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Carnone Presbyterian Church, Donaghmore Parish, County Donegal, Ireland: Baptisms 1833-99

Index to Baptisms
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

This file of BAPTISMS RECORDED IN CARNONE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, DONAGHMORE PARISH, COUNTY DONEGAL, IRELAND 1833-99 forms part of the vast archive of 4,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to DONAGHMORE PARISH, COUNTY DONEGAL on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Carnone Presbyterian Church, near Convoy, Co. Donegal c1905
Carnone Presbyterian Church: interior. Credit: Buildings of Ireland


Carnone Church registers have been filmed by the staff of the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, where they may be consulted. PRONI Ref. MIC1P/221

Baptisms 1833-1984;

Marriages 1846-1916


Carnone was a Seceder Congregation founded in 1754 consisting of Presbyterian families from Urney, Donaghmore, Clonleigh, Convoy and Raphoe parishes




ALLEN Fanny John Margaret 15/05/1896  
ALLEN Francis Francis Mary 20/07/1841  
ALLEN John Francis Mary 04/04/1839  
ALLEN Samuel Francis Mary 06/03/1833  
ALLEN Sarah Henry Margaret 04/09/1846  
ALLEN Susan Henry Barbara 14/02/1844  
ALLEN William Henry Barbara 08/01/1837  
ALLISON Isabella John Susan 18/09/1857  
ALLISON John John Susan 07/08/1848  
ALLISON Sarah John Susan 27/11/1845  
ALLISON Susan John Susan 14/02/1856  
ALLISON Thomas John Sarah 17/06/1853  
ASH Charles James Elizabeth 03/01/1845  
ASH Henry James Elizabeth 17/09/1858  
ASH James James Elizabeth 14/06/1849  
ASH William James Elizabeth 11/02/1845  
ASHE Edward James Elizabeth 26/03/1893  
ASHE Samuel James Elizabeth 12/08/1899  
ASHE William James Elizabeth 27/06/1895  
BARNES Mary David Martha 29/06/1866  
BARTLEY Katherine John Katherine 23/12/1889  
BARTLEY William John Katherine 02/02/1893  
BATES Albert John Margaret 29/12/1898  
BATES Samuel John Margaret 25/11/1896  
BATES William John Margaret 19/02/1895  
BELL Elizabeth John Elizabeth 13/10/1858  
BLACKBURN Elizabeth George Eleanor 13/06/1854  
BLACKBURN Henderson William Matilda 17/02/1851  
BLACKBURN James George Eleanor 08/04/1847  
BLACKBURN James George Eleanor 17/08/1845  
BLACKBURN James William Matilda 13/03/1843  
BLACKBURN John George Eleanor 11/05/1850  
BLACKBURN Joseph William Matilda 02/04/1841  
BLACKBURN Margaret George Eleanor 16/01/1852  
BLACKBURN Margaret George Eleanor 18/03/1857  
BLACKBURN Maria George Eleanor 08/10/1858  
BLACKBURN Mary George Eleanor 16/11/1859  
BLACKBURN Rachel George Eleanor 19/02/1844  
BLACKBURN Robert George Eleanor 14/06/1861  
BLACKBURN Sarah James Sarah 19/01/1899  
BLACKBURN William George Eleanor 04/12/1848  
BROADLEY Charles Andrew Elizabeth 04/03/1837  
BROADLEY Matilda Andrew Elizabeth 07/04/1835  
BROADLEY Wilson Andrew Elizabeth 17/02/1839  
BROUDLEY Margaret Henry Martha 03/05/1835  
BROUDLEY Martha Henry Matilda 20/01/1838  
BUCHANAN Andrew George Fanny 02/02/1887  
BUCHANAN Elizabeth Andrew Margaret 01/01/1870  
BUCHANAN Elizabeth William Elizabeth 04/06/1836  
