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Donagheady Parish Church (Church of Ireland), Donemana, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Baptisms 1753-65

Extracted from the register kept by the Rev. George Bracegirdle
Thanks to Faye Logue, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia for access to her personal records
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Site of the pre-Reformation church: Old Donagheady Church (St. Caidinus) and Graveyard, Church Hill, Donemana, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
Photo: acknowledgement to Kenneth Allen


*Baptisms, 1697-1723, 1753-65, 1818-19 and 1826-74 have been filmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast, where they are available for consultation (Microfilm # MIC 1/35 & CR1/26)

*Baptisms from 1874 are held locally at the church



Baptized in the year of our Lord God


Sep 30 Stephen Stephen DUNN Cullen [Cullion]
Sep 30 Rose bastard Daughter of Eleanor HILTON Gortmessan
Oct 14 Catherine Thomas O’MULLON Tamnibrehan [Tamnabryan]
Oct 28 Four children their names not delivered in, baptized by REV. DR. WHITTINGHAM -
Oct 28 Eliza James DUNN Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Nov 18 Jane Robert CAULDWELL Fany [Fawney]
Nov 20 Eliza Arthur MCFARLAND Leitrim
Dec 11 Jane James ROBINSON Munnichanan [Moneycanon]
Dec 15 Lettice George HASLETT Drein
Dec 23 Mary James BRUMHALL Carnagribben
Dec 29 Anne William MCELROY Ballynabuigh [Ballynabwee]

14 baptised this Year after Dr. Hamilton’s Death. No register came to the present Rector’s Hands, but a very imperfect one, confusingly kept in two Vestry Books to the year 1732, or there-about: for wch…..? said books (Signed) George Bracegirdle, Rector


Jan 13 Jane John KENNEDY Altrest
Jan 13 Robert James MCCONNEL Tiboe [Taboe]
Jan 14 Henry bastard son of Rebecca TEES & William LAUGHTY Killeny
Jan 15 Jane bastard daughter of Catherine HILL by Robert MCCAUSLAND Address not recorded
Jan 15 Richard bastard son of [not given] and Richard MAGARAGLE [MCGARRIGLE] Kildoragh
Jan 20 John legit son of John DOGHERTY Gortmonly
Jan 22 John legit son of Thomas NIXON Castlewarren
Jan 27 John Francis THOMPSON Leitrim
Jan 30 Alexander James MCDONNELL Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Jan 30 John bastard son of Martha EWING by John PARK Kildoragh
Feb 10 Eliza posthumous daughter of ……[not given] KILLEN widow Benone
Feb 15 Samuel Henry WALKER Tyrkernachan [Tirkernaghan]
Feb 27 Mary John COOK Benelly
Feb 28 James Samuel KILGORE Gortileck
Feb 28 Jenet Samuel KILGORE Gortileck
Mar 3 Margery George KEIL [KYLE] Lisclein
Mar 13 Thomas Thomas MOOR Church-hill
Mar 17 Mary James O’BROLLY Benone
Mar 18 Mary James WALKER Tyrkernachan [Tirkernaghan]
Mar 24 John Patrick MCAVERTY [MCCAFFERTY] Aughefadd
Mar 24 John Thomas BROWN Maghereagh
Mar 25 Margaret William EDMUNDSON Lisbonetivney
Mar 30 Joseph Robert MCMORRICE [MCMORRIS] Drean
Mar 31 Patrick Patrick BROWN Altrass [Altrest]
Apr 10 Eliza Thomas MCGOWAN Lisbonetiveney
Apr 14 Isabell Neal SINCLAIR Gortmesson
Apr 15 Ann Robert WHITELY Lisdivin
Apr 17 Charles William HAMILTON Aghabrack
Apr 27 James Andrew MUCKLEWEE [MCELWEE] Mountcastle
Apr 28 Eliza John MCCALLIN Drean
Apr 28 John John POGE or POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
Apr 30 Dudley bastard of Margery … [not given] by Dottagh HENLY Address not recorded
May 2 Henry John CUNNINGHAM Drean
May 3 Mary Hugh HAMILTON Claudstown [Gloudstown]
May 5 George Robert KELLY Carnagribben
May 9 Mary James COLHOUN Leitrim
May 16 Frederic Mr. William HAMILTON Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
May 19 Agnes Isaac WILLIAMSON Kildaragh
May 28 Eliza bastard Charles O’GORMLEY & Ann MCBEA [MCBAY] Moyath [Moyagh]
May 30 Robert Patrick MCLAUGHLIN Castlemellon
Jun 3 Bridget bastard daughter Unity DIVIN by Patrick COLLIN Cullan [Cullion]
Jun 4 Agnes Andrew LOWREY Leitrim
Jun 6 Henry Jeremiah CHAMBERS Dunnimanagh [Donemana]
Jun 16 William Derby WHITE Gorteveagh
Jun 22 Margaret Rt. CRAIG, (signed by SAMUEL LAW, Curate, THOMAS MOORE, JAMES HYLANDS (Churchwardens) Lisnarrow
July 14 Eliza Thomas MCBRIDE Glencush
Aug 21 Martha David RAMSEY Lisnarrough [Lisnarrow]
Sep 5 John John GORMLEY Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Sep 8 Marian Luke FERGUSON Mountcastle
Sep 20 James Alexander THOMPSON Munichanan [Moneycanon]
Sep 20 Elizabeth Daniel MCENTOSH [MCINTOSH] [Address not given]
Sep 22 Martha Thomas ADAMS Cloghogill
Sep 23 James William HAMILTON Glennagourland
Sep 28 Rebecca Robert KILGORE Lissanir [Lisnareagh?]
Oct 6 James Thomas ELLIS Benone
Oct 12 Ann bastard daughter of Margaret MCCROSSAN by Thomas MCCROSSAN both of Leat
Oct 23 James George HAMILTON Claudstown [Gloudstown]
Oct 25 Elizabeth Thomas MCCROSSAN Leat
Nov 13 Isabel John MCFARLAND Leitrim
Nov 14 Robert Robert MCFARLAND Ardmore
Nov 17 Robert Robert ARRELL Kildaragh
Dec 4 James Joseph BROWN Altress [Altrest]
Dec 7 John Laughlin O’BRILLACHAN [O’BROLLY/ BROLLY?] Faney[ Fawney]
Dec 10 Robert Hugh WHITE Leitrim
Dec 13 Stephen James DUNN Cullan [Cullion]
Dec 15 James George MCCLEERY Tamnasollice [Tamnasollus]
Dec 16 George Mr. William HAMILTON Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Dec 22 Alexander Walter BROWN Garvagh
Dec 30 Margaret James HAMILTON Gortileck
Dec 31 Charles Charles RAMSEY Faney [Fawney]

