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St. Johns Church of Ireland, Castlederg (aka Derg Parish Church), Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1850-1890

Extracted from the Parish Registers
Extracted, Transcribed & Compiled by Mervyn Catterson

Date Name Age Condition Profession Residence Father Rank Witnesses
December 31st 1850 James Baxter Full Age Bachelor Farmer’s Son Kilcleen Jack Baxter Farmer John McCormick
Jane McCutcheon Full Age Spinster   Froughla William McCutcheon Farmer James McCutcheon
February 27th 1851 James Sproule 26 Bachelor Labourer Kilcleen James Sproule Farmer John James Crowe
Mary Magirr 21 Spinster   Raws ,Donoughmore James Magirr Farmer Edward McHugh
March 28th 1851 Thomas Hunter 28 Bachelor Farmer Derrygoon William Hunter Farmer Joseph Breaden
Rebecca Harper 21 Spinster   Ganvaghan Hugh Harper Farmer Joshua Semple
November 30th 1851 Andrew Hamilton 47 Widower Farmer Carnoughter James Hamilton Farmer William Roulston
Frances Roulston 33 Spinster   Pollyarnon Oliver Roulston Farmer Elliott Harper
May 4th 1852 William Hamilton 35 Bachelor Farmer Ganvaghan John Hamilton Farmer Thomas Elliott
Jane Roulston 22 Spinster   Ganvaghan Joseph Roulston Farmer Robert Hamilton
July 14th 1852 Francis Keys 27 Widower Farmer Lack Arthur Keys Farmer Andrew Chism
Jane Scott 19 Spinster   Ballylennan Arch. Scott Farmer James Scott
December 16th 1852 William J Sproule 23 Bachelor Mason Kilcleen William Sproule Mason & Thatcher John Baxter
Jane Baxter 20 Spinster   Kilcleen Jack Baxter Farmer William Kane
March 18th 1853 Andrew McCutcheon 48 Widower Farmer Kilcroagh Hugh McCutcheon Farmer Hugh McCutcheon
Eleanor McCutcheon 40 Widow   Kilcroagh James Hamilton Farmer John McCormick
November 28th 1853 Edward Gregory 21 Bachelor Labourer Kilcroagh Edward Gregory Farmer John Hamilton
Margaret Hamilton 18 Spinster   Scarvagherin John Hamilton Shoemaker John Leitch
December 19th 1853 William Haran 21 Bachelor Labourer Ganvaghan Charles Haran Labourer James Rolleston
Mary McCausland 19 Spinster   Ganvaghan Charles McCausland Labourer Henry McCain
October 27th 1854 Hugh Harper 70 Widower Farmer Pollyarnon Robert Harper Farmer James Hamilton
Margaret Gordon 40 Spinster   Kilcleen Peter Gordon Farmer John McFarland
November 17th 1854 James Harper 60 Bachelor Farmer Ganvaghan James Harper Farmer Arthur Nixon
Sarah Irvine 40 Spinster   Ganvaghan Samuel Irvine Weaver William King
January 16th 1856 Robert Sproule 22 Bachelor Farmer Kilcleen James Sproule Farmer William Sproule
Jane Caterson 22 Spinster   Alt James Caterson Farmer Hugh Sproule
January 28th 1856 William McLanaghan 29 Bachelor Labouer Carndreen Philip McLanaghan Labourer Joseph Cooper
Mary Hamilton 19 Spinster   Luremore William Hamilton Labourer Robert Hamilton
