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Aughnacloy Presbyterian Church, Carnteel Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Various Marriages 1815-53

PRONI Film No. MIC/1P/38/4
Transcribed by Margaret Barnes

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Surname Surname Surname Surname
Barnes Beatty Bell Erskine
Hamilton Fleming Gordon McCallum
McClane McKenna McMichael Martin
Millar Moffitt Montgomery Moore
Murray Rae Reed/ Reid Simpson
Verner Watson Williamson Wilson



Date Marriage
Mar 7 1815 Marriage of Robert Reed & Isabella Martin both of Mulnahorn
May 6 1833

James Hamilton son of the late James Hamilton & Mary Fleming of Drummond to Nancy McMichael daughter of Robert McMichael and the late Elizabeth Murray

Witness: Hugh Moore, Cottage Hill, Parish of Aghaloo

May 6 1838? Robert Hamilton was witness to a marriage of Thomas Rae to Mary Ann McKenna
22 June 1838

I do hereby certify that I married James Wilson son of Robert Wilson and Mary Millar alias Wilson of Mulnahorn, Parish of Aghaloo and Co. of Tyrone to Mary Hamilton daughter of Robert Hamilton and Hanna Martin alias Hamilton of Drummond parish of Aghaloo and County of Tyrone (signed) John Henderson Busby)

Witnesses: Ann Beatty of Mulnahorn Parish of Aghaloo County of Tyrone & William Reid of Glenara Parish of Aghaloo County of Tyrone

Sep 4 1840

Nathaniel Wilson son of James Wilson to Ann Moffitt

Witness: William Moffitt of Kullens, Carnteel

Dec 18 1845

James Barnes full age bachelor labourer of Edenegenagh, Carnteel, son of Robert Barnes labourer to Fanny Hamilton full age spinster, daughter Robert Hamilton of Drummond, Parish of Carnteel, labourer

Witnesses: Stuart Moore & Thomas McClane

Dec 23 1845

Robert Wilson full age bachelor labourer of Mulnahorn, Parish of Carnteel son of George Wilson labourer to Hanna Wilson of full age spinster labourer also of Mulnahorn, daughter of Robert Wilson labourer

Witnesses: William Gordon, labourer & James Erskine

Feb 16 1847

Samuel Montgomery full age bachelor farmer of Drummond, son of Adam Montgomery farmer to Eliza Wilson full age spinster of Mulnahorn, daughter of George Wilson

Witnesses: Robert Williamson & Thomas Watson

May 25 1850

Robert Verner full age bachelor of Lesingderry, Aghaloo, son of Robert Verner farmer to Isabella Wilson daughter of Robert Wilson of Mulnahorn farmer

Witnesses: James Verner & John Bell

Jan 22 1852

George Wilson of full age bachelor labourer of Drummond, son of George Wilson farmer to Jane Montgomery of Drummond daughter of Adam Montgomery farmer

Witnesses: John Simpson & W. J. Simpson

Apr 7 1853

John McCallum of full age bachelor of Glendara, son of Theophillus McCallum farmer to Hanna Hamilton of Drummond, daughter of Robert Hamilton farmer.

Witnesses: Hugh Simpson & William Reed


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Marriage Records, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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