78 baptiz’d this year of wch 8 base born – Geo Bracegirdle



Jan 4 Frances Alexander KEIL [KYLE] Carnagribben
Jan 13 John John CHAMBERS Greystone
Jan 15 Robert James MCKEWN Leat
Jan 16 Mary John NIXON Castlewarren
Jan 21 Cornelius Alexander MCLAUGHLIN Dunnymanagh [Donemana]
Feb 2 Agnes John KENNEDY Claudstown [Gloudstown]
Feb 5 Martha James YOUNG Cullan [Cullion]
Feb 15 Andrew Joseph GILBRATT [GALBRAITH] Tiboe [Taboe]
Feb 15 William John HAMMOND Moyath [Moyagh]
Feb 16 Mary James WHITE Dunnymanagh [Donemana]
Feb 21 James John CUMMINS Carnagribben
Mar 10 William John GORMLEY Moyath [Moyagh]
Mar 16 Mary Andrew FERGUSON Faney [Fawney]
Mar 17 Margaret James MCGENNIS [MCGINNIS] [Address not recorded]
Mar 17 Jane Robert YOUNG Castlemellon
Mar 17 James John DUNN Glennagoorland
Mar 23 Margery Willm. CUMMINS Drean
Apr 17 Rose Andrew MCFARLAND Benone
Apr 20 Charles Joseph COOK Moyath [Moyagh]
Apr 23 Patrick Joseph BUCHANNAN Castlemellon
Apr 23 Stephen Joseph BUCHANNAN Castlemellon
Apr 25 Archibald Joseph GIBSON Gortilack
Apr 26 Thomas William BROLLEY Benone
Apr 26 Isabell Anthony MCLAUGHLIN Altress [Altrest]
May 6 Jane Robert LEE Barran
May 8 Margaret bastard Daughter of Agnes MCFARLAND of Lough-ash by James MCLAUGHTY of Killaney  
May 8 William Hugh LUNDY Dunnimanagh [Donemana]
May 11 Hannah bastard of Mary CONNER by Daniel FILNEY [FINLAY/ PHILOMEY?] [Address not recorded]
May 13 Jane William MAHAVEY [MAHAFFY] Carnagribben
May 26 John Thomas TATE, a Traveller [Address not recorded]
May 28 Agnes Joseph MARTIN Tiboe [Taboe]
May 28 Sarah Joseph MARTIN Tiboe [Taboe]
Jun 1 John John MCAVERHAN [MCHAVERAN?] Tiboe [Taboe]
Jun 5 John William OMERAN [O’MORAN?] Mountcastle
Jun 12 William Wm. CRAIGE Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Jun 15 John John MAGONAGLE [MCGONIGLE] Lisnarrow
Jun 18 Hugh Hugh O’KELLY Cleggan
Jun 22 James bastard son Elizabeth MCFARLAND by Owen MAGASHEE [MCASHEE?] [address not stated]
Jul 13 Adam John COOK Killany
Jul 13 Janet – ? dau - ? Drummeny
Jul 17 Thomas Patrick MCFARLAND Faney [Fawney]
Jul 19 Mary Wm. CARMICHAEL Carrickatean
Aug 5 Elizabeth Edward MORAN Mountcastle
Aug 29 James Wm. MCDONALD Meenagh-hill
Sep 7 William Andrew KILBREATH [GALBRAITH] Tiboe [Taboe]
Sep 11 Olivia John LESLIE Dunnymanagh [Donemana]
Sep 11 William Robt. MAHARVEY [MAHAFFEY] Carnagribben
Sep 14 Charity Willm. YOUNG Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Sep 20 Rose Michl. MCCOLGAN Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Sep 21 Mary John PATTERSON Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Sep 24 John John MCCROSSAN Leat

