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Ballindrait Presbyterian Church, Clonleigh Parish, County Donegal, Ireland Baptisms 1819-99

Index to Baptisms recorded in Ballindrait Presbyterian Church in the village of Ballindrait
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of BAPTISMS RECORDED IN BALLINDRAIT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, CLONLEIGH PARISH, COUNTY DONEGAL 1819-99 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to CLONLEIGH PARISH, COUNTY DONEGAL on this website can be found at the foot of this file.


Ballindrait Presbyterian Church. Photo: acknowledgement and thanks to Kenneth Allen
Ballindrait Church c1910

Ballindrait Church registers have been filmed by the staff of the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, where they may be consulted. PRONI Ref. MIC1/185


Surname Child Father Mother Date of Birth Date of Baptism
ALLEN Andrew Joseph Nancy 16/06/1831  
ALLEN Andrew Joseph not recorded 10/07/1859  
ALLEN Archibald Joseph Nancy 05/12/1824  
ALLEN Catherine Joseph Nancy 26/04/1822  
ALLEN George Joseph not recorded 17/07/1857  
ALLEN Joseph Joseph Nancy 25/05/1827  
ALLEN Joseph Joseph not recorded ?/?/1853  
ALLEN Martha Andrew Sarah 16/04/1875  
ALLEN Mary Joseph Nancy 29/01/1820  
ALLEN Mary Joseph not recorded   12/05/1855
ALLEN Sarah Joseph not recorded 08/08/1861  
ALLEN William John Margaret 02/10/1837  
ANDERSON Charles William not stated 26/11/1824  
ANDERSON Elizabeth Robert not recorded 26/06/1824  
ANDERSON Margaret Robert not recorded 31/11/1821  
ANDERSON Margaret Robert Not stated 31/07/1825  
ANDERSON Margaret Robert not recorded 07/02/1825  
ANDERSON Samuel Robert Rebecca 01/11/1827  
ANDERSON Thomas Robert Rebecca 10/06/1830  
BAIRD Theophilus Theophilus not recorded 10/08/1819  
BARNHILL Catherine William not recorded 30/06/1823  
BARNHILL Elizabeth James not recorded 23/07/1821  
BARNHILL Elizabeth William not recorded 14/10/1821  
BARNHILL James John not recorded 10/05/1827  
BARNHILL James William not recorded 21/12/1825  
BARNHILL Janet James not recorded 04/02/1826  
BARNHILL Robert William Ann 05/02/1832  
BARNHILL Thomas John not recorded 31/12/1821  
BARNHILL Thomas John not recorded 28/10/1824  
BARNHILL William John not recorded 10/08/1830  
BARNHILL William William Ann 14/09/1828  
BEATTIE Jane John Mary 11/08/1834  
BLAIR Alexander William Barbara 09/10/1890  
BLAIR Andrew Hamilton Jane   01/02/1892
BLAIR Anne Hamilton Ann   06/05/1850
BLAIR Anne Robert Rebecca 10/03/1834  
BLAIR Anne William Mary 07/10/1849  
BLAIR Catharine John Isabella 15/07/1840  
BLAIR Catharine Robert Catharine 20/11/1832  
BLAIR David William Mary 14/04/1851  
BLAIR Elizabeth James Elizabeth 22/10/1887  
BLAIR Elizabeth Robert Rebecca 01/03/1830  
BLAIR Hamilton Hamilton Ann   06/05/1855
BLAIR Hugh Hamilton Ann   10/11/1858
BLAIR Isabella James Elizabeth 03/01/1896  
BLAIR Isabella Robert Rebecca 24/12/1831  
BLAIR Isabella William Rebecca 17/05/1892  
BLAIR Isabella William Mary ?/11/1838  
BLAIR James James Elizabeth 17/07/1893  
BLAIR James Robert Rebecca 02/04/1837  
BLAIR Jane William Mary ?/?/1853  
BLAIR John Alexander Martha 16/08/1839  
BLAIR John William Barbara ?/?/1888  
BLAIR John William Jane   06/10/1855
BLAIR John William Mary   14/05/1843
BLAIR Margaret Alexander Martha   02/05/1841
BLAIR Margaret James Elizabeth 04/05/1889  
BLAIR Martha William Barbara 22/06/1894  
BLAIR Martha William Mary 18/04/1835  
BLAIR Mary James Not stated 14/09/1820  
BLAIR Mary John Isabella ?/11/1843  
BLAIR Mary William Mary 30/11/1836  
BLAIR Matilda Alexander Martha   18/04/1847
BLAIR Matilda Hamilton Jane   10/10/1896
BLAIR Matilda James Elizabeth 22/01/1885  
BLAIR Rebecca Robert Rebecca   07/05/1836
BLAIR Sarah Alexander Martha   05/03/1840
BLAIR Sarah Alexander Martha   05/03/1840
BLAIR Sarah Hamilton Anne   05/03/1840
BLAIR William Robert Catharine 26/09/1827  
BLAIR William William Mary 14/11/1840  
BOOTH Thomas Thomas Jane 26/07/1886  
BRYSON Anne Oliver Phemy? 21/08/1853  
BRYSON Esther John Not stated 08/03/1824  
BRYSON Fanny John Not stated 23/07/1825  
BRYSON Isabella John Not stated 24/05/1826  
BRYSON James John Not stated 17/01/1824  
BRYSON John John Not stated 14/11/1821  
BRYSON Matilda John Not stated 22/01/1820  
BRYSON Ruth John Not stated 23/09/1819  
BRYSON Samuel John Not stated 13/09/1829  
BRYSON Samuel Oliver Phensy 04/02/1849  
BUCHANAN Anne George Margaret   14/03/1850
BUCHANAN Margaret George Margaret   14/07/1855
BUCHANAN Mary George Catharine 29/03/1832  
BUCHANAN Mary George Margaret ?/11/1847  
BUCHANAN Matthew George Catharine 14/05/1830  
BUCHANAN Nancy George Catharine 16/03/1834  
BUCHANAN Sarah George Margaret   14/08/1852
BUCHANAN James Mathew NG 20/09/1821  
BUCHANAN Eleanor Matthew Margaret 18/01/1832  
BUCHANAN Jane Matthew Margaret 22/04/1836  
BUCHANAN Martha Matthew Margaret 09/03/1834  
BUCHANAN Matthew Matthew Not stated   10/03/1825
BUCHANAN Nancy Matthew Margaret 09/06/1829  
BUCHANAN William Matthew Not stated 03/05/1823  
BUCHANAN Andrew William Isabella 01/02/1832  
BUCHANAN Elizabeth William Sarah 12/?/1839  
BUCHANAN Margaret William Sarah   01/05/1842
BUCHANAN Mary William Sarah   ?/04/1844
BUCHANAN Matthew William Sarah ?/08/1850  
BUCHANAN Sarah William Sarah   27/06/1847
BUCHANAN William William Sarah 04/01/1836  
BONNELL Andrew James Jane   22/05/1829
BURNS Margaret Joseph Maria 09/09/1880  
CALDWELL Alexander Robert Jane   07/07/1846
CALDWELL Anne Isaac Not stated 05/01/1821  
CALDWELL Catherine Isaac Not stated 1822/03/31  
CALDWELL Elizabeth Robert Jane   20/03/1853
CALDWELL Isabella Isaac Not stated 03/04/1825  
CALDWELL John William Sarah 11/05/1880  
CALDWELL Margaret Robert Jane 10/06/1837  
CALDWELL Margaret William Sarah 04/03/1874  
CALDWELL Martha Robert Jane   12/06/1842
CALDWELL Martha William Sarah 03/02/1876  
CALDWELL Nancy James Not stated 15/09/1820  
CALDWELL Rebecca Robert Jane 02/12/1835  
CALDWELL Rebecca Robert Jane   04/08/1844
CALDWELL Rebecca William Sarah 28/02/1878  
CALDWELL Robert Robert Jane 04/11/1839  
CALDWELL Sarah Robert Jane ?/06/1851  
CALDWELL Sarah William Mary 06/07/1837  
CALDWELL William Isaac Not stated 19/12/1823  
CALDWELL William Robert Jane   03/09/1848
