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Cross of Ardboe & Ardboe Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Rectors 1869

From The Ulster Journal of Archaeology by Ulster Archaeological Society, 1896
Transcribed by Teena

Copy Letter from Rev. William Reeves to C. Treanor
The Rectory, Tynan, 30th November 1869
To Mr Treanor, Ardboe


My Dear Sir,

I, myself, made a pilgrimage many years ago to the old Cross of Ardboe, when I was fresh in the incumbency of Ballymena, ere my tastes had broken out in a love for antiquities. I copy all that is said about it in Archdale's Monasticon-

"In the Barony of Dungannon and two miles west of Lough Neagh, a noble celebrated monastery was founded here by St Colman, the son of Aid and surnamed Macaidhe; his reliques were being preserved in the Abbey, and Festival is kept on the 21st February

"A.D. 1105 Monchad O Flarthican Dean of this Abbey, and a doctor high in esteem for his wisdom and learning, died in pilgrimage in Armagh.

" A.D. 1166 Rory MaKany Mackillwarry Oilloona did so destroy this Abbey by fire that it immediately fell to decay and was scarce visible in the time of Colgan the Franciscan. However, there still remains here the walls of an old church with a cross in good preservation, about 25 feet in height, on which are several inscriptions. Ardboe is now a poor village near the River Ballinderry, which falls into Lough Neagh. Page 678

I am sorry the details are so meagre but the County of Tyrone is particularly barren in ecclesiastical records, or authorities; so that one must be content with a few dry crumbs. I don t know any other book which touches the spot.

I remain, dear Sir,
yours very truly,
William Reeves


The following list of the Rectors of Ardboe has been supplied by the Rev. W.A. Reynell

1603 7 Nov. - George Lee Fellow T.C.D. 1603, Dean of Cork 1605, died 1628.

1615 23 May - Robt. Jackson.

1617 - Gilbert Sutton

1619 19 June -Robt. Maxwell Fellow T.C. 1617, Bp Kilmore 1661, died 16 Nov. 1672.

1623 18 Feb. - Henry Leslie.

1632 - Abel Walsh.

1625 2 June - John Binns Fellow T.C. 1617; Chancellor Ch. C Cath. Dub 1621- 7.

1632 - William Darragh died in the Rebellion of 1641.

1663 9 May - Tempest Illingworth

1686 12 June - William Delgardao presented by the Primate, as were his nine successors in Clonoe

Thomas Wilkinson.

1682 - Edward Walkington Fellow T.C .1676, Bp. Down and Connor 1695.

1695 - Christophilus Jenny.

1724 - George Berkeley Sch. T.C. 1707, Fellow 1717, Bp. of Cloyne 1733, died 14 Jan. 1753 The above officiated in the old church in the graveyard.

The following in the present church

1724 - Wm. White.

1727 - Hon. T.M. Chas. Caulfeild d. Jan. 1768.

1724- 30, as also Jno. Rob Berkeley 1732- 42. Fellow 1724. died 1787

1768 - Thos. Ferguson.

1773 - John O'Connor.

1794 - Richd. B. Vincent.

1804 - Francis Hall.

1832 - John Darley, Fellow T.C. 1823, died 4 Dec. 1836, aged 37.

1837 - John Thos. O'Brien, Fellow T.C. 1820, Bp. Ossory 1842.

1842 - Thomas M. Neece.

1863 - Wm. Lee, Fellow T.C. 1839, Archdeacon of Dublin.

1864 - Wm. de Burgh D.D.

1867 - Thomas Jordan, B.D.

- C.L. Garnett, A.M.

1894 20 March - William Dancy Pascal Ducasse, held Arboe with Ardtrea