All the Children in this Place were baptized during the Time of the Revd. Mr. Law’s serving the Cure and entered in this book (signed) Geo. Bracegirdle, Rector


Oct 15 Elizabeth Bastard of Elizth. HASTY by Adam HASTY Greystone
Oct 19 Hugh George and Elizabeth KEYS [Address not recorded]
Oct 19 William William & Elizabeth MAHARVEY [MAHAFFEY] [Address not recorded]
Oct 25 James Stephen & Janet DUNN Cullen [Cullion]
Nov 2 Elizabeth William & Jane MAXWELL Moyath [Moyagh]
Nov 9 Andrew Robert & Jane COLDWELL Faney [Fawney]
Nov 10 George John & Elizabeth MULLON Drumgatty
Nov 30 Ann Charles & Rose LESLIE Dunnimanagh [Donemana] by the Revd. Mr. McGhee of Urney
Dec 25 Sarah George & Martha POLLUCK [POLLOCK] [Address not stated]
Dec 25 Jenet William & Alice KILGORE Lisnarrow



Jan 18 William James & Elizabeth HAMILTON Glennagoorland
Jan 18 Margaret James & Margaret GORDON Lisbonetiveny
Jan 25 Thomas bastard & Jane bastard These two children were immediately carried out of the Church, and cou’d not learn, by application to the Church wardens & others, to whom they belonged  
Jan 31 Thomas Luke & Mary FERGUSON Glencush
Feb 28 William James & Martha MCCROSSAN Carnagribben
Mar 14 James Robert & Mary GAMBLE Gortelack
Mar 21 Margaret Robert & Rebecca KILGORE Lisnarrow
Mar 31 Michael Henry & Jane PHILIPS Leitrim
Apr 4 Margaret Samuel & Margaret KILGORE Gortelack
Apr 11 William John & Margaret CUNINGHAM Creaghan
Apr 16 Jane Andrew & Fenwell ROBINSON Moneychanon [Moneycanon]
Apr 16 Agnes George & Agnes HASLETT Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Apr 20 James John & Ester CAMPBELL Creaghan
Apr 22 James James & Elizabeth MCELHAREY Gorteveagh
Apr 25 William Patrick & Catherine MCGONAGLE Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
May 2 George John & Mary MCFARLAND Lisnarrow
May 2 Stephen Thomas & Margaret POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Cullen [Cullion]
May 16 Thomas Thomas & Ann NIXON Castlewarren
May 16 Mary James & Elizabeth GAMEL [GAMBLE] Gortelack
May 19 Hester William & Elizabeth KINCADE Gortelack
May 23 James Henry & Elizabeth CRAIGE Benone
May 23 Sarah James & Janet MCELROY Tillyard [Tulliard]
May 30 James & Patrick twins James & Elizabeth MCCONNALD [MCCONNELL?] Teboe [Taboe]
Jun 13 Kitty Henry & Bridget HAMILTON Liscloon
Jun 13 Edward Edwd. & Catherine MCLAUGHLIN Leatt
Jun 25 Henry Edward & Mary O’NEAL Altrast [Altrest]
Aug 1 Andrew William & Mary GLACKAN Castlewarren
Aug 29 Margaret Walter & Frances BROWN Garvagh
Sep 12 Ann James & Ann SHAW Drean
Sep 12 Catherine James & Ann SHAW Drean
Sep 19 Ann Thomas & Mary ELLIS Benone
Sep 19 Thomas & Robert twin sons of Robert & Margaret NIXON Castlewarren
Sep 26 Mary Michael & Jane DOWNS Leitrim
Oct 17 Martha Thomas & Jane MCCROSSAN Leat
Oct 17 Jenny Edward & Eleanor PATCHELL Benone
Oct 24 William Joseph & Ann THOMPSON Benone
Nov 15 Charles William & …..[not stated] RAMSEY Tiboe [Taboe]