CAMPBELL Isaac William Mary 10/11/1837  
CAMPBELL James William Mary 20/05/1839  
CAMPBELL John William Mary   03/03/1850
CAMPBELL Matilda William Mary ?/10/1843  
CAMPBELL Thomas John Mary 10/07/1829  
CAMPBELL William William Mary   02/06/1848
CARSON Elizabeth John Not stated 04/10/1822  
CARSON James John Not stated 15/09/1829  
CARSON Jane John Not stated 10/01/1825  
CARSON John John Isabella 19/?/1839  
CARSON John John Not stated 20/03/1827  
CARSON Margaret James Not stated 08/01/1846  
CARSON Thomas John Isabella 07/02/1829  
CHAMBERS Andrew William Elizabeth   01/07/1844
CHAMBERS Jane William Elizabeth   03/01/1847
CLELLAN Nancy James Nancy 20/03/1828  
COLHOUN Anna William Mary 01/05/1875  
COLHOUN Joseph Thomas not stated ?/03/1853  
CRAIG Elizabeth Robert Jane 06/05/1830  
CRAIG Joseph Robert Jane 9/02/1833  
CRAIG Margaret Robert Not stated 10/07/1826  
CRAIG Nancy Robert Jane 23/02/1828  
CRAIG Sarah Robert Jane 18/09/1834  
CROCKETT Esther John Isabella 23/07/1849  
CROW Annie James Catherine 19/05/1881  
CROW Catherine James Catherine 20/02/1876  
CROW David James Catherine 09/06/1877  
CROW Margaret James Catherine 23/05/1883  
CROW Mary James Catherine 11/04/1879  
CRUDDEN Alexander Robert Elizabeth 21/04/1833  
CUMMINS Catherine Joseph Not stated 06/02/1821  
CUMMINS Elizabeth John Not stated 11/11/1820  
CUMMINS James John Not stated 20/06/1827  
CUMMINS James Joseph Not stated 23/12/1822  
CUMMINS John John Anne 26/08/1836  
CUMMINS Margaret John Anne 09/05/1833  
CUMMINS Margaret Joseph Not stated 04/11/1825  
CUMMINS Matilda John Anne 23/09/1830  
CUMMINS Nancy John Not stated 19/07/1823  
CUMMINS Robert John Anne 29/04/1839  
CUMMINS Robert Joseph Margaret 26/04/1828  
CUNNINGHAM Andrew John Susanna 26/10/1829  
CUNNINGHAM John James Not stated 01/11/1822  
CUNNINGHAM Margaret John Susanna 16/04/1826  
CUNNINGHAM William James Not stated 04/08/1820  
DEERY James John Jane 31/10/1879  
DEERY John John Jane 23/05/1882  
DEERY Samuel John Jane 13/06/1875  
DENNY Armstrong William Not stated 31/12/1826  
DENNY Catherine William Not stated 12/04/1825  
DENNY Elizabeth William Elizabeth 19/08/1828  
DENNY James William Not stated 16/03/1822  
DENNY Jane William Not stated 24/08/1823  
DENNY Margaret William Not stated 19/05/1830  
DEVINE Annie William Elizabeth 12/11/1896  
DEVINE Sarah William Elizabeth 06/02/1898  
DONNELL Andrew Andrew Martha 29/11/1842  
DONNELL Fanny Andrew Fanny 09/01/1891  
DONNELL George Andrew Not stated 16/06/1823  
DONNELL George James Jane 20/03/1846  
DONNELL James Andrew Sarah   06/08/1854
DONNELL James James Jane   10/02/1837
DONNELL Jane Andrew Martha 17/?/1839  
DONNELL John Andrew Ellen   ?/02/1847
DONNELL John Andrew Martha 22/12/1836  
DONNELL John Andrew Martha   08/01/1846
DONNELL John Andrew Sarah 08/03/1856  
DONNELL Margaret Andrew Ellen ?/?/1845  
DONNELL Margaret Andrew Sarah   03/06/1861
DONNELL Margaret James Jane 08/08/1834  
DONNELL Martha David Margaret 26/06/1834  
DONNELL Martha James Jane   28/02/1839
DONNELL Mary Andrew Not stated 28/08/1819  
DONNELL Mary David Margaret 22/09/1832  
DONNELL Mary George Elizabeth   13/01/1847
DONNELL Mary James Jane 13/01/1832  
DONNELL Matilda Andrew Ellen   ?/01/1849
DONNELL Sarah Andrew Sarah   ?/10/1859
DONNELL William Andrew Sarah   ?/11/1852
DONNELL William James Jane   19/12/1844
DORROUGH Sarah John Mary 01/09/1833  
DOUGHERTY Andrew John Esther 10/07/1835  
DOUGHERTY Esther John Esther 14/12/1836  
DOUGHERTY John John Esther 01/01/1833  
DOUGHERTY Martha James Jane 20/02/1838  
DOUGHERTY Mary John Esther 01/04/1830  
DOUGHERTY Rebecca John Not stated 08/08/1838  
DOUGHERTY Robert James Jane 23/02/1835  
DOUGHERTY Robert John Esther   03/04/1842
DOUGHERTY William James Jane 20/09/1832  
ELLIOTT Alexander John Isabella 08/08/1875  
ELLIOTT John John Isabella 26/02/1883  
ELLIOTT Martha John Isabella 30/10/1872  
ELLIOTT Samuel John Isabella 28/01/1878  
ELLIOTT Samuel John Isabella 07/07/1880  
ELLISON Andrew William Elizabeth 10/10/1829  
ELLISON Andrew William Elizabeth 08/05/1833  
ELLISON James William Isabella 3/7/1837  
EWING Anne John Not stated 07/09/1821  
EWING Isabella Thomas Not stated 01/04/1826  
EWING Sarah Thomas Not stated 18/01/1824  
FINTON Catherine William Maria 01/10/1824  
FINTON Elizabeth William Maria 13/07/1827  
FINTON Mary William Maria 21/04/1831  
FINTON Robert William Maria 28/05/1829  
FORSYTHE Jane Not stated Not stated   07/07/1846
GALBRAITH Jane Andrew Margaret   12/03/1861
GALBRAITH Martha Andrew Not stated 22/04/1825  
GALBRAITH Moses Andrew Not stated 08/11/1819  
GALBRAITH Not stated J. Not stated ?/03/1854  
GARDINER James Samuel Mary 28/02/1847  
GARDINER John Samuel Mary 02/06/1844  
GARDINER Mary Joseph Susanna 19/05/1839  
GARDINER Rebecca Samuel Mary   08/01/1846
GARDNER Anne John Jane   27/09/1838
GARDNER Anne Joseph Susanna 03/04/1832  
GARDNER Catherine Samuel Jane 01/03/1835  
GARDNER Elizabeth Samuel Jane 07/03/1833  
GARDNER John John Margaret 02/08/1831  
GARDNER Joseph John Margaret 12/10/1821  
GARDNER Margaret John Jane 30/12/1831  
GARDNER Mary Samuel Jane 06/05/1830  
GARDNER Robert John Margaret 13/12/1827  
GARDNER Samuel John Margaret 12/03/1820  
GARDNER Sarah Samuel Jane 21/02/1837  
GARDNER Susanna Joseph Susanna 11/06/1835  
GARDNER William John Jane 26/02/1835  
GARDNER William Samuel Jane 17/10/1828  
GILFILLAN Jane William Margaret   01/05/1842
GILFILLAN Joseph William Margaret   04/07/1840
GILFILLAN Margaret William Margaret   27/10/1838
GLEN Hugh Samuel Elizabeth   02/05/1847
GLEN John James Not stated 16/07/1854  
GOORLY Alexander Adam Abigail 10/06/1832  
GOORLY Andrew Andrew Martha 24/06/1840  
GOORLY Charles Gerard Margaret 16/07/1832  
GOORLY Christian Mathew Not stated 15/03/1832  
GOORLY David Leonard Margaret 26/12/1829  
GOORLY Eleanor Gerard Margaret 15/10/1820  
GOORLY Gerard Gerard Margaret 11/02/1835  
GOORLY Henry Andrew Martha 17/07/1837  
GOORLY Henry Andrew Not stated 17/03/1820  
GOORLY James Adam Abigail 19/11/1825  
GOORLY James Mathew Esther 21/11/1832  
GOORLY John Andrew Not stated 02/12/1821  
GOORLY John Gerard Margaret 13/06/1827  
GOORLY Joseph Andrew Not stated 20/04/1824  
GOORLY Joseph Moses Martha 28/05/1836  
GOORLY Letitia Andrew Martha 12/07/1831  
