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Carland Presbyterian Church, Donaghmore Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Opening of New Church 1859

Extracted from the Banner of Ulster, November 22 1859
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Carland Presbyterian Church, Gortnaglush Road, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone Photo: Google Maps



This church was opened for Divine service on the 14th ult., by the Rev. John Macnaughtan, Belfast, who preached two eloquent discourses, at twelve o’clock, noon and six o’clock, evening. The attendance at both services was large and respectable. The collections, with the sum realised from the sale of tickets, amounted to upwards of £105, including also the following donations: -

John Lindsey, Esq., Burlyns House, Hampshire £5

Richard Pike, Esq., Beechgrove £5

Mrs Pike, Beechgrove £1

W. J. Barcroft, Esq., Redford £1

A Friend £2

Alexander M. Lyle, Esq., Donaghmore £1

Rev. Robert Hamilton, Castlecaulfield, £1

J. C. B. £1

John Stevenson, Esq., Dungannon £1

Mrs Davison, Lisrowen, Moy, 5 shillings

The following gentlemen kindly collected on the occasion:

Counsellor Lowry, Rockdale

Richard Pike, Esq., Beechgrove

Thomas Hamilton, Esq., Grange, Moy

L. Nicholson, Esq., Lisdhu

John K. Tener, Esq., Moree

James Irwin, Esq., Springfield

Henry Brown, Esq., Donaghmore

Thomas Dickson, Esq., Dungannon

E. S. Tener, Esq., Moree

The minister and committee return their sincere thanks to the Rev. John Macnaughton, to the gentlemen who collected, and to the many kind friends of other denominations who either forwarded donations, or attended and contributed on the occasion. They also take this opportunity of expressing their gratitude for the very great kindness they have experienced from the various landlords who are owners of property within the bounds of the congregation, most of whom have contributed very liberally to the building of the church, and they feel especially indebted to John Lindsey, Esq., on whose estate the church is built, and to his very worthy agent, Mr. Tener. Mr. Lindsey has contributed £55 to the erection of the church, £10 to the erection of the school-house, and £5 to the erection of the stable.

They also thankfully acknowledge having received, since the commencement of the building, the following sums from landlords and other friends not members of the congregation: -

Counsellor Lowry, Rockdale £20

William Forster, Esq. £10

Thomas Hamilton, Esq., Grange, Moy. £5

Mrs Hamilton 10 shillings

Miss Hamilton £1

Robert Graham, Esq., Drumgoon £5

Mrs. Graham £2

Miss Baillie, Dublin £3

Lord Claud Hamilton, M. P. £3

The Hon. H. L. Corry, M. P. £3

A. M. Lyle, Esq., Donaghmore £2

Rev. Jas. Kennedy Baillie, D. D., Ardtrea £1.1s.

Colonel Irwin, Kilkenny £1

Rev. Thomas Macneece, D. D., Arboe £1

John Macneece, Esq., Richmond, Virginia, United States £1

Rev. Thomas Twigg, Pomeroy, £1.1s

Thomas Sloan, Esq. Coalisland £1

George Sloan, sen. Esq. Coalisland £1

James Young, Esq. £1

John Brown, Esq. Donaghmore £1

Joseph Geddis, Ballymecall £1

James Geddis, Skey £1

William Moore, Fudderland £1

John Madden, Moy £1

Rev. Mr. Rudd, Donaghmore 10 shillings

James Irwin, Esq., Springfield 10 shillings

Hugh Jackson, Mulnagore 10 shillings

Richard Jackson 10 shillings

Samuel Paisley, Kilnaslee 10 shillings

James Geddis, sen., 10 shillings

The congregation of Carland is one of the oldest in the General Assembly. In the vestibule of the church, which is a handsome Gothic building, there is a neat tablet, having the following inscription:-

“The Rev. Thomas Kennedy, the first Presbyterian Minister of Carland, was settled in the Parish Church of Donaghmore, A.D., 1646. Was ejected for non-conformity, 1662. Officiated in a log-house in the townland of Carland, 1668. Took refuge in Derry; but afterwards retired to Scotland, and became minister of the South Kirk in Glasgow, 1689. Returned to Ireland and erected a house of worship here, 1693. Died, 1714.

The Rev. Robert Stuart was ordained, A.D., 1714. Died, 1746

The Rev. William Kennedy was ordained, A.D., 1754. Rebuilt church, 1767. Died 1801

The Rev. Robert Stewart was ordained, A.D., 1801, Died 1812

The Rev. John Hogg was ordained, A.D., 1815. Died 1846

The Rev. Stewart Carse was ordained, A.D., 1846. Rebuilt church, 1859”

The congregation has been largely blessed in connexion with the Revival – as an evidence of which it may be mentioned that attendance on public worship is more than double what it was formerly – attendance on the Sabbath-school is increase fourfold, there being at present twenty teachers – earnest, praying teachers – and two hundred children in attendance. On the last communion Sabbath there were nearly twice as many communicants as on any former occasion, and about eighty of these sat down to the Lord’s table for the first time. Prayer-meetings held throughout the congregation are well attended. All the pews in the new church are let, and the church is filled every Sabbath with an attentive congregation.