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Burt Parish Church (Christ Church, Church of Ireland), Burt, Co. Donegal, Ireland Marriages 1829-99

PRONI Ref: MIC1/183
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Burt Parish Church, Co. Donegal from an old postcard: closed in 1972, it is now a restaurant




Date Marriage
1829 April 22 John Carey & Mary McKinnon
1830 April 13 Rebecca McCool & George Stewart
1831 August 1 James McConnell & Sarah Reilly
1831 October 18 James Stephenson & Mary Orr
1832 December 3 James Fleming & Jane Boyle
1833 January 24 George Campbell & Fanny Fleming
1833 April 18 James Bovaird & Ann Delapp or Delap
1834 January 23 William McAfee & Elizabeth McCracken
1834 June 5 Edward Wilkinson & Elizabeth McLaughlin
1837 September 16 Philip Lynch & Roseanne Lynch
1839 October 20 Alexander McDowell & Madeline Graham
1841 November 30 George Burns & Fanny Scarlet
1841 December 26 George Rogers & Sarah McLaughlin
1842 March 4 James Hannigan & Mary Jane Porter
1842 March 13 George McGinley & Elizabeth Porter
1842 September 8 Robert McFann [McFahan?] & Janes McElwee
1842 October 2 John McGinley & Isabella Allison
1842 October 22 Isabella Allison & John McGinley
1842 December 22 Samuel Motherwell & Letitia Leathem
1843 April 18 Henry Rogers & Jane McConnell
1843 June 20 Thomas Jamieson & Sarah Sharkey
1843 December 25 David Smith & Jane Dennison
1844 February 15 John Moore & Mary Morrow
1844 April 9 John Porter & Elizabeth Porter




No. Date Marriage
#1 December 11 1845

Marshall McElhinney full age bachelor labourer Bohillon, Burt. Marshall McElhinney labourer


Margaret McGrory full age spinster Carromaddy, Burt. Father: James McGrory weaver?

Witnesses: John Campbell & James McGrory

#2 February 3 1846

William Duncan full age bachelor Carndonagh in the Parish of Donagh. Father: David Duncan farmer


Anne Porter full age spinster residence illegible. Father: David Porter farmer

Witnesses: John Porter & Robert Mitchell

#3 May 21 1846

Robert Doherty full age bachelor labourer Bohillen, Burt. Father: James Doherty labourer


Sarah McGrory full age spinster Carromaddy, Burt. Father: James McGrory weaver

Witnesses: James McGrory & James Doherty

#4 May 20 1847

John Jones full age bachelor labourer Tinnyhubbuck, All Saints. Father: Alexander Jones labourer


Fanny Walker full age spinster Bohillen, Burt. Father: William Walker blacksmith

Witnesses: John Downey & William McCormick

#5 December 8 1848

James McKim 27 years bachelor Moleney, Burt. Father: John McKim servant


Ann Turner (signed as Anna) 17 years spinster Londonderry. Father: Andrew Turner mason

Witnesses: John McKim & Alexr. McConnell

#6 January 16 1849

David Best full age bachelor bailiff Carroreagh, Burt. Father: Samuel Best labourer


Mary Jane Neely full age spinster Ballymagrorty, Templemore. Father: Matthew Neely labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Chambers & Matthew Neely

#7 March 4 1851

George L. Hunter full age bachelor farmer Glencar, Conwall. Father: David Hunter farmer


Maria Leathem full age spinster Bohillen, Burt. Father: William Leathem farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Leathem & Sam. Leathem

#8 May 6 1851

Samuel Boyd full age bachelor servant Parish of Glendermot [Co. Londonderry]. Father: James Boyd labourer


Bessie Hutchinson 21 years spinster Parish of Burt. Father: Joseph Hutchinson farmer

Witnesses: William McLelland & Robert McCorkell

#9 May 30 1851

Maxwell Deering full age bachelor watchmaker Londonderry. Father: Thomas Deering farmer


Sophia Waddy full age spinster Londonderry. Father: Edward Waddy spirits dealer

Witnesses: Jos. McMurray & John McNeely

#10 December 25 1851

William Elliott full age widower mill man Londonderry. Father: James Elliott flax dresser


Anne McConnell full age spinster Bonemaine, Burt. Father: Adam McConnell labourer

Witnesses: Henry Platt & Charles McConnell

#11 June 2 1852

John Anderson full age bachelor labourer Carroreagh, Burt. Father: John Anderson farmer


