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Religious Census - Drumglass Parish, 1766

Parliamentary Religious Return Bundle 79 No. 1023
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

N.B: The Papists [Roman Catholics] and Protestants are distinguished

AGNEW Barty [Bartholomew] Tullyodonel Papist
AGNEW Thomas Coolhills Protestant
BARRY Garret Rossmore Protestant
BELL Mr John Mountpollock Protestant
BEST John Ranaghan Protestant
BEST William Ranaghan Protestant
BOYLE Bryan Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
BOYLE Charles Dungarvan Papist
BOYLE Rore [Rory] Dungarvan Papist
BOYS John Cango [Congo] Protestant
BRANAGAN Rose Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
BRESE John Gortmeran Protestant
CAMPBEL William Gortmeran Protestant
CAULFIELD Alexander Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Protestant
CAVANAGH Patrick Lurganboy Papist
CLARK Anthony Creevagh Protestant
COLSIN (or COLVIN) John Cornamuckla Protestant
CONER [CONNOR] Charles Lurganboy Papist
CONER [CONNOR] Dinis Rossmore Papist
CONER [CONNOR] Peter Rossbeg Papist
CONER [CONNOR] Phelimy Lurganboy Papist
COREREN [CORORAN?] John Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
CORMICK James Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
COURTNEY John Coolhills Protestant
CUNNINGHAM William Rossmore Protestant
DALTON John Coolhills Papist
DANLY [DONNELLY?] Patrick Drumherive [Drumharrif] Papist
DAVISON James Cango [Congo] Protestant