GOORLY Margaret Gerard Margaret 17/01/1825  
GOORLY Margaret Moses Martha 20/10/1824  
GOORLY Margaret Moses Martha 11/01/1829  
GOORLY Martha Moses Martha 10/11/1831  
GOORLY Mary Gerard Margaret 16/02/1830  
GOORLY Mary Mathew Esther 26/01/1831  
GOORLY Matilda Adam Abigail 15/02/1827  
GOORLY Matilda Andrew Martha 25/03/1834  
GOORLY Matilda Gerard Margaret 17/10/1822  
GOORLY Matilda Leonard Margaret 20/11/1841  
GOORLY Matilda Leonard Margaret 04/01/1833  
GOORLY Rachel Leonard Margaret 20/02/1831  
GOORLY Rebecca Andrew Not stated 15/08/1826  
GOORLY Sarah Andrew Martha 12/05/1829  
GOORLY Susan Adam Abigail 28/10/1829  
GOORLY Susan Moses Martha 14/06/1826  
GOORLY Susanna Gerard Margaret 29/01/1838  
GOORLY William Adam Abigail 28/09/1824  
GOORLY William Adam Abigail 20/06/1835  
GOORLY William Moses Martha 02/01/1834  
GORDON Alexander Alexander Letitia 04/07/1835  
GORDON Andrew William Jane 12/06/1834  
GORDON Elizabeth Andrew Catherine 21/01/1837  
GORDON Elizabeth Robert Not stated   09/10/1842
GORDON Elizabeth William Jane 31/03/1831  
GORDON Fanny James Fanny   02/04/1846
GORDON James James Fanny 09/10/1842  
GORDON Jane James Fanny 24/09/1839  
GORDON Letitia Alexander Letitia   ?/07/1844
GORDON Mary James Fanny 09/09/1836  
GORDON Mary William Not stated 05/12/1826  
GORDON Sarah William Jane 16/11/1828  
GORDON William Andrew Catherine 24/08/1834  
GORDON William James Fanny 17/02/1834  
GORDON William William Jane 24/01/1838  
GOURLEY Andrew Andrew Mary 16/07/1899  
GOURLEY David Samuel Rebecca   05/08/1849
GOURLEY Elizabeth Robert Mary 08/01/1887  
GOURLEY Robert Gareth Jane   30/05/1853
GOURLEY Robert Samuel Rebecca 12/04/1851  
GOURLEY Samuel Andrew Mary 17/07/1893  
GOURLEY Samuel Robert Mary 08/01/1889  
GOURLEY Sarah Gareth Jane ?/11/1851  
GOURLEY Solomon Andrew Mary 12/04/1892  
GRAHAM Elizabeth David Anne 02/08/1829  
GRAHAM Jane William Mary 20/01/1887  
GRAHAM William William Mary 10/05/1884  
GREY Elizabeth John Martha 31/10/1828  
GREY Jane John Martha 21/09/1822  
GREY Joseph John Martha 26/05/1824  
GREY Margaret John Martha 08/12/1830  
GREY Rebecca John Martha 11/06/1826  
GUY Alice J. Elizabeth 28/10/1886  
GUY Annie J. Elizabeth 01/10/1876  
GUY Evangeline J. Elizabeth 20/10/1880  
GUY George J. Elizabeth 16/01/1883  
GUY James J. Elizabeth 21/07/1878  
GUY Minnie J. Elizabeth 05/08/1884  
GUY Samuel J. Elizabeth 24/06/1891  
GUY William J. Elizabeth 04/02/1889  
HALL John Samuel Anne 05/04/1858  
HALL Rebecca Samuel Anne 02/04/1859  
HALL Robert Samuel Anne 28/05/1861  
HALL Sarah Samuel Anne 05/04/1856  
HAMILTON Andrew Michael Nancy 10/07/1833  
HAMILTON Catherine Michael Nancy 16/11/1835  
HAMILTON Elizabeth Michael Nancy 06/12/1840  
HAMILTON Fanny Michael Nancy   11/07/1845
HAMILTON William James Not stated 18/08/1819  
HAMILTON William Michael Nancy 06/03/1830  
HANAGAN Elizabeth John Elizabeth 24/10/1828  
HANAGAN James John Elizabeth 20/10/1834  
HANAGAN John John Catherine ?/06/1840  
HANAGAN John John Elizabeth   20/06/1838
HANAGAN Mary John Elizabeth 13/08/1832  
HANNIGAN John John Elizabeth 06/05/1837  
HEGARTY James Samuel Rebecca 02/01/1898  
HENDERSON Elizabeth John Not stated   18/06/1842
HENDERSON Francis Alexander Martha   21/08/1842
HENDERSON John Alexander Martha   21/07/1854
HENDERSON Joseph Alexander Martha   21/07/1854
HENDERSON Margaret Alexander Martha 07/06/1839  
HENDERSON Martha Alexander Martha   01/07/1858
HENDERSON Mary Alexander Martha   07/07/1856
HENDERSON Not stated Alexander Martha   01/02/1846
HEPBURN Dolly James Not stated   28/08/1819
HOLMES Annie Charles Jane   08/12/1857
HOLMES Charles Charles Jane   01/08/1846
HOLMES Eleanor Charles Jane   14/02/1844
HOLMES Elizabeth Charles Jane   10/03/1855
HOLMES Hugh Charles Jane   04/03/1851
HOLMES James David Jane 12/03/1873  
HOLMES John Charles Jane   03/04/1842
HOLMES Margaret Charles Jane 08/12/1836  
HOLMES Mary Charles Jane   13/12/1838
HOLMES Matilda William Elizabeth 22/06/1896  
HOLMES Rebecca Charles Jane   04/02/1849
HOLMES Samuel William Elizabeth 22/12/1898  
HOLMES William William Elizabeth 19/01/1898  
HOOD Rebecca William Mary   11/08/1856
HOOD Thomas William Mary 03/06/1873  
HOOD William William Mary   09/10/1856
HOUSTON James John Anne   13/02/1839
HOUSTON Jane John Anne   05/11/1836
HOUSTON William John Anne 07/01/1849  
HUNTER Daniel Alexander Elizabeth ?/11/1832  
HUSTON Anne James Sarah   07/07/1850
HUSTON Anne John Anne   13/07/1845
HUSTON David James Sarah   07/05/1848
HUSTON Fanny James Sarah   12/10/1859
HUSTON James James Sarah   10/05/1853
HUSTON Jane James Sarah ?/11/1845  
HUSTON John John Anne   ?/08/1850
HUSTON Martha John Anne   14/06/1841
HUSTON Sarah James Sarah   09/07/1857
HUSTON Sarah John Anne   16/04/1854
JACK Elizabeth Henry Elizabeth 06/12/1834  
JACK James Henry Not stated 31/05/1821  
JACK Mary Henry Not stated 06/07/1825  
JACK Mary James Not stated 28/06/1820  
JACK Samuel Henry Elizabeth 04/08/1828  
JACK William Henry Elizabeth 18/05/1823  
JOHNESTOCK? Bessie Arthur Margaret 28/06/1820  
JOHNSTON Alexander James Mary 15/04/1830  
JOHNSTON David James Mary 22/12/1823  
JOHNSTON James James Not stated 10/07/1820  
KERNEY Eleanor James Not stated 03/05/1836  
KERNEY Ellen John Rebecca   07/05/1843
KERNEY James James Jane   09/11/1844
KERNEY James James Not stated   16/05/1861
KERNEY John James Not stated 09/11/1844  
KERNEY John James Jane 09/11/1844  
KERNEY John James Not stated 13/05/1828  
KERNEY John James Rebecca 01/03/1827  
KERNEY John Robert Rebecca   18/01/1840
KERNEY Joseph James Jane 04/07/1836  
KERNEY Joseph James Not stated 13/05/1828  
KERNEY Mary James Jane   04/07/1847
KERNEY Mary John Rebecca 11/04/1825  
KERNEY Nancy John Rebecca 07/06/1833  
KERNEY Rebecca John Rebecca 15/06/1832  
KERNEY Rebecca John Rebecca 24/11/1840  
KERNEY Robert James Not stated 20/11/1826  
KERNEY Robert John Rebecca 30/04/1829  
KERNEY Samuel John Rebecca 19/03/1838  
KERNEY William James Not stated 23/11/1825  
KERNEY William John Rebecca 14/08/1835  
KERNEY William Robert Rebecca   04/06/1837
KILPATRICK Andrew James Not stated 12/03/1824  
KILPATRICK Elizabeth James Not stated 11/03/1827  
KILPATRICK Joseph James Not stated 12/07/1821  
KINCAID Mary James Elizabeth 30/06/1833  
KING Frances Moses Mary 12/05/1859  