Margaret Duffy full age spinster Carroreagh, Burt. Father: James Duffy labourer

Witnesses: Abraham Irwin & James McConnell

#12 June 29 1852

Samuel Leathem full age bachelor farmer Bohillen, Burt. Father: Alexander Leathem farmer


Elizabeth Leathem full age spinster Bohillen, Burt. Father: William Leathem farmer

Witnesses: Wm. P. Leathem & Sam. Leathem

#13 January 4 1853

Robert Wilson full age bachelor flaxdresser Ballyderowan, Burt. Father: James Wilson labourer


Jane Wallace full age spinster Bellyderowan. Father: Walter Wallace labourer

Witnesses: Robert Dean & John Wilson

#14 November 22 1853

John Friel 20 years bachelor labourer Bohillion, Burt. Father: Hugh Friel labourer


Margaret Duffy full age spinster Bohillion, Burt. Father: Owen Duffy labourer

Witnesses: James Doherty & David McCormick

#15 January 23 1854

Thomas Colhoun 21 years bachelor baker Londonderry. Father: John Colhoun labourer


Margaret McConnell full age spinster Carroreagh, Burt. Father: William McConnell labourer

Witnesses: Charles McConnell & John Bell

#16 September 4 1855

James Doherty full age bachelor labourer Glebe, Burt. Father: James Doherty labourer


Martha Friel full age spinster Glebe, Burt. Father Hugh Friel labourer

Witnesses: Hugh Duffy & John Friel

#17 July 8 1856

William Sweeny full age bachelor pensioner Elaghbeg. Father: John Sweeny farmer


Elizabeth Morrow full age spinster Carroreagh. Father: Matthew Morrow farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Taylor & William Morrow

#18 September 17 1856

James Stewart full age bachelor farmer Bohillion. Father: John Stewart farmer


Margaret Anne Ferguson full age spinster Irishtown. Father: William Ferguson farmer

Witnesses: James Ferguson & Rebecca Dunlapp

#19 October 7 1856

Samuel Barnett full age bachelor labourer Daisy Hill. Father: Moses Barnett farmer


Ellen Quigley full age spinster Burnfoot. Father: Patrick Quigley farmer

Witnesses: John Wilson & Robert Elder

#20 October 28 1856

George Franks full age bachelor solicitor Londonderry. Father: George Franks solicitor


Jemima Gilmour full age spinster Burt. Father: David Gilmour merchant

Witnesses: H. Cunningham & R. Cunningham

#21 January 28 1858

James Groves full age bachelor labourer Carnamaddy, Burt. Father: James Groves labourer


Priscilla McElwee 18 years spinster Springtown, Burt. Father: William McElwee labourer

Witnesses: John Inch & John McElwee

#22 November 25 1858

Matthew Allen full age bachelor labourer Newtownlimavady, Drumachose [Co. Londonderry]. Father: Robert Allen carman


Mary McCloskey 18 years spinster Carroreagh. Father: John McCloskey labourer

Witnesses: John Anderson & Margery Wilkinson

#23 January 24 1859

Samuel Craig full age bachelor labourer Bonnemaine, Burt. Father: John Craig labourer


Jane Gallagher full age Bonnemaine, Burt. Father: William Gallagher labourer

Witnesses: David Craig & James Gallagher

#24 August 1 1859

Thomas McIlhinny full age bachelor farmer Elaghbeg, Burt. Father: Alexander McIlhenny farmer


Sarah McCorkell full age spinster Dundrain, Burt. Father: James McCorkell farmer

Witnesses: Thomas McCorkell & Sarah McCorkell

#25 November 25 1859

Joseph Connor full age bachelor farmer Drumhaggard, Burt. Father: Joseph Connor farmer


Margaret Anderson full age spinster Gortcormican, Burt. Father: James Anderson farmer

Witnesses: Catherine Anderson & James Anderson

#26 September 7 1860

Charles McGinley full age widower labourer Carroreagh, Parish of Burt. Father: Charles McGinley labourer


Mary Roach full age spinster Parish of Templemore. Father: James Roach labourer

Witnesses: James Wilkinson & John Anderson

#27 December 6 1860

George McConnell full age widower labourer Bonemaine, Burt. Father: Adam McConnell weaver


Ellen Donnell full age widow Raymochy. Father: John Donnell farmer

Witnesses: Charles McConnell & John Anderson

#28 December 31 1861

Isaac Wylie full age bachelor farmer Gortcormican, Burt. Father: Ephraim Wylie farmer


Isabella Anderson full age spinster Gortmormican, Burt. Father: James Anderson farmer

Witnesses: James Anderson & Sarah Anderson

#29 August 7 1862

William Hagan full age bachelor gardener Taughboyne, All Saints. Father: James Hagan farmer


Margaret Wilkinson full age spinster Burt. Father: Edward Wilkinson labourer

Witnesses: Wm. Leathem & William Wilkinson

#30 November 26 1863

Thomas Smith 26 years bachelor officer of customs Everton, Liverpool. Father: Thomas Smith farmer


Mary Ann Porter full age spinster Ballymoney, Burt. Father: William Porter farmer

Witnesses: William Porter & William Porter, Junr.

