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Second Donagheady Presbyterian Church Marriages 1845 - 1926

Transcribed by Transcribed by Len Swindley, Dave Mitchell & Faye Logue

Date Surname Forename/s Details Address Profession Father Father's Profession Witness 1 Witness 2 Comments
12/08/1845 Kirkwood Robert full age, bachelor Cullermoney (Coolermoney) Servant Oliver Kirkwood Labourer Alexander Brown John Wright  
  Whittaker Mary full age, spinster Ballilaw   William Whittaker Paper maker  
14/08/1845 McDermot Matthew full age, bachelor Loughnease Farm Servant Matthew McDermot Labourer Turbit Moore David Phillips  
  Sharkey Margaret full age, spinster Loughnease Farm Servant William Sharkey Labourer  
18/11/1845 Orr Joseph full age, widower Tamnabrane (Tamnabryan) Mason John Orr Mason John McEldowney Alex. Cunningham  
  Cunningham Elizabeth full age, spinster Tamnabrane (Tamnabryan)   William Cunningham Labourer  
19/11/1845 McDermot Samuel full age, bachelor Killymallaught (Killymallaght) Weaver James McDermot Fisherman W. T. Mitchell Thomas McClay  
  Bonar Mary Jane Full age, spinster Killymallaught (Killymallaght) Weaver Duncan Bonar Soldier  
24/11/1845 Phillips Thomas full age, bachelor Loughnease Flax Dresser James Phillips Miller Robert Alexander Turbit Moore  
  Moore Margaret full age, spinster Loughnease   William Moore Labourer  
02/01/1846 Clarke Charles full age, bachelor Gortinure/Gortimore? Weaver John Clarke Weaver Michael Marshall James McClure  
  McMaster Anne full age, spinster Liston?   William McMaster Weaver  
?/01/1846 Logue John 20 years, bachelor Drummeny Labourer Joseph Logue Labourer James Dunlap Thomas Glinfield?  
  Parkhill Mary 20 years, spinster Ballydonaghy   William Parkhill  
16/01/1846 Curry Andrew full age, bachelor Tirkivny Tailor Robert Curry Labourer Thomas Marshall John Curry  
  Millar Margaret full age, spinster Tirkivny   Robert Millar Farmer  
20/01/1846 Lyons John full age, bachelor Mountcashel (Mountcastle) Farmer James Lyons Farmer Christopher Houston William Houston  
  Lyons Matilda full age, spinster Mountcashel (Mountcastle)   John Lyons Farmer  
09/02/1846 Lowry James full age, widower Glencush Farmer David Lowry Farmer William Bates Samuel Fulton  
  Cunningham Margaret full age, spinster Castlemellan   Robert Cunningham Farmer  
26/03/1846 McCrea Alexander full age, bachelor Lacknease (Loughneas) Farmer Walter McCrea Farmer Robert McCleary John McCrea  
  Bogle Catherine full age, spinster Lacknease (Loughneas)   John Bogle Farmer  
28/04/1846 Kilgour Alexander full age, bachelor Killycurry Labourer John Kilgour Labourer John Rodden John McGowan  
  Davis Nancy full age, spinster Tivny   Andrew Davis Weaver  
06/05/1846 Houston Christopher full age, bachelor Killycluny (Killyclooney) Farmer Thomas Houston Farmer S. T. Wray John McCrea  
  Boak Jane full age, spinster Strabane   James Boak Farmer Presbyterian Minister  
03/09/1846 Pollock James full age, bachelor Creevedonnell, Glendermott Parish Farmer John Pollock Farmer Mitchell Woods John Harsham?  