January 29th 1856 James Hendrie 25 Bachelor Farmer Innisfad James Hendrie Farmer John Baxter
Mary Ann Baxter 20 Spinster   Kilcleen John Baxter Farmer Huey Dill
June 5th 1856 James Semple 21 Bachelor Carpenter Ganvaghan Arthur Semple Farmer Joshua Semple
Elizabeth McCay 21 Spinster   Goland James McCay Farmer Adam McCay
November 5th 1856 James Hamilton 33 Bachelor Farmer Castlegore Henry Hamilton Farmer Robert McCay
Christiana Scott 29 Spinster   Ganvaghan James Scott Farmer Robert Kyle
December 3rd 1856 William Jamieson 29 Bachelor Labourer Drumkernan Thomas Jamieson Labourer Robert Rolston
Mary Jane Martin 29 Spinster   Pollyarnon Andrew Martin Farmer John Wasson
May 26th 1857 James Rolleston 19 Bachelor Labourer Churchtown Oliver Rolleston Farmer Robert Ralston
Sarah Martin 18 Spinster   Pollyarnon Andrew Martin Farmer George Martin
June 2nd 1857 William Crow 19 Bachelor Labourer Ballylennan John Crow Labourer Kyle Young
Margaret Dennison 19 Spinster   Goland John Dennison Labourer Andrew Wauchop
October 7th 1857 James Hunter 27 Bachelor Labourer Ballylennan William Hunter Labourer James Patterson
Mary Kinnear 23 Spinster   Ballylennan Robert Kinnear Labourer David Eakin
January 20th 1858 Robert Roulston 27 Bachelor Labourer Pollyarnon James Roulston Labourer Charles Harper
Jane Harpur Full Age Spinster   Pollyarnon George Harpur Farmer Robert Harpur
February 20th 1858 Charles Harpur 28 Bachelor Farmer Pollyarnon George Harpur Farmer Johnson Cooper
Margaret Carson Full Age Spinster   Drumclamph Andrew Carson Farmer Alexander Mitchell
May 23rd 1858 Richard Cameron 32 Bachelor Labourer Pollyarnon James Cameron Labourer George Martin
Martha Young 25 Spinster   Pollyarnon Andrew Young Farmer William Porter
May 15th 1858 Robert Jnr Hamilton 23 Bachelor Labourer Kilclean Robert Hamilton Labourer William Sproule
Mary J Baxter 23 Spinster   Pollyarnon Robert Baxter Labourer Andrew Kane
December 16th 1858 Robert Gilchrist 20 Bachelor Shoemaker Cavan John Gilchrist Shoemaker David Kerr
Margaret Robb 20 Spinster   Cavan William Robb Labourer William John Robb
February 10th 1859 Gerard Atchison 35 Bachelor Farmer Glenglush William Atchison Farmer Thomas Atchison
Isabella Houston 21 Spinster   Froughla James Houston Farmer John Hamilton
May 24th 1859 James McCormick 26 Bachelor Draper Dartans Thomas McCormick Farmer John Smyth
Anne Eliza Smyth 18 Spinster   Dartans John Smyth Farmer William Smyth
August 22nd 1859 George Kerrigan 21 Bachelor Labourer Kilclean Robert Kerrigan Labourer James Roulston
Eliza Jane Sproule 21 Spinster   Kilclean James Sproule Farmer William Sproule
November 15th 1859 Christopher Irwin 21 Bachelor Labourer Kilclean Christopher Irwin Farmer Henry Bell
Nancy Mortland 21 Spinster   Kilclean Thomas Mortland Labourer Thomas Mortland