#31 March 3 1864

David Kinkaid full age bachelor farmer Dundrain, Burt. Father: John Kinkaid farmer


Mary Jane Wiley f s Muff Parish. Father: Robert Wiley farmer

Witnesses: George Adair & Sarah Adair

#32 March 10 1864

James Creswell full age bachelor labourer Gortcormican, Burt. Father: Andrew Creswell labourer


Martha Watson full age widow Muff parish Father: Robert Kerr labourer

Witnesses: James McConnell & James Kerr

#33   Wanting
#34 July 18 1865

John Wason 23 years bachelor joiner Drumacross Templemore. Father: John Wason farmer


Margaret Anne Anderson 20 years spinster Dundrain, Burt. Father: George Anderson mason

Witnesses: George Anderson & John Wason

#35 November 17 1865

Robert Wiley full age bachelor farmer Maghreard, Burt. Father: William Wiley farmer


Anne Wiley full age spinster Drumnacross, Burt. Father: William Wiley farmer

Father: James Wiley & Richard Wiley

#36 January 11 1866

Alfred Charles Jewell full age widower cork manufacturer Derry. Father: Alfred Jewell cork manufacturer


Elizabeth McIlhinney full age spinster Bohillion, Burt. Father: Samuel McIlhinney farmer

Witnesses: Samuel McIlhinney & Robert William Jewell

#37 March 8 1866

James Lowry full age bachelor farmer, Springtown, Templemore. Father: William Lowry farmer


Matilda Edwards full age spinster Moleny, Burt. Father: Peter Edwards farmer

Witnesses: William Thos. John, A. B. & Robert Edwards

March 9 1866 (Londonderry Sentinel}


#38 March 23 1867

John Arbuckle 33 years bachelor farmer Ballyderowan, Burt. Father: John Arbuckle farmer


Mary Mooney 28 years spinster Drumnabuoy, Upper Fahan. Father: Hugh Mooney farmer

Witnesses: William Creswell & Alexander McCormick

#39 July 11 1867

Robert Cunningham 48 years bachelor no profession, blind Burt Parish. Father: Robert Cunningham farmer


Anne Galbraith 47 years widow Muff Parish. Father: James Galbraith mason

Witnesses: James Wilkinson & John McCay

#40 July 25 1867

Andrew Stewart full age bachelor labourer Elaghbeg, Burt. Father: John Stewart farmer


Agnes McElwee full age spinster Speenogue, Burt. Father: William McElwee labourer

Witnesses: James Groves & John McCay

#41 October 24 1867

John McCracken 60 years widower labourer Carroreagh, Burt. Father: James McCracken farmer


Mary Jane Gallagher 47 years spinster Derry. Father: James Gallagher flax dresser

Witnesses: James Wilkinson & John McCay

#42 December 24 1867

William Gallagher full age bachelor labourer Bridgetown, Burt. Father: Samuel Gallagher shoemaker


Mary Jane McFahan full age spinster Bridgetown. Father: William McFahan labourer

Witnesses: Robert Downey & James Wilkinson

#43 June 18 1868

James Thompson full age bachelor farmer Burt. Father: John Thompson farmer


Nancy Fleming full age spinster Templemore. Father: Joseph Fleming farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Fleming & George Thompson

#44 December 4 1868

John Gallagher full age bachelor labourer Carroreagh, Burt. Father: Robert Gallagher labourer


Mary Ferris full age spinster Carroreagh, Burt. Father: Daniel Ferris labourer

Witnesses: James Wilkinson & John McCay

#45 August 26 1869

William Bogle full age bachelor farmer Maghreard, Burt. Father: James Bogle farmer


Maria Carruthers 18 years spinster Ballynaggard, Muff. Father: Samuel Carruthers farmer

Witnesses: Nathan Bell & James Carruthers

#46 November 2 1869

James Gillespie full age bachelor publican Carndonagh. Father: John Gillespie publican