  Hunter Mary full age, spinster Moyagh   John Hunter Farmer  
10/09/1846 Clarke William full age, bachelor Lisdivine Farmer James Clarke Farmer Robert McCreary George McLaughlin  
  McLaughlin Catherine full age, spinster Maghereagh?   John McLaughlin Farmer  
17/09/1846 Keyes George full age, bachelor Castlewiggan Farmer William Keyes Farmer Richard Monteith John Manly  
  Hall Margaret full age, spinster Cullermoney (Coolermoney)   James Hall Farmer  
24/11/1846 McBride Patrick 30 years, bachelor Kernagallah? Labourer John McBride Labourer John Bailey David Nikel (sic)  
  Leech Mary full age, spinster Gloudstown   Thomas Leech Labourer  
15/01/1847 Marshall Samuel full age, bachelor Tivenny Shoemaker Allan Marshall Farmer Joseph Gordon Thomas Fair  
  Woods Mary full age, spinster Tivenny   John Woods Farmer  
15/01/1847 Hemphill John full age, bachelor Whiskeyhill Farmer John Hemphill Farmer William Gormley Robert Patrick  
  Patrick Rebecca full age, spinster Carrickatane   Antony Patrick Farmer  
20/01/1847 Hunter Andrew full age, bachelor Skinbuoy Farmer Charles Hunter Farmer James Lowery William Ash  
  Lowery Elizabeth full age, spinster Glencush   James Lowery Farmer  
04/02/1847 Weir David full age, bachelor Greenlaw Farmer James Weir Farmer John Woods William Colhoun  
  Woods Margaret full age, spinster Sollase (Sollus)   John Woods Farmer  
25/02/1847 Stien or Steen John 27 years, bachelor Beltany Farmer William Stien Farmer Allen Stien David Stien  
  King Margaret under age, spinster Eden   Ross King Farmer  
18/03/1847 Donohy Robert full age, bachelor Tyboe Weaver Hugh Donohy Farmer Robert Chambers Ebenezer Henry  
  Henry Catherine full age, spinster Killymalagh (Killymallaght)   James Henry Farmer   (her mark)
16/12/1847 McConnell John 45 years , widower Caty Bawn (?Kittybane) Labourer James McConnell Labourer Samuel Gamble James Crawford  
  Gormley Jane 45 years, spinster Waterside   John Gormley Labourer  
03/01/1848 Hunter Robert 25 years, bachelor Killycurry Labourer Robert Hunter Farmer Wood (?) Alexander John Phillips  
  King Jane 25 years, spinster Tiveny   Robert King Labourer  
30/03/1848 Smith John full age, bachelor Trench Labourer Robert Smyth Labourer Robert Millar John Phillips  
  Millar Fanny full age, spinster T.......urry?   Robert Millar Farmer  
20/10/1848 Evans Archibald full age, widower Ballinabuoy Labourer John Evans Labourer T. T. Porter William Wilson  
  Wilson Elizabeth full age, spinster Ballinabuoy   Tomis (sic) Wilson Labourer  
26/10/1848 Young Thomas full age, bachelor Tyboe Labourer William Young Labourer Thomas Kennedy James Kennedy  
  Shaw Elizabeth full age, spinster Tyboe   Samuel Shaw Labourer  
14/11/1848 Cunningham Alex full age, bachelor Tamnabrane (Tamnabryan) Tanner Robert Cunningham Farmer William Dorough Thomas McKinley  
  Chambers Mary 18 years, spinster Killymalagh (Killymallaght)   William Chambers Labourer  
06/03/1849 Nixon John full age, bachelor Magheramason Smith John Nixon Smith James McKeever Samuel Gamble  
  McKeever Elizabeth Anne full age, spinster Keery (Tamnakeery)   Samuel McKeever Farmer  
29/05/1849 Little James under age, bachelor Camus Labourer James Little Labourer Thomas Parkhill Robert Parkhill  
  Parkhill Anne 25 years, spinster Drummeny   William Parkhill Labourer  
11/10/1849 Henderson Robert full age, bachelor Coolmaghery Labourer David Henderson Labourer Samuel Briden Andrew Thompson  
  Wilson Sarah full age, spinster Ballynabwee   James Wilson Flaxman  
24/12/1849 Craig Thomas under age, bachelor Castlemellan Labourer Thomas Craig Labourer Joseph Long James McDermott  
  Long Mary under age, spinster Castlemellan   Archibald Long Shoemaker  
24/01/1850 King William full age, bachelor Eden Labourer William King Farmer James McCrea William Jarvis (?)  