(much of it is illegible)

Jan 2 Ann Edward & Susanna O’DONAUGHEY Belly Callaghan [Ballycallaghan] in Comber [Co. Londonderry]
Jan 18 Mary John & Sarah DIXON Benone
Jan 23 Sarah Charles & Mary RAMSAY Fany [Fawney]
Jan 30 Mary David & Mary RAMSAY Lisnarrow
Jan 30 James Patrick & Sarah MCGELLAN [MCGELLION/ McCALLION?] Bellycallaghan in Comber [Cumber Parish, Co. Londonderry]
Feb 13 Mary base-born daughter of Edward O’LOAG & Isabella MITCHEL [Address not recorded]
Feb 27 John James & Mary NEAL Burndennet Mill Town
Feb 27 John Ephraim MCAFEE [MAHAFFEY?] Burndennett Milltown
Mar 13 John John & Elizabeth HOLGAN Ballycallaghan in Comber
Mar 13 Thomas William & Mary LIMERICK Liscleen
Mar 13 Patrick John & Ester CAMPBELL Creaghan
Mar 13 Elizabeth Patrick HAMILTON (private baptism at the age of 15 months) Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Apr 3 William John & Mary O’MULLON Leitrim
Apr 10 John William & Catharine ARREL Kildaragh
Apr 22 Elizabeth John & Mary POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
May 8 Margaret Daniel & Catherine MCO’BREHAN [MCO’BRIEN?] Ardkeam [Ardcame]
May 8 Jane Robert & Elizabeth YOUNG Castlewarren
May 15 Ann William & Mary BRODLEY [BRADLEY] Benone
May 22 Patrick Patrick & Alice O’CARRAN Kildaragh
May 29 Sarah Edward & Sarah MCGONEGAL Garvagh
May 29 Rose Dennis & Ann MCLAUGHLIN Liscleen
Jun 12 William John & Margaret MITCHEL Killear in Comber [Cumber Parish in Co. Londonderry]
Aug 21 William James & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM Cullan [Cullion]
Aug 21 John Robert & Sarah HUSTON Killycluney



(almost totally illegible)

Sep 3 Andrew John & Margaret DUNN Glennagoreland
Sep 24 Janet Hugh & Jane SMITH Agherfadd [Aghafad]
Oct 1 James Alexander & Martha KEIL [KYLE] Terkonnally [Tirconnelly]
Oct 14 Robert James & Mary GAMBLE Gortelack
Nov 26 William George & Martha HASLETT Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Dec 24 Janet Hugh & Jane SMITH Aughefadd