BUCHANAN Esther Andrew Margaret 03/10/1867  
BUCHANAN George Andrew Margaret 09/04/1861  
BUCHANAN Isabella John Jane 04/09/1837  
BUCHANAN James James Martha 09/07/1836  
BUCHANAN Jane James Martha 17/06/1835  
BUCHANAN John Andrew Margaret 06/02/1865  
BUCHANAN John George Fanny 14/12/1869  
BUCHANAN John William Catherine 20/11/1842  
BUCHANAN Letitia William Elizabeth 27/09/1851  
BUCHANAN Margaret Andrew Margaret 08/03/1873  
BUCHANAN Margery Andrew Margaret 24/09/1876  
BUCHANAN Mary Andrew Margaret 10/12/1862  
BUCHANAN Mary George Fanny 17/02/1873  
BYERS Catherine James Lily 07/05/1835  
BYERS Elizabeth John Elizabeth 08/08/1841  
BYERS James Hugh Martha 07/06/1839  
BYERS Lily James Lily 14/06/1840  
BYERS Martha James Lily 17/02/1844  
BYERS Mary Hugh Martha 27/06/1836  
BYERS Mary James Lily 15/01/1838  
CALDWELL Catherine William Elizabeth 13/12/1864  
CALHOUN Abigail Cairns Margaret 09/03/1879  
CALHOUN Andrew Charles Mary 22/05/1835  
CALHOUN Charles Alexander Mary 17/07/1847  
CALHOUN Charles Charles Mary 20/04/1847  
CALHOUN David Charles Mary 14/01/1845  
CALHOUN Elizabeth Cairns Margaret ?/09/1881  
CALHOUN Henry Alexander Margaret 17/07/1854  
CALHOUN John Robert Mary 16/09/1874  
CALHOUN Joshua Alexander Mary 28/12/1844  
CALHOUN Joshua Alexander Mary 17/09/1856  
CALHOUN Mary Alexander Mary 08/07/1852  
CALHOUN Mary Robert Mary 14/05/1863  
CALHOUN Rebecca Cairns Margaret 06/07/1876  
CALHOUN Robert Alexander Mary 14/12/1842  
CALHOUN Sarah Cairns Margaret 19/11/1874  
CALHOUN Susan Robert Mary 10/03/1868  
CALHOUN William Alexander Mary 14/05/1850  
CALHOUN William Cairns Margaret   01/10/1883
CALLAN Andrew James Elizabeth 06/09/1895  
CALLAN Robert James Elizabeth 25/01/1897  
CALLEN Isabella John Mary 14/12/1849  
CALLEN John John Mary 16/04/1852  
CORSCADDEN Sarah James Jane 01/06/1897  
CRAWFORD Andrew William Elizabeth 30/05/1876  
CRAWFORD Catherine Robert Margaret 07/01/1862  
CRAWFORD David William Elizabeth 28/02/1867  
CRAWFORD Elizabeth Robert Lucy 03/04/1851  
CRAWFORD Elizabeth William Elizabeth 18/02/1870  
CRAWFORD James Robert Lucy 23/11/1852  
CRAWFORD John Robert Margaret 07/05/1871  
CRAWFORD Joseph Robert Lucy 04/05/1849  
CRAWFORD Lucinda Not stated Elizabeth   03/05/1880
CRAWFORD Margaret Robert Margaret 04/02/1870  
CRAWFORD Mary Robert Margaret 11/12/1864  
CRAWFORD Mary William Elizabeth 23/12/1874  
CRAWFORD Matilda Robert Margaret 16/11/1860  
CRAWFORD Matilda Robert Margaret 12/08/1867  
CRAWFORD Rebecca Robert Lucy 17/06/1847  
CRAWFORD Robert Robert Lucy 16/01/1855  
CRAWFORD Robert William Elizabeth 14/12/1861  
CRAWFORD Samuel Robert Margaret 04/01/1860  
CRAWFORD Sarah Robert Margaret 06/04/1875  
CRAWFORD Thomas William Elizabeth 20/02/1872  
CRAWFORD William Robert Margaret 20/04/1863  
CRAWFORD William William Elizabeth 01/06/1865  
DANNA Joseph John Not stated   12/02/1835
DICKEY Archibald John Anne 20/09/1861  
DICKEY Charles John Anne 06/04/1863  
DICKEY Hester John Anne 04/12/1865  
DICKEY John John Anne 25/03/1852  
DICKEY Mary John Jane 05/12/1855  
