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2nd Castlederg Presbyterian Church, Urney Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1845-60

Registration District of Castlederg, Co. Tyrone
Extracted from various FHL films of Civil Registration of Irish Marriages
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Scots’ Church (2nd Castlederg Presbyterian Church) Upper Strabane Road, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone
Photo: acknowledgements to Kenneth Allen

Earliest surviving records for 2nd Castlederg Presbyterian Church have been microfilmed by the staff of PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland), Belfast, where they are available for consultation:

Baptisms, 1880-1985; marriages, 1861­1935; session and committee minutes, 1875-1923

PRONI Ref. MIC1P/248

The condition of the original records, the greatest degree of difficulty in discerning much of the handwriting and quality of filming make transcription challenging and where possible, the Ardstraw and Urney tithe applotment books and Griffiths Valuation (1858) have been consulted for confirmation of families and townland addresses


# Date Marriage
#1 May 2 1845

Archibald Higgins full age bachelor farmer Raws. Father: Patrick Higgins farmer


Anne McCarren full age spinster Coolnaherin. Father: William McCarren farmer

Witnesses: James Smyth & John McCarren

#2 June 30 1845

Mathew Long 19 years bachelor carpenter Tiveny, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Mathew Long, Sen., labourer


Margaret Forbes 22 years spinster Tiveny, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Robert Forbes weaver

Witnesses: Charles Forbes (Clare) & Andrew Forbes (Clare)

#3 July 15 1845

William Mitchell 26 years bachelor farmer Pollyarnon. Father: Robert Mitchel farmer


Margaret McCormic 18 spinster Kilklean. Father: John McCormic farmer

Witnesses: William McCormic & James Mitchel

#4 Sept .18 1845

John Galey full age bachelor farmer Glen...n? Father: Charles Galey


Ruth Galey 18 years spinster farmer Carncorn. Father: John Galey farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Brown (Creevy) & John Hunter (Letterkenny)

#5 October 8 1845

John Wauchop full age bachelor farmer Goland. Father: Andrew Wauchop farmer


Jane Thompson full age spinster Ganvaghan. Father: John Thompson farmer

Witnesses: James Mitchell (Sassaugh) & Andrew Wauchop (Clare)

#6 December 15 1845

David Dunbar full age bachelor farmer Carrickadortins. Father: Mathew Dunbar farmer


Mary Wauchop full age spinster Goland. Father: Mathew Wauchop farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Wason (Castlegore) & James Fyffe (Carrickadartins)

#7 June 9 1846

Richard Irvine 21 years bachelor shoemaker Killeter. Father: John Irvine clerk in Killeter Church


Seragh McCormic 21 years spinster Froughlough. Father: James McCormic farmer

Witnesses: Richard Irvine (Castlederg) & John McCormick (Froughlough)

#8 July 26 1846

James Duncan 21 years bachelor farmer Goland. Father: William Duncan farmer


Elizabeth Porter 21 years spinster Erganagh. Father: John Porter farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Wilson (Whitehouse) & William Porter (Erginagh)

#9 November 17 1846

John Hamilton full age bachelor farmer Luremore, Parish of Skirts of Urney. Father: Charles Hamilton farmer


Ann Colhoune full age spinster Castlegore. Father: James Coulhoune farmer

Witnesses: Charles Hamilton (Luremore) & James Colhoune (Castlegore)

#10 December 14 1846

John Hutcheson 21 years bachelor labourer Dartins. Father: Patrick Hutcheson weaver


Mary McCutcheon 21 years spinster Kilkroagh. Father: John McCutcheon farmer

Witnesses: Mathew Hamilton (Dartins) & Alexander Fox (Kilkroagh)

#11 June 21 1847

James Wallace 26 years bachelor farmer Dartins. Father: Robert Wallace farmer


Mary Boggs 19 years spinster Drumrain. Father: Robert Boggs farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Clarke (Doortans) & Alexander Wallace (Doortans)

#12 December 15 1847

Hugh Smith 35 years bachelor farmer Killin. Father: Robert Smith farmer


Catherine Hamilton 24 years spinster Tullyard. Father: Thomas Hamilton farmer

Witnesses: John Smith (Killin) & William Hamilton (Tullyard)

