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First Strabane Presbyterian, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Baptisms 1828 to 1830

Transcribed from PRONI MIC: 1P/10
Transcribed by Jim Crabtree at jimcrabtree[one][at]sky[dot]com

NOTE About these transcriptions:

Unfortunately the writing in this source film is very faded and difficult to read in places and as is always suggested with anything, the original documents should be always be examined. When something is unreadable, I have put that in.  There are quite a few places where I can't see any writing at all.  In these cases I have just left a blank.  Also, where I think I can make something out but am not too sure I have generally put a ? in. I do not give a guarantee that everything else is 100% if there is no ? because of the poor quality of this film.

In some cases it has been possible to add additional information which is not shown on the film. This information is shown in [square brackets].


Date of Birth Child’s Name Fathers’ Name Mothers’  Name Residence Date of Baptism


21st March

William Samuel  Jones Sarah Gordon Ballee 23rd March
17th February William Thomas  Graham Sarah Green Strabane 23rd March
4th February William Abraham Lucas Elizabeth Speir Castletown 23rd March
15th March Margaret Charles Humphrys Margaret Wilson Strabane 23rd March
17th March Anne John Gray Elizabeth Hunter Strabane 30th March
2nd April Charles



Nancy Trainor Woodend 2nd April
3rd April Catherine John Reid



Strabane 4th April
30th March Thomas Thomas Hamilton Jane Jenkyns Strabane 4th April
31st March John James          McCormick Ellen Davis Dergalt 11th April
11th April Charles  Robt. Gordon Elizabeth Russell Edymore 15th April
11th April Margaret James Adams Margaret Wilson Strabane 15th April
1st April Eliza Jane John Buchannan Margaret Arbuckle Strabane 20th April
19th April Margaret Wm. Blair Rebecca Jane Parker Strabane 21st April
14th April Mary Joseph Carson Mary Millar Strabane 27th April
28th April James Henry Thomas Foster   Strabane 28th April
8th May Isaac Robt. Campbell Matilda Arbuckle Strabane 11th May
4th May Eleanor Mark Knox Eleanor Knox Liskinbuoy 21th May
18th May William William Lindsay

Isabella Kildy


Woodend 25th May
24th May Robert Andrew       McCorkle Kelidia (?)           McIlhenny (?) Town Parks  
31st May Mary James Barnhill Sarah Barnes Woodend 7th June
4th June Eliza Jane William Pollock Nancy Durragh Ballee 15th  June
15th June Martha Joseph Cunningham Mary White Strabane 15th June
Date of Birth Child’s Name Fathers’ Name Mothers’  Name Residence Date of Baptism


1st May

Robt. Late Robt. Smyth -    Graham Strabane


9th June

26th May Eliza James Gardner Eliza Campbell Belfast 1st July
25th June Margaret James Tate Jane Lewis Dergalt 11th July
 (?) July John Nathaniel Donaghy Mary Donaghy Unreadable 19th July
19th July Matilda Arthur Kirknab Nancy Durragh Dergalt 19th July
18th July James James Lindsay Elizabeth Marshall Ballymagorry 24th July
12th  July Mary Jane John  Boyd Eliza J Elliot Strabane 24th July
18th July Joseph Robt.  Henry Mary Roulston Strabane 3rd August
24th Aug Robt. James Robt. Fulton

Sarah (?)


Strabane 27th August
22nd August Robt.



Mary Anderson Kenaghan 7th September
6th September James Wm. Hunter Margaret Crockett Edymore 12th September
9th September Margaret John Henderson Mary            McMullen Kenaghan 14th September
12th September Thomas Thomas Hawthorne



Cavanalee 14th  September
22nd September Anne Jane Wm Wilson Elizabeth Bell Strabane 28th September
1st Oct Anne Jane Charles Williamson Elisabeth Walker Hollyhill 5th October
24th Sept James Archibald Borland Mary McDougall Strabane 9th  October
10th October Catherine Moses Patterson Margaret Ferguson Strabane 16th October
21st October Lewis William Andrew Blair Elizabeth Hamilton Strabane 25th October
26th October George Robt. Barnhill Elizabeth Lynes Caragullan 4th November
5th November Margaret Thos.  Durragh Martha Huston   11th November (?)
11th November Margaret Joseph Barnhill Margaret Huston Strabane 12th November (?)
Date of Birth Childs Name Fathers’ Name Mothers’  Name Residence Date of Baptism
1828, 12th November Jane James          McKinley Mary Anderson Strabane 1828, 25th November (?)
19th November



Arthur Boreland Jane Brown Strabane 25th November (?)
2nd  November Mitchell



Lydia Cook Strabane 28th November
5th November Robert Andrew Nickle Nancy Gamble Tulliard 3rd  December
1st December Joseph Oliver Boyde Mary Henderson Strabane 4th December
17th  December Samuel


Nearde (?)

Jane Clarke   21st December
25th December Samuel W Hamilton Rosanna Knox Liskinbuoy 21st (?) December
26th December John John Moore Margaret Blair Bridgend

24th (?)