DICKEY Robert John Jane 17/09/1854  
DICKEY Samuel John Jane 15/05/1858  
DICKEY William John Jane 07/04/1851  
DOAK Annie John Elizabeth 03/01/1858  
DOAK Elizabeth John Elizabeth 06/08/1863  
DONNELL Andrew Andrew Sarah 04/10/1880  
DONNELL Isabella Andrew Sarah 18/05/1886  
DONNELL Mary Andrew Sarah 17/05/1879  
DONNELL Sarah Andrew Sarah 02/12/1884  
DONNELL Thomas Andrew Sarah 10/08/1882  
DUNN Andrew Andrew Sarah 31/03/1840  
DUNN Ewing Andrew Sarah 17/04/1845  
DUNN Sarah Andrew Sarah 27/11/1844  
EDWARDS Mathew William Anne 08/09/1849  
EDWARDS Thomas James Margaret 22/01/1865  
EDWARDS William William Anne 08/01/1847  
ELDER Alexander Andrew Hester 19/10/1873  
ELDER Andrew Andrew Hester 25/11/1865  
ELDER Andrew Andrew Hester 24/06/1868  
ELDER Anne Andrew Hester 12/11/1865  
ELDER John Andrew Hester 05/11/1859  
ELDER Margaret Andrew Hester 30/10/1861  
ELDER Matilda Andrew Hester 28/12/1870  
ELDER Stewart Andrew Hester 10/09/1877  
ELLIOTT Catherine William Sarah 17/11/1847  
ELLIOTT Francis Francis Mary 17/02/1863  
ELLIOTT Hugh John Isabella 17/03/1841  
ELLIOTT James Francis Mary 26/08/1865  
ELLIOTT James Francis Mary 13/11/1858  
ELLIOTT James John Isabella 22/05/1839  
ELLIOTT Margaret Francis Mary 17/02/1861  
ELLIOTT Martha Francis Mary 13/03/1868  
ELLIOTT Mary Francis Mary 24/10/1870  
ELLIOTT Mary William Sarah 27/11/1834  
ELLIOTT Sarah John Sarah 04/08/1839  
ELLIOTT Scott William Sarah 20/11/1837  
FINLAY Margaret William Martha 07/04/1889  
FLEMING Mary William Martha 10/04/1860  
FLETCHER Elizabeth James Rebecca 12/11/1863  
FLETCHER James James Rebecca 08/04/1864  
FLETCHER Josephine James Rebecca 12/05/1856  
FLETCHER Samuel James Rebecca 21/06/1866  
GALBRAITH Charles Joseph Martha 18/02/1892  
GALBRAITH David Joseph Martha 16/01/1889  
GALBRAITH Elizabeth Joseph Martha 08/09/1896  
GALBRAITH Fanny Joseph Martha 07/05/1890  
HARPER Alexander William Elizabeth 25/10/1872  
HARPER Alice William Elizabeth 09/02/1879  
HARPER Anne Robert Margaret 22/06/1835  
HARPER Annie Cochrane Sarah 18/02/1886  
HARPER Charles Cochrane Sarah 06/03/1892  
HARPER Charles Joseph Margaret 08/08/1850  
HARPER Charles William Rebecca 16/11/1845  
HARPER Cochran Henry Elizabeth 08/08/1847  
HARPER Cochran Joseph Margaret 27/06/1848  
HARPER Cochran William Rebecca 17/03/1840  
HARPER Cochran William Rebecca 11/08/1848  
HARPER Daniel Cochran Sarah 11/04/1894  
HARPER Daniel William Rebecca 14/03/1848  
HARPER Fanny William Rebecca 17/11/1851  
HARPER Frances William Elizabeth 21/07/1877  
HARPER Henry William Elizabeth 20/01/1882  
HARPER Henry William Isabella 04/02/1891  
HARPER James Henry Elizabeth 08/11/1842  
HARPER Jane William Rebecca 14/04/1841  
HARPER Joseph Cochrane Sarah 03/06/1881  
HARPER Joseph Joseph Margaret 17/08/1855  
HARPER Joseph Joseph Margaret 06/03/1858  
HARPER Joseph Joseph Margaret 27/10/1865  
HARPER Joseph William Rebecca 28/01/1844  
HARPER Joseph William Rebecca 14/04/1845  
HARPER Margaret Cochran Sarah 25/09/1878  
HARPER Margaret Joseph Margaret 17/08/1846  
HARPER Margaret William Elizabeth 13/05/1874  