#13 March 18? 1847

James Young full age widower labourer Castlegore, Parish of Skirts of Urney. Father: Mathew Young farmer


Elener Young full age spinster Castlegore Parish of Skirts of Urney. Father: James Young farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Wilson (Castlegore) & Andrew Allison (Castlegore)

#14 April 16 1848

John McIntire 25 years bachelor farmer Ballylennon. Father: John McIntire farmer


Matilda Wason 18 years spinster Castlegore. Father: James Wason farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Wason & Andrew McIntire

#15 May 4 1848

Robert McClintoc full age bachelor labourer Ballylennon, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Alexander McClintoc school teacher


Elizabeth Bruce full age spinster Dunrain, Parish of Ardstraw. Father: Thomas Bruce labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Huey & Robert Bruce

#16 October 26 1848

James Love 30 years bachelor farmer Ballyfolliard. Father: Robert Love farmer


Mary Duncan 20 years spinster Lurganbuoy. Father: George Duncan farmer

Witnesses: Robert Love (Ballyfolliard) & William Duncan (Lurganbuoy)

#17 March 21 1849

John Hatrick full age bachelor farmer Glebe, Glendermott, Derry. Father: John Hatrick farmer


Catherine Duncan full age spinster Lurganboy. Father: William Duncan farmer

Witnesses: Ezekiel Hatrick & Robert Duncan, Meahy

#18 April 2 1849

David Montieth full age bachelor blacksmith Inniskillen [Co. Fermanagh]. Father: John Montieth blacksmith


Jane Dorough 18 spinster Fern [Co. Donegal]. Father: John Dorough farmer

Witnesses: James Monteith, Dunrain & Alexander Dorough, Fern

#19 May 14 1849

John McCarron full age bachelor farmer Coolnaherin. Father: William McCarron farmer


Sarah Wilson full age spinster Scarvaherin. Father: Joseph Wilson farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Wilson & James Verner

#20 May 29 1849

John Montieth full age bachelor blacksmith Dunrain? Father: John Montieth blacksmith


Sarah Ray full age spinster Craigmonaghan. Father: James Ray labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Huey & Andrew Nelson

#21 Aug ust14 1849

Robert Bruce full age bachelor weaver Dunrain. Father: William Bruce weaver


Elizabeth Johnston 20 spinster Kilkrough. Father: David Johnston farmer

Witnesses: James Montieth & George Johnston

#22 Sept. 17 1849

John Dunbar full age bachelor farmer Carrickadartins. Father: Mathew Dunbar farmer


Rosanna Sproul full age spinster Castlebane. Father: James Sproul farmer

Witnesses: Mathew Dunbar & William Wauchob

#23 October 26 1849

James McCutchen full age widower carpenter Kilkleen. Father: James McCutchen farmer


Mary McCutchen full age spinster Breen. Father: John McCutchen pensioner

Witnesses: James Mitchel & William McCutchen

#24 October 31 1849

John Johnston full age widower farmer Killen. Father: William Johnston farmer


Mary Jane McFarland full age spinster Kilkleen. Father: James? McFarland farmer

Witnesses: William McFarland & James ....?(Illeg.)

#25 November 27 1849

William Harper full age bachelor shoemaker Magheracriggan? Father: Alexander Harper labourer


Elizabeth Nelson 18 spinster Greenville. Father: ..... ......? (illeg.) mechanic

Witnesses: Andrew Sproul & ............ .......? (illeg.)

#26 November 29 1849

James Park full age bachelor farmer Skinboy, Ardstraw. Father: ......? (illeg) Park farmer


Elizabeth Waugh full age spinster Lurganboy. Father: John Waugh farmer

Witnesses: Charles Park & ...... .....? (Illeg.)