  King Jane full age, spinster Eden   Ross King Farmer  
26/01/1850 Patrick Robert full age, bachelor Carrickatane Farmer Antony Patrick Farmer William Gormley Robert McClary  
  Stevenson Sarah Jane full age, spinster Altrest   Robert Stevenson Farmer  
07/02/1850 Robinson William full age, widower Tullyard Labourer Samuel Robinson Farmer Joseph Gordon Joseph Gordon  
  Donnelly Martha full age, widow Tiveny   Robert Woods Farmer  
28/02/1850 Gibson Hugh full age, bachelor Lisdivine Farmer John Gibson Farmer John Kee James Gibson  
  McCrea Sarah full age, spinster Ballyheather   John McCrea Farmer  
15/03/1850 Dunn William full age, bachelor Cullion Farmer Alexander Dunn Farmer Robert Brice Robert Alexander  
  Lowry Fanny full age, spinster Cullion   James Lowry Farmer  
10/05/1850 Edgar Robert full age, bachelor Carrickatane Labourer Mathew Edgar Labourer Robert Gilmour John Alexander  
  Muirhead Rebacca full age, spinster Carrickatane   John Muirhead Labourer  
07/06/1850 Woods William full age, bachelor Killycluny (Killyclooney) Labourer John Woods Farmer Robert Alexander Thomas Fair  
  Kee Letitia full age, spinster Killycluny (Killyclooney)   James Kee Dealer  
02/01/1851 Sympson John full age, bachelor Carrickatane Labourer John Sympson Weaver Nixon Donaghy John Shaw  
  Caldwell Anne full age, spinster Tyboe   Joseph Caldwell Labourer  
13/03/1851 Deery James full age, bachelor Killyclooney Labourer John Deery Labourer William Ash John Lowry  
  Hunter Mary Jane full age, spinster Sandville   James Hunter Farmer  
13/03/1851 Day John full age, bachelor Tiveny Labourer William Day Farmer Wm. Ash John Lawery (sic)  
  Gorden (sic) Susan full age, spinster Sandville   John Garden (sic) Labourer  
23/04/1851 Barr Henry full age, bachelor Coolmaghry Farmer Isaac Barr Farmer Robert Love William Cunningham  
  Hall Isabella full age, spinster Cullermany (Coolermoney)   James Hall Farmer  
08/05/1851 Hopkins Richard full age, bachelor Cumber Farmer John Hopkins Farmer Joseph Garden? Samuel Fair  
  Garden (sic) Elionar full age, spinster Tiveny   George Garden (sic) Farmer  
......1851 Wray William under age, bachelor Strabane Cartman Edward Wray Printer Joseph Bogle Parick (sic) Healpin?  
  McCaurd Margaret under age, spinster Loughnease Servant Thomas McCaurd Labourer  
29/01/1852 Jeffery William full age, bachelor Tyrkernahan (Tirkernaghan) Ploughman Robert Jeffery Farmer William Boak William Edgar  
  Edgar Jane full age, spinster Tyboe   John Edgar Farmer  
12/02/1852 Mellon William full age, bachelor Gortnacroy? Carman Archibald Mellon Farmer Robert Roulston William Crasbie?  