HARPER Mary Cochrane Sarah 25/09/1884  
HARPER Mary Henry Elizabeth 17/09/1840  
HARPER Mary William Rebecca 17/08/1842  
HARPER Robert John Elizabeth 17/01/1841  
HARPER Robert Robert Margaret 22/11/1838  
HARPER Robert William Isabella 13/02/1892  
HARPER Sarah Alexander Fanny 17/04/1843  
HARPER Sarah Cochrane Sarah 15/11/1879  
HARPER Sarah William Rebecca 17/03/1850  
HARPER Violet Cochrane Sarah 18/06/1889  
HARPER William Alexander Fanny 18/06/1838  
HARPER William Cochrane Sarah 18/06/1889  
HARPER William Henry Elizabeth 14/09/1838  
HARPER William William Isabella 10/09/1895  
HARPER William William Rebecca 11/02/1844  
HASTINGS Martha John Sarah 19/08/1857  
HASTINGS Mary John Sarah 07/05/1853  
HASTINGS Robert Robert Margaret 28/01/1855  
HASTINGS Sarah Robert Not stated 15/01/1878  
HENDERSON Fanny William Mary 28/08/1845  
HENDERSON Joseph William Mary 24/04/1859  
HENDERSON Oliver William Mary 20/04/1856  
HENDERSON Rebecca William Mary 04/02/1863  
HENDERSON Richard William Mary 08/08/1851  
HILL Charles James Mary 08/04/1851  
HILL David James Mary 19/10/1875  
HILL David John Mary 20/12/1848  
HILL Francis William Mary 07/04/1847  
HILL James David Frances 12/07/1899  
HILL James James Mary 16/10/1873  
HILL James William Biddy 07/11/1845  
HILL John James Mary 02/11/1858  
HILL John John Mary 27/01/1841  
HILL Margaret James Mary 11/06/1862  
HILL Margaret John Mary 02/10/1846  
HILL Martha James Mary 03/05/1864  
HILL Martha John Mary 01/02/1836  
HILL Mary James Mary 17/08/1860  
HILL Mary John Mary 20/08/1838  
HILL Robert James Mary 28/07/1868  
HILL Robert William Biddy 14/11/1837  
HILL Sarah James Mary 13/07/1857  
HILL William James Mary 18/05/1866  
HILL William James Mary 04/08/1870  
HILL William John Mary 23/01/1844  
HILLIS Catherine William Isabella 21/03/1895  
HILLIS Robert William Isabella 22/04/1896  
HOLMES Fanny Samuel Jane 08/12/1872  
HOLMES Mary James Elizabeth 04/06/1841  
HOLMES Nancy Samuel Jane 03/08/1868  
HOLMES Robert Samuel Jane 14/08/1866  
HOLMES Samuel Samuel Jane 18/10/1864  
INGLIS William James Not stated   12/02/1835
IRWIN Anne John Margaret 28/08/1878  
IRWIN Catherine Robert Catherine 29/10/1865  
IRWIN Elizabeth Robert Catherine 08/09/1863  
IRWIN Sarah Robert Margaret 17/04/1861  
IRWIN William Robert Margaret 22/09/1862  
JENKINS Andrew Andrew Mary 22/11/1844  
JENKINS Jane Andrew Mary 04/07/1839  
JENKINS Nancy Andrew Margaret 08/12/1835  
JENKINS Rebecca Andrew Margaret 07/08/1842  
KELLY Elizabeth Andrew Elizabeth 26/01/1889  
KELLY John Andrew Elizabeth 28/02/1884  
KELLY Sarah Andrew Elizabeth 15/11/1882  
KELLY Thomas Andrew Elizabeth 02/03/1877  
KELLY William Andrew Elizabeth 15/08/1880  
KILLEN Alexander Joseph Lily 22/06/1868  
KILLEN Andrew William Elizabeth 17/03/1836  
KILLEN Elizabeth William Elizabeth   16/03/1835
KILLEN Joseph Joseph Jane 14/07/1841  
KILLEN Joseph Joseph Lily 27/08/1866  
KILLEN Lily Joseph Lily 18/05/1870  
KILLEN Martha Joseph Jane 12/03/1839  
KILLEN Thomas Joseph Jane 07/11/1844  
KILLEN William Joseph Lily 26/12/1864  
KILPATRICK Anne James Not stated 08/07/1837  
