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First Strabane Presbyterian Baptisms, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1834-40

Transcribed from PRONI MIC: 1P/10
Transcribed by Jim Crabtree at jimcrabtree1(at)sky(dot)com


Date of Birth Childs Name Fathers’ Name Mothers’ Name Residence Date of Baptism
21st July Margaret James Orr Margt. Smith Woodend 28th July
14th July Samuel Thomas Smith Margt. Barnhill Dergalt 28th July
15th July William Ray Robt. Irwin Peggy Ann Ray Strabane 31st July
1st Aug William James Dickson Nancy Dorrough Castletown 2nd  Aug.
17th Aug James  Jno McFarland   Ballycolman 1st Sept. 
7th Sept William Thomas Barnhill

    -   Lowther

[Jane Lowther]

Backfence 9th Sept.
23rd Sept Anne David Blair  Nancy Warnock Strabane 25th Sept.
9th Oct. John James John Gray Eliza Hunter Strabane 19th Oct.
15th Oct. Maria James Donnell   Strabane 3rd Nov.
2nd Nov. Robert John Joseph Carson Mary Miller Strabane 7th Dec. 
1st Nov. Robert Robert Campbell Matilda Arbuckle Strabane 7th Dec. 
25th  Dec Joseph Robert Barnhill Eliza Sayers Strabane 1st Jan 1835
1st Jan Eliza Jane Wm. Hunter Margt.  Crockett Cavanalee 7th Jan 1835
3rd Nov 1834 Andrew Robert Holmes Ann Crawford Strabane 13th Jan 1835
7th Jan Jane Arch. Cunningham Martha Britton Woodend 18th Jan 1835
9th Jan Margaret Robt.  Marshall Eliza Cox B’maggory 30th Jan 1835
1st Jan Susanna John Wilson   Strabane 1st Feb
25th Jan Samuel William  Matthews Eliza Matthews Strabane 4th Feb
5th Jan Samuel John Morton

-          Motherwell

[Mary Jane]

Lifford 13th Feb
6th March John William  Stevenson Margt. Blair Liscumbuoy 12th April
  William Wm. Ramsay Jane Leney Strabane  
3rd April Elizabeth James McMullen Nancy Davis



16th April
4th May Martha





Edymore 20th May
11th June Robt. John Stewart Mary Blair Dergalt 13th June
7th June Samuel





Strabane 21st June
20th June Alexander John Boggs Mary Mitchell Castletown 25th June
24th July Esther Jno. Jas. Huey Ellen Rogers Strabane 24th July
24th May Helen



Helen Dullin



26th June
  [Blank] Hamilton Foster Anne Cook    
  [Blank] Joseph Henderson      
20th Sept. William Robert Wilson Jane Askin or Aikin Strabane 27th Sept
1st Oct Margt. Jane John Davis Sarah Quin



5th Oct
29th Sept William Thos. Irwin Ellen Davis Douglass 5th Oct
  [Blank] ----Stewart   Berney 23rd Oct
Unreadable James



Mary Clarke Kenahan 16th Dec
23rd  Dec Jane Robt. Allen Jane Smith Strabane 27th Dec
25th Dec Letitia Joseph Mahaffey

-          Humphries


Strabane 27th Dec
20th Feb Thomas John Cunningham Margaret Cunningham Strabane 29th Feb
3rd  April James





Ballee 4th April
4th April





Margt. Tait Dergalt 7th April
14th April Margaret John Maxwell Jane Knox Strabane 24th April
7th May Mary  Jane Geo. Stewart Ellen Unreadable Strabane 9th May
22nd  April Jane James Dickson Nancy Dorrough Castletown 25th May
15th May [Blank] Abraham McLucas Eliza Spiers Castletown 30th May



Mary Anderson Strabane 29th May
16th May Elizabeth



    ---  Donnell




20th June
12th July William John Wilson Jane Holyday Strabane 12th July
30th June James James Aickin Jane Brown Edymore 13th July
  John Walter Scott      ----   Hunter Strabane 14th Aug
26th  July Margaret Ann Robert Irwin      ----Ray Strabane 18th Aug
21st Aug Catherine James Donnel Marianne Strabane 4th Sept
18th Sept Joseph Keith John Knox Rebecca  Keith Strabane 25th Sept
1st Oct Margaret Joseph Barnhill Margaret Huston Strabane 3rd Oct
5th Oct Rebecca Joseph Harper Rebecca Martin Strabane 17th Oct
24th Oct Joseph John Thomas Eliza Armstrong Edymore 27th Oct
23rd Nov





    --- Stephenson

   [Mary Jane]

Strabane 11th Dec
3rd  Dec James Mackintosh Robert Simpson Mary Mackintosh Strabane 11th Dec
19th Dec Mary James McMullen Mary Davis



4th Jan 1837
3rd Jan



Thomas Barnhill Jane Lowther Backfence 4th Jan
3rd Jan Robt. Cunningham Thomas Smith Margt. Barnhill Dergalt 12th Jan
29th Dec  1836 Amelia