Elizabeth Edwards 18 years spinster Dundrain, Burt. Father: Andrew Edwards farmer

Witnesses: Joseph McCorkell & Wilson Moore

#47 December 30 1869

John Gamble full age bachelor farmer Carroreagh, Burt. Father: John Gamble head constable


Christina Dunn full age spinster Creevedonnell, Glendermott [Co. Londonderry]. Father: James Dunn farmer

Witnesses: James Wilkinson & John McCay

#48 January 4 1872

Joseph Rawlins full age widower clerk in orders Donagheady [Co. Tyrone]. Father: Thomas Rawlins clerk in orders


Cecilia Crookshank full age spinster 34 Bishop St., Londonderry. Father: Samuel John Crookshank gentleman

Witnesses: Henry McCay, L. L. D. & Georgina Frances Bent?

#49 April 18 1872

John McIlhinney 19 years bachelor labourer Ballymagrorty. Father: James McIlhinney labourer


Mary Jane McDowell 19 years spinster Moness, Burt. Father: Charles McDowell labourer

Witnesses: John Dunlap & James Wilkinson

#50 January 9 1873

James McKenna 26 years bachelor tailor, Eglinton, Co. Derry. Father: John McKenna labourer


Letitia Wilson 20 years spinster Burnfoot, Co. Donegal. Father: John Wilson smith

Witnesses: Robert Elder & James …….? (illegible)

#51 May 15 1873

John Dunlop full age bachelor labourer Boneymane. Father: John Dunlop labourer


Elizabeth Porter full age spinster Carroreagh. Father: Robert Porter farmer

Witnesses: James Dunlop & John Porter

#52 July 13 1874

Thomas Henry Graham full age bachelor Bridgend, Parish of Burt. Father: John Graham gentleman


Matilda Gamble full age spinster William St., Derry. Father: John Gamble farmer

Witnesses: Ellen Bryson & Colquhoun

#53 March 8 1877

Andrew McClintock 27 years bachelor merchant Strand Road, Londonderry. Father: Samuel McClintock farmer


Louisa M. Fleming 27 years spinster Carroreagh, Burt. Father: William Fleming farmer

Witnesses: William F. Fleming & Annie Fleming

#54 October 10 1878

Isaac Molloy 31 years bachelor labourer Farland Point, Burt. Father: John Molloy labourer


Mary McFadden 21 years spinster Drumgowan, Burt. Father: Dominic McFadden farmer

Witnesses: Ellen Bryson & James Wilkinson

#55 February 6 1879

Samuel Fleming full age widower grocer Inch. Father: John Fleming farmer


Ann Kitson Full age spinster Eglinton [Co. Londonderry]. Father: John Kitson farmer

Witnesses: David Kitson & Maggie McDowell

#56 May 29 1879

Thomas Craig 21 years bachelor labourer Carnamady, Burt. Father: Henry Craig labourer


Priscilla Groves 38 years widow Carnamady, Burt. Father: William McElwee labourer

Witnesses: James Wilkinson & William Spence

#57 May 6 1881

Adam McConnell 21 years bachelor labourer Bonnymane, Parish of Burt. Father: Charles McConnell labourer


Anne Brown 22 years spinster servant Springtown, Parish of Templemore. Father: Patrick Brown farmer

Witnesses: Annie Orr & James Wilkinson

#58 July 7 1881

Samuel Ewing 23 years bachelor sub-constable R. I. C. Inch, Parish of Inch. Father: Samuel Ewing farmer


Anne Wilkinson 22 years spinster dress maker Elabeg, Parish of Burt. Father: Anthony Wilkinson farmer

Witnesses: Elizabeth Sarah Williams & Harriet J. H. Hunt

#59 October 2 1884

Alexander Gzowski full age bachelor major in the army Burt. Father: Casimir Gzowski. Colonel A. D. C. to the Queen


Catherine Maud Bowen minor spinster Burt. Father: John Gordon Bowen Gentleman

Witnesses: Robert Sandham & Emily J. L. Bowen

#60 March 10 1885

James Thompson 34 years widower farmer Gulladuff, Moville. Father: Samuel Thompson farmer


Mary Jane Gibbons 33 years spinster Lisfannon, Burt. Father: Robert Gibbons labourer

Witnesses: George Miller & Lizie? McClain

#61 August 13 1885

William McMichael full age widower farmer Glack, Inch. Father: James McMichael farmer


Mary C. Anderson full age spinster Kernahan, Inch. Father: John Anderson farmer

Witnesses: Matthew Miller & Thomas Creswell

#62 December 3 1885

John Smyth Law 21 years bachelor ………..?(illegible) Burt. Father: Hugh Law Lord chancellor of Ireland


