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Donagheady Parish Church (Church of Ireland), Donemana, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland: Confirmations 1872

Extracts from the Vestry Minutes
Thanks to Faye Logue, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia for access to her personal records
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Ruins of old St. Michael’s Church in the graveyard in Bunowen, Donemana, Co. Tyrone. Photo: Faye Logue

Vestry minutes, 1697-1723 and 1754 - 1919; Confirmation lists, 1872,1875, 1877, 1880, 1883 and 1886 have been filmed by the staff of PRONI, Belfast where they may be consulted. Ref: MIC1/35; CR1/26



The Right Reverend William Alexander, D.D., Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe held a Confirmation in Donagheady Parish Church on Sunday 14th July1872 when 93 young persons were presented to the Bishop by Rev. Frederick J. Clark, A.M., Rector of Donagheady and received that Holy Apostolic rite at his Lordship’s hands.


Thomas JOHNSTONE 16 Lisnarrow
John THOMPSON 15 Binnelly
James ELLIS 17 Benoan
Thomas THOMPSON 17 Binnelly
Joseph ELLIS 14 Moneycannon
William CUNNINGHAM 16 Creghan
Alexander DUNN 18 Drain
William WALKER 14 Earlsgift
James DUNN 17 Tirconnelly
George ELLIS 25 Tyboe
James POLLOCK 19 Glenagourland
James DUNN 23 Glenagourland
James DUNN 15 Glenagourland
William POLLOCK 17 Glenagourland
Thomas COLHOUN 25 Donemanagh
Thomas ELLIS 17 Donemanagh
William James NIXON 22 Castlewarren
David NIXON 15 Castlewarren
Archibald MEHAFFY 18 Lisnarrow
Robert MCFARLAND 15 Ballinamallard
William JAMESON 16 Glenagourland
William MCCAIN 16 Tyboe
John CALLAGHAN 16 Carnagribben
William James MCCAIN 15 Castlewarren
Robert FULTON 16 Loughash
Robert MCKEEVER 21 Moneycannon
William James FULTON 17 Loughash
John Robert FERGUSON 18 Creghan
William HIGHLANDS 22 Creghan
George CALLAGHAN 16 Carnaygribben
William MCDONALD 18 Drain
John DEERY 16 Moneycannon
George WIRLING 29 Glenagourland
Joseph HUGHEY 26 Aughafad
Robert NIXON 21 Castlewarren
Edward NIXON 20 Castlewarren
Robert COLHOUN 14 Fawney
William NIXON 19 Castlewarren
John NIXON 18 Castlewarren
Mary MCDONALD 14 Drain
Matilda CUNNINGHAM 16 Creghan
Sarah Jane DUNN 16 Tirconnelly
Margaret PICKETT 15 Moneycannon
Margaret PATTERSON 16 Church-Hill
Mary Jane DUNN 15 Drain
Matilda WHITESIDE 17 Glenagourland
Martha Jane MCMICHAEL 14 Gortileck
Jane DOUGHERTY 14 Mountcastle
Anne CLARK 14 Church-Hill
Eliza MCGOWAN 17 Tyboe
Catherine WALKER 14 Liscleen
Rebecca Jane DAVIS 15 Drain
Catherine WALKER 16 Castlemellon
Margaret CALLAGHAN (Js’) 18 Carnagribben
Jane COLHOUN 16 Donemanagh
Annie CALLAGHAN 18 Carnagribben
Lizzie ELLIS 20 Moneycannon
Margaret MOWBRY 22 Augafad
Jane MOWBRY 18 Augafad
Margaret CALLAGHAN (Js’ M) 19 Carnagribben
Ellen CALLAGHAN 14 Carnagribben
Eliza BROWNE 17 Fawney
Latetia MCLAUGHLIN 17 Fawney
Mary LIVINGSTONE 16 Donemanagh
Sarah LIVINGSTONE 18 Donemanagh
Margaret MCNAMEE 16 Creghan
Margaret MCFARLAND 18 Ballinamallard
Lizzie PICKETT 17 Moneycannon
Margaret DOUGHERTY 17 Earlsgift
Annie? HASLET 15 Rouskey
Eliza GALBREATH 21 Tirkernaghan
Elizabeth MCKANE 17 Castlewarren
Jane MCKANE 20 Tyboe
Isabella MCKANE 18 Tyboe
Matilda ELLIS 19 Tyboe
Eliza ELLIS 22 Tyboe
Isabella DUNN 17 Glenagourland
Isabella MCCONNELL 16 Glenagourland
Annie Jane DUNN 16 Glenagourland
Catherine POLLOCK 16 Glenagourland
Latitia DUNN 17 Drain
Sarah HOPKINS 17 Loughash
Charity POLLOCK 16 Castlewarren
Margaret TOWNSLEY 16 Cullion
Mary Jane TOWNSLEY 15 Cullion
Sarah Jane DEERY 14 Moneycannon
Sarah Jane PATTERSON 14 Church-Hill
Margaret MEHAFFY 14 Lisnarrow
Matilda DUNN 15 Tirconnelly
Catherine MCGOWAN 15 Strandabrosny
Martha BURKE 14 Castlemellon
Anne NIXON 21 Castlewarren
Elizabeth MCBETH 20 Liscleen