Dergalt 12th Jan
13th Jan Margaret Robert Campbell Matilda Arbuckle Strabane 22rd Jan
  James Robert Matthews    --- Brodie Strabane 25th Feb
7th Feb Thos. & Sarah.... Wm. Ramsay Jane Leney Strabane 11th Feb
2nd April Anne Jane John Walker Fanny Knox Carricklee 17th April
29th April James Robt. Dickson Sarah Dorrough Castletown 2nd May
25th  April Fanny Joseph Arbuckle Louisa Fairtlough Lifford 8th May
18th April Samuel Saml. Huston Margaret Wilson Drumnabuoy 10th May
16th May James Joseph Arbuckle Eliza Kirkpatrick Woodend 19th May
9th May Eliza Lewis  Blair Ellen Gordon Ballee 31st May
1st June Mary Jane Thomas Irwin Ellen Davis



3rd June
8th June William Andrew Wilson Matilda Graham Calay Hill 13th June
5th June Mary Jane John Maxwell Jane Knox Strabane 17th June
12th July James John McCrea Margaret Glen Leck 26th July
4th July Margt. Rebecca William Hunter Margaret Crocket Cavanalee 31st july
21st Aug

Sarah Jane &


John Blair    ---     Holmes Strabane 27th Aug
  William Hamilton Caldwell Jane Hamilton Strabane 25th Aug
11th Sept Elizabeth Robert Irwin   Strabane 4th Oct
28th  Nov Jane John Dickson Mary Kinkaid Kenahan 3rd Dec
9th  Dec Ellen Jane John Huston Mary Wilson Cavanalee 11th  Dec
31st Jan Thomas James Orr Margaret Smith Woodend 8th Feb
25th Feb Wm. James Joseph  Carson Mary Miller Strabane 28th Feb
1st April Letitia James Robinson Margery Middleton Strabane 1st Apr
30th March Andrew James Akins Jane Brown Edymore 4th Apr
14th April Andrew John Wilson Anne Wauchob Strabane 7th May
12th April Andw. James James McKinley Mary Anderson Strabane 8th May
26th April Elizabeth Janet James Crosby Susan Allen Strabane 8th May
26th Feb Walter Walter Scott Frances Hunter Strabane 10th May
28th April Martha Francis Smith ---  Kerr Dysart 10th May
25th April Mary



    Dorrough Castletown 14th May
Unreadable Alison John Grey     Hunter Strabane 29th July
27th  July Robert Robt. Blair Jane Holmes Strabane 16th Aug
1st Sept William George McCarter Martha Hunter Strabane 16th Aug
24th Oct Ann Wm. Lighton Warnock Nancy Glasse Strabane 5th Nov
5th Nov Agnes James Donald



Strabane 14th Dec
21st Dec Robert John Thomson Eliza Armstrong Edymore 26th Dec
  Isabella William Ramsay Jane Leney Strabane 24th Feb
8th  March Margt. Jane James Huston Catherine Huston Cavanalee 16th March
  Crossed out John Baird Jane Holmes Strabane 17th March
18th March William John Cunningham Margaret M’Gaven Strabane 20th March
18th May Jane John Baird Marrianne Dorrough Strabane 20th May
16th May Sarah  Jane John Davis Sarah Quinn

Douglass Bridge

[Douglas Bridge]

21st May
29th April Susanna James Robinson Margery Middleton Strabane 22nd May
12th May Louisa Maria Joseph Arbuckle Louise  Fairtlough Lifford 22nd May
16th May [Blank] Wm. Stewart Martha Stewart Strabane 22nd May
9th July John James Thos. Irwin Ellen Davis

Douglass Burn

[Douglas Burn]

15th Aug
17th Aug James David Simpson Jane Lowther Strabane 18th Aug
28th Oct Thos. Lowther Thos. Barnhill Jane Lowther Backfence 4th Oct
25th  Nov Eliza Jane Robt. Davis Eliza Fulton Edymore 6th Dec
4th Jan Hugh Andrew Wilson Matilda Graham Strabane 5th Jan
16th Jan Charles Charles Sproule ---Adams Strabane 26th Jan
28th Jan Margt. William Hunter Margt. Crockett Edymore 6th Feb
23rd Jan Margaret James McKinley   Strabane 10th Feb
14th Jan Samuel Andrew Stewart Amelia Burrell Dergalt 11th Feb
9th Feb Anne       Barnhill        Parker Dergalt 22 Feb
27th Jan Cathn. Conyngham David Mitchell Jane Mary Colhoun Strabane 28th Feb
4th Feb John John Baird Jane Holmes Strabane 6th March
12th ? March Joseph Joseph Carson Mary Miller Strabane 15th March
5th March David James Akins Jane Brown Edymore 19th March
26th March Elizabeth William Boyd

Fanny Margt.


Strabane 4th April
12th March Chas. Maturin



     Stevenson Strabane 5th  April
24th March James John James McDougall Marrianne Strabane 23th  April
26th Apr William Francis Smith   Dysart 6th May
7th Feb Thomas Walter Scott Fanny Hunter Strabane 8th May