Jan 28 Randle Randle & Catherine TOSH Leatt
Feb 18 Jane Thomas & Jane NIXON Castlewarren
Mar 15 Rachel Edward & Mary PATCHEL Benoan
Apr 8 John John & Catherine BRODLY [BRADLEY] Fany [Fawney]
Mar 18 Ann bastard of Isabel ARBUCCLE [ARBUCKLE] Leatt
May 3 Mary Robert & Elizabeth YOUNG Castlemellan
May 13 Andrew John & Margaret MCFARLAND Lisnarrow
May 20 George Ferrol & Mary MCGHEE Killycluney
May 20 Margaret John & Margaret CUNNINGHAM Creaghan
May 27 Elizabeth Richard & Jane BOND Lackargh, Comber [Cumber parish, Co. Londonderry]
Jun 10 John George & Jane HAMILTON Claudstown [Gloudstown]
Jun 10 Daniel Peter & Mary NEAL Altrest
Jun 10 William William & Cath EDOMS [ADAMS?] Lisbonetiveny
Jun 17 William William & Mary MAHAFFEY Carnagribben
Jun 17 Martha William & Margaret PETERSON Lisnarroe [Lisnarrow]
Jun 27 Ann Robert & Catherine LEE Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Aug 19 Martha George & Mary POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
Aug 19 Robert Joseph & Catherine MCNEARLAND Tavanabready
Sep 9 Samuel Dennis & Jane MCFARLAND Benoan
Nov 7 John William & Cath KEIL [KYLE] Teeboe [Taboe]
Nov 11 Jane James & Sarah GILMORE Dunnyboe
Nov 25 Margaret William & Mary MAXWELL Tyrcharnahan [Tirkernaghan]



Jan 27 Patrick John & Cath MULLON Leitrim
Feb 3 Elizabeth Hugh & Sarah SMITH Aughefadd
Feb 10 William Robert & Mary LYONS Gortelack
Feb 10 John Alexander & Cath LONG Lisbonetiveny
Feb 10 Catherine Alexander & Sarah MULLON Lisnarrow
Feb 17 Martha Francis & Hester TOMPSON [THOMPSON] Carrickatain
Feb 24 Hugh Edward & Elizabeth PATCHEL Benoan
Feb 29 Hugh Edwd. & Isabel MCLAUGHLIN Gortelack
Feb 29 John Robt. & Margt. KEE Leitrim
Apr 26 George John & Mary ELLIS Benoan
Jun 8 Catharine John & Elizabeth GORMLY Moyath [Moyagh]
May 6? Mary John & Lydia HAY Benoan
Jun 29 George William & Catharine MCELROY Gorteveagh
Jul 6 William William & Margaret MCELROY Bellanabuigh [Ballynabwee]
Jul 20 John William & Mary BROLLY Benoan
Jul 20 Agnes James & Sarah SMITH Lisnarrow
Jul 27 Robert base-born Rebecca LESLIE Dunnimana [Donemana]
Aug 24 William Alexander & Catharine KILE [KYLE] Carnagribben
Aug 24 Robert Charles & Ann MORRISON Mountcastle
Aug 24 Martha William & Jane SMITH Carrickatain
Aug 31 Martha Charles & Catherine YOUNG Tyrcharnahan [Tirkernaghan]
Sep 14 Andrew Brien & Margaret MCCARRON Leitrim
Sep 14 Martha Charles & Grace GALLAHAR [GALLAGHER] Lisbontiveny
Sep 14 James Daniel & Catharine MCO’BREHEN [MCO’BRIEN?] Ardcame
Sep 21 Thomas John & Mary LESLIE Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Sep 28 John Alexander & Mary MULLON Lisnarrow
Sep 28 Robert Robert & Jane CREAG [CRAIG] Benoan
Oct 5 Elizabeth William & Barbara RAMSEY Tiboe [Taboe]
Oct 19 John John & Jane GAMBLE Gortelack
Oct 19 John David & Mary LYONS Tiboe
Nov 16 Rose William & Catharine MCFARLAND Creaghan
Nov 16 Charles William & Mary GLACKAN Faney [Fawney]
Nov 16 Andrew Thomas & Catharine NIXON Castlewarren
Nov 26 Alexander Alexr. & Sarah HUGHEY Glencush
Dec 13 Mary John & Rebecca MCSELFY Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Dec 13 Jane Andrew & Margaret NIXON Castlewarren