KILPATRICK Joseph Thomas Isabella 12/09/1847  
KILPATRICK Sarah Thomas Anne 14/02/1858  
LAFFERTY Anne William Margaret 16/05/1852  
LAFFERTY Margaret William Margaret 14/11/1854  
LAFFERTY Tissy? William Margaret 11/01/1854  
LAIRD Thomas Thomas Mary 04/07/1838  
LAIRD William Thomas Mary 08/04/1836  
LISTON Alexander Thomas Anne 11/03/1878  
LISTON Anne Thomas Anne 30/11/1876  
LISTON Mary Thomas Anne 26/12/1874  
LOWRY James Andrew Anne 12/12/1848  
LOWRY William Andrew Anne 27/01/1850  
MARSHALL Fanny Thomas Not stated 04/02/1842  
MARSHALL John Thomas Not stated 07/05/1839  
MCBRIDE Charles Robert Not stated   08/01/1835
MCBRIDE David Mathew Jane 07/05/1892  
MCBRIDE Eleanor William Isabella 08/08/1865  
MCBRIDE Elizabeth John Bridget 27/02/1886  
MCBRIDE Elizabeth Mathew Jane 05/11/1877  
MCBRIDE Ellenor Mathew Jane 19/05/1888  
MCBRIDE Henry John Bridget 02/12/1891  
MCBRIDE Isabella John Bridget 19/11/1881  
MCBRIDE Isabella William Isabella 21/06/1856  
MCBRIDE John John Bridget 21/09/1877  
MCBRIDE John Mathew Jane 07/04/1890  
MCBRIDE Margaret John Sarah 14/02/1837  
MCBRIDE Mary Not stated Mary 15/08/1885  
MCBRIDE Mary William Isabella 07/02/1859  
MCBRIDE Mathew John Bridget 17/05/1889  
MCBRIDE Mathew William Isabella 24/02/1854  
MCBRIDE Rebecca Mathew Jane 04/10/1879  
MCBRIDE Rebecca William Isabella 07/06/1861  
MCBRIDE Robert Mathew Jane 09/04/1884  
MCBRIDE Sarah Mathew Jane 17/02/1886  
MCBRIDE Thomas William Isabella 12/05/1869  
MCBRIDE William John Bridget 10/02/1879  
MCBRIDE William Mathew Jane 17/06/1876  
MCBRIDE William William Isabella 07/05/1852  
MCCLINTOCK Anne James Adam 14/05/1845  
MCCLINTOCK Catherine James Anne 16/08/1850  
MCCLINTOCK Jane James Anne 04/05/1843  
MCCLINTOCK Robert James Anne 06/06/1847  
MCCLINTOCK William James Anne 19/09/1854  
MCCONNELL Samuel William Jane 07/04/1834  
MCFEETERS Robert Robert Anne 23/02/1837  
MCKEOWN Francis Mathew Isabella 11/07/1838  
MCKEOWN Mathew Mathew Isabella 07/02/1836  
MCKINLAY Alexander Robert Annie 17/03/1895  
MCKINLAY Alice Robert Annie 20/08/1896  
MCKINLAY Annie Robert Annie 07/07/1893  
MCKINLAY Archibald Robert Annie 09/11/1899  
MCKINLAY Margaret Robert Alice   20/12/1857
MCKINLAY Mary Robert Alice   22/03/1855
MCKINLAY Robert Robert Alice   04/07/1860
MCKINLAY Robert Robert Annie 17/06/1892  
MCKINLEY Archibald Robert Alice   15/08/1852
MCKINLEY Thomas Robert Alice ?/?/1851  
MCKINNEY Jane John Elizabeth 22/09/1840  
MCKINNEY John John Elizabeth 10/03/1837  
MCKINNEY Joseph John Elizabeth 14/05/1848  
MCKINNEY Samuel John Elizabeth 04/02/1846  
MCKINNEY William John Elizabeth 14/06/1843  
MCKINNEY William William Jane 08/10/1839  
MCLEAN Sarah Robert Elizabeth 05/12/1899  
MCNIGHT Isabella Alexander Sarah 18/03/1891  
MCNIGHT Samuel William Elizabeth 23/04/1842  
MCNIGHT Samuel William Elizabeth 23/04/1842  
MCNIGHT William William Elizabeth 16/07/1839  
MCNIGHT William William Elizabeth 16/07/1839  
MCREERY Rebecca William Rebecca 21/01/1838  
MITCHEL Sarah James Jane 04/11/1835  
MOORE Annie Thomas Margaret 12/07/1885  
MOORE Eleanor Joseph Margaret 18/01/1841  