  Lawery (sic) Margaret full age, spinster Glencush   James Lowry Farmer  
19/02/1852 Garden (sic) Joseph full age, bachelor Tiveny Farmer John Gorden (sic) Farmer Allen Woods William Garden (sic)  
  Woods Nancy under age, spinster Ballinabuoy   Mitchel Woods Farmer  
19/02/1852 Gordon George full age, bachelor Strabane Merchant Robert Gordon Merchant Robert McCrea John Stevenson  
  McCrea Susan under age, spinster Grange   Robert McCrea Farmer  
08/03/1852 Brice (Bryce) Robert full age, bachelor Glencush Farmer Alexander Brice Farmer James Macklin Ephraim McMorris  
  King Mary under age, spinster Eden   Ross King Farmer  
16/08/1852 Kincaid James under age, bachelor Milltown Miller Hugh Kincaid Miller John Ferries William Kincaid  
  Parkhill Elizabeth full age, spinster Stonypath Weaver Mathew Parkhill  
19/08/1852 Hamilton James full age, bachelor Brosney Labourer Robert Hamilton Labourer John Roden John Hamilton  
  Robinson Sarah full age, spinster Moyagh   Samuel Robinson Carpenter  
26/04/1853 Park Alexander full age, bachelor Dundee Farmer Robert Park Farmer Robert Moore John Davis  
  Davis Margaret full age, spinster Ballyheather   Joseph Davis Farmer  
28/04/1853 Kee William full age, bachelor Clachcar (Cloghcor) Farmer James Kee Farmer William Calhaun William Coulter  
  Mitchel Nancy full age, spinster Drumgatty (Drumgauty)   David Mitchel Farmer  
11/05/1853 Bogle Joseph full age, bachelor Lachnease (Loughneas) Farmer John Bogle Farmer Robert Entrican John Jamison  
  Bogle Catherine full age, spinster Lacknease (Loughneas)   Joseph Bogle Farmer  
30/06/1853 Walker John full age, bachelor Strabane Banker Ralph Walker Farmer Wm. Gordon, Strabane John F. Hopkins  
  McCrea Jane full age, spinster Grange   Robert McCrea Farmer  
22/05/1854 Campbell William full age, bachelor Derry ?Painter William Campbell Cooper  
  Rolsten Mary full age, spinster Clare   David Rolsten Farmer  
21/06/1855 Buchanan Joseph full age, bachelor Strabane Baker John Buchanan Tradesman  
  Campbell Rebecca full age, spinster Killinaught   Robert Campbell Tobacconist  
19/06/1856 Clarke Robert full age, bachelor Port Hall Surgeon James Clarke Farmer Robert McCrea, Snr Robert McCrea, Jnr  
  McCrea Flora full age, spinster Maghereagh   Robert McCrea Farmer  
21/05/1857 Donahy John full age, bachelor Ballilaw Farmer John Donahy Farmer Robert Alexander Edward Fulton  
  Campbell Catharine full age, spinster Cullumony (Coolermoney)   George Campbell Farmer  
11/06/1857 Pollock Thomas full age, bachelor Killynaught Baker Thomas Pollock Farmer  
  Campbell Margaret full age, spinster Killynaught   Robert Campbell Tobacconist  
03/12/1857 Moor James   Gortin Labourer George Moore  
  Elder Margaret   Gortin   Samuel Elder  
17/01/1859 Rankin Josias full age, bachelor Craighcor   John Rankin Farmer Victor Love James Lyons  
  Love Nancy full age, spinster Craighcor   Victor Love Farmer  
03/02/1859 Rodden Patrick full age, bachelor Ballyhether (Ballyheather) Flaxdresser Patrick Rodden Labourer David Evans William Woods  
  Phillips Matilda full age, spinster Ballyhether (Ballyheather)   James Phillips Labourer  
15/02/1859 Britton James full age, bachelor Gortileck Labourer James Britton Farmer Samuel Kee Robert Curry  
  Keyes Mary full age, spinster Craigtown   George Keys Farmer   her mark
14/06/1860 Love Robert full age, bachelor Ardmore Farmer George Love Farmer Arch. McMorris Thos. Hamilton  
  Downing Ellen full age, spinster Ardmore   Wm. Downing Farmer  
08/11/1860 McCorkle John full age, bachelor Drumagore Farmer James McCorkle Farmer Alexander Love John R. McIntire  