Jan 18 Archibald Manasses & Ann BARR Altrest
Feb 8 John William & Catharine HAMILTON Glennagoorland
Feb 8 John Robert & Jane TOMPSON [THOMPSON] Tyrchanahan [Tirkernaghan]
Feb 22 James William & Margaret MCKAEN [MCKANE] Tiboe [Taboe]
Feb 22 William John & Catherine JACK Lisnarrow
Feb 22 Martha William & Sarah MCGONAGLE Gortelack
Mar 8 William John & Margaret MCCROSSAN Leatt
Mar 8 Ann Arthur & Sarah WHITE Dunnimana [Donemana]
Mar 29 Michael Barnabas & Giles FORGEY Mahareah [Maghereagh]
Apr 5 Elizabeth James & Rebecca HAMILTON Claudstown
May 10 Rachel James & Rebecca HAMILTON Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
May 10 William Brien & Sarah CARNEY Faney [Fawney]
May 10 Robert Robert & Jane DONNEL Ballanamallaght
May 10 Margaret Ralph & Eliz. KEE Glencush
May 17 Robert Brien & Jane MCFADDEN Gortelack
May 17 Hugh Joseph & Mary HAMILTON Claudstown [Gloudstown]
May 17 Sarah Robert & Ann SMITH Rouskey
May 24 William John & Isabell MCGAUGHEY Liscleen
May 24 Mary Henry & Elizabeth CREAG [CRAIG] Benoan
Jun 7 Henry John & Catherine MULLON Leitrim
Jun 28 Catherine Thomas & Jane NIXON Castlewarren
Jul 5 Elizabeth Samuel & Mary KILGORE Gortelack
Jul 26 Elizabeth William & Catharine BLACK Benoan
Jul 26 Jennet Francis & Jane MCFARLAND Loughash
Oct 10 William George & Martha POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
Oct 25 Catharine John & Margaret BROWN Altrest
Nov 8 John Brien & Mary MCCAREN [MCCARRON] Castlewarren
Nov 8 Janet Hugh & Catharine LUNDY Dunnimana [Donemana]
Dec 13 Sarah James & Jane POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
Dec 20 Elizabeth Joseph & Jane COLHOUN Benoane
Dec 27 John Charles & Elizabeth MCCAROLAN Leitrim
Dec 27 James Hugh & Jane BROWN Aughefadd
Dec 27 Thomas Hugh & Catharine SHAW Leitrim



Jan 8 Catharine Laughlin & Suzanne BRELLAN Faney [Fawney]
Jan 17 George James & Elizabeth HAMILTON Glennagoorland
Jan 17 Robert Andrew & Catharine DUNN Cullan [Cullion]
Feb 7 Arthur Patrick & Jane MCFARLAND Faney [Fawney]
Mar 12 Elizabeth Alexander & Mary KIEL [KYLE] Carnagribben
Mar 12 William John & Elizabeth O’BROLLY Benone
Mar 12 James John & Eleanor MCGONAGLE Benone
Mar 12 Walter George & Sarah COWDAN Killaney
Mar 28 Hugh William & Mary ORELL [ARRELL?] Kildaragh
Apr 18 Robert Joseph & Letitia KEY Greystowne
Apr 18 Hamilton John & Margaret LOGAN Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Apr 22 Hannah Stephen & Jane DUNN Cullan [Cullion]
May 23 Thomas Thomas & Mary ELLIS Benone
May 30 Daughter John & Mary BATES Glencush
May 30 Rachael Charles & Rose LESLIE Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Jun 20 James Edward & Mary DONAGHEY Tilliard [Tullyard]
Jun 20 William William & Catharine O’MORAN Graystone
Jun 27 Joseph Daniel & Catherine O’KERNEY Cleggan
Jun 27 John a foundling left in a ditch in Leitrim & sent to Hospital, Dublin  
Jul 4 Hugh John & Sarah LONG Lisbone Tiveny
Jul 11 Elizabeth Robert & Jane CREAG [CRAIG] Benone
Jul 11 Liddy George & Margaret CULLEN Carnagribben
Aug 1 Susanna William & Jane HANNAH Cullan [Cullion]
Aug 8 Margaret John & Margaret CAMERON Leatt
Aug 8 Margaret William & Sarah MCLAUGHLIN Glencush
Aug 15 Eleanor Alexander & Isabel O’MULLON Killany
Oct 3 Elizabeth John & Mary YOUNG Castlemellon
Nov 21 Joseph Robert & Jane CALWELL Faney [Fawney]
Nov 21 Alice Thomas & Catharine HONE Greystone
Nov 28 William Joseph & Catherine HAMMON [HAMMOND] Faney [Fawney]
Dec 5 John Jeremiah & Isabel CHEMERS [CHAMBERS?] Dunnimanagh [Donemana]
Dec 26 Margaret Arthur & Arabella MCFARLAND Creaghan
Dec 26 Elizabeth James & Catharine LAUGHLIN Gorteleck



