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Donemana Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone Records - Miscellaneous

Transcribed by Teena

Civil Parish: Donaghedy
Roman Catholic: Donaghedy or Dunamanagh [Donemana]
Church of Ireland: Donaghedy
Presbyterian: Donaghedy Donemana
Town: Dunamanagh
Barony: Strabane Lwr
Union: Strabane

Donemana otherwise known as Dunamanagh is about 8 miles from Strabane,
12 miles from Derry and is in the parish of Donagheady.

DS Film # 101096
Registration of Births Donemana 1864

30 November 1864 James (Lowther?), son of William McNAMEE (?),schoolmaster
and Isabella ELLIS, of Earlsgift

4 Dec. 1864 Jane, dau of John KILLEN farmer, and Nancy SCOTT of Ballynaner(?)

15 Dec 1864 David son of John LOVE,farmer and Eliza ROBINSON of Greystone

16 Dec 1864 James son of Hugh ? farmer and Mary Jane WELCH of Silveshally(?)

17 Dec 1864 Dennis son of Andrew McMENOMIN (?) labourer and Margaret McHUGH
of Gortileck

27 Dec 1864 James son of Hugh WALTERS labourer,and Ann McDONNELLY of Carikatane

23 Dec 1864 James son of Hugh DONAHEY labourer and Catherine HAMILTON of Leits.

Registrars District of Donemana births reg. in 1865 LDS film # 101106,

10 June 1865- John ,son of John JACK, labourer and Mary WELCH of Drain.

17 June 1866- Susan, dau of Thomas McNANMY, labourer and Sarah BROWN of

13? June 1865- Ann, dau of William KILGORE, labourer and Eliza
QUINN of Lisdiven.

17 June 1865- James, son of Andrew ROBINSON , blacksmith, and Rebecca
CHAMBERS of Moneycanon.

14 June 1865- Joseph, son of William ARBUCKLE, innkeeper and Rebecca
CUNINGHAM of Donemana.

14 June 1865- Ann Mary, dau of John (cannot read), blacksmith and Ellen
EDGAR, of Donemana.

20 June 1865- Eliza, dau of Robert LOVE, labourer and Sarah BEGLEY of
Gorticrum (?)

27 June 1865- Eliza, dau of James (G)EADLEY (?), carpenter and Eliza
HUTCHISON of Milltown.

Dunamanagh birth register from 1864
children of James Dunn married 9 Dec 1858 Sarah Lowry (died 23 Nov 1897) of Ballyskeagh
17 July 1864 William died 25 Mar 1866 Vol 1 page 3
18 Sept 1866 Margaret died 20 Oct 1918 1 97
11 July 1869 William James 2 80
11 Feb 1872 Hilands 3 69
23 sept 1874 Sarah Jane 4 55
8 Feb 1877 Bessie 5 25
8 Aug 1879 Annie Mary 7 1
? 1861 John Robert died 21 Jan 1939

children of John Dunn (died 1920)(father John) married Isabella (Bella) Lowry (father John) -25 May 1865
16 Mar 1866 Robert John died 1952 Vol 1 page 79
14 Sept 1867 Andrew 2 26
20 Mar 1870 Eliza Jane 3 5
11 May 1873 Thomas 4 12
21 Feb 1877 Annie Catherine 5 27

6 June 1872 Robert Pollock full age bachelor farmer Stranilan, father Thomas married Mary Lowry full age spinster Glencush father James/ witnesses James Roulston & Thomas Pollock

James Lowry from Cullion executor of the will of William Dunn 2 Aug 1878

David Lowry of Creaghan buried 1 Apr 1878 age 85

born 7 Jan 1831 Thomas Hamilton son to James Lowry and Margaret farmer Donagheady

born 14 July 1854 and baptised 26 Nov 1854 Mary Jane illi. dau of Jane Moore of Claudy and James Lowry of Bennelly lab.

born 20 Oct 1861 and baptised 5 Jan 1862 Thomas son of James Lowry and Fanny of Dunamanagh labourer

born 15 May 1866 baptised 7 Oct 1866 William James son of William and Mary Ann Lowry of Benowen farmer

born 1 Oct 1866 baptised 2 Dec 1866 Robert son of James and Fanny Lowry Dunamangh labourer

James Dunn and Jane Lowry's children of Cullion
25 Jan 1699/1700? James
25 Mar 1701 Sarah
8 Apr 1702 Robert
21 Aug 1703 James
9 Mar 1706 Janot
10 Feb 1716 William

Robert Lowry born 19 Feb 1919 bap 19 July 1919 father Lindsay McCorkell mother Mima Lowry

1706/1707? Janot Dun lawful daughter to James Dun & Joan Lowrie of Cullion bap 9 Mar.

