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Second Donagheady Presbyterian Church, Sandville, Co. Tyrone List of Elders & Dates of Ordination 1744-1903

Extracted from Donagheady Presbyterian Churches and Parish by Rev. John Rutherford (privately published 1953)
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Aerial view of Second Donagheady Presbyterian Church, Sandville, Co. Tyrone c1960

The original Donagheady congregation was founded in 1658. The congregation divided in 1741 following a riot in the church over seating arrangements and an inability to choose a minister; the first minister of the new congregation was Rev. Robert Wirling. The old church was taken down and replaced with the present building in 1856

Names of Elders and the dates in which they first appeared in surviving records

Surname Firstname Year
Donald Robert 1744
Little Joseph 1764
Orr John 1767
Wilson William 1770
Robinson Andrew 1805
Knox Thomas 1827
Love James 1834
Latta William 1836
McNeilly John 1844
McMorris Ephraim 1844
Patrick Robert 1844
Holmes John 1844
McCleery Robert 1844
Gamble Robert 1844
Mether John 1844
McClements Samuel 1844
Smyth Thomas 1844
McIntyre Samuel 1844
Alexander Robert 1844
Mether Robert 1844
Alexander James 1866
Love Victor 1866
McLaughlin George 1866
McCorkell John 1866
Campbell William 1866
Love James 1866
Gamble Samuel 1866
McCrea Robert 1866
Moorhead William 1866
McIntyre James Henry 1866
Stevenson Joseph 1866
Stevenson William 1885
Mathers James 1885
Bates Joseph 1885
McLaughlin John Stewart 1903
McIntosh Joseph 1903
Campbell David 1903
McClea John 1903
Semple John James 1903
McIntyre William 1903