Jan 2 Catharine David & Jane LION Teeboe [Taboe]
Jan 2 Mary James & Sarah YOUNG Burndennett Miltown
Jan 9 William bastard of Margaret LION [LYON], Teeboe by John MCDONNELL of Terkonally [Tirconnelly][  
Jan 16 Eleanor bastard of Rose BRANAGHAN of Church Hill by Robert POLLUCK [POLLOCK] of Castlewarren  
Mar 6 John John & Ester CAMPBELL Creaghan
Mar 6 William Hugh & Elizabeth SMITH Aughifadd
Mar 6 Martha John & Rebecca MCCAWELL Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Mar 27 Margaret James & Elizabeth MCCONNEL Teeboe [Taboe]
Mar 27 Elizabeth Francis & Mary MCFARLAND Lough-ash
Mar 27 Agnes John & Margaret GAMBLE Leitrim
Mar 27 Margaret William & Sarah HAMILTON Claudstown [Gloudstown]
Apr 3 Mary Brien & Mary MCCARSON Castlewarren
Apr 10 Margaret George & Sarah WILLIAMS Church-hill
Apr 24 Robertson James & Jane POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
Apr 24 Rose Robert & Isabel KEE Leitrim
May 1 Catharine James & Sarah ROBINSON Munnekennan [Moneycanon]
May 8 Martha James & Giles DONAGHY Glencush
May 29 George Ferrol & Catharine MCGHEE Munninamale?
Jun 5 William Andrew & Margaret DUNN Cullan [Cullion]
Jun 12 Catharine Andrew & Catharine MCFARLAND Creaghan
Jun 26 Sarah Edward & Jane MORAN Kildaragh
Jun 26? John Thomas & Mary MCGOWAN Lisbonetiveny
Jul 3 Margaret John & Margaret NIXON Castlewarren
Jul 8 Elizabeth Andrew & Margaret NIXON Castlewarren
Jul 10 William Charles & Jane RODDY Castlewarren
Jul 17 Rose William & Giles KEIL [KYLE] Faney [Fawney]
Jul 17 Thomas Henry & Elizabeth CREAG [CRAIG] Benone
Jul 17 Felix Felix & Ann MCCAUEN Killycluney
Jul 17 William William & Mary MCKENNY Dunniboe
Jul 21 Son? Stephen & Jane DUNN Cullon [Cullion]
Aug 7 Robert William & Sarah MAHAFFY Carnagribben
Aug 7 Roger Thomas & Catharine O’NEAL Altrast
Aug 14 Susanna William & Mary MCGLACKAN Church-hill
Aug 14 Jane David & Catharine WILSON Tilliard
Aug 14 Robert John & Mary-Ann JACK Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Sep 18 Martha William & Margaret MCKAEN [MCKANE] Teeboe [Taboe]
Sep 18 William James & Hannah DUNN Cullan [Cullion]
Oct 9 William William & Sarah MORAN Greystone
Oct 23 John Andrew & Mary CAMPBELL Drean
Oct 30 Alexander George & Sarah POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
Nov 6 Isabel Robert & Elizth. YOUNG Castlemellon
Nov 6 Alexander Alexander & Elizabeth KEIL [KYLE] Carnagribben
Nov 6 James William & Isabel CALDWELL Castlewarren
Nov 6 John Robert & Mary TOMPSON [THOMPSON] Castlewarren
Dec 4 Ann Joseph & Sarah HAMILTON Claudstown [Gloudstown]
Dec 11 Mary Joseph & Gilly KEE Tilliard [Tullyard]
Dec 18 Andrew Duncan & Jane MCFARLAND Aughafadd