#27 Dec ember25 1849

David Black full age bachelor farmer Kilstrol, Ardstraw. Father: Thomas Black farmer


Mary McCarron full age spinster Coolnaherin? Father: William McCarron farmer

Witnesses: John McCarron & Thomas Montgomery

#28 February 12 1850

Thomas Buck full age bachelor shoemaker Lurganboy. Father: William Buck farmer


Jane Nelson 20 years spinster Greenville. Father: Robert Nelson mechanic

Witnesses: Thomas Nelson & John Orr

#29 February 28 1850

Joseph Hemphill full age bachelor farmer Luremore. Father: James Hemphill farmer


Sarah McCay full age spinster Fraughlough. Father: Samuel McCay farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Hemphill & Robert McCay

#30 August 1 1850

James Robb full age bachelor farmer Lislaird. Father: Samuel Robb farmer


Mary Jane Mitchel full age spinster Castlesessagh. Father: Robert Mitchel farmer

Witnesses: William Robb & John Mitchel

#31 November 19 1850

John Hemphill full age bachelor farmer Listemore. Father: John Hemphill farmer


Fanny Love full age spinster Crew. Father: Samuel Love farmer

Witnesses: James Hemphill & Robert Love

#32 December 12 1850

Joseph Watson full age bachelor farmer Aughnalunny. Father: Moses Watson farmer


Margaret Jane Watson full age spinster Clady Hill. Father: William Watson farmer

Witnesses: Robert Watson & Robert Watson

#33 January 14 1851

Hugh Knox full age bachelor farmer Urney. Father: Hugh Knox farmer


Isabella Boggs full age spinster Lurganbuoy. Father: William Boggs farmer

Witnesses: John Knox & John McConaghey

#34 February 27 1851

Mathew Wachop full age bachelor shoemaker Golan. Father: Mathew Wachop farmer


Grace McMenamin full age spinster …....? (illeg). Father: Bernard McMenamin farmer

Witnesses: Hugh Greer & John Kyle

#35 March 13 1851

Samuel Murtlain full age bachelor shoemaker Kilclean. Father: Thomas Murtlane (sic) labourer


Hanna White 20 years spinster ……..? (illeg). Father: James White farmer

Witnesses: Mathew Hamilton & Nathan Kilpatrick

#36 October 22 1851

George Adams full age bachelor farmer Goland. Father: William Adams farmer


Margaret Rolston full age spinster Kilclean. Father: Thomas Rolston farmer

Witnesses: William Sproul & William S. Love

#37 November 14 1851

Henry Scott full age bachelor Revenue Police Magheregeerah. Father: George Scott farmer


Anne Elizabeth Irwin 18 years spinster Church Town, Castlederg. Father: George Irwin shopkeeper

Witnesses: Joseph Huey & Margaret Thomson

#38 Dec ember16 1851

James Johnston full age bachelor labourer ….....? (illeg) Father: William Johnston labourer


Fanny Taylor full age spinster Lurganboy. Father: William Taylor labourer

Witnesses: Andrew Rolleston & Christopher Irwin

#39 January 5 1852

Charles Ewen full age bachelor labourer Priestcess. Father: William Ewen farmer


Fanny Forbes 20 years spinster Clare Upper. Father: Andrew Forbes cooper

Witnesses: Robert Waugh & Joseph Orr

#40 February 17 1852

William Waugh full age bachelor shopkeeper Manchester, England. Father: William Waugh farmer


Martha McCie full age spinster Goland. Father: James McCie farmer

Witnesses: Robert Waugh & Robert McCay

#41 May 3 1852

William John Young full age bachelor farmer Castlegore. Father: Joseph Young farmer


Margaret Rippy full age widow Castlegore. Father: John Semple farmer

Witnesses: James Mitchell & Andy Young

#42 May 12 1852

James Duncan full age widower farmer Lurganboy. Father: James Duncan labourer


Elizabeth Orr full age spinster Priestcess. Father: Andrew Orr farmer

Witnesses: William Craig & James Johnston

#43 September 3 1852

Robert Smyth full age bachelor revenue police Killeter. Father: John Smyth farmer


Elizabeth Verner full age spinster Carnortar. Father: Moore Verner farmer

Witnesses: Caldwell Mitchell & Nancy Lewis

#44 September 30 1852

Henry McCormic full age bachelor farmer Ganvaghan. Father Daniel/ Samuel? McCormic farmer


Jane McCormic full age spinster Kilclean. Father: John McCormic farmer

Witnesses: James Anderson, jun. & Charles Johnston

#45 December 21 1852

Alexander Mullin full age bachelor shoemaker Erganagh. Father: James Mullin labourer


