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St. Michael's Church of Ireland, Castlecaulfield, Donaghmore Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Confirmations 1824

The Register of the Parish of Donaghmore, St. Michael's Church, Castlecaulfield: LDS Film 962187
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


N.B. - These records are from a typewritten transcription of the Parish Register. It seems to contain a number of 'typos' and spelling errors. The original spellings on the film have been maintained.

Names of persons confirmed at Castle Caulfield[sic] Church on Monday the 17th of May 1824, by His Grace, the Lord Primate of Ireland

Surname Given Name Townland
ATKINSON Eliza Mullaghreavy
ATKINSON Martha Mullaghreavy
BENSON Mary Agharenny
BENSON Sarah Agharenny
BOHANNIN George Aughlish
BOYD James Agharenny
BRACKONBRIDGE John Killimaddy Knox
BUKROWES Betty Killiharry
BURGES John Y. Edenerannon
BURROES Eliz. Dristerna
BURROWES Annabella Dristerna
BURROWES Betty Reskcor
BURROWES James Killiharry
BURROWES Sally Reskcor
BURROWES William Tomes
BURROWES William Deralski
CAHEY (?) John Ballimagullo
CARDWELL William Agharenny
CAREY (?) John Ballimagullo
CARTMIL Ellen Dristerna
CHARLES Catherine Killimaddy Knox
CHARLES Jane Killimaddy Knox
CHARLES Teresa Killimaddy Knox
CLEMENTS Eliz Stackernagh
CLEMENTS Rachel Stackernagh
COLQUON Patrick Tulliarn
CONAGHEY John Aughlish
COOK George Dernaseer
COTTON Anne Edenerannon
COTTON Margaret Edenerannon
COTTON Mary Edenerannon
COURTENAY Abraham Agharenny
COURTENAY Henry Agharenny
COURTENAY Mary Agharenny
COURTENEY Abraham Agharenny
COURTENEY Anne Agharenny
CRATTON Samuel Killiliss
CROSS Lucinda Dristerna
CROSS Margt Dristerna
CROSS Mary A. Dristerna
DAVIDSON Andrew Aughlish
DAVIDSON Charles Aughlish
DAVIDSON Jane Aughlish
DAVISON Margaret Ross
DAVISON Mary Glasmullo
DAVISON Mary Derriveen
DEVLIN John Glebe House
DILWORTH Widow Terenew
DONAGHEY David Edenerannon
DONAGHY Michael Aughlish
DONAGHY Richard Drumreany
DONNELLY James Drumbeara
DONNELLY Letitia Mullaghfudderlin
DONNELLY Robt Mullaghfudderlin
DONNELLY Robt Mullaghfudderlin
DONNELY Margt Mullaghfudderlin
EVANS Mary Mohan
FARE Jane Agharenny
FORBES Alexander Clonadush
FORBES Isaiah Drumnafern
FORBES Jane Annaginny
FORBES William Drumnafern
FORSAYTH Mary Killiliss
FRIZZEL Dickson Reskcor
FRIZZEL James Reskcor
FRY Mary Drumhirk
FRY Sarah Drumhirk
GRAHAM Eliz. Reskcor
GRAHAM James Mullaghreavy
GRAHAM Mary Ross
GREENAWAY David Edenerannon
HALL Alicia Agharenny
HALL Anne Foigh
HALL David Stackernagh
HALL Eleanor Terenew
HALL Henry Stackernagh
HALL Jane Foigh
HALL Margaret Agharenny
HALL Margaret Drumhirk
HALL Sarah Foigh
HALL William Agharenny
HELL Anne Stackernagh
HENDERSON Anne Tullylig
HENDERSON Mary Agharenny
HENDERSON Sally Agharenny
HINCHY James Glasmullo
HINCHY Jane Glasmullo
HINCHY Mary Glasmullo
HINCHY Nancy Glasmullo
HOLLAND Richard Clonadush
IRWIN Eleanor Agharenny
IRWIN Henry Ballimagullo
IRWIN Isabella Ballimagullo
IRWIN James Ballimagullo