Feb 14 Ann Thomas & Catherine WOODS Meghereagh
Feb 14 James John & Mary MCFARLAND Lough-ash
Feb 19 Agnes Francis & Mary TOMPSON [THOMPSON] Carrickatean
Feb 19 Thomas Thomas & Sarah KEES [KEYS] Creaghan
Feb 19 William Brien & Sarah GORMLEY Killycluney
Feb 26 Ann John & Elizabeth MULLEN Leitrim
Feb 26 James James & Ann MCGONAGLE Benone
Feb 26 Edward James & Ann MCGONAGLE Benone
Mar 10 John John & Alice O’DIVEN Stoneyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Mar 25 Hugh Hugh & Catharine LUNDY Dunnimana [Donemana]
Apr 8 John Henry & Jane MILLER Outhermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Apr 29 Edward Hugh & Sheily DONHEY [DONAGHY] Tulliard
Apr 29 William Alexander & Catharine MCGLACKAN Benally [Binnelly]
May 6 Martha John & Margaret JACK Kilaney
May 20 John son of a vagrant woman -
Jun 3 Martha Thomas & Catharine HAMILTON Claudstown [Gloudstown]
Jun 11 Robert James & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM Cullan [Cullion]
Jul 1 Jane Joseph & Catharine TOMPSON [THOMPSON] Benone
Jul 8 Ann George & Catharine HAMILTON Glennagoorland
Jul 8 Catharine Stephen & Giles HARPER Benoan
Aug 5 William William & Mary BROLLY Benone
Aug 19 Isabel Francis & Mary MCFARLAND Lough-ash
Aug 26 Hugh Hugh & Mary COLLINS Claudstown [Gloudstown]
Sep 30 Mary John & Catherine MITCHEL Liscleen
Sep 30 Elizabeth William & Catherine O’REIL Kildarragh [Kildoragh]
Oct 20 James George & Margaret KELLAGHEN [CALLAGHAN] Carnagribben
Oct 20 Ann Dennis & Mary MCDONNEL Liscleen
Nov 11 Robert William & Catherine HAMILTON Claudstown [Gloudstown]
Dec 2 Mary Thomas & Mary ELLIS Benone
Dec 2 Elizabeth Andrew & Margaret NIXON Castlewarren
Dec 23 James John & Jane DONNELLY Creaghan



Jan 6 Margaret William & Mary PATTERSON Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Jan 20 Andrew John & Catherine MULLON Leatt
Jan 20 Catharine Alexander & Mary POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
Jan 27 Thomas Brien & Mary MCCARRAN Castlewarren
Jan 27 Catharine Brien & Sarah GORMLEY Killycluney
Feb 3 Andrew Robert & Catherine CUNNINGHAM Creaghan
Feb 3 Isabel Charles & Jane RODY Castlewarren
Feb 3 James base-born of John MCGONAGLE & Jane DUNN Stonyfolds [Stonyfalls]
Feb 10 Mary James & Jane POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren
Feb 10 James Robert & Jane CREAG [CRAIG] Benone
Feb 10 James Michael & Sarah KARNEY [CARNEY] Burndennet Mill-town
Feb 17 Thomas John & Elizabeth BROLLY Benone
Feb 24 John William & Mary DONNEL Carnagribben
Feb 24 Hester Patrick & Susanna KIRLAND [CARLAND/ CARLIN?] Greystone
Mar 3 Mary Robert & Cathartine BATES Cloudstown [Gloudstown]
Mar 7 Ann Elizabeth James & Catharine HAMILTON Outermuigh [Aughtermoy]
Mar 10 John Thomas & Sarah GALLAHER Killycurry
Mar 24 Ann Andrew & Catharine ROBINSON Munnikenan [Moneycanon]
Mar 24 John Charles & Ann GALLAHER Moyath [Moyagh]
Mar 31 Margaret Wm. & Cath. GALASPEY [GILLESPIE] Burndennet
Mar 31 Isabel David & Jane LYON Teeboe [Taboe]
Apr 5 John Robert & Jane CALDWELL Faney [Fawney]
Mar 8 Isabel John & Eleanor MCGONAGLE Benone
Apr 21 James John & Elizabeth JACK Killany
Apr 21 Rachel James & Mary HAMILTON Dunnimana [Donemana]
Apr 21 Hugh base-born of Margaret MCALEER Dunnimana [Donemana]
Apr 21 Ann James & Elizabeth MCCONNEL Teeboe [Taboe]
May 19 Thomas Hugh & Sarah SMITH Aughafadd
May 19 Hugh Robert & Susanna MCFARLAND Killycluney
May 19 Elizabeth Walter & Elizabeth MCFARLAND Liscleen
May 26 Belinda James & Elizabeth HAMILTON Glennygoorland
May 26 Sarah Hugh & Catharine O’NEAL Killycluney
June 2 Charity George & Martha POLLUCK [POLLOCK] Castlewarren