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Census Strays of the Poor, the Ill and the Inmates

Transcribed & Compiled by Teena
1861 census
Ecclesiastical parish St Mary Gateshead
Durham Union = Workhouse
M=20 Gorman born abt 1828 Tyrone Age 33 male
Cathrin = (or Catie=20 Ann??) Robson born abt 1805 Tyrone Age 56
1871 England Census
Ecclesiastical parish St Silas Liverpool
Lancashire Sub reg = district=20 Mount Pleasant
Royal Infirmary
James Lindsay born abt = 1839 =20 Tyrone Age 32 Patient
Eliza Wilson born abt 1854
Tyrone Age = 17 =20 Patient
Civil Parish Fulwood Reg district:
Preston Lancashire Fulwood=20 Workhouse
Mary Ann Carter born abt 1841 Tyrone Age 30
= Inmate =20
Ellen Hacket born abt 1799
Tyrone age 72
Peter Mullin born = abt 1807=20 born Drumgalley Tyrone Age 64 Inmate widower shoemaker
Civil Parish Liverpool Ecclesiastical parish
St Columbus Lancashire = Sub reg=20 district Mount Pleasant Liverpool Workhouse
Sophia Davies born abt = 1778=20 Tyrone Age 93 Inmate
Ecclesiastical parish All Saints Lancashire Reg district:
Wigan = Wigan Union=20 Workhouse
Hugh Carroll born abt 1798 tyrone Age 73
Peter = Donnelly=20 born abt 1798 Tyrone Age 73
Civil Parish Crossgate Ecclesiastical parish
St Margaret Durham Sub = reg=20 district: St Oswald Durham Union Workhouse
James Berry born abt = 1809 =20 Tyrone Age 62
Civil Parish Whitehaven Ecclesiastical parish
Mount Pleasant = Cumberland=20 Whitehaven Union Workhouse
James McGuirk Birth abt 1867 Age 34 = born=20 Tyrone: Inmate
Edward Quin born abt 1819
Tyrone = Inmate =20
1901 census
His Majestys Prison = Chelmsford=20 Baddow
Robert Beatty Age 23
single born abt 1878 Tyrone = Prisoner=20
Ecclesiastical parish Liverpool
St Silas
Lancashire = Sub reg=20 district: Mount Pleasant
Royal Infirmary
Thompson EVANS Age = 36 =20 born Tyrone abt 1865
Civil Parish Middlesbrough
Ecclesiastical parish
St Barnabas = YKS=20 Union Workhouse
Elizabeth Keenan
born abt 1867
Tyrone=20 pauper
James Loughran
born abt 1840
Tyrone=20 pauper