Frances Charlotte Bowen full age spinster Burt. Father: John Gordon Bowen esquire

Witnesses: Selina Bowen & Edward F. Bowen

#63 February 25 1886

Thomas Orr 25 years bachelor labourer Skeog, Burt. Father: Joseph Orr mason


Margaret Wilson 22 years spinster Ballyderowen, Burnfoot. Father: John Wilson miller

Witnesses: Letitia McKenna & Lizzie Wilson

#64 January 17 1888

Samuel Holmes full age bachelor gardener Speenoge, Burt. Father: Arthur Holmes gardener


Annie Bradley full age spinster Speenoge, Burt. Father: Charles Bradley labourer

Witnesses: William Duncan & James Wilkinson

#65 July 12 1888

David Spence 22 years bachelor labourer Burt. Father: William Spence coachman


Flora Doherty 21 years spinster laundress Burt. Father: Hugh Doherty labourer

Witnesses: Robert Porter & Lizzie Eakin

#66 February 4 1892

Thomas Henry Sherwood 34 years bachelor servant Burt, Londonderry. Father: Henry Sherwood labourer


Margaret Jane Payne 21 years spinster Burt near Londonderry. Father: Andrew Payne labourer

Witnesses: William McElhinney & Eliza Payne

#67 April 4 1893

Arthur Lance Tisdall 32 years bachelor captn., R. N. …...? (illegible) House, Londonderry. Father: Archibald Tisdall general in the army


Catherine Maud Gzowski 27 years widow Burt House, Londonderry. Father: John Gordon Bowen gentleman

Witnesses: Edward Ferguson Bowen & Selena Bowen

#68 September 14 1893

William McElhinney full age bachelor clerk in Post Office Wm. St., Derry. Father: George McElhinney labourer


Annie Kelly full age spinster domestic servant Burt. Father: John Kelly school master

Witnesses: James McBride & Eliza Payne

#69 October 24 1893

William McCroary full age bachelor labourer Manastown. Father: James McCroary labourer


Margaret Craig 18 years spinster Manastown. Father: John Craig labourer

Witnesses: Catherine Craig & James Wilkinson

#70 May 26 1894

James Ferry 32 years widower labourer Coshquin, Burt. Father: John Ferry labourer


Letty Hood 20 years Carroreagh, Burt. Father: Robert Hood labourer

Witnesses: A. T. Bent & Maria Logan

#71   Wanting
#72 March 19 1896

James Marshall full age bachelor farmer Ferrins? Inch. Father: William Marshall farmer


Susan McMichael full age spinster Glack, Inch. Father: William McMichael farmer

Witnesses: Thomas J. Anderson & William G. Marshall

#73 May 19 1896

William Salisbury full age bachelor labourer Inch Level, Burt. Father: John Salisbury labourer


Maggie Dixon full age spinster Inch Level. Father: John David Dixon labourer

Witnesses: James Spence & Mary Dickson

#84 [74] January 7 1897

Thomas Baldrick Morrin full age bachelor clerk in holy orders Muff Rectory. Father: Richard Morrin farmer


Charlotte Kora Bent full age spinster Burt Rectory. Father: Hugh Bent Lieut Col. Royal Artillery

Witnesses: John McClean & Anne Travers Bent

#75 January 14 1897

William Hamilton Quigley 32 years bachelor farmer Elaghbeg, Burt. Father: William Quigley farmer


Margaret Anne Best 26 years spinster Carrowreagh, Burt. Father: David Best farmer

Witnesses: Rebecca Sarah Quigley & John Best

#76 December 13 1898

Peter Fay full age widower Carrowen, Burt. Father: Thomas Fay school master


Mary Buchanan 24 years spinster Trenta, Letterkenny. Father: William Buchanan carpenter

Witnesses: Hugh Coll & Mary J. Coll

#77 February 20 1899

William Quigley 23 years bachelor farmer Upper Carroreagh. Father: Adam Quigley farmer


Margaret Ann Warke 19 years spinster Mannestown. Father: John Warke labourer

Witnesses: Adam Quigley & Maggie Jane Quigley

#78 November 7 1899

John McGrory 28 years bachelor servant Ballyderowen, Burt. Father: James McGrory labourer


Sarah McCrea 19 years servant ………..? [illegible], Burnfoot. Father: Alexander McCrea labourer

Witnesses: Robert McGrory & Eliza Peoples

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