KING Gabriel Moses Mary 12/05/1859  
KING Isabella Moses Mary 28/04/1832  
KING James Moses Not stated 22/10/1821  
KING John Moses Mary 07/07/1836  
KING Martha Moses Elizabeth 31/05/1874  
KING Martha Moses Mary 08/08/1829  
KING Mary Moses Not stated 27/11/1823  
KING Moses James Anne   ?/06/1853
KING Moses Moses Not stated 16/10/1826  
KING Robert Moses Elizabeth 13/06/1872  
KINNEY Arthur Robert Rebecca   11/08/1845
KINNEY Elizabeth James Jane 06/12/1852  
LAFFERTY Grizel James Nancy 08/07/1830  
LAFFERTY John James Nancy 20/08/1827  
LEATT Sarah William Margaret 09/06/1837  
LEGGATE Charles Charles Mary 06/06/1892  
LEGGATE Frederick Charles Mary 22/12/1893  
LEVER Alexander William Margaret   ?/04/1844
LEVER George William Margaret ?/07/1841  
LEVER Jane William Margaret 20/03/1839  
LEVER Margaret William Margaret   ?/07/1849
LEVER Robert William Margaret   13/07/1852
LEVER William William Margaret 07/07/1846  
LIDDLE Hannah John Died at Birth? 02/04/1828  
LIDDLE John John Not stated 29/04/1822  
LIDDLE William James Nancy 15/01/1829  
LITTLE Sarah John Not stated   22/01/1845
LOCKART Samuel William Margaret 26/06/1898  
LOW James James Not stated 22/12/1826  
LOWRY Andrew James Not stated 01/09/1822  
LOWRY George Marshall Jane 18/06/1839  
LOWRY Margaret Robert Jane 04/10/1877  
LOWRY Mary Marshall Jane ?/09/1840  
LOWRY Richard Marshall Jane 08/12/1837  
LOWRY Robert Robert Jane 01/06/1873  
LOWRY William Robert Jane 12/06/1875  
MACKEY Andrew William Not stated 30/09/1833  
MACKEY Anne William Not stated 06/12/1820  
MACKEY George William Not stated 07/01/1828  
MACKEY James William Not stated 25/08/1830  
MACKEY William William Not stated 02/04/1826  
MARSHALL Anne John Mary 10/01/1834  
MARSHALL Eleanor John Mary 16/04/1828  
MARSHALL Elizabeth John Mary 20/08/1838  
MARSHALL Margaret John Mary 11/04/1840  
MARSHALL Mary John Mary 11/08/1836  
MAXWELL Jane Joseph Mary 17/10/1888  
MAXWELL Joseph Joseph Mary 09/07/1885  
MCBETH Andrew John Mary   20/11/1853
MCBETH Catherine Alexander Elizabeth   07/07/1854
MCBETH David John Elizabeth 10/07/1891  
MCBETH Eleanor Robert Susanna 16/03/1836  
MCBETH Elizabeth Alexander Elizabeth 24/05/1849  
MCBETH Elizabeth Alexander Elizabeth 24/05/1849  
MCBETH Elizabeth John Not stated 18/?/1839  
MCBETH Elizabeth John Elizabeth 26/08/1895  
MCBETH Elizabeth John not recorded 18/?/1839  
MCBETH Elizabeth Robert Susanna 01/07/1839  
MCBETH Elizabeth Robert Susanna 01/07/1839  
MCBETH Ellen Alexander Elizabeth 04/12/1851  
MCBETH Fanny Andrew Rebecca   ?/11/1848
MCBETH Frances John Mary 15/09/1835  
MCBETH Frances Joseph Margaret 11/05/1897  
MCBETH Frances Robert Rebecca 19/03/1894  
MCBETH George John Elizabeth   08/04/1861
MCBETH George Robert Susanna   02/10/1826
MCBETH Isabella John Mary   ?/03/1851
MCBETH Isabella John Mary 01/03/1861  
MCBETH James John Elizabeth 02/05/1882  
MCBETH James Robert Rebecca 12/02/1888  
MCBETH Jane Andrew Rebecca 08/05/1838  
MCBETH Jane John Elizabeth   04/04/1859
MCBETH Jane John not recorded   ?/05/1844
MCBETH John Alexander Elizabeth   19/12/1844
MCBETH John John Elizabeth   26/12/1889
MCBETH John John Mary   02/07/1843
MCBETH John Joseph Margaret   24/11/1889
MCBETH Joseph John Mary   21/12/1845
MCBETH Joseph Robert Rebecca 26/05/1883  
MCBETH Margaret John Mary   06/08/1848
MCBETH Margaret Joseph Margaret 09/08/1893  
MCBETH Martha John Elizabeth 09/05/1884  
MCBETH Mary Alexander Elizabeth   25/01/1847
MCBETH Mary John Mary   26/11/1840
MCBETH Mary Joseph Margaret 01/02/1888  
MCBETH Mary Robert Rebecca 18/05/1890  
MCBETH Mary William Jane   03/12/1838
MCBETH Matilda Joseph Margaret 25/04/1895  
MCBETH Rebecca Robert Rebecca   15/07/1879
MCBETH Robert Andrew Rebecca 27/11/1843  
MCBETH Robert John Mary 19/03/1838  
MCBETH Robert Robert not stated 10/09/1822  
MCBETH Robert Robert Rebecca   12/04/1886
MCBETH Robert Robert Susanna 28/12/1829  
MCBETH Sarah John Elizabeth 28/03/1880  
MCBETH Susanna Robert Susanna 15/08/1832  
MCBETH William Alexander Elizabeth   20/04/1859
MCBETH William John Elizabeth 23/04/1887  
MCBETH William Joseph Margaret 13/10/1891  
MCBETH William Robert Rebecca 23/09/1881  
MCBETH William William not stated   02/05/1847
MCCLEARY Margaret Thomas Not stated   23/07/1854
MCCLEARY Sarah Thomas Not stated   08/08/1852
MCCLINTOCK Andrew James Not stated 04/05/1822  
MCCLINTOCK Catherine Alexander Mary 01/02/1836  
MCCLINTOCK Daniel Daniel Not stated 14/0611828  
MCCLINTOCK Elizabeth Daniel Not stated 11/04/1821  
MCCLINTOCK Elizabeth Daniel Not stated 09/01/1827  
MCCLINTOCK Hugh George Jane 01/06/1827  
MCCLINTOCK Jane Daniel Not stated 30/01/1823  
MCCLINTOCK John Daniel Not stated 08/07/1825  
MCCLINTOCK Margaret George Jane 09/06/1829  
MCCLINTOCK Nancy David Not stated 02/01/1820  
MCCONNEL Margaret James Isabella 16/05/1899  
MCCONNEL Martha Andrew Eleanor 06/04/1828  
MCCORKELL Barbara Thomas Margaret 17/07/1839  
MCCREA Andrew William S. 23/09/1843  
MCCREA Anne William S. 02/01/1845  
MCCREA Archibald William S.   21/02/1847
MCCREA David Thomas Jane 07/09/1834  
MCCREA Henry William S.   23/09/1856
MCCREA James Samuel Not stated 12/03/1822  
MCCREA Margaret William S. 06/08/1848  
MCCREA Martha Samuel Not stated 25/11/1824  
MCCREA Mary William S.   ?/08/1850
MCCREA Nathaniel Samuel Not stated 17/04/1826  
MCCREA Robert William S.   16/04/1854
MCCREA Sarah William S.   08/11/1858
MCCRODDAN Charles James Margaret 29/12/1836  
MCCRODDAN Elizabeth Robert Elizabeth 10/12/1838  
MCCRODDAN James James Margaret 12/07/1828  
MCCRODDAN James Robert Elizabeth ?/02/1845  
MCCRODDAN Jane James Not stated 27/01/1820  
MCCRODDAN Jane James Not stated 10/07/1823  
MCCRODDAN John James Not stated 14/03/1821  
MCCRODDAN Joseph James Margaret 12/01/1834  
MCCRODDAN Joseph Robert Elizabeth 10/02/1835  
MCCRODDAN Margaret James Margaret 17/02/1839  
MCCRODDAN Mathew James Not stated 08/11/1825  
MCCRODDAN Mathew Robert Elizabeth 16/06/1830  
MCCRODDAN Robert James Margaret 08/01/1831  
MCDERMOTT Fanny John Mary 01/05/1836  
MCDERMOTT Isabella John Mary 26/12/1826  
MCDERMOTT Thomas John Mary 24/07/1839  
MCELWEE Anne William Not stated 25/12/1826  
MCFARLAND Alexander Alexander Margaret 09/01/1898  
MCFARLAND Andrew Alexander Margaret 27/04/1890  
