid McElroy Aughadarra
12/27/1869 Teague James Matthew Sarah Cairns Aughadarra
11/12/1868 Teague Ann Matthew Sarah Cairns Aughadulla
12/29/1866 Teague Eugene Dennis Mary O'Donnell Tullymagough
9/23/1870 Teague Robert Francis Rose McQuaid Letteree
1/21/1867 Teague Michael Felix? Brigid McQuaid Letteree
1/21/1867 Teague Francis Matthew Sarah Riedan? Oughterard
2/8/1857 Teague Brigid Edward Alice Gallagher
2/26/1837 Teague Catherine
1/27/1874 Teague Daniel Patrick Brigid McElroy Corbally
6/21/1837 Teague Matthew
5/16/1841 Teague Patrick
7/4/1874 Teague Catherine Bernard Ann McAloon Tullymagough
6/30/1874 Teague James Patrick Ellen Curran? Carren Rakeeranbeg
3/1/1878 Teague Brigid Patrick Brigid McElroy Corbally
4/22/1874 Teague Catherine Bernard ? McAleer/ McAloon? Tullymagough
3/16/1874 Teague Mary Jane Matthew Sarah ? Aughadarra
9/3/1837 Teague Francis?
7/24/1874 Teague Thomas John Francis Alice Maguire Tullymagough
2/25/1838 Teague John
12/3/1877 Teague Patrick Patrick Ellen Curran Rakeeranbeg
6/20/1879 Teague James John Mary McGirr ******
12/30/1864 Teague Catherine James Mary O'Neil Camderry Goland
9/23/1876 Teague James Felix Brigid McQuaid Letteree
1/20/1865 Teague Sarah Edward Alice Gallagher Tummery
6/27/1876 Teague Patrick Patrick Mary McCann Tullymagough
7/14/1878 Teague Sarah Edward Ann McAloon Tullymagough
6/28/1878 Teague Eugene Dennis Catherine McGennis Aughadarra
4/25/1865 Teague John ****** Elizabeth Noble Dromore
6/3/1872 Teague Rose Felix Brigid McQuaid Letteree
5/16/1841 Teague Terence
6/19/1860 Teague Mary Dennis Mary O'Donnell
6/7/1877 Teague Thomas Patrick Ann Campbell Tummery
5/13/1877 Teague John John Mary McGirr? Tulladena
3/15/1836 Teague John
3/18/1836 Teague John
4/24/1875 Teague Mary Catherine Francis Rose McQuaid Letteree
2/22/1836 Teague James
1/23/1875 Teague Francis Patrick ? Goan? Cornamuck
1/20/1875 Teague Mary Teresa Dennis Catherine Mc? ******
1/21/1878 Teague James Patrick Mary McCann Tullymagough
7/20/1877 Teague Rose Patrick Rose Goan Cornamuck
3/10/1877 Teague Patrick James Susan Reed Rahony
1/15/1875 Teague Joseph Patrick Mary McCann Tullymagough
1/27/1838 Teague Sarah
2/20/1872 Teague John Patrick Ellen Curran Rakeeranbeg
12/22/1874 Teague Rose Ann Edward Rose Keenan Aughee
12/16/1874 Teague Catherine James Susan Reed Badoney
2/5/1838 Teague Felix
3/26/1877 Teague Michael Francis Alice Maguire Tullymagough
1/26/1876 Teague Andrew Patrick Brigid McElroy Corbally
8/5/1874 Teague Mary Ann John ? McGirr ?