1715 Andrew Lowry lawful son to William Lowry & Hanna Boyle of Faney? bap 20 Mar

1716/1717? William Dunn lawful son to James Dunn and Joan Lowry of Cullion bap Feb 10

1754 Agnes leg.dau. of Andrew Lowry of Leitrim 4 June

orn 14 Mar 1869 bap in May 1869 Matilda dau. of James and Fanny Lowry Dunamanagh

born 26 Dec 1868 bap 13 June 1869 Martha dau of William & Martha Lowry Creghan labourer

born 27 May bap 3 Aug 1872 Hamilton son of James & Fanny Lowry of Dunamanagh- Publican

LDS f# 0461330-
Magheramason Robert Lowry to John Love lease dated 25 July 1727 registered 25 Apr 1728
Irish Deeds Vol 56 page 313 deed # 38098

1860 marriages Vol 9 page 125 Lowry to Campbell Newtownards
" 6 677 Lowery to Hamilton Lisburn

bap 27 July 1866 Eliza Lowry dau of James labourer of Glencush

bap 25 Jan 1840 Elizabeth Lowry dau of Mahoriah? of Maheragh Cartman

bap 2 Mar 1840 Mary Jane Lowry dau of James of Moyah labourer

Parent-s / Town/ Child / bap. date

William Keys, Tyrkernaghan ,William ,1st Sabbath 1863
Thomas Keyes, Tyrkernaghan, William ,7 Aug. 1864
Joseph Keys, Liscleen, Robert, 6 May 1867
John Kee & Harriet Baird, farmer, Tullyard , Sarah Ellen,1 Feb 1880
Samuel Donnell &Jane Kee, stone mason, Barron, Samuel, 3 Nov 1879

Births Reg. in Donemana
21 Aug 1866 Eliza dau of Thomas Keys & Matilda Galbraith farmer Terkernahan Janet McGhee nurse present
27 Feb 1905 Frederick son of Hamilton Kee & Rebecca Ann Fulton farmer Hollyhill
2 Mar 1905 Mary Margaret dau of William Keys & Mary Miller Tirkenaghan,farmer

Marriages at Donemana
26 Mar 1857 Wm Maxwell full age bachelor farmer Tirkernakan father John
farmer to Nancy Keys full age spinster Tirkernahan father Wm. Keys farmer

Names of Elders of Donemana Presbyterian Church with the date they were ordained.

Joseph KEYS 1834
William FOSTER 1834
Robert POLLOCK 1834
James CRAIG 1855
John EATON 1855
William SMYTH 1855
Robert HANNA 1855
James Stewart McCREA 1855
Moses TAIT (installed) 1855
Joseph ARBUCKLE 1865
Robert DONNELL M.A. B.L. 1865
Henry McLOUGHLIN 1865
William James AIKEN 1889
Samuel EATON J.P. 1889
William ARBUCKLE 1889
Samuel McCLEA 1889
Samuel BARR (installed) 1889

Vitals Obtained from the British Library- respective newspapers listed
Strabane Morning Post
24/12/1822 - Died. On Monday last a Mr John ARBUCKLE of this town, aged 73.
much respected.

10/06/1823 - Died. On Monday last Mrs McCREA, relict of the late Wm McCrea,
of Cavanalee.

29/06/1824- Died. Mr William KEYS, Mullinavey.

04/05/1830 - Marriage. In the Church of Urney, this morning, by the Rev.
Robert SCOTT, Mr Samuel CUMMINS, of Gortlogher, to Catherine, eldest
daughter of Mr George GWYALL of Urney.

05/01/1836 - Married. In the Church of Lifford, on Friday the 1st inst., by
the Rev. Samuel MONTGOMERY, Tasker KEYS of Bloomfield Esq., to Nora eldest
daughter of the late Thomas KEYS of Clonfad, Co Donegal.

22/03/1836 - Married. On Friday last, at Spring-hill, near this town, by
the Rev. A.P. GOWDY, Mr John HUGHES to Margaret youngest daughter of Mr John
ARBUCKLE of said place.

22/03/1836 -Died. On the 16th inst.,aged 73 at Ballyskeagh, Mr John
KNOX........elder of Presbyterian Church.

06/09/1836 - Married, by the Rev A.P.GOWDY, Mr John ARBUCKLE junior, of
Spring-hill, near this town to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Jas.
FARQUHAR, Esq. solicitor of this town.

08/01/1835 - Married. Jas. DONAGHY Esq. of Ruskey, to Elizabeth youngest
daughter of the late Wm. PINKERTON Esq. of Monglas, in Co. Donegal.

07/01/1834 - Married. On 30/12/1833 Mr Thomas McCREA, of Ballyheather to
Mrs. QUINN of Loughnease, by Rev. S.J. WRAY Donagheady.

11/2/1834 - Married. Rev. GOWDY Presbyterian minister of this town married
Mr. Mc FARLAND, Saddler of Omagh to Rebecca eldest daughter of Mr. Archibald
McCREA of this town.

From Derry Journal 14/11/1884
LOVE and ELLIS - Nov 10th in the Parish Church Donegheady, by Rev. C.M.
MONTIETH curate. Mr. James LOVE of Gortmellon, to Margaret youngest daughter
of the late Mr David ELLIS of Benowen.

Tyrone Constitution.
April 17, 1885 Birth. On the 20th February at Canning Street, North
Carlton, Victoria, Australia.the wife of the late John DUNN, of Donemana, Co
Tyrone, Ireland of a son. Both doing well.