November 24th 1859 Thomas Smyth 22 Bachelor Labourer Kilcroagh Thomas Smyth Farmer James McCutcheon
Martha Roulston 30 Spinster   Castlederg Andrew Roulston Labourer Robert Walls
July 7th 1860 William Hughes 30 Bachelor Farmer Carncorn Stewart Hughes Farmer Andrew Stevenson
Jane Harper 18 Spinster   Pollyarnon John Harper Farmer Charles Harper
July 19th 1860 Hugh Sproule 21 Bachelor Labourer Ballylennan Hugh Sproule Labourer John Baxter
Mary Sproule 19 Spinster   Castlesessiagh Robert Sproule Labourer John Kane
November 22nd 1860 William Sproule 22 Bachelor Labourer Kilcleen James Sproule Farmer William Baxter
Margaret Kain 21 Spinster   Kilcleen John Kain Farmer John Kerr
November 24th 1860 Joseph Levingston 21 Bachelor Labourer Lure John Levingston Farmer James Rolleston
Margaret Hamilton 22 Spinster   Ganvaghan Henry Hamilton Labourer Robert Hamilton
November 29th 1860 Robert Kilpatrick 21 Bachelor Scutcher Ergenagh Edward Kilpatrick Labourer Joseph Huey
Elizabeth Stevenson 18 Spinster   Craigmonaghan Robert Stevenson Mason Joseph Stewart
February 28th 1861 Thomas Laughlin 21 Bachelor Labourer Cavandoragh John Laughlin Labourer John Maguire
Eliza Smyley 17 Spinster   Ballylennan James Smyley Scutcher John McEntire
March 19th 1863 James Monteith 40 Bachelor Farmer Lisnacloon Joseph Monteith Farmer Alexander Mitchell
Mary Harpur 23 Spinster   Pollyarnon George Harpur Farmer Samuel Hunter
January 1st 1864 Samuel Ralston 23 Bachelor Labourer Castlederg James Ralston Labourer John Porter
Mary Hunter 22 Spinster   Ballylennan David Hunter Labourer Joseph Little
February 5th 1865 Thomas Browne 21 Bachelor Labourer Ballylennan Thomas Browne Labourer Joseph Fox
Sarah Saunderson 27 Spinster   Castlederg James Saunderson Farmer Samuel Fox
July 20th 1865 Andrew Nethery 26 Bachelor Farmer Magheraenny Robert Nethery Farmer Thomas Stuart
Mary J Rolleston 25 Spinster   Ganvaghan Joseph Rolleston Farmer William Nethery
March 9th 1866 Thomas Martin 35 Bachelor Labourer Cavan Andrew Martin Farmer Andrew Chism
Sarah Forbes 21 Spinster   Cavan William Forbes Carpenter Joseph Kerr
December 11th 1866 Joseph Quinn 30 Bachelor Scutcher Ballygawley John Quinn Labourer Samuel Bradley
Ann Jane Bradley 22 Spinster   Castlederg James Bradley Tailor Matthew Tallon ?
February 24th 1867 George Roulston 25 Bachelor Labourer Goland James Roulston Carter Thomas Funston
Jane Gilchrist 30 Widow   Castlederg John Burke Weaver William Funston
June 4th 1867 John Monteith 23 Bachelor Labourer Pollyarnon Robert Monteith Labourer George Harper
Eliza Harper Full Age Spinster   Mullaghaneany ? Alexander Harper Farmer Samuel Elliott
June 21st 1867 Alexander Denniston 23 Bachelor Labourer Dartans Alexander Denniston Labourer William John Robb
Elizabeth Donnelly 22 Spinster   Lislaird Daniel Donnelly Labourer James Mitchell
June 23rd 1867