IRWIN Jane Agharenny
IRWIN Jane Ballimagullo
IRWIN Mary Ballimagullo
JENKINSON John Drumreany
JOHNSTON Anne Mullaghmore
JOHNSTON Betty Mullaghmore
JOHNSTON Nelly Mullaghmore
JOHNSTON Rebecca Mullaghmore
KELLY Elizabeth Mohan
KELLY Isabella Killiliss
KELLY John Mohan
KELLY John Aughlish
KELLY John Derriveen
KELLY John Tomes
KELLY Margt Killiliss
KELLY Thomas Derriveen
KENNEDY Jane Killiliss
LAVRAY Jane Mohan
LAVRAY Peggy Mohan
LITTLE Jane Ross
MALEOGH Mary Terenew
MALOGH Anne Donaghmore
McCLEAN Anne Tulliarn
McCLEAN Archibald Tulliarn
McCLEAN Edward Aughlish
McCLEAN Elizabeth Kilnaslee
McCLEAN Mary Kilnaslee
McCLEAN Robert Aughlish
McCLEAN Sally Tulliarn
McCLEAN Stephen Edenerannon
McELVANY Elizabeth Tulliarn
McELVANY Hugh Ross
McGLBAN Elizabeth Edenerannon
McGLEAN Hannah Kilnaslee
McKEY Audry Dristerna
McNAVENY Anne Tomes
McNELVY Peggy Tomes
McOLEAN Betty Edenerannon
MILES John Drumhirk
MILES Joseph Drumhirk
MILLS Catherine Garvagh
MILLS James Garvagh
MILLS Mary Garvagh
MILLS Richard Garvagh
MILLS William Garvagh
MILSOP Anne Tulliarn
MOBROW John Tullylig
MOBROW Mary Tullylig
MONK Fanny Mullaghmore
MONK George Glebe House
MONK Susan Glebe House
MOONEY William Mullaghmore
MOONY James Tullimure
MOORE William Dernaseer
PATTERSON Fanny Lisnamonaghan
PATTERSON James Lisnamonaghan
RICHARDSON George Ballimagullo
RICHARDSON James Ballimagullo
RICHARDSON Jas Agharenny
RICHARDSON John Dernaseer
RICHARDSON Maria Terenew
RICHARDSON Mary Ballimagullo
RICHARDSON Stephen Ballimagullo
ROBINSON Anne J. Donaghmore
ROBINSON James Eskra
RODNEY Rqbt Mullaghreavy
ROONEY Thos Mullaghreavy
ROONY Mary Tomes
ROY Matty Lisnamonaghan
ROY Sarah Donaghmore
SHILLINGTON Ellen Glasmullo
SHILLINGTON James Glasmullo
SHILLINGTON John Glasmullo
SHILLINGTON Nancy Glasmullo
SHILLINGTON Sally Glasmullo
SHILLINGTON Thomas Dernaseer
SHILLINGTON William Dernaseer
SIMONTON John Derriveen
SIMONTON Mary Derriveen
SIMONTON Rachel Cullienfed
SIMONTON Thomas Derriveen
SOMERVILLE Betty Kilnaslee
SOMERVILLE Fergy Kilnaslee
SOMERVILLE Jane Kilnaslee
SOMERVILLE Margaret Kilnaslee
STEEN Thomas Killiliss
STERLING Margaret Ballimagullo
STEWART Jane Drumnafern
STEWART John Tullylig
STEWART Margt Tullylig
STEWART Mary Tullylig
STEWART Mary Mullaghmore
STEWART Robert Tullylig
STEWART Sarah A. Tullylig
STEWART William Tullylig
STURGEON Richard Terenew
STUTHERS James Glasmullo
TAGGART Martha Mullaghreavy
TAGGERT Edward Mullaghreavy
TELFORD John Ballimagullo
THORNBERRY John Donaghmore
THORNBERRY Nancy Reskcor
TRACY James Clonadush
VANCE Anne J. Drumhirk
VANCE Henry Drumhirk
VANCE Letitia Drumhirk
VENABLES John Drumhirk
VENABLES Margt Glasmullo
WALKER James Clonadush
WARSON Jas Tullylig
WATSON Eliza Tullylig
WATSON Hugh Agharenny
WATSON John Tullylig
WATT Mary Mohan
WELTON James Kilnaslee
WELTON Mary Tomes
WELTON William Kilnaslee
WHITE Jane Clonadush
WILSON Betty Killiliss
WISHART Ellen Ross
WRIGHT Samuel Drumreany
WRIGHT Violet Drumreany
YOUNG James Annaginny
YOUNG Margaret Annaginny
YOUNG Robert Foigh