MOORE Eleanor Samuel Lilly 21/10/1850  
MOORE Ellen Foster Annie 19/08/1896  
MOORE Foster Samuel Lilly 04/09/1844  
MOORE Jane Samuel Lilly 17/10/1835  
MOORE John John Lilly 08/05/1852  
MOORE John Thomas Margaret 08/07/1882  
MOORE John William Mary 14/04/1838  
MOORE John William Mary 07/08/1838  
MOORE Joseph William Mary 20/01/1841  
MOORE Margaret Thomas Margaret ?/?/1880  
MOORE Mathew William Mary 16/08/1844  
MOORE Rebecca John Margaret 27/02/1844  
MOORE Robert Foster Annie 01/03/1898  
MOORE Robert Samuel Lilly 18/07/1847  
MOORE Samuel Samuel Lilly 19/03/1840  
MOORE Samuel Thomas Margaret 03/08/1877  
MOORE Susanna Joseph Mary 27/02/1837  
MOORE Thomas Samuel Mary 18/01/1838  
MOORE William John Lilly 11/04/1851  
MOORE William John Margaret 11/04/1842  
MOORE William Joseph Margaret 20/06/1843  
MOORE William William Susan 16/01/1836  
MOORHEAD Anne James Elizabeth 08/11/1856  
MOORHEAD Eleanor James Elizabeth 17/08/1855  
MOORHEAD Elizabeth James Elizabeth 18/05/1863  
MOORHEAD James James Elizabeth 18/02/1851  
MOORHEAD James James Martha 17/02/1840  
MOORHEAD James James Martha 09/04/1848  
MOORHEAD Jane James Elizabeth 08/06/1858  
MOORHEAD Jane James Martha 11/06/1850  
MOORHEAD Martha James Elizabeth 04/07/1854  
MOORHEAD Samuel James Martha 20/04/1842  
MOORHEAD Thomas James Martha 11/11/1845  
MOORHEAD William James Martha 11/01/1838  
MORRISON Elizabeth Alexander Rachel 14/04/1848  
MORRISON Jane William Elizabeth 04/07/1836  
MORRISON not stated Alexander Rachel 08/07/1840  
MORRISON Rebecca Alexander Rachel 04/07/1836  
MORRISON Rebecca Alexander Rachel 15/02/1855  
MORRISON Rebecca William Elizabeth 14/11/1843  
MORRISON Robert Alexander Rachel 08/11/1842  
MORRISON William Alexander Rachel 11/08/1852  
MORRISON William William Elizabeth 17/01/1839  
NEELY Martha James Biddy 15/06/1856  
NEELY Mary James Margaret 20/02/1859  
NEELY Mary Not stated Martha   02/01/1882
NEELY Susan Not stated Martha 06/12/1890  
NEELY William James Biddy 14/02/1859  
NEELY William James Margaret 03/08/1860  
OGILBEY Elizabeth William Elizabeth 17/08/1867  
OGILBEY Fanny William Elizabeth 12/01/1869  
OGILBEY Robert William Elizabeth 22/05/1861  
OGILBEY Samuel William Elizabeth 08/01/1864  
OGILBY Thomas William Elizabeth 17/03/1858  
PARK Alexander William Mary 22/05/1866  
PATTERSON Fanny Robert Elizabeth 23/06/1898  
PATTERSON John Stephen Margaret 29/09/1897  
PATTERSON Robert Stephen Margaret 22/02/1899  
PORTER Anne Joseph Margaret 11/01/1840  
PORTER John Joseph Margaret 11/01/1844  
PORTER William Joseph Margaret 16/07/1841  
POTTS Jane Robert Nancy 16/11/1863  
POTTS Mary Robert Nancy 17/06/1862  
POTTS Robert Robert Nancy 05/01/1867  
ROULSTON Catherine William Jane 17/09/1834  
ROULSTON Cochran William Jane 11/04/1843  
ROULSTON David David Fanny   17/12/1846
ROULSTON Elizabeth Johnston Martha 17/03/1839  
ROULSTON Elizabeth William Elizabeth 07/04/1848  
ROULSTON Fanny David Fanny 07/08/1853  
ROULSTON James David Fanny 08/11/1840  
ROULSTON John David Elizabeth 25/10/1835  
ROULSTON Joseph John Sally 17/01/1840  