MCFARLAND Andrew William Elizabeth 03/12/1893  
MCFARLAND Catherine Alexander Margaret 09/01/1882  
MCFARLAND Eleanor Alexander Margaret 16/10/1892  
MCFARLAND Elizabeth George Elizabeth   02/12/1849
MCFARLAND Elizabeth James Not stated 13/04/1820  
MCFARLAND Fanny William Margaret 26/05/1840  
MCFARLAND Isabella Andrew Elizabeth 10/01/1861  
MCFARLAND James Alexander Margaret 04/08/1887  
MCFARLAND James William Margaret   11/06/1843
MCFARLAND Jane Finley Elizabeth 06/10/1844  
MCFARLAND Jane William Rebecca 31/10/1837  
MCFARLAND John Alexander Margaret 17/04/1885  
MCFARLAND John William Margaret   ?/11/1848
MCFARLAND Margaret Andrew Elizabeth   18/08/1873
MCFARLAND Margaret William Margaret   14/09/1845
MCFARLAND Martha Robert Not stated   01/03/1840
MCFARLAND Mary George Elizabeth   23/07/1854
MCFARLAND Mary William Margaret   ?/10/1851
MCFARLAND Rebecca Andrew Elizabeth   08/10/1856
MCFARLAND Rebecca Not stated Rebecca 21/10/1878  
MCFARLAND Sarah Andrew Elizabeth   08/04/1859
MCFARLANE Alexander John Mary 06/08/1837  
MCFARLANE Anne John Mary 19/01/1833  
MCFARLANE Robert Alexander Margaret 08/11/1879  
MCFARLANE Robert John Mary 21/06/1834  
MCFARLANE Samuel John Mary   04/10/1840
MCFARLANE William John Mary 21/12/1830  
MCFAWN Archibald James Elizabeth 15/11/1828  
MCFAWN Archibald James Elizabeth 08/04/1830  
MCFAWN Elizabeth James Elizabeth 08/04/1827  
MCHUGH Andrew William Anne   ?/03/1851
MCHUGH Anne William Anne    
MCHUGH Annie John Sarah 07/09/1893  
MCHUGH Hugh? William Anne   02/04/1846
MCHUGH John John Isabella 04/04/1838  
MCHUGH John William Not stated   24/05/1849
MCHUGH Mary William Not stated   07/07/1844
MCHUGH Moses Charles Not stated 08/01/1820  
MCHUGH Not stated William Not stated   04/09/1842
MCHUGH Sally Charles Not stated 20/10/1824  
MCHUGH Samuel Charles Not stated 29/06/1827  
MCHUGH William John Sarah 28/02/1888  
MCHUGH William William Jane 26/02/1840  
MCHUGH William William Not stated 24/03/1827  
MCINTIRE Mary Samuel Not stated 23/12/1819  
MCKANE Alexander John Jane   27/06/1854
MCKENNEY Mary Stewart Not stated   27/06/1847
MCKENNY Robert Stewart Not stated 15/11/1844  
MCKENNY William Stewart Not stated 06/09/1852  
MCKIE Johnston William Not stated 17/08/1822  
MCKIE Mary William Not stated 03/01/1824  
MCKIE Robert William Not stated 17/12/1825  
MCKIM John Robert Elizabeth 27/05/1833  
MCKIM Mary Robert Elizabeth 12/10/1829  
MCKINNY Stewart Stewart Not stated   03/03/1850
MCMAKAN John Alexander Not stated   20/03/1853
MCRUDDEN Marshall John Not stated 24/12/1825  
MCRUDDEN Mary Robert Elizabeth   05/03/1842
MEHAFFY Elizabeth John Not stated 06/09/1821  
MEHAFFY Elizabeth John Not stated 15/05/1826  
MEHAFFY John John Not stated 17/11/1823  
MEHAFFY Robert John Mary 03/05/1823  
MEHAFFY Samuel John Mary 29/12/1834  
MEHAFFY William John Mary   30/10/1839
MELON Anne Andrew Jane 11/11/1828  
MELON Anne John Elizabeth 29/09/1832  
MELON Archibald John Not stated 15/05/1826  
MELON Catharine Andrew Jane 25/11/1826  
MELON Elizabeth John Elizabeth 06/04/1830  
MELON Isabella John Not stated 09/09/1819  
MELON John John Not stated 02/02/1822  
MELON John John Not stated 25/06/1824  
MELON Mary John Elizabeth 12/04/1828  
MICKIE Elizabeth John Not stated 09/09/1821  
MIDDLETON Margaret Samuel Not stated 31/03/1823  
MIDDLETON Robert Robert Isabella   30/12/1841
MIDDLETON Samuel Robert Isabella   29/10/1840
MIDDLETON Susan Samuel Not stated 20/07/1825  
MITCHELL Alexander Thomas Margaret 08/04/1830  
MITCHELL Peggy Thomas Not stated 21/10/1825  
MITCHELL Thomas Thomas Margaret 26/07/1828  
MITCHELL William Thomas Margaret 27/06/1827  
MOOR Catharine James Not stated 26/02/1826  
MOOR Galbraith James Not stated 31/12/1821  
MOOR John James Not stated 30/03/1824  
MOOR Margery James Not stated 17/04/1820  
MOORE Alexander Samuel Letitia 05/12/1890  
MOORE Elizabeth Samuel Letitia 12/10/1896  
MOORE Foster Samuel Letitia 08/01/1889  
MOORE Galbraith Samuel Letitia 24/04/1895  
MOORE Letitia Samuel Letitia 22/01/1882  
MOORE Robert Samuel Letitia 16/03/1893  
MOORE Samuel Samuel Letitia 06/07/1879  
MOORE Thomas Samuel Letitia 08/06/1886  
MOORE William Samuel Letitia 13/05/1884  
MORROW Andrew William Mary 24/04/1833  
MORROW James William Mary 06/09/1836  
MORROW Martha William Not stated 12/08/1825  
MORROW Mary William Not stated 19/01/1823  
MORROW Robert William Not stated 26/04/1820  
MORROW William William Mary 03/06/1830  
ORR Catherine William Margaret 16/08/1834  
PARKE Catharine Isaac Mary   16/11/183
PARKER Jane Samuel Rebecca 09/07/1896  
PARKER Margaret William Jane   29/10/1857
PARKER Maria William Jane   29/12/1853
PARKER Mathew William Jane   18/04/1850
PARKER Matilda William Jane   14/05/1848
PARKER Samuel William Jane   10/05/1855
PARKER William Samuel Rebecca 04/03/1899  
PATTERSON Alexander Robert Mary 17/06/1829  
PATTERSON Alexander William Margaret 03/07/1898  
PATTERSON Anne James Not stated 17/04/1824  
PATTERSON Caldwell James Not stated 07/03/1822  
PATTERSON James James Not stated 05/11/1821  
PATTERSON James Not stated Ninia 12/11/1825  
PATTERSON James Samuel Not stated 09/08/1822  
PATTERSON Jane Cairns Catherine 14/05/1824  
PATTERSON Jane Cairns Catherine 19/07/1829  
PATTERSON Jane John Sarah 25/12/1828  
PATTERSON Margaret James Not stated 16/02/1820  
PATTERSON Margaret John Isabella 24/09/1826  
PATTERSON Martha John Isabella 12/01/1837  
PATTERSON Mary Cairns Catherine 09/11/1825  
PATTERSON Mary James Not stated 30/10/1826  
PATTERSON Robert George Not stated 25/06/1826  
PATTERSON Robert James Not stated 24/03/1825  
PATTERSON Robert John Not stated 03/06/1824  
PATTERSON Samuel Samuel Not stated 22/08/1819  
PATTERSON Sarah James Martha 16/08/1829  
PATTERSON William John Isabella 28/08/1828  
PATTERSON William Robert Mary 26/12/1827  
PATTON Frances Robert Margaret 01/03/1880  
PATTON James Robert Margaret 20/04/1873  
PATTON Mary Robert Margaret 31/12/1877  
PATTON William Robert Margaret 29/05/1875  
PAUL Robert William Not stated 07/01/1820  
PAUL William William Not stated 27/06/1822  
POLLOCK Frances Isaac Not stated 11/07/1823  
POLLOCK Isabella Isaac Mary 05/10/1834  
POLLOCK James Isaac Not stated 17/11/1825  
POLLOCK Joseph Isaac Mary 20/11/1823  
POLLOCK Martha Isaac Mary 25/05/1836  