  Love Isabella full age, spinster Ardmore   James Love Farmer  
15/11/1860 Robinson Joseph full age, bachelor Thornyhill Labourer David Robinson Labourer John Rodden James Mervin  
  Allen Fanny full age, spinster Sandville   John Allen Labourer  
01/10/1861 Falconter John under age, bachelor Woodend Labourer Wm. Falconter Labourer Victor Love Victor Love signed John Faulkner
  Lynch Jane under age, spinster Gortevay (Gortavea)   John Lynch Labourer   (her mark)
21/11/1861 Nixon John full age, widower Keery (Tamnakeery) B. Smith Robert Nixon B. Smith James McCrea James McKeever  
  McCrea Martha full age, spinster Ballyheather   John McCrea Farmer   (her mark)
05/12/1861 Cunningham Thomas full age, bachelor Glenegourlin (Glennagoorland) Labourer James Cunningham Labourer Robert Thompson Alexander Roddy  
  Donnell Martha under age, spinster Glenegourlin (Glennagoorland)   Robert Donnell Labourer  
? Kennedy Thomas full age, bachelor Clachogle (Cloghogle) Labourer ??? Kennedy Labourer Charles Goldin Henry O'Neil (his mark)
  Cachran Nancy full age, spinster Menahill   William Cachran Labourer   (her mark)
25/12/1862 Browne William full age,bachelor Bynoan (Bunowen) Labourer John Browne Labourer  
  Donnell Catherine full age, spinster Bynoan (Bunowen)   Robert Donnell Labourer  
24/04/1863 Donahy William full age, widower Craighcor (Creaghcor) Labourer John Donahy Labourer John Stewart John McGitigan  
  Lynch Martha full age, spinster Craighcor (Creaghcor)   John Lynch Labourer   (her mark)
01/06/1863 Orr Nancy under age, spinster Tamnabrane   Joseph Orr Mason Mary Jane Curry James Robinson (her mark)
  Cunningham James under age, bachelor Ardmore Labourer Illegitimate   (his mark)
30/07/1863 McCay James full age, bachelor Killycurry Labourer Wm. McCay Labourer Thomas Fair John McGettigan  
  Kee Catherine full age, spinster Killycurry   James Kee Blacksmith  
05/11/1863 Martin George full age, bachelor Ballee Labourer George Martin Labourer Robert Glendinning Robert McCleery (his mark)
  McBryne Eliza full age, spinster Killycurry   Charles McBryne Labourer   (her mark)
13/11/1863 Donahy Hugh under age, bachelor Tyboe Labourer James Donahy Labourer John Shaw William Young (his mark)
  Hamilton Catherine under age, spinster Lait   Wm. Hamilton Shoemaker   (her mark)
26/11/1863 McDermot Robert full age, bachelor Coolmaghry Labourer Robert McDermot Labourer Jacob Curry Edward McClements (his mark)
  Downy Sarah under age, spinster Craigtown   Robert Downy Labourer   (her mark)
26/11/1863 Anderson Robert under age, bachelor Muninmale (Moninnameel) Labourer John Anderson Labourer Edward McClements Thomas Austin  
  Ash Rebecca full age, spinster Muninmale (Moninnameel)   Thomas Ash Farmer   (her mark)
26/11/1863 Potts John full age, bachelor Killycurry Labourer Charles Potts Precentor William McCay Samuel Glendinning  
  McCay Mary Jane full age, spinster Killycurry   William McCay Labourer  
11/12/1863 Lynch James full age, bachelor Gairagh ? Farmer George Lynch Farmer John J. Stevenson John Lynch  
  Mather Violet full age, spinster Tannabrane (Tamnabryan)   Joseph Mather Farmer  
11/01/1864 McCrea David full age, bachelor Kenahan (Keenaghan) Farmer David McCrea Farmer Robert Lyon John James Knox  
  Knox Rebecca Anne under age, spinster Ballyskeagh   Thomas Knox Farmer  
09/02/1864 Gordon Thomas full age, bachelor Tullyard Labourer John Gordon Labourer Robert ?ann John McGatigan (his mark)
  Dorough Margaret under age, spinster Tullyard   William Dorough Labourer   (her mark)