ROULSTON Lilly William Jane 17/01/1838  
ROULSTON Mary George Fanny 10/09/1835  
ROULSTON Mary William Elizabeth 03/01/1837  
ROULSTON Robert David Elizabeth 18/02/1836  
ROULSTON Samuel David Fanny 16/11/1849  
ROULSTON William William Elizabeth 17/12/1844  
RUSSELL James Robert Fanny 22/05/1853  
RUSSELL John William Anne 16/02/1837  
RUSSELL Martha John Isabella 17/06/1843  
RUSSELL Mary Robert Elizabeth 01/12/1867  
RUSSELL Rebecca Robert Fanny 19/10/1858  
RUSSELL Robert Thomas Mary 21/11/1858  
RUSSELL Robert William Anne 14/08/1843  
RUSSELL Samuel Robert Fanny 10/08/1860  
RUSSELL Susan Robert Fanny 17/04/1856  
RUSSELL Susan William Anne 14/09/1839  
RUSSELL Susanna John Isabella 16/01/1837  
RUSSELL Thomas Robert Elizabeth 05/02/1871  
SCOTT Charles James Mary 11/07/1897  
SCOTT Isabella William Sarah 18/07/1898  
SCOTT Margaret William Sarah 16/01/1895  
SCOTT Robert James Mary 04/07/1896  
SCOTT William William Sarah 09/04/1896  
SHANNON James William Elizabeth 21/02/1845  
SHANNON John William Elizabeth 04/04/1840  
SHANNON Mary William Elizabeth 11/09/1847  
SHANNON Matilda William Elizabeth 16/11/1851  
SHERRARD Anne John Not stated 05/12/1848  
SMITH James James Not stated   22/02/1835
SMITH Margaret Alexander Margaret 11/11/1858  
SNODGRASS Catherine William Mary 01/02/1843  
SNODGRASS Elizabeth William Mary 14/02/1840  
SNODGRASS John Thomas Elizabeth 07/10/1843  
SNODGRASS Margaret William Mary 03/09/1838  
SPROUL Esther William Esther 18/06/1841  
STEEN Lilly Samuel Annie 28/01/1899  
STEVENSON Andrew Andrew Mary 23/06/1843  
STEVENSON Andrew John Lilly 28/02/1871  
STEVENSON Anne Andrew Mary 16/11/1835  
STEVENSON David Andrew Mary 18/12/1848  
STEVENSON David Joseph Barbara 11/08/1855  
STEVENSON Eleanor William Barbara 03/02/1844  
STEVENSON Galbraith Andrew Lily 03/01/1862  
STEVENSON James John Lily 14/04/1863  
STEVENSON James William Barbara 18/02/1852  
STEVENSON John Andrew Mary 17/06/1838  
STEVENSON John William Barbara 18/06/1850  
STEVENSON Lily Andrew Lily 28/04/1864  
STEVENSON Mary Andrew Lily 29/03/1867  
STEVENSON Mary John Lily 27/07/1865  
STEVENSON Mary William Barbara 04/02/1842  
STEVENSON Rebecca William Barbara 28/01/1840  
STEVENSON Robert William Barbara   12/10/1837
STEVENSON Sarah Andrew Lily 06/03/1872  
STEWART Alexander Alexander Margaret 27/08/1851  
STEWART Alexander William Mary 25/10/1866  
STEWART Anne Alexander Margaret 14/09/1843  
STEWART David William Margaret 14/11/1868  
STEWART James Alexander Anne 17/05/1843  
STEWART James Alexander Margaret 23/09/1855  
STEWART James John Nancy 08/04/1845  
STEWART James William Mary 17/09/1855  
STEWART John Andrew Mary 18/07/1853  
STEWART Johnston William Mary 15/02/1872  
STEWART Joseph William Mary 19/05/1861  
STEWART Margaret John Nancy 11/08/1838  
STEWART Margery Not stated Mary 10/10/1879  
STEWART Martha Samuel Martha 08/06/1899  
STEWART Mary John Margaret 17/03/1849  
STEWART Mary William Mary 17/06/1854  
STEWART Matilda William Mary 03/08/1873  
STEWART Rebecca Alexander Anne 08/02/1850  
STEWART Rebecca Andrew Mary 14/09/1854  