POLLOCK Nancy Isaac Mary 02/11/1828  
POLLOCK Nancy William Margaret 12/05/1834  
POLLOCK Samuel William Margaret 13/07/1837  
POLLOCK Sarah Isaac Mary 28/08/1831  
PORTER Catherine John Mary ?/?/1842  
PORTER George Ninian Anne 27/02/1828  
PORTER John John Mary   26/06/1840
PORTER Mary Joseph Margaret 18/10/1832  
PORTER Richard Joseph Margaret 13/12/1834  
PORTER Robert John Mary   07/05/1843
PORTER Robert John Margaret   09/06/1845
PORTER Sarah John Mary   10/09/1838
PORTER Stilly Joseph Margaret   11/08/1836
PORTERFIELD Alexander Robert Margaret 26/06/1888  
PORTERFIELD James John Mary 06/03/1886  
PORTERFIELD John Robert Mary 25/01/1884  
PORTERFIELD Robert Robert Mary 07/03/1881  
QUAINTAIN Elizabeth William Not stated 20/09/1819  
QUAINTAIN Henry William Not stated 02/06/1822  
QUAINTAIN Mary Moses Not stated 08/01/1823  
QUAINTAIN Mary William Not stated 09/04/1825  
QUAINTAN John William Elizabeth 10/02/1832  
QUAINTAN Robert William Elizabeth 16/06/1835  
QUAINTAN William William Not stated 15/08/1828  
QUENTIN Not stated Not stated Not stated ?/?1854  
QUENTON Elizabeth James Mary   04/07/1847
QUENTON Samuel James Mary   13/04/1845
QUENTON Sarah James Mary ?/07/1841  
QUENTON William James Mary c1843  
QUINTON Robert William Annie 15/09/1897  
QUINTON William William Annie 17/10/1898  
ROBINSON John William Anne 10/10/1832  
ROBINSON Not stated William Mary c1845  
RODGERS Andrew Andrew Mary ?/09/1839  
RODGERS David Alexander Mary 05/03/1887  
RODGERS Elizabeth J. Margaret 01/05/1873  
RODGERS Thomas Andrew Mary 07/05/1836  
RODGERS William Andrew Mary 28/01/1842  
RODGERS William Andrew Mary 28/01/1842  
ROGERS David Alexander Mary 05/03/1887  
ROLLESTONE Mary Joseph Not stated ?/?/1842  
ROLLISTON Alexander Joseph Not stated 07/04/1840  
ROULSTON Andrew Joseph Anne 11/01/1889  
ROULSTON Elizabeth Joseph Anne 25/01/1884  
ROULSTON Elizabeth Joseph Mary 27/04/1835  
ROULSTON James Joseph Anne 10/06/1897  
ROULSTON Jeremiah Joseph Mary 01/01/1833  
ROULSTON Joseph Joseph Anne 20/01/1887  
ROULSTON Robert Joseph Anne 03/01/1878  
ROULSTON Sarah Joseph Mary 18/08/1837  
ROULSTON William Joseph Anne 21/01/1882  
ROULSTONE John Joseph Anne 01/11/1879  
ROULSTONE Thomas Joseph Anne 07/03/1893  
ROWAN Andrew William Martha 08/01/1835  
ROWAN Charles John Margaret 02/11/1895  
ROWAN Elizabeth William Martha c1840  
ROWAN Fanny William Martha 17/08/1837  
ROWAN John John Margaret 06/09/1893  
ROWAN Margaret John Margaret 01/05/1892  
ROWAN Martha Robert Not stated 12/09/1819  
ROWAN Nancy William Martha 16/06/1833  
RULE Darkey George Mary 14/03/1880  
RULE Elizabeth George Mary 15/12/1874  
RULE Isabella George Mary 06/04/1878  
RULE Joseph George Mary 01/02/1873  
RUSSELL Margaret James Not stated 13/09/1822  
SHARKEY Anne John Margaret 03/06/1832  
SHARKEY Catherine Thomas Mary 02/05/1830  
SHARKEY Edward Thomas Mary 12/01/1835  
SHARKEY Elenor James Catherine 03/04/1833  
SHARKEY Elizabeth Thomas Not stated 07/09/1823  
SHARKEY Elizabeth William Not stated 05/04/1826  
SHARKEY Isabella John Margaret 01/10/1828  
SHARKEY James James Catherine 10/09/1834  
SHARKEY Jane John Margaret 12/04/1830  
SHARKEY John James Catherine 17/09/1831  
SHARKEY John John Not stated 25/03/1826  
SHARKEY John Thomas Mary 27/02/1828  
SHARKEY John Thomas Mary 03/06/1821  
SHARKEY John William Eleanor 28/11/1828  
SHARKEY Margaret James Eleanor 10/03/1859  
SHARKEY Margaret John Not stated 26/06/1820  
SHARKEY Margaret William Eleanor 31/01/1831  
SHARKEY Mary John Not stated 14/05/1824  
SHARKEY Mary Thomas Mary 10/09/1837  
SHARKEY Mary William Eleanor 02/02/1837  
SHARKEY Nancy William Eleanor   12/12/1841
SHARKEY Rebecca John Not stated 22/07/1822  
SHARKEY Rebecca Thomas Mary 18/10/1832  
SHARKEY Thomas Thomas Not stated 18/11/1825  
SIMISON Anne Samuel Mary   04/07/1847
SIMISON Elizabeth Samuel Mary   25/05/1849
SIMISON Robert Robert Isabella 31/10/1872  
SIMISON Robert Samuel Mary 20/07/1833  
SIMISON Sarah Robert Isabella 21/03/1874  
SMITH Alexander Hugh Not stated 05/02/1828  
SMITH Andrew Hugh Not stated 23/09/1837  
SMITH Andrew Joseph Letitia ?/?/1855  
SMITH Andrew Samuel Mary 19/07/1830  
SMITH Anne Joseph Letitia ?/?/1853  
SMITH Catharine Joseph Catherine 11/02/1838  
SMITH Christian Hugh Not stated 21/06/1821  
SMITH Eleanor William Not stated 25/06/1826  
SMITH Elizabeth Oliver Elizabeth 30/06/1853  
SMITH Hugh Hugh Not stated 21/07/1829  
SMITH Isabella Andrew Isabella 10/10/1832  
SMITH Isabella R. A.   18/08/1849
SMITH James Arthur Not stated 05/03/1824  
SMITH James James Not stated 01/08/1828  
SMITH James Joseph Not stated 18/09/1819  
SMITH Jane Joseph Letitia   11/02/1858
SMITH John Andrew Isabella 01/06/1830  
SMITH John Oliver Elizabeth   ?/10/1849
SMITH John Oliver Elizabeth ?/08/1850  
SMITH John R. A.   09/06/1852
SMITH John Robert Margaret 13/01/1836  
SMITH Joseph Arthur Not stated 01/01/1821  
SMITH Margaret Andrew Isabella 05/05/1825  
SMITH Margaret Hugh Not stated 10/02/1832  
SMITH Margaret William Margaret 02/04/1828  
SMITH Martha Joseph Letitia   04/04/1860
SMITH Mary James Not stated   04/02/1849
SMITH Mary Joseph Letitia 21/01/1851  
SMITH Mary Oliver Elizabeth   ?/06/1851
SMITH Mary Samuel Mary 02/08/1862  
SMITH Mary William Mary 27/08/1828  
SMITH Nancy Joseph Catherine 31/08/1835  
SMITH Rebecca Arthur Not stated 10/04/1827  
SMITH Rebecca Samuel Mary 15/01/1829  
SMITH Rebecca Samuel Mary 05/01/1838  
SMITH Robert Hugh Not stated 15/12/1833  
SMITH Robert Samuel Mary 06/04/1840  
SMITH Samuel Samuel Mary 01/01/1833  
SMITH Stuart William Not stated 25/10/1820  
SMITH Thomas T. Not stated   02/05/1842
SMITH William Andrew Isabella 25/12/1827  
SMITH William Joseph Letitia   24/05/1861
SMITH William Samuel Mary 08/12/1826  
SMYTH Andrew Hugh Not stated 28/01/1839  
SMYTH Frances Robert Sarah 12/08/1890  
SMYTH Margaret Robert Sarah 21/08/1887  
SMYTH Mary Robert Sarah 20/02/1879  
SMYTH Mathew Robert Sarah 17/11/1880  
SMYTH Samuel Robert Sarah 27/12/1883  
SPROUL Elizabeth William Not stated 24/02/1825  
SPROUL Mary William Not stated 13/07/1822  
SPROUL Sarah William Not stated 03/03/1820  
STEPHENSON Henry John Mary   18/10/1843
STEPHENSON James James Annie 15/05/1894  
STEPHENSON John James Annie 11/07/1873  