William Roulston

Anne Scott








James Roulston

John Scott



Aaron McEntire

David McEntire

November 15th 1867 Robert Kerrigan 24 Bachelor Labourer Kilcleen Robert Kerrigan Labourer William McCain
Matty Shannon 22 Spinster   Castlederg Andrew Shannon Weaver Matthew Walls
November 19th 1867 Joseph Sproule 21 Bachelor Labourer Carndreen Hugh Sproule Labourer James Roulston
Mary J McCutcheon 21 Spinster   Kilcroagh John McCutcheon Farmer Sam Johnstone
September 21st 1869 William Patton 27 Bachelor Labourer Ballylennan John Patton Labourer Thomas Crowe
Rebecka Buchanan 22 Spinster   Ballylennan William Buchanan Labourer Thomas Funston
October 12th 1869 Thomas Crowe 32 Bachelor Labourer Ballylennan John Crowe Labourer Andrew Chism
Mary Buchanan 30 Spinster   Spamount William Buchanan Labourer William Funston
December 1st 1869 William Baxter 50 Widower Ex-constable Kilclean John Baxter Farmer Andrew Chism
Mary Baxter 30 Spinster   Kilclean James Baxter Farmer Thomas Funston
April 26th 1870 Thomas Alan Ingram 30 Bachelor Farmer Fyart ?, Raphoe Thomas Ingram Farmer Henry Smyth
Cath.M.W.Smyth Full Age Spinster   Dartans John Smyth Farmer William Ingram
June 24th 1870 Matthew Denniston 35 Widower Labourer Spamount John Denniston Labourer Thomas Crowe
Catherine Crowe 24 Spinster   Ballylennan John Crowe Labourer Thomas Funston
January 17th 1871 James McCormick 22 Bachelor Farmer Woodside Thomas McCormick Farmer William Sproule
Eliza Colhoun 21 Spinster   Castlegore William Colhoun Farmer Thom McCormick
March 28th 1872 James Knox 25 Bachelor Farmer Castlesessiagh Matthew Knox Farmer Robert Nethery
Eliza Rolleston 22 Spinster   Ganvaghan Joseph Rolleston Farmer Matthew Hamilton

