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Ardstraw West & Castlederg Roman Catholic Parish, Derry Diocese, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Baptisms 1846-50

Extracted from Catholic Parish Registers at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Faye Logue, Tully, Queensland, Australia

These extractions cover the years of the Great Famine 1845-50


DONNELLY Patrick Patrick Hanna McCrossan Legland June 3
O’KANE Bridgit John Biddy Duntague June 12
O’NEILL Mary Anne John Ealenor O’Neill Lettercarn June 21
McCALLION not given James Margaret Russelstown June 21
SHIELDS Sara Edward Mary Goland July 11
McCROSSAN Mary Richard Nancy Invagh July 12
LEATHEM William Chas Ellen Drumnabey July 31
MULLIN Sara James Sara Invagh July 24
McCALLION Anne Art Mary Lisnacreight August 1
McCROSSAN John John Nancy Deragone August 2
GOWAN Mark Mark Grace Invagh August 20
McMAHON Tomey Felix Elisa the Crew August 10
O’KANE Anne John Anne Glasmullagh August 19
DOONAN Charles Andrew Anne Mullaghcroy August 23
McCAVIL Anne Quentin Catharine Legland August 2
McCROSSAN Charles Henry Unity Knockpresshy August 8
McCROSSAN Catharine Patrick Mary Legland August 23
McELHINNY Mary Hugh Margaret Legland Sept 5
McGUIRE Ellen Felix Bridgit Scarvaherin Sept 6
MULMOHERY Sara Philip Ealenor Invagh Sept 27
McHUGH Michael Miles Sara Clare October 4
GORMLEY Peter Peter Margaret Lisnacreight October 4
CALLAGHAN Bridgit Willm Bridgit Ballinalone Dec 22
McBRIDE Francis Michael Mary Castlebane Dec 13
McCALLION Bernard Brian Mary Tullymuck Dec 13
McCROSSAN Mary Owen Margaret Duntague Dec 18
WINTER Michael John Matty Lettercarn Dec 20
CARLAN Francis Neil Jane (vagrants) Ganvahullion Decm20
McKEOWN Francis David Margaret Colnahern Dec 25
CONAGHAN Hugh John Catharine Invagh Dec 31