5/16/1858 Teague Mary Dennis
6/25/1872 Teague Matthew Matthew Sarah Cairns Aughadarra
11/11/1878 Teague Mary Francis Alice Maguire Tullymagough
5/23/1837 Teague Margaret
12/26/1871 Teague Michael Francis Brigid McGlaughlin Letteree
8/16/1872 Teague Joseph John Sarah? ? Dromore
6/27/1865 Teague James Patrick Ann Donnelly Cornamuck
6/27/1865 Teague Susan Patrick Ann Donnelly Cornamuck
8/20/1875 Teague Frances Ann Francis Alice Maguire Tullymagough
11/24/1878 Teague William Matthew Sarah Kierans Aughadulla
3/12/1843 Teague Ann
9/14/1865 Teague Ann Patrick Ann Campbell Tummery
10/15/1871 Teague Ann Bernard Ann McAloon? Tullymagough
5/17/1874 Teague Margaret Felix Brigid McQuaid Letteree
7/29/1872 Teague Susan James Susan Reed Rahony
4/25/1837 Teague Brigid
12/9/1840 Teague Bernard
5/16/1865 Teague Dennis Dennis Mary O'Donnell Tullymagough
6/13/1872 Teague Patrick Patrick Ann Campbell Tummery
1/14/1875 Teague Catherine Patrick Ann Campbell Tummery
10/3/1872 Teague Terence Francis Rose McQuaid Letteree
6/19/1838 Teague Joseph
8/5/1856 Teague Sarah Terence
6/23/1871 Teague Mary Edward Rose Keenan Aughadarra
7/11/1871 Teague Edward Dennis? Daniel Mary O'Donnell Tullawee
1/16/1866 Teague Charles Francis Brigid McGlaughlin Letteree
10/3/1877 Thompson Mary Ann James Mary Carney Aughadulla
1/16/1874 Thompson Eugene James Mary Carney Aughadulla
1/2/1880 Thompson John James Mary Carney Aughadulla
10/27/1875 Thompson Felix James Margaret ? Aughadulla
8/15/1865 Tierney Matilda John Jane Starrs Aughadarra
8/4/1870 Tierney Joseph Francis Rose McCann Rahony
7/12/1876 Tracy Edward Patrick Ann Judge? Kildrum
6/8/1878 Tracy Thomas Patrick Ann Judge Gardrum
12/14/1837 Treanor Daniel
3/27/1877 Treanor Henry Michael Ann Corr Corlaghdergan
6/6/1837 Treanor Eugene
8/20/1868 Treanor Joseph Phillip Mary ? Dromore
2/12/1878 Treanor Patrick John Mary Corrigan Minegar
8/6/1871 Treanor ? John Rose Gorman Dromore
6/29/1869 Treanor Sarah Michael Ann Corr Corlaghdergan
2/11/1872 Treanor Patrick Francis Rose Campbell Glengeen
9/12/1878 Treanor Sarah Eugene Sarah Slevin Tummery
1/20/1866 Treanor Francis Phillip Mary Fitch Corlaghdergan
9/24/1876 Treanor Susan Eugene Sarah Slevin Tummery
5/27/1875 Treanor Margaret Michael Ann Corr Corlaghdergan
7/11/1873 Treanor Mary Francis Rose Ann Campbell Glengeen
6/5/1879 Treanor Mary Ellen Patrick Sarah Gallagher Cornamuck
3/12/1874 Treanor Cecelia Eugene Sarah Slevin Tummery
4/21/1873 Treanor John Michael Ann Corr Corlaghdergan
2/15/1869 Treanor Rose Ann John Mary Corrigan ******
1/3/1874 Treanor Francis Joseph John Rose Gorman Dinnser?
9/9/1838 Treanor John Michael
7/10/1866 Treanor Mary Eugene Sarah Slevin Tummery Gallagher
6/28/1879 Treanor John Francis Rose Campbell Glengeen
4/3/1870 Treanor Ellen Eugene Sarah Slevin Tummery
4/29/1879 Treanor Ellen Michael Ann Corr Corlaghdergan
3/18/1867 Treanor Mary Ann Michael Ann Corr Corlaghdergan
6/19/1836 Tummery Mary
4/6/1837 Tummery Bernard James Brigid
8/15/1836 Ultahan Ann
12/4/1836 Ultahan Brigid
1/3/1876 Ultahan Catherine Thomas Ann Goan Golan
1/5/1881 Ultahan John Thomas Ann Goan Aughadarra
7/20/1877 Ultahan James Thomas Ann Goan Badoney
2/21/1836 Ultahan Ann
11/24/1873 Ultahan Ellen Thomas Ann Goan Aughlish
2/5/1838 Ultahan Margaret
5/28/1879 Ultahan Felix Thomas Ann Goan Aughadarra
11/15/1835 Vertey Susan
3/28/1843 Ward Patrick?
7/4/1878 Whildy? Margaret Ann William Catherine Sharkey? Skelga(Fintona)
9/7/1879 Williams Mary Ann Francis Brigid Oroske? Dromore
9/5/1836 Woods Mary Ann