Letticia Semple full age spinster Killin. Father: Samuel Semple farmer

Witnesses: William Robinson & Robert McIntire

#46 December 29 1852

Joseph Hemphill full age bachelor farmer Luremore. Father: Chas. Hemphill farmer


Jane Boggs full age spinster Dunrain. Father: Robert Boggs farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Nelson & Hugh Henderson

#47 May 3 1853

William Robb full age bachelor farmer Lackagh. Father: Samuel Robb farmer


Margaret Mitchel full age spinster Castlesessagh. Father: Robert Mitchel farmer

Witnesses: James Robb & James Mitchel

#48 June 28 1853

Robert Park full age widower farmer ……..? (illeg). Father: Robert Park farmer


Margaret Irvine full age spinster Lisnacloon. Father: Andrew Irvine farmer

Witnesses: ……………………? (illeg)

#49 June 28 1853

Michal Monday full age bachelor Fraugh Lough. Father: Michal Monday labourer


Anne Burk full age spinster……….? (illeg) Father: John Burk labourer & weaver

Witnesses: John Monteith & Robert McCay

#50 October 26 1853

Robert Johnston full age bachelor Loury. Father: Robert Johnston farmer


Alecia Cousins 21 years spinster……..? (illeg). Father: James Cousins miller

Witnesses: Alexander Harper & Rebecca Harper

#51 November 11 1853

David McClure full age widower pensioner Churchtown. Father: Thomas McClure mechanic


Martha Irvine full age spinster Churchtown. Father: Thos. Irvine carpenter & farmer

Witnesses: James Wallace & Alexander Harper

#52 November 18 1853

Moses Bruce full age widower weaver Fraughlough. Father: William Bruce weaver


Anne Neelands full age widow spinster Castlederg. Father: Mathew Hunter blacksmith

Witnesses: John McCutcheon & Alexander Harper

#53 December 2 1853

Patrick Baird full age bachelor labourer Dartins, Skirts. Father: Dennis Baird farmer


Margaret Wilson full age Dartins, Skirts. Father: Josiah Wilson labourer

Witnesses: Mathew Hamilton & Andrew McCormic

#54 March 16 1854

William Taylor full age bachelor labourer Lurganboy. Father: Wm. Taylor labourer


Letticia Sproule full age spinster Kilcroagh. Father: Robert Sproule labourer

Witnesses: Andrew McCormick & Andrew Rolleston

#55 May 25 1854

Henry McNight full age bachelor labourer Lurganboy. Father: Henry McNight labourer


Christian Robb 20 years spinster Killen. Father: John Robb flax scutcher

Witnesses: William Ewen & Alex. Harper

#56 June 7 1854

John Knox full age bachelor farmer Castlesessagh. Father: Mathew Knox farmer


Margaret Duncan full age spinster Lurganboy. Father: George Duncan farmer

Witnesses: Mathew Knox & John Hamilton

#57 June 12 1854

Thomas English full age bachelor car driver Castlederg. Father: Samuel English farmer


Elizabeth Funston full age spinster Castlederg. Father: William Funston farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Nelson & Thomas Funston

#58 August 10 1854

David Baird full age bachelor merchant Ballina [Co. Donegal]. Father: John Baird farmer


Rebecca Hamilton full age spinster Coolcrunought. Father: John Hamilton farmer

Witnesses: Robert Scott & Hugh Hamilton

#59 November 2 1854

George Irvine full age widower Craigmonaghan. Father: John Irvine farmer


Frances Rolston full age spinster Pollyarnon. Father: James Rolston farmer

Witnesses: William Rolston & George Harper

#60 January 7 1855

Hugh Sproul minor bachelor farmer Kilclean. Father: William Sproul shoemaker


Margaret McCutcheon minor spinster Kilkrough. Father: Charles McCutcheon farmer

Witnesses: William McCormick & John McCutcheon

#61 February 22 1855

James Mitchell full age bachelor farmer Muckle. Father: Robert Mitchell farmer


Ann Roulston full age spinster Kilklean. Father: Thomas Roulston farmer

Witnesses: John McCay & Alexander Adams

#62 April 8 1855

David Baxter minor bachelor labourer Glenglush. Father: Robert Baxter labourer


Margaret Jane Robb minor spinster Killin. Father: James Robb labourer

Witnesses: Samuel Smith & William McKnight

#63 June 13 1855

Isaac Forbes full age bachelor labourer Creaduff. Father: Joseph Forbes farmer


Sarah Monteith full age spinster Froughlough. Father: John Monteith farmer

Witnesses: Alexander Harper & William Forbes

#64 August 9 1855

William McFarland full age bachelor farmer Kilklean. Father: Thomas McFarland farmer