30th Eliza Jane



Nancy Donnell Ballee 31st December
25th December William Hugh Stewart





4th January


7th  January

Sarah Thomas Smyth Margaret Barnhill Dergalt


10th January

11th January John George



Matilda Sproule Strabane 15th January
7th January Mary Jane Joseph Henderson Mary Jane Stevenson Strabane 18th January
20th January Margaret Mathew Nickle Elizabeth Nickle Tullyard 22nd January
20th January Mary Ann Joseph Harper Rebecca Martin Strabane 25th

26th December


Matilda James Gamble Margaret Donnelly Dysart 25th

6th January


Susanna John Cooke Elizabeth     McCourt Strabane 15th February
1st February Samuel William Stevenson Margaret Morton Strabane 22nd February
18th February Mary Jane



Rebecca Tate Strabane 25th February
15th March Anne



Catherine    McKel--y (??) Strabane 22nd March
18th March Mary Joseph Arbuckle Elizabeth Kilpatrick Woodend 22nd March
Date of Birth Childs Name Fathers’ Name Mothers’  Name Residence Date of Baptism


18th March

Martha William Ramsey Jane Leney Strabane


29th March

28th  February Mary William Orr Mary Moore Strabane 29th March
30th March James John Houston Elizabeth Knox Woodend 2nd April
2nd April Mary Ann Robt. Gordon Lindsay  Gordon Edymore 5th April
24th March Joseph Joseph         McCormick Sarah Fife Strabane 5th
4th April William William Henderson Margaret Blair Liskinbuoy 5th
1st May Maxwell James          McCormick Eleanor Davis Dergalt 2nd May
18th May Robert Robt. Durragh Isabella Gamble Tullyard 19th May
17th May Catherine W McHugh Isabella Kilgore Bridgend 24th
20th Eleanor John Donnelly Eleanor Gordon Tullyard 29th
3rd June John Robert Campbell Matilda Arbuckle Strabane 7th June
6th June Jane Ann William Smyth Margaret Porter Tullyard 7th
1st June Latham Joseph Mahaphy Mary Humphries Strabane 11th
  Robert John             McCrea Margaret Glen Leck 15th
3rd June Elizabeth James            Chambers Jane Gordon Liscurry 16th
1st June James James        McDougall



Artigarvin 6th July
4th July John Samuel Jones Sarah Gordon Kenaghan 26 July
19th June George James Lindsay Jane Kilday Woodend  
17th July Rachel





Strabane 26th July
7th July Margaret Joseph Blair Nancy Lowther Strabane 16th August (?)
9th July Mary William McCormick Mary Dergalt 16th August
22nd August Mary Ann James Orr Margaret Smyth Woodend 23rd August
18th August Elizabeth John Gray Elizabeth Hunter Strabane 30th
Date of Birth Childs Name Fathers’ Name Mothers’  Name Residence Date of Baptism


27th August

Matilda Ann Jane Ephraim Campbell Catherine Graham Strabane


30th August

31st August Eliza Jane John Wann Anne Hopkins Tullyard 2nd September
27th August Maria Richard Stewart Margaret Stewart Dergalt 6th September
30th August Margaret David McCrea Mary Clarke Kenaghan Unreadable
Unreadable Rosanna Charles        McHugh Sarah Curry Strabane 12th October
25th (?) Unreadable John John Sharman Elizabeth Logan Carrigullan 25th October
12th (?) Unreadable  Alicia Ann Hamilton  Foster Ann Cook Strabane 26th October
5th November Samuel Hugh Houston Jane Johnston Drumnabuoy 7th November


18th January

Sarah James Houston



Hollyhill 29th
22nd January Sarah Anne Robert Hanna Eliza Holmes Strabane


31st January

21st January Francis William Smyth Mary Moore Dysert 31st January
  Anne Jane Joseph Parker Anne Greer or Green Cavanalee 12th February
10th January Mary Susannah William Hatton Frances        McCrea Grange 17th February
28th February William John Stevenson Martha Anderson Cavanalee 24th February
23rd February Sarah Jane Nathaniel Durragh Jane Wann Tullyard 24th February
22nd February John John Cunningham Margaret     McGuire Strabane 26th February
5th March Martha



Martha Gordon Hollyhill 6th  March
8th March William Thomas          McKeown Mary Bond Strabane  Const. 12th March
23rd Feb William Acton Wm Orr Mary Moore Strabane 6th March
9th  April Jane John Hall Sarah Young Drumnabuoy 11th April
6th April Samuel James Harpur Susanna  Hanna Ballymagorry 11th April
27th March Margaret John Morton Mary Jane Motherwell Lifford 12th April
Date of Birth Childs Name Fathers’ Name Mothers’  Name Residence Date of Baptism


9th April

Joseph William Kinkead





14th April

24th March Sarah Thomas Davis Jane Marshall Tullyard 18th April
29th Apr Jane Isabella William Grayson Matilda Sproule Strabane 27th April
1st May Jane Thomas Smyth Margaret Barnhill Dergalt 2nd  May
  Samuel John Stewart Mary Dergalt 2nd May
6th  May Mary John Love (?) Rebecca Nickle Camus 6th May
7th May Eliza  Jane John Elder Mary Jane Kee Urney 6th May
23rd May Rebecca Robt. Campbell Matilda Arbuckle Strabane 23rd May
20th May Sarah



Sarah Fyfe Strabane 30th
3rd  June William John Joseph Cunningham Mary White Strabane 6th June
20th May Jane Eliza Joseph Carson Mary Millar Strabane 24th June
  Margaret John Buchanan Margaret Arbuckle Strabane  
30th June Margaret William Pollock Nancy Durragh Castletown 4th July
6th July Sarah



Mary Anderson Strabane 7th July
12th July Mary John Knox



Strabane 15th July
10th July Margaret James Gamble Mary Donnelly Dysart 18th
24th Aug Robert Robert Gordon Eleanor Stragulin 2nd September
26th Aug George Andrew Borland Jane Brenan Strabane 8th September
13th Sept John James Huey Letitia Moorehead Hollyhill 15th September
15th Sept William Charles Humphrys Margaret Wilson Strabane 19th September
10th Sept Cunningham John Moore Margaret Blair Strabane 19th September
10th Sept Eliza Jane John Wilson Eliza Dysart 26th