June 11th 1872


James Monteith 25 Bachelor Soldier Pollyarnon Robert Monteith Labourer David Johnston
Martha Kean 19 Spinster   Kilcroagh William Kean Farmer James Kane
May 14th 1873 William John Kain 22 Bachelor Labourer Kilcroagh William Kain Farmer Thomas Roulston
Margaret Ralston 21 Spinster   Pollyarnon Oliver Ralston Labourer David Johnston
September 19th 1873 James Fox 25 Bachelor Tailor Ballylennan James Fox Tailor W? Kerrigan
Catherine Holmes 22 Spinster   Castlederg Andrew Holmes Scutcher John Wilson
October 20th 1873 James Roulston 30 Widower Labourer Pollyarnon James Roulston Labourer James Hamilton
Jane Hamilton Full Age Spinster   Carnoughter Andrew Hamilton Farmer David Johnston
November 23rd 1873 Joseph Fox 30 Bachelor Tailor Ballylennan James Fox Tailor William Funston
Elizabeth Robb 22 Spinster   Castlesessiagh Alexander Robb Labourer Henry Bell
July 23rd 1874 Robert Patrick 22 Bachelor Labourer Creevy John Patrick Labourer Joseph Patrick
Sarah Ann Keane 22 Spinster   Kilcroagh William Keane Farmer David Monteith
July 29th 1874 John Gilchrist 21 Bachelor Labourer Castlederg John Gilchrist Labourer Kyle Young
Isabella Dennis 17 Spinster   Cadtlederg Hugh Dennis Labourer Thomas Baxter
July 12th 1875 Alex Leckie 24 Bachelor Labourer Pollyarnon Alex Leckie Labourer Robert Harpur
Eliza Martin 24 Spinster   Pollyaron Andrew Martin Farmer Andrew Young
January 28th 1876 Arthur Porter 30 Bachelor Farmer Goland William Porter Farmer James Weldon
Matilda Weldon 24 Spinster   Goland William Weldon Farmer Matthew Banter
March 31st 1876 George Roulston 31 Widower Car Driver Castlederg James Roulston Labourer James Bradley
Mary Sharkey 21 Spinster   Castlederg Charles Sharkey Labourer David Monteith
May 5th 1876 David Brown 50 Bachelor Farmer Luremore Thomas Brown Farmer John Kerr
Isabella Gallagher 30 Spinster   Luremore William Gallagher Labourer James Wasson
December 22nd 1876 Thomas Kain 28 Bachelor Constable RIC Belfast John Kain Farmer John Kane
Letitia Baxter 21 Spinster   Castlederg William Baxter Ex-Constable William Baxter
May 8th 1877 William J Baird 21 Bachelor Labourer Dunravan Patrick Baird Labourer James Walls
Sarah Walls 25 Spinster   Dunravan Christopher Walls Labourer John Walls
April 5th 1878 James Rankin 65 Widower Labourer Goland James Rankin Labourer David Dunbar
Mary Fox 25 Spinster   Ballylennon James Fox Tailor William Henderson
August 13th 1878 Robert Johnston 19 Bachelor Blacksmith Castlederg Abraham Johnston Farmer Robert Henderson
Eliza A Roulston 18 Spinster   Goland Arthur Roulston Farmer James Wasson
June 14th 1882 William Funston Full Age Bachelor Provision Merchant Liverpool Thomas Funston Boot /Shoe Maker John Monteith
Sarah Monteith Full Age Spinster Milliner Erganagh John Monteith Blacksmith Mary Ann Monteith
September 27th 1882 John Waugh Full Bachelor Shop Keeper Castlederg Robert Waugh Farmer James Roulston
Mary Ann Walls Full Spinster   Priestsess John Walls Farmer William Walls
November 30th 1882 William Bogle 25 Bachelor Labourer Ergenagh Thomas Bogle Labourer James Young
Rebecca Crowe 21 Spinster Servant Goland William Crowe Labourer Robert Bogle
February 8th 1883 John Sproule Full Bachelor Labourer Froughla Robert Sproule Labourer James Vance
Anne Jane Vance Full Spinster Servant Creevy James Vance Labourer William F Porter
October 31st 1883 Thomas Young 22 Bachelor Labourer Castlederg Michael Young Labourer Samuel Semple
Mary Crowe 21 Spinster   Castlederg Thomas Crowe Labourer Lizzie Crowe
November 15th 1883 John Gilchrist 24 Bachelor Labourer Pollyaron Robert Gilchrist Labourer Thomas McFarland
Mary Jane Irwin 21 Spinster   Castlederg Thomas Irwin Labourer Cath Montgomery
December 2nd 1886 William Bogle 24 Bachelor Labourer Pollyarnon John Bogle Labourer James Young
Margaret Sproule 26 Spinster   Kilcleen William Sproule Labourer Thomas Kerrigan
December 17th 1886 Patrick Baird 22 Bachelor Labourer Kilcroagh Patrick Baird Labourer Thomas Smyth
Catherine Porter 22 Spinster   Kilcroagh William Porter Shoe Maker Matilda Sproule
June 8th 1887 Joseph Roulston Full Bachelor Farmer Carney,Upper Langfield James Roulston Farmer Joseph Weldon
Isabella Porter 18 Spinster   Goland Matthew Porter Labourer Matthew Porter
January 5th 1888 Thomas Kerrigan 21 Bachelor Labourer Kilclean William Kerrigan Labourer George Kerrigan
Cath Montgomery 22 Spinster   Castlegore Thomas Montgomery Labourer Maggie Montgomery
February 20th 1888 John Caterson 23 Bachelor Labourer Pollyarnon Robert Caterson Labourer John Irvine
Mary Eliza Roulston 23 Spinster   Pollyarnon James Roulston Labourer Fanny Roulston
July 29th 1889 Charles Stuart Bracegirdle 27 Bachelor Mechanical Engineer Castlederg James Bracegirdle Clerk James Bracegirdle
Elizabeth Waugh 21 Spinster   Castlederg Andrew Waugh Merchant Jane Waugh
August 21st 1889 John Irvine 30 Bachelor Farmer Craigmonaghan George Irvine Farmer James Roulston
Fannie Ann Roulston 21 Spinster   Pollyarnon Thomas Roulston Farmer Fanny Irvine
October 8th 1890 James Bogle 21 Bachelor Labourer Garvetagh John Bogle Labourer Charles Forbes
Mary Crowe Minor Spinster   Ballylennan Thomas Crowe Labourer Robert Forbes
October 16th 1890 William Watt 26 Bachelor Labourer Churchtown Thomas Watt Carpenter Robert Watt
Christina Dennison 24 Spinster   Mount Bernard Joseph Dennison Farmer Dessa Alexander

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