Anne Jane Irvine 18 years spinster Creevey. Father: George Irvine farmer

Witnesses: James Beaty & John McCay

#65 October 3 1855

Charles Harper full age bachelor farmer Lackaugh. Father: William Harper farmer


Frances Mitchell full age spinster Castlesessagh. Father: Robert Mitchell farmer

Witnesses: George Harper & William Harper

#66 October 9 1855

Johnston Wason full age bachelor labourer Goland. Father: David Wason farmer


Sarah Logue full age spinster Knockbrack. Father: Hamilton Logue labourer

Witnesses: John Wason & Charles Logue

#67 January 17 1856

Johnston Wilson full age bachelor farmer Archill. Father: Andrew Wilson farmer


Elizabeth Patton full age spinster Tullywhisker. Father: John Patton farmer

Witnesses: Charles Johnston & Robert Entrican

#68 April 3 1856

Thomas Smith full age bachelor farmer Breen. Father: Mathew Smith farmer


Elizabeth McCormic full age spinster Kilklean. Father: John McCormic farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Kerr & Andrew McCormic

#69 April 4 1856

John Phillips full age bachelor Sergeant of Revenue Police Maghernageeragh. Father: Samuel Phillips farmer


Mary Hamilton full age spinster Killeter. Father: Hugh Hamilton farmer

Witnesses: James Fyffe & Alex Harper

#70 May 23 1856

Robert Coulter full age widower farmer Ballyfort [Berrysfort]. Father: Robert Coulter farmer


Mary Harper full age widow Alt [Co. Donegal]. Father: Robert Harpur (sic) farmer

Witnesses: John Monteith & Alex Harper

#71 July 10 1856

William Robinson full age bachelor farmer Erganagh. Father: William Robinson farmer


Martha Mitchel 19 years spinster Castlesessagh. Father: Robert Mitchel farmer

Witnesses: Andrew McCormic & William Fulton

#72 July 18 1856

William Forbes full age bachelor mechanic in …....? (illeg) Mountbarnet. Father: William Forbes mechanic


Martha Shaw full age spinster Castlederg. Father: James Shaw stonecutter

Witnesses: Robert Caldwell & James Harper

#73 October 15 1856

James Breaden full age bachelor labourer Clare. Father: James Breaden labourer


Eliza Henderson full age spinster ……..? (illeg). Father: Thomas Henderson labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Orr & Robert Gailey

#74 November 29 1856

James Mulligan full age widower labourer Castlederg. Father: Thomas Mulligan labourer


Susan Boyd full age widow Castlederg. Father: Hugh McClelland labourer

Witnesses: James Harper & Alex Harper

#75 February 18 1857

William McKnight full age bachelor labourer Listemore. Father: Henry McKnight labourer


Mary Patrick full age spinster Bridgehill. Father: Robert Patrick labourer

Witnesses: John Porter & Joseph Kerr

#76 May 6 1857

James McCarren full age widower farmer Coolnaherin. Father Wm. McCarren farmer


Frances Kenedy full age spinster Ardstraw. Father: Wm. Kenedy farmer

Witnesses: John Kenedy & Alexander McCarren

#77 July 28 1857

Joseph Noble 20 years bachelor mechanic Erganagh. Father: Joseph Noble farmer


Isabella Gentles 20 years spinster Erganagh. Father: Robt. Gentles farmer

Witnesses: John Moore & Hugh Carlisle

#78 November 30 1857

Mathew Hamilton full age bachelor farmer Dartins. Father: Mathew Hamilton farmer


Janes Roulston 20 years spinster Kilklean. Father: Thos. Roulston farmer

Witnesses: Andrew McCormick & John Roulston

#79 February 8 1858

Andrew Chism full age bachelor weaver Ballylennon. Father: Andrew Chism weaver


Anne Chism full age spinster Ballylennon. Father: Foster Chism farmer

Witnesses: Aly Harper & John Chism

#80 February 18 1858

Robert Wilkey full age bachelor farmer Kirkminister [Co. Donegal]. Father: William Wilkey farmer