Surname Child Father Mother Residence Date
McRORY Michael Michael Biddy Drumlegagh January 2
McCANNEY n. g. Thomas Anne Tullymuck January 6
DOOGAN Catharine Francis Mary Clare January 11
McHUGH James Owen Biddy Lisnacreight January 17
MORRIS Mary Owen Nelly Duntague January 17
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Mark Biddy Glasmullagh January 17
O’NEILL John Charles Biddy Meahey January 18
McCAFFREY John Patrick Mary Lisnacreight January 19
GALLAGHER Arthur Daniel Isabella Meaghey January 20
McELROY Catharine James Margaret Invagh January 25
COYLE n. g. John Mary Lisnacreight January 28
McCALLION Willm Denis Rosey Meahey January 31
McCROSSAN Rosanna Owen Catharine Clunty Feb 4
HOLLAND Catharine James Mary Invagh Feb 7
GORMLEY Michael Robert Jane Garvetagh Feb 7
CATERSON Thomas Michael Margaret Goland Feb 7
McPHILEMY Patrick Edwd Rosanna Liscleen Feb 14
KERIGAN Ellen Charles Jane Garvetagh Feb 14
KERIGAN John Charles Jane Garvetagh Feb 14
WINTER Patrick Robert Susan Tullymuck Feb 17
McPHILEMY James James Catharine Liscleen Feb 25
MURPHEY Mary n.g. Jane Tiveney Feb 25
McCANNEY Francis Patrick Anne Castlebane Feb 25
McGETIGAN John John Anne Balindreat Feb 27
LOUGHREY Jane Bernard Catharine Bolaght Feb 28
McCROSSAN Anne Willm Isabella Goland Feb 28
JUDGE Sara John Anne McGuire Not given Feb 28
BOGAN Sara Patrick Mary McGlinsey Not given Feb 28
GORMLEY John Michael Rose Loag Not given March 3
McHUGH Francis Michael Jane McGrott Not given March 11
GALLAGHER James James Jane Coyle Not given March 19
McNULTY Catharine Michael Jane McHugh Not given April 4
MORRIEN John Edwd Bridget Invagh April 4
McHUGH Thomas Michael Eleanor Gillen Not given April 24
McNAMEE John James Biddy Tullymuck May 2
McDADE Patrick Willm Mary Watson Not given May 16
McBRINE Francis Edward Jane O’Kane Not given May 19
DOUGLAS Catharine James Catharine Kelly Not given May 24
CURRAN Bernard Willm Bridgit McDade Not given May 29
QUINN Catharine James Catharine McQuade Lisnacreight May 30
McTAGART Elisabeth Thomas Fanny Bradley Mullaghcroy June 3
GOWAN Bridget James Anne McPhilemy Not given June 3
O’KANE John Charles Mary McNulty Not given June 3
CONWAY James Patrick Mary McGuire Duntague June 4
McBRIEN Willm James Mary McDade Garvetagh June 13
GERAGHTY Philip Philip Margaret Tagart Legland June 13
O’KANE Francis Patrick Jean Whlahan Tullymuck June 13
McCROSSAN Mary Charles Hanna McCrossan Legland June 14
O’KANE James Peter Jean McCrossan Clunty July 2
DEVANNIE Mary Peter Mary Winter Drumnabey July 14
McPHILEMY Mary Charlotte Francis Mary Sproul Archill July 16
McPHILEMY Margaret James Anna O’Loan Lisnacreight July 20
O’KANE Edward Francis Anne McGuire Invagh July 21
HART Rosey Peter Mary McBriarty Goland August 12
COREY Isabella Willm Catharine Winters Garvetagh August 16
GORMAN Maria David Mary McHugh Archill Sept 10
McLEER Margaret Bernard Jane Maglin Tiveney Sept 11
McCROSSAN Charles Francis Rosey Conway Legland Sept 13
CURRAN Ealse? James Hanna McNamee Glasmullagh Sept 14
GOWAN John Thomas Mary Gormley Invagh Sept 19
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Patrick Biddy McHugh Drumnabey Sept 19
GORMLEY James James Margaret McNamee Duntague October 3
McGLINN John John Nancy Morris Drumlegagh October 3
MONAHAN James John Rosey Marley Invagh October 3
BROGAN Catharine Francis Mary McSorley Aughafad October 17
McCROSSAN Bridget Patrick Anne Invagh October 17
O’KANE Ealeanor Edward Biddy McCrossan Invagh October 19
MORRIEN Sally Cobby Mary McGlinchey Invagh Nov 4
MOFFAT Mary James Catharine Martin Creegan Nov 15
McSORELY Edward Roger Catharine Brown Crew Nov 24
McCROSSAN Sophia Daniel Rosey Quinn Legland Nov 18
SHERIDAN Willm John John Mary McGetigan Drumnabey Nov 22
McPHILEMY Margaret James Margaret Mongan Liscleen Dec 5
McCRORY Patrick Philip Mary Gillespie Byturn Dec 26