08/03/1864 Doherty James under age, bachelor Cullion Labourer James Doherty Labourer Victor Love William Wallace (his mark)
  Hutchison Elizabeth full age, spinster Bready   James Hutchison B. Smith   (her mark)
13/07/1864 Fulton Edward full age, bachelor Windyhill Carpenter John Fulton Carpenter  
  Campbell Sarah full age, spinster Killynaught   Robert Campbell Tobacconist  
19/01/1865 McCorkle James full age, bachelor Menahill Labourer William McCorkle Labourer Samuel Keyes Robison Osborne (his mark)
  Love Caty Anne full age, spinster Keery   Andrew Love Labourer  
02/03/1865 Mather James full age, bachelor Tamnabrane Farmer Joseph Mather Farmer Joseph Stevenson James lynch  
  Platt Margaret under age, spinster Moyagh   Henry Platt Farmer  
31/08/1865 Alexander James full age, bachelor Mongalvin Farmer James Alexander Farmer Robert D. Akin Neal McMonagle  
  McCrea Catherine full age, spinster Ballyheather   Robert McCrea Farmer   (her mark)
28/09/1865 Houston Thomas full age, bachelor Killycloony Farmer John Houston Farmer John Kee John Gordon  
  Kee Eliza full age, spinster Burndennet   Robert Kee B. Smith  
06/09/1866 Campbell Duncan full age, bachelor Dunamana Wood Cutter Alexander Campbell Labourer  
  Lowery Elizabeth full age, spinster Bynoan (Bunowen)   David Lowery Labourer  
05/07/1867 Fulton Robert full age, bachelor Windyhill Farmer John Fulton Farmer David G. Fulton Samuel Laughlin  
  Brown Sarah Jane full age, spinster Ballilaw   Alexander Brown Farmer  
09/01/1868 Dunn William full age, bachelor Craredonnell Farmer John Dunn Farmer William John Mitchel James H. McIntire  
  McIntire Mary Jane full age, spinster Tullyard   John McIntire Farmer  
23/01/1868 Morris Edward full age, bachelor Glencush Labourer John Morris Labourer William McAnal Archibald McAnal  
  McAnal Mary Jane under age, spinster Killycloony   Daniel McAnal Labourer  
25/02/1868 McCorkle John full age, widower Drumagore Farmer Wm. McCorkle Farmer W. J. McCorkle Anne Dunn  
  Adams Sarah full age, spinster Primity   David Adams Farmer   signed Sarah Shannon Adams
29/02/1868 Fulton David George full age, bachelor Moss Pleasant Farmer John Fulton Farmer Robert Fulton Anne Mary Ellis  
  Brown Mary Anne full age, spinster Ballilaw   Alexander Brown Farmer  
18/06/1868 Campbell Robert full age, bachelor Stanylane Farmer Robert Campbell Manafacturer  
  McFarland Mary Jane under age, spinster Ballyskeagh   John McFarland Farmer  
22/10/1868 Taylor John full age, bachelor Linsforth School Master Thomas Taylor Farmer William Semple William Woodburn  
  Moore Catharine full age, spinster Ballynabuoy   Wm. Moore Farmer  
24/11/1868 McMullan Daniel full age, bachelor Drummeny ?? Hugh McMullan ??? William McDonel Margaret McMullan  
  Donahy Anne full age, spinster Ballydonahy   James Donahy Labourer   (her mark)
11/03/1869 McFarland John full age, bachelor Ballyskeagh Farmer John McFarland Farmer  
  Campbell Anne full age, spinster Stonylane   Robert Campbell Tobacconist  
21/10/1869 Mitchel D. T. Nelson full age, bachelor Cloghore Farmer David Mitchel Surgeon  
  Browne Anna M under age, spinster Altrest   John Browne Farmer  
06/05/1870 Brown James full age, bachelor Gortmellon Farmer James Brown Farmer  
  Hill Matilda full age, spinster   William Hill Farmer  
27/10/1870 Arbuckle James full age, bachelor Woodend Farmer Joseph Arbuckle Farmer  
  Jeffrey Agnes full age, spinster Maghereagh   Alex. Jeffrey Farmer  
21/12/1870 Fulton James full age, bachelor Killyclooney Farmer James Fulton Farmer  
  Browne Margaret full age, spinster Ballilaw   Alexander Browne Farmer  
28/03/1872 Thompson Joseph   Menahill Labourer Nathaniel Thompson  