STEPHENSON John John Mary ?/03/1845  
STEPHENSON Joseph John Mary ?/05/1846  
STEPHENSON Margaret John Mary   14/09/1842
STEPHENSON Martha James Annie 13/12/1875  
STEVENSON Alexander James Mary 29/08/1831  
STEVENSON Alexander Robert Jane 04/04/1837  
STEVENSON Andrew Robert Jane ?/?/1840  
STEVENSON Annie James Annie 25/01/1881  
STEVENSON Bessie James Annie 25/07/1889  
STEVENSON Elizabeth Alexander Sarah 01/05/1899  
STEVENSON Elizabeth James Mary 01/04/1829  
STEVENSON Elizabeth Robert Jane 13/01/1834  
STEVENSON Ephraim Robert Jane 03/07/1832  
STEVENSON James Alexander Sarah 04/06/1888  
STEVENSON James James Not stated 27/05/1821  
STEVENSON James John Mary 27/06/1841  
STEVENSON Jane Alexander Sarah 01/01/1887  
STEVENSON John James Not stated 02/09/1823  
STEVENSON Joseph James Not stated 06/05/1825  
STEVENSON Maggie James Jane 15/05/1891  
STEVENSON Mary James Annie 05/01/1878  
STEVENSON Mary James Not stated 12/02/1827  
STEVENSON Mary Thomas Not stated 13/11/1820  
STEVENSON Mary Thomas Not stated 06/04/1824  
STEVENSON Norah Alexander Sarah 27/12/1895  
STEVENSON Robert James Not stated 21/05/1822  
STEVENSON Robert Robert Jane 28/08/1835  
STEVENSON Sarah Alexander Sarah 12/04/1894  
STEVENSON Sibella Alexander Sarah 28/06/1891  
STEVENSON Sibella Robert Jane   12/02/1844
STEVENSON Stephenson Robert Jane   31/10/1841
STEVENSON William James Annie 02/11/1879  
STEVENSON William Robert Jane 29/09/1830  
STILLY Catharine James Not stated 18/09/1823  
STILLY George James Nancy 18/11/1828  
STILLY James James Not stated 13/02/1827  
STILLY John James Not stated 07/06/1825  
STILLY Ninian James Nancy 14/12/1832  
STILLY William William Not stated 16/05/1820  
STUART Elizabeth John Elizabeth 01/10/1835  
STUART John John Elizabeth 22/?/1839  
STUART Margaret John Elizabeth 30/12/1837  
STUART Robert John Elizabeth 15/12/1833  
TAYLOR Anne Marshall Margaret 28/10/1833  
TAYLOR Hugh Marshall Margaret ?/?/1838  
TAYLOR Isabella Marshall Margaret 26/02/1835  
TAYLOR Joseph Not stated Not stated   07/07/1844
TAYLOR Marshall James Marshall 10/01/1836  
THOMPSON Elizabeth John Isabella 15/12/1881  
THOMPSON John Andrew Isabella 20/05/1879  
THRONE Catharine Robert Not stated 15/05/1829  
THRONE David John Not stated 10/08/1820  
THRONE Edward Edward Elizabeth 12/11/1851  
THRONE Elizabeth Robert Elizabeth 17/11/1879  
THRONE James John Rebecca 27/08/1827  
THRONE Jane Robert Not stated 29/04/1827  
THRONE John Edward Elizabeth   05/09/1847
THRONE John Robert Not stated ?/?/1838  
THRONE Margaret Robert Elizabeth 03/10/1890  
THRONE Margaret Robert Not stated 29/08/1833  
THRONE Mary Edward Elizabeth   ?/11/1857
THRONE Mary John Mary 02/06/1841  
THRONE Mathew James Nancy 16/11/1829  
THRONE Rebecca John Not stated 21/09/1823  
THRONE Robert Edward Elizabeth   02/07/1854
THRONE Robert Robert Elizabeth 20/06/1892  
THRONE Robert Robert Not stated 03/10/1835  
THRONE Thomas Edward Elizabeth 02/07/1854  
THRONE Thomas Robert Elizabeth 10/05/1888  
THRONE William Robert Elizabeth 01/03/1898  
THRONE William Robert Not stated 06/09/1825  
TINNEY Andrew John Elizabeth 08/04/1856  
TINNEY Anne Robert Elizabeth 09/03/1885  
TINNEY Arthur John Elizabeth   03/04/1848
TINNEY Eleanor John Elizabeth   12/06/1858
TINNEY Fanny William Jane ?/12/1845  
TINNEY Hugh John Elizabeth ?/05/1846  
TINNEY James Andrew Not stated   01/09/1844
TINNEY James Hugh Mary   13/06/1847
TINNEY James John Elizabeth ?/?/1845  
TINNEY James Robert Elizabeth 18/12/1881  
TINNEY John John Elizabeth 08/03/1861  
TINNEY John John Elizabeth   08/03/1861
TINNEY John William Elizabeth 25/12/1828  
TINNEY Joseph James Catherine 18/04/1847  
TINNEY Margaret Hugh Mary 08/01/1852  
TINNEY Margaret Robert Jane 09/01/1892  
TINNEY Mary John Elizabeth 04/03/1851  
TINNEY Robert Hugh Mary   07/10/1849
TINNEY Robert William Jane 07/04/1839  
TINNEY William John Elizabeth   ?/04/1849
TINNY Alexander James Not stated 12/10/1826  
TINNY Andrew Andrew Sarah 02/09/1832  
TINNY Andrew Hugh Margaret 25/12/1830  
TINNY Andrew William Catherine 20/11/1834  
TINNY Anne William Catherine 15/12/1836  
TINNY Catharine William Not stated 27/02/1823  
TINNY Elizabeth Andrew Sarah 28/03/1829  
TINNY Elizabeth William Not stated 18/05/1820  
TINNY Fanny Hugh Margaret 31/12/1827  
TINNY Fanny William Jane ?/08/1847  
TINNY Fanny William Not stated 15/03/1826  
TINNY George William Catharine 24/?/1839  
TINNY Hugh Andrew Not stated 24/09/1820  
TINNY Hugh Hugh Margaret 24/03/1833  
TINNY Hugh Robert Elizabeth 04/06/1877  
TINNY James Hugh Margaret 30/09/1836  
TINNY James William Jane 30/03/1835  
TINNY Jane William Jane ?/10/1849  
TINNY John Andrew Not stated 22/11/1823  
TINNY Margaret William Jane 12/02/1837  
TINNY Mary Hugh Margaret 14/09/1829  
TINNY Mary Hugh Mary   01/09/1844
TINNY Mary Robert Elizabeth 26/06/1879  
TINNY Mathew Andrew Sarah 28/08/1835  
TINNY Nancy Hugh Not stated 02/11/1825  
TINNY Robert James Not stated 12/11/1820  
TINNY Robert William Catherine ?/04/1844  
TINNY Robert William Jane   27/06/1841
TINNY Sally Andrew Not stated 04/07/1826  
TINNY Sarah Hugh Not stated 22/12/1823  
TINNY Sarah James Catherine   12/12/1841
TINNY Sarah William Jane 08/12/1851  
TINNY William Hugh Mary ?/?/1854  
TINNY William Hugh Not stated 12/09/1821  
VIRTUE Elyn Thomas Elyn 13/01/1829  
VIRTUE Isabella Thomas Elyn 02/06/1831  
WATSON Matilda James Not stated 08/09/1821  
WEIR Alexander Alexander Anna 27/10/1881  
WEIR Alexander John Elizabeth 20/05/1899  
WEIR Alexander William Mary 16/10/1833  
WEIR Anne Alexander Anne   14/05/1860
WEIR Anne James M.   ?/03/1845
WEIR Anne James Not stated   11/08/1845
WEIR Catherine John Elizabeth 14/03/1884  
WEIR Charles John Elizabeth 03/06/1891  
WEIR David Samuel Not stated 22/3/1829  
WEIR Elizabeth James Not stated   05/08/1849
WEIR Elizabeth John Catherine 18/04/1838  
WEIR Elizabeth John Elizabeth 26/05/1896  
WEIR Elizabeth William Jane   05/01/1854
WEIR Ellen Alexander Anna 25/02/1884  
WEIR Hamilton James M. 08/09/1853  
WEIR Henderson John Elizabeth 06/02/1887  
WEIR Henry Alexander Anne   09/11/1858
WEIR Isabella Alexander Anne   26/11/1849
WEIR James Alexander Anna 28/01/1885  
WEIR James James M.   ?/?/1843
WEIR James James Margaret 05/11/1872  