STEWART Robert Alexander Anne 08/09/1851  
STEWART Robert William Mary 17/06/1858  
STEWART Samuel William Mary 14/09/1856  
STEWART William Alexander Anne 09/08/1848  
STEWART William John Margaret 08/04/1852  
STEWART William William Mary 17/10/1863  
TAYLOR Elizabeth William Jane 19/07/1840  
TAYLOR Margaret William Jane 25/05/1843  
TAYLOR Mary William Jane 07/07/1836  
THOMPSON Catherine Galbraith Catherine 14/11/1895  
VERTUE Mary Robert Anne   04/10/1882
VERTUE Robert Robert Anne 07/02/1877  
VERTUE Sarah Robert Anne 20/04/1874  
VERTUE William Robert Anne   06/02/1880
WALKER Arthur William Margaret 10/06/1889  
WALKER Louisa William Margaret 03/04/1885  
WALKER Robert William Margaret 26/05/1882  
WALKER Violet William Margaret 11/03/1887  
WALLACE Alexander Moses Margaret 24/04/1861  
WALLACE Anne Moses Margaret 08/01/1852  
WALLACE Henry Moses Margaret 17/03/1866  
WALLACE John John Margaret 17/03/1879  
WALLACE John Moses Margaret 20/04/1848  
WALLACE Joseph Moses Margaret 13/08/1855  
WALLACE Margaret John Margaret 29/09/1888  
WALLACE Martha Moses Margaret 17/09/1862  
WALLACE Mary John Margaret 18/07/1877  
WALLACE Moses John Margaret 20/04/1881  
WALLACE Moses Moses Margaret 19/05/1857  
WALLACE Robert Moses Margaret 08/12/1849  
WALLACE Sarah Moses Margaret 06/04/1864  
WALLACE Thomas Moses Margaret 14/05/1859  
WALLACE William John Margaret 15/11/1885  
WALLACE William Moses Margaret 22/02/1854  
WILSON Barbara Charles Elizabeth 07/10/1885  
WILSON Barbara David Nancy 15/11/1834  
WILSON Barbara John Rebecca 28/02/1840  
WILSON Elizabeth Charles Elizabeth 05/08/1877  
WILSON Elizabeth John Rebecca 12/05/1842  
WILSON Isabella Charles Elizabeth 11/11/1878  
WILSON John Charles Elizabeth 26/03/1872  
WILSON Lydia Charles Elizabeth 04/12/1882  
WILSON Margaret Charles Elizabeth 15/03/1870  
WILSON Rebecca Charles Elizabeth 09/04/1876  
WILSON Rebecca John Rebecca 28/07/1848  
WILSON Robert John Rebecca 28/09/1834  
WILSON William John Rebecca 06/02/1842  
WILSON William William Elizabeth 04/02/1851  
WRAY Elizabeth John Mary 28/09/1876  
WRAY George George Elizabeth 28/03/1896  
WRAY George Joseph Fanny 14/02/1841  
WRAY George Joseph Fanny 08/05/1845  
WRAY Isabella James Jane 19/02/1845  
WRAY Isabella Robert Fanny 07/07/1876  
WRAY James Robert Fanny 02/07/1877  
WRAY John John Mary 10/07/1883  
WRAY John Robert Mary 15/05/1835  
WRAY John William Elizabeth 14/03/1836  
WRAY Ladwick Joseph Fanny 10/10/1848  
WRAY Letitia Joseph Fanny 11/03/1843  
WRAY Lily Stephen Martha 17/06/1851  
WRAY Margaret Joseph Fanny 16/03/1860  
WRAY Margaret Robert Mary 14/11/1838  
WRAY Margery John Mary 06/01/1887  
WRAY Martha John Mary 01/02/1875  
WRAY Mary James Jane 14/08/1842  
WRAY Rebecca Joseph Fanny 20/06/1854  
WRAY Robert James Jane 08/07/1839  
WRAY Robert John Mary 10/06/1871  
WRAY Robert Robert Fanny 12/11/1881  
WRAY Rose John Mary 08/09/1881  
WRAY Samuel Joseph Fanny 23/04/1857  
WRAY Sarah Joseph Fanny 08/05/1851  
WRAY William James Jane 17/11/1836  
YOUNG Esther Anthony Esther 10/08/1838  

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