  Elder Isabella   Gortin   Samuel Elder  
04/07/1872 Lynch Hugh   Gortin Labourer William Lynch Fisherman  
  Elder Matilda   Samuel Elder  
08/05/1873 Brown George full age, bachelor Gloughrumer Labourer Robert Brown Labourer  
  Hamilton Martha under age, spinster Sandville   Ralph Hamilton Labourer  
02/07/1874 Brown John full age, bachelor Londonderry Engineer Alexander Brown Engineer Jane Jeffry James McIvor  
  McIvor Sarah full age, spinster Tamnakeery   Samuel McIvor Farmer  
01/12/1874 Campbell James full age, bachelor Killycurry Farmer John Campbell Labourer  
  Lindsay Elizabeth full age, spinster Killycurry   Alex. Lindsay  
09/06/1875 Mitchell Thomas full age, bachelor Killymallagh (Killymallaght) Farmer James Mitchell Farmer Robert Mathews William Irwin (or Irvine)  
  Kerr Mary full age, spinster Drumenny   Alex Kerr Farmer  
18/10/1878 Fulton William full age, bachelor Windyhill Labourer James Fulton Labourer  
  Hunter Bella full age, spinster Killycurry   Robert Hunter Labourer  
14/08/1890 Fulton William full age, bachelor Beltony Farmer John Fulton Farmer  
  Woods Martha full age, spinster Collermoney   Samuel Woods Farmer  
30/11/1893 Campbell John full age, widower Newton Hamilton Labourer Alexander Campbell Labourer  
  Henderson Margaret full age, spinster Magheramason   Robert Henderson Labourer  
24/03/1897 Fulton Minnie full age, spinster Ballylaw   Robert Fulton Farmer James E. Clarke Martha Fulton  
  Donaghy John Jas. full age, bachelor Ballylaw Farmer John Donaghy Farmer  
23/08/1899 Browne James full age, bachelor Maghereagh Teacher Hugh Browne Farmer  
  Watson Clara full age, spinster Maghereagh Teacher William Watson Teacher  
29/03/1900 McGowan James full age, bachelor Brookview Labourer William McGowan Labourer Wm. J. Elder Sarah Elder  
  Elder Lizzie full age, spinster Killymalaught (Killymallaght)   Charles Elder Farmer  
07/11/1901 Mitchell James full age, bachelor Turnnock, Burt, Co. Donegal Farmer Wm Mitchell Farmer  
  Mathers Ellie full age, spinster Donagheady, Co. Tyrone Farmer James Mathers   married at Tamnabryne
24/12/1903 Etkins Stewart   14 Gordon's Terrace, L'derry   James Etkins  
  Kerr Margory   2 Barrack St, L'derry   Mark Kerr Publican Jennie Kerr  
01/11/1906 Fulton David George full age, bachelor Ballylaw Farmer Robert Fulton Farmer  
  Hunter Lizzie full age, spinster Tivney   Robert Hunter Farmer  
15/11/1906 Campbell James full age, bachelor Carrickbrack Labourer Oliver Campbell Labourer  
  McBride Mary Ann full age, spinster Lisdivin   Porter Campbell Labourer  
09/04/1908 Browne Thomas full age, bachelor Church Hill Blacksmith James Browne Blacksmith  
  Allen Annie Jane full age, spinster Tivney   David Allen Farmer  
14/05/1908 Ellis John William full age, bachelor Collermoney Labourer William Ellis Farmer  
  Colhoun Margaret Jane full age, spinster Killyclooney   David Colhoun Labourer  
30/01/1923 McCrea William Lyons full age, bachelor Bready Farmer Alexander McCrea Farmer Robert James McCrea Nettie Porter  
  Porter Annie full age, spinster Magheramason   Robert L. Porter Farmer  
22/11/1923 Fulton David full age, bachelor Maghereagh Labourer James Fulton Car Driver  
  Falconer Jane full age, spinster Eden   Alex. Falconer Labourer  
05/03/1924 Brown Thomas full age, bachelor Artigarvan Labourer George Brown Labourer  
  Allen Catherine M. full age, spinster Killyclooney   William Allen Labourer  
29/12/1926 Edgar George widower 96 Main St. Lanarkshire Engine Driver  
  Elder Mary Jane full age, spinster Killymallaght   Charles Elder