WEIR James James Mary 19/06/1838  
WEIR James Robert Martha   25/03/1847
WEIR James Robert Martha ?/?/1853  
WEIR James Robert Mary 08/02/1892  
WEIR James Robert Martha   26/05/1849
WEIR James William Jane   12/12/1850
WEIR Jessie John Elizabeth   28/12/1860
WEIR John Alexander Anna 23/11/1882  
WEIR John Alexander Anne 12/11/1852  
WEIR John James M.   03/10/1847
WEIR John James Margaret 27/10/1874  
WEIR John James Mary 04/11/1833  
WEIR John John Catharine 14/05/1840  
WEIR John John Elizabeth 08/06/1885  
WEIR John Robert Martha ?/12/1851  
WEIR John Robert Mary 05/07/1893  
WEIR John William Mary 14/09/1835  
WEIR Letitia James Not stated   ?/08/1852
WEIR Margaret James Mary ?/?/1854  
WEIR Margaret James Mary   25/08/1842
WEIR Margaret James Not stated   05/09/1847
WEIR Margaret Joseph Margaret 10/01/1881  
WEIR Martha John Catharine 01/12/1836  
WEIR Martha Samuel Not stated 19/03/1820  
WEIR Mary James Margaret 03/04/1887  
WEIR Mary James Mary 09/07/1832  
WEIR Mary William Mary 23/11/1831  
WEIR Mary William Matilda 06/07/1898  
WEIR Patrick John Elizabeth   28/12/1859
WEIR Rebecca James Mary   04/12/1846
WEIR Robert James M.   ?/04/1849
WEIR Robert James Margaret 20/05/1880  
WEIR Robert James Margaret 29/09/1884  
WEIR Robert James Margaret 29/09/1884  
WEIR Robert John Elizabeth 13/03/1889  
WEIR Robert Samuel Not stated 26/12/1823  
WEIR Robert William Jane   02/06/1845
WEIR Samuel Samuel Not stated   12/02/1826
WEIR Sarah Robert Mary 05/01/1897  
WEIR Sarah Robert Mary 10/06/1898  
WEIR Thomas John Elizabeth 15/11/1893  
WEIR William James Margaret 28/12/1877  
WEIR William William Jane   02/08/1847
WEIR William William Jane ?/02/1849  
WELCH Anne Thomas Not stated 18/03/1820  
WELCH Elizabeth William Rebecca 28/05/1893  
WELCH Florence William Rebecca 25/08/1896  
WELCH John James Margaret 24/?/1842  
WELCH John Thomas Barbara 03/10/1831  
WELCH John William Not stated 10/02/1827  
WELCH Maggie William Rebecca 04/09/1894  
WELCH Margaret R. Jane   13/05/1858
WELCH Margaret William Margaret 10/04/1833  
WELCH Mary Thomas Barbara 02/08/1834  
WELCH Mary William Rebecca 28/01/1888  
WELCH Rebecca Thomas Barbara 12/06/1828  
WELCH Rebecca William Rebecca 10/11/1889  
WELCH Robert William Margaret 10/03/1829  
WELCH Sarah R. Jane ?/07/1858  
WELCH Sarah William Not stated 26/01/1824  
WELCH Susanna William Margaret 15/07/1831  
WELCH Thomas Thomas Barbara 09/12/1825  
WELCH William R. Jane ?/?/1857  
WELCH William William Rebacca 26/05/1899  
WHITE James Robert Not stated 29/08/1819  
WHITE Nancy Robert Not stated 01/06/1824  
WILKIE Aaron James Matilda ?/?/1857  
WILKIE Alexander David Jane ?/?/1856  
WILKIE Anne David Jane 13/03/1842  
WILKIE Anne Robert Mary   09/02/1859
WILKIE Archibald James Not stated 13/10/1819  
WILKIE David James Isabella 13/01/1847  
WILKIE David James Matilda   ?/?/1855
WILKIE David James Not stated 08/02/1827  
WILKIE Elizabeth David Jane 09/09/1858  
WILKIE Elizabeth William Not stated 10/04/1822  
WILKIE Fanny Temple Elizabeth 22/11/1872  
WILKIE Isaac Robert Not stated 12/11/1823  
WILKIE James David Jane 04/07/1847  
WILKIE James James Matilda   09/0/1859
WILKIE James James Matilda 30/12/1860  
WILKIE James James Not stated 20/11/1821  
WILKIE James John Not stated 09/05/1852  
WILKIE James Robert Not stated 05/05/1821  
WILKIE James Thomas Not stated 15/03/1827  
WILKIE Jane David Jane   14/03/1844
WILKIE Jane Robert Not stated 16/07/1829  
WILKIE Jane Robert Sarah 06/03/1844  
WILKIE Jemima Temple Elizabeth 15/03/1879  
WILKIE John David Jane 12/06/1852  
WILKIE John James Isabella   08/09/1842
WILKIE John Thomas Not stated 08/05/1824  
WILKIE Johnston Robert Sarah 21/06/1840  
WILKIE Joseph Samuel Letitia   19/11/1841
WILKIE Livinia Temple Elizabeth 01/10/1874  
WILKIE Margaret James Isabella   14/11/1844
WILKIE Margaret James Not stated 31/05/1823  
WILKIE Mary David Jane 15/07/1854  
WILKIE Mary James Isabella 14/03/1838  
WILKIE Mary Robert Not stated 22/06/1826  
WILKIE Mary Robert Sarah 12/06/1836  
WILKIE Mary Samuel Letitia 07/12/1838  
WILKIE Not stated John Not stated   23/11/1847
WILKIE Not stated Not stated Not stated 02/08/1840  
WILKIE Rebecca Temple Elizabeth 31/07/1876  
WILKIE Robert David Jane 20/03/1846  
WILKIE Robert James Letitia 23/01/1835  
WILKIE Robert James Matilda 01/06/1854  
WILKIE Robert Robert Mary   20/12/1860
WILKIE Robert Robert Sarah 20/03/1846  
WILKIE Sarah Samuel Letitia 14/01/1837  
WILKIE Susannah Temple Elizabeth 15/10/1889  
WILKIE Temple Thomas Not stated 18/06/1822  
WILKIE William Temple Elizabeth 01/04/1881  
WILKIE William William Not stated 10/02/1827  
WILKINS David D. S. 12/08/1850  
WILSON Eleanor George Catherine 09/12/1828  
WILSON Elizabeth George Not stated 15/07/1826  
WILSON Elizabeth Robert Elizabeth 14/05/1831  
WILSON Elizabeth William Elizabeth   07/01/1844
WILSON Elizabeth William Rebecca ?/?/1838  
WILSON Isabella David Not stated 18/08/1819  
WILSON James David Not stated 25/04/1825  
WILSON Margaret Robert Elizabeth 06/01/1829  
WILSON Martha Robert Not stated 05/10/1823  
WILSON Mary William Rebecca   01/11/1840
WILSON Matilda William Elizabeth 11/03/1838  
WILSON Nancy Robert Not stated 31/10/1819  
WILSON Rebecca William Rebecca   05/03/1842
WILSON Robert Robert Not stated 14/09/1821  
WILSON Thomas Robert Not stated 21/09/1825  
WILSON William David Not stated 20/12/1821  
WILSON William William Elizabeth   08/05/1845
WRAY Elizabeth William Mary 06/08/1881  
WRAY Fanny Thomas Jane ?/?/1855  
WRAY Fanny William Mary 25/11/1877  
WRAY Isabella George Sarah 22/12/1829  
WRAY Isabella Thomas Mary 22/10/1899  
WRAY James Thomas Not stated   06/08/1848
WRAY Jane George Not stated 03/07/1824  
WRAY Joseph George Not stated 11/05/1845  
WRAY Nancy George Sarah 10/07/1832  
WRAY Rebecca Thomas Jane 14/03/1837  
WRAY Robert George Not stated 16/04/1826  
WRAY Samuel George Sarah 13/09/1834  
WRAY Sarah William Mary 01/09/1879  
WRAY William George Not stated 05/06/1842  
WRAY William George Sarah 31/10/1828  
WRAY William Thomas Mary 18/11/1897  
WRAY William William Mary 07/12/1883  
YOUNG David Alex Sarah 14/03/1837  
YOUNG Elizabeth Alexander Sarah 24/12/1838  
YOUNG William Not stated Jane 17/02/1823  


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