James Coolhills Protestant
DENAGHY [DONAGHY] Alexander Rossmore Papist
DEVELIN [DEVLIN] Cormick Dungarvan Papist
DEVELIN [DEVLIN] Francis Dungarvan Papist
DEVELIN [DEVLIN] Terance Dungarvan Papist
DOUGHERTY Roger Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
DOUGLAS Samuel Coolhills Protestant
DOYLE Owen Lurganboy Papist
ECKLES [ECCLES] William Tullycullin Papist
ENNIS Brice Drumherive [Drumharrif] Protestant
FARLEY Robert Mountpollock Protestant
FIFE William Coolhills Protestant
FINN James Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
FLETCHER John Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
FOX Peter Lurganboy Papist
FRIZAL [FRIZZELL] Alexander Ranaghan Protestant
GAVERS [GRAVES?] Ralph Ranaghan Protestant
GILESPY John Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Protestant
GILKISON John Ranaghan Protestant
GLEN David Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
GRAVES John Ranaghan Protestant
GRUAN James Cornamuckla Protestant
HADOCK Walter Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
HAGAN John Mullaghadun Papist
HAGAN Patrick Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
HAGAN Patrick Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
HAGAN Patrick Lurganboy Papist
HAMON Moses Gortmeran Protestant
HANNA John Cornamuckla Protestant
HANNA Owen Tullygun Papist
HAUGHEY Bryan Tullygun Papist
HAUGHEY Mary Kingarve Papist
HAUGHEY Michael Kingarve Papist
HAUGHEY Patrick Tullygun Papist
HENRY Patrick Ranaghan Protestant
HINDRY (or HINCHY) [HENRY?] Abraham Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
HINDRY (or HINCHY) [HENRY?] William Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
HINDS Thomas Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
HOLLIS John Gortmeran Protestant
HUGHES Daniel Rossmore Papist
HUGHES Ferdy Rossbeg Papist
HUGHES Patrick Rossbeg Papist
HUGHES Peter Lurganboy Papist
HULLAN [MULLAN?] Hugh Ranaghan Papist
HULLIN [MULLAN?] James Dungarvan Papist
HURD John Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Protestant
HURD Thomas Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Protestant
HURD William Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Protestant
IRWINE Mr John Tullycullin Protestant
JACKSON William Cango [Congo] Protestant
JOHNSON William Gortmeran Protestant
KANE Francis Cornamuckla Papist
KELLY John Tullyodonel Papist
KELLY Phelemy Lurganboy Papist
KELLY Thomas Tullyodonel Papist
KING Thomas Coolhills Protestant
KINLEY James Tullyodonel Protestant
LACK Daniel Drumherive [Drumharrif] Protestant
LARKAN [LARKIN] Art. Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
LIESTER James Ranaghan Protestant
LIONS [LYONS] James Cango [Congo] Protestant
LIPSEY William Coolhills Protestant
LOGAN Samuel Cornamuckla Protestant
LOUGHRAN James Mullaghadun Papist
M’CALL [McCALL] Thomas Ranaghan Papist
M’CAN [McCANN] John Killineal [Killymeal] Papist
M’CAN [McCANN] Thomas Cango [Congo] Protestant
M’CAUSLAND [McCAUSLAND] Thomas Tullycullin Protestant
M’CLELAN [McCLELLAND] James Cornamuckla Protestant
M’CLELAN [McCLELLAND] John Cornamuckla Protestant
M’CLELAN [McCLELLAND] William Cango [Congo] Protestant
M’CONEL [McCONNELL] Michael Ranaghan Papist
M’GAVAN [McGAVAN] Charles Cornamuckla Papist
M’GAVAN [McGAVAN] William Kingarve Papist
M’GAVAN McGAVAN] Owen Kingarve Papist
M’GEE [McGEE] Dinis Ranaghan Papist
M’GEE [McGEE] John Lurganboy Papist
M’GEE [McGHEE] James Killineal [Killymeal] Papist
M’GEERY [McGEARY] Edmond Dungarvan Papist
M’GEERY [McGEARY] Nicholas Rossbeg Papist
M’GINN [McGINN] Roger Mullaghadun Papist
M’GLADRIGAN [McGLADRIGAN] Bryan Mountpollock Papist
M’GLADRIGAN [McGLADRIGAN] Charles Mountpollock Papist
M’GLADRIGAN [McGLADRIGAN] Hugh Tullygun Papist
M’GLADRIGAN [McGLADRIGAN] Hugh Tullygun Papist
M’GLADRIGAN [McGLADRIGAN] John Kingarve Papist
M’GLADRIGAN [McGLADRIGAN] Phelimy Ranaghan Papist
M’GLADRIGAN [McGLADRIGAN] Terance Tullygun Papist
M’GLONE [McGLONE] James Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
M’GORT [McCOURT] Terance Rossbeg Papist
M’GOWERAN Laughlin Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
M’GRAN [McGRAN] Henry Cornamuckla Papist
M’GRAN [McGRAN] Patrick Cornamuckla Papist
M’GREW [McGREW] Patrick Tullygun Papist
M’GUGAN [McGUCKIN?] Edmond Rossmore Papist
M’GUGAN [McGUCKIN?] John Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
M’GUGAN [McGUCKIN?] Roger Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
M’GUIR [McGURR?] Roger Ranaghan Papist
M’GUIRE [McGUIRE] Thomas Kingarve Papist
M’GURK [McGURK] Art. Dungarvan Papist
M’GURK [McGURK] James Rossbeg Papist
M’GURK [McGURK] Owen Rossbeg Papist
M’GURK [McGURK] William Rossbeg Papist
M’KELLIN Eneas Cornamuckla Papist
M’LANLY Patrick Mullaghadun Papist
M’MAGHAN [McMAHON] Ross Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
M’MAHON [McMAHON] Art. Cornamuckla Papist
M’MULLAN [McMULLAN] Owen Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
M’NEICE [McNEICE] Joseph Cango [Congo] Protestant
M’RORY [MACRORY] Bryan Rossmore Papist
M’SKINDOR Bryan Lurganboy Papist
M’SKINDOR Peter Lurganboy Papist
MADDEN Daniel Mullaghadun Papist
MADDEN Dinis Mullaghadun Papist
MADDEN Patrick Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
MADDIN [MADDEN] Charles Mullaghadun Papist
MADDIN [MADDEN] Michael Mullaghadun Papist
MARLAY [MARLEY] Bryan Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
MARLAY [MARLEY] John Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
MARLAY [MARLEY] Michael Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
MARTEN [MARTIN] Bryan Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
MARTEN [MARTIN] Edward Rossbeg Papist
MARTEN [MARTIN] John Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
MORROW Thomas Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Protestant
MORROW Thomas Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Protestant
MULLAN Francis Gortmeran Protestant
MURPHY Owen Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
NICKEL Robert Cango [Congo] Protestant
NICKSON William Drumherive [Drumharrif] Protestant
O’DEVELIN Art. Dungarvan Papist
O’DONLY [O’DONNELLY] Hugh Rossbeg Papist
O’HUGHES Art. Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
O’HUGHES Patrick Tullyodonel Papist
O’HUGHES Philip Tullyodonel Papist
O’KANE Philip Rossmore Papist
O’KELLY Art. Rossmore Papist
O’MARLAY [O’MARLEY] Art. Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Papist
O’NEAL [O’NEILL] Con. Cornamuckla Protestant
O’NEAL [O’NEILL] Rose Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
O’NEAL Hugh Kingarve Papist
PATTAN [PATTON] Patrick Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
PETTERSON [PATTERSON?] William Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
PHENIX [PHOENIX] Robert Creevagh Protestant
PORTER John Cornamuckla Protestant
PRUNTY Edmund Rossbeg Papist
QUIN Hugh Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
QUIN Hugh Lurganboy Papist
QUIN Mary Kingarve Papist
QUIN Neal Kingarve Papist
QUIN Nese Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
QUIN Phelimy Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
QUIN Phelimy Rossmore Papist
QUIN Terance Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
QUIN Terance Kingarve Papist
RAVERTY Bryan Lurganboy Papist
RAVERTY Con. Coolhills Papist
RAVERTY John Coolhills Papist
RAVERTY John Mullaghadun Papist
RAVERTY Terance Mullaghadun Papist
RICHEY James Cango [Congo] Protestant
ROBISON [ROBINSON] William Lisnallin [Lisnaclin] Protestant
RORK Terence Cornamuckla Papist
RYENS Catherine Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
RYENS Patrick Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
RYENS Rose Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
RYNES John Daraghadun [Derraghadoan?] Papist
SANAGHAN Bryan Cornamuckla Papist
SANAGHAN Neal Ballybrockey [Killybrackey?] Papist
SANAGHAN Owen Kingarve Papist
SANAGHAN Phelimy Cornamuckla Papist
SINCLAIR John Cango [Congo] Protestant
SMITH Alexander Coolhills Protestant
SMITH Archibald Coolhills Protestant
SMITH William Ranaghan Protestant
STEWART Andrew Lurganboy Papist
STEWART Charles Lurganboy Papist
TAYLOR John Coolhills Protestant
WALLACE James Killineal [Killymeal] Protestant
WELSH John Dungarvan Papist
WHITE John Coolhills Protestant
WILLSON Andrew Creevagh Protestant
WILLSON Patrick Creevagh Protestant
WRIGHT James Gortmeran Protestant