Surname Child Father Mother Residence Date
WINTERS Eleanor Peter Margaret McCay Goland January 13
WINTERS Matilda James Nancy McLaughlin Drumnabey January 28
CALLAGHAN Margaret John Mary Carlan Garvetagh Feb 12
MAGUIRE Sara John Sara Glassmullagh Feb 20
WOOD Willm Robert Anne McCridden Letterbin March 26
DIVINE Francis Francis Bridget Magillion Letterbin April 15
GINELY James John Mary Ward Grahamstown April 16
McLAUGHLIN Charles Henry Mary Devlin Keasty April 23
CARLAN John John Sally Kerigan Spawmount May 2
McNULTY Willm Neill Sally McCrossan Legland May 10
CURRAN Henry Henry Nora Loughrey Clare May 14
GOWAN John John Margaret Duntague May 14
McBRINE Bridget James Bridget O’Kane Tullymuck May 14
McLAUGHLIN Charles James Mary McHugh Cavandoragh May 31
O’KANE Rose James Jane Donnelly Lisnacreight June 5
McHUGH Fanny Willm Dorothea McCloskey Drumnabey June 11
DOONAN Catharine Charles Catharine Bradley Tiveny June 17
MORROW Catharine James Bridget Hoynes Clare June 22
McCALLIN Sara James Catharine Fife Not given June 25
BRADLEY Edward James Margaret Divenney Meahey July 2
MORRIEN Catharine James Elisa Drumlegagh July 2
KERIGAN Ellen Charles Jane Garvetagh July 2
McPHILEMY Rosanna John Jane Wilson Glasmullagh July 3
GOWAN Bernard James Mary McLaughlin Dunraine July 9
FEREY Jeane Edward Mary McBride Duntague July 22
MAGLIN Hugh Hugh Mary Conley Crew August 15
MAGUIRE Jeane James Nancy Cassidy Duntague August 20
McCAVILL Mary Michael Nelly Invagh August 28
COREY James Hugh Eleanor Winters Bing Sept. 3
COREY Edward Patrick Mary McLaughlin Bolaght Sept. 20
DUGGAN Anne Francis [n.g.] Magillion Clare Sept .20
SMYTH James James Mary McLaughlin Glasmullagh October 1
O’KANE Michael John Bridget Duntague October 1
McGOLRICK Catharine Michael Anne McConnaghty Invagh October 8
COREY Jane Robert Jeane Lettercarn October 8
McSORELY Anne Jean Willm Nancy Corey Lisleen Nov 12
HEALEY Michael Michael Catharine McCrossan Drumlegagh Dec 7
O’KANE Thomas Peter Margaret O’Kane Clunty Dec 17
CONWAY Alice Charles Mary Russel Duntague Dec 28



Surname Child Father Mother Residence Date
DOHERTY James John Mary Kelly Castlebane January14
McCROSSAN Mary Anne Willm Elisabeth McLaughlin Goland January 14
SHARKEY John Patrick Mary Callan Erginagh January 28
O’KANE Mary Anne Francis Anne Maguire Invagh Feb 11
McPHILEMY Lisa Jean Patrick Elisa Laird Bolaght Feb 11
SHERIDAN Lisa Jean Bernard Margaret Hoey? Drumnabey Feb 13
McCANNY Charles John Nancy McElhill Tullymuck Feb 13
McCANNY Lisa Jane Patrick Nancy Law Castlebane Feb 18
O’NEILL Francis Francis Catharine Diviney Lisleen Feb 25
McSORELY Edwd Willm Susan Glenglush Feb 25
McCAVILL Henry Quentin Mary Duggan Legland Feb 25
McGINLEY John Michael Nancy McCrory Archill March 4
McHUGH Michael Henry Bridget McPhilemy Lisleen March 8
McFALLS Catharine John Catharine Sheridan Drumnabey March 22
McGOLRICK Catharine Patrick Mary Gowan Glenglush April 9
McELROY James James Mary McMahon Invagh April 29
GORMLEY Catharine James Mary McNamee Lisnacreight April 29
McCROSSAN Catharine Richard Nancy Breen Invagh April 30
DONNELLY John Patrick Elisa Kilrail May 20
McDAVITT Mary Anne Willm Catharine McCrossan Invagh May 20
DOHERTY Edward Michael Elisa Magolrick Garvetagh June 3
SIMPSON John Hugh Biddy McRory Carncorn June 24
COREY Catherine James Biddy Meehan Lettercarn June 24
McCROSSAN Edward Owen Peggy O’Brien Duntague July 27
DOUGLAS Mary Jane James Catherine Kelly Glenglush August 5
McGUIRE Ellen Phelix Biddy Mackin Scarvaherin August 5
McPHILEMY Anne James Anne Loan Lisnacreight August 23
O’NEILL John John Eleanor Maglinn? Clare August 12
GOWAN Daniel Philip Mary McSwine Legland Sept 30
CONLEY Elisa Michael Biddy McHugh Fyfin October -



Surname Child Father Mother Residence Date
McFAGY Francis Patt Sally McHugh Crew January 13
CONAHAN Susan John Kitty McBrine? Invagh January 28
QUIN Jane James Catherine Lisnacreight Feb 20
McCROSSAN Michael Francis Rose Conway Legland Feb 24
JUDGE John John Anne McGuire Meahey March 10


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