Susanna McCay full age spinster Fraughlough. Father: Saml. McCay farmer

Witnesses: James Henderson & Christopher Irvine

#81 March 2 1858

George Allin full age bachelor farmer Ennisfad. Father: George Allin farmer


Elizabeth McCutcheon full age spinster Fraulough. Father Chas. McCutcheon farmer

Witnesses: Hugh McCutcheon & John McCutcheon

#82 March 10 1858

Chas. Homes full age widower farmer Drumconnel. Father: Chas. Homes farmer


Anne McCutcheon full age spinster Fraulaugh. Father Wm. McCutcheon farmer

Witnesses: Adam McCay & James McCutcheon

#83 March 17 1858

Johnston Cooper full age bachelor farmer Aughnahoo. Father Thomas Cooper farmer


Mary Galey full age spinster Carncorn. Father: John Galey farmer

Witnesses: Wm. Cooper & Robt. Hill

#84 March 23 1858

James Mitchel full age bachelor farmer Ballylennon. Father: James Mitchel farmer


Elizabeth Matilda Young full age spinster Castlegore. Father Joseph Young farmer

Witnesses: Andy Young & Andrew Young

#85 July 12 1858

Neal Winters 21 years bachelor labourer Clare. Father: Neal Winters labourer


Jane White 21 years spinster Clare. Father: John White sawier

Witnesses: William Stewart & Andrew McDonnell

#86 July 27 1858

William Cather full age widower farmer Breakfield. Father: John Cather farmer


Elizabeth McFarland full age spinster Kilclean. Father: Thomas McFarland farmer

Witnesses: John McCay, Castlederg & Christopher Irvine, Creevy

#87 December 28 1858

Samuel Young full age bachelor sadler Castlederg. Father: Andrew Young farmer


Martha Jones full age spinster Churchtown. Father: Oliver Jones farmer

Witnesses: James Waugh & Nehemiah Roulston

#88 January 6 1859

John Johnston full age bachelor labourer Carrickadart, Ardstraw. Father: William Johnston labourer


Susan Braden full age spinster Clare, Ardstraw. Father: James Braden labourer

Witnesses: George Forbes & John Rankin

#89 January 20 1859

James Verner full age bachelor farmer Goland, Ardstraw. Father: Andw. Verner labourer


Elizabeth Forbes under age spinster Clare. Father: Charles Forbes farmer

Witnesses: Alexander McCarren & William Forbes

#90 November 10 1859

John Burk full age bachelor labourer Lurganboy. Father: Wm. Burk farmer


Jane Murtland full age spinster Kilklean. Father: Thomas Murtland farmer

Father: John McCutcheon & William Rodgers

#91 December 1 1859

Robt. Folliard full age bachelor labourer Stoneyfalls. Father: Richard Folliard labourer


Margaret McCutcheon full age spinster Kilcroagh. Father John McCutcheon farmer

Witnesses: John McCormick & James Roulston

#92 December 6 1859

Robert Bradley full age bachelor schoolmaster Stockallin?. Father: Wm. Bradley farmer


Elizabeth Caldwell full age spinster Castlederg. Father: James Caldwell farmer

Witnesses: William Bradley & Eliza J. Anderson

#93 January 12 1860

George McCarter full age bachelor merchant Derry. Father: John McCarter farmer


Eliza Jane McCay full age spinster Castlederg. Father: Robert McCay merchant

Witnesses: John Lyon & John McCay

#94 March 1 1860

John Kerr full age widower farmer Cavendurragh. Father: John Kerr farmer


Mary McCutcheon full age spinster Froughlough. Father: Wm. McCutcheon farmer

Witnesses: John Buchanan & Thomas Monteith

#95 May 30 1860

Wm. Kinkade under age bachelor labourer Kilin. Father: James Kinkade labourer


Anne Patrick under age spinster Magheracreggin. Father: Robt. Patrick labourer

Witnesses: Andw. Love & Saml. Galey

#96 September 4 1860

James Coey full age bachelor farmer Erginagh. Father: Wm. Coey Farmer


Jane Burk full age spinster Lurganboy. Father: Wm. Burk farmer

Witnesses: William Boggs & Joseph Stuart

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