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Clogher Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Death Announcements, 1779-1870

Items from the Press
Deaths recorded in Clogher parish, Co. Tyrone, extracted from personal notices inserted in the Strabane Morning Post, Londonderry Sentinel, Belfast News Letter & Belfast Morning News
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
St. Macartan’s Church of Ireland Cathedral, Clogher, Co. Tyrone (from the cathedral’s Facebook page)



Date Notice
Jan 19 1779 BRADY. Near Augher, the Rev. Mr. Brady, parish priest of Clougher (Dublin Evening Post)
Jul 24 1789 MILLAR. At Lungs, near Clogher, the wife of Rev. And. Millar (Saunders’ News Letter)
May 28 1784 Yesterday morning about nine o’Clock, the lady of the Right Rev. the Bishop of Clogher, at his Lordship’s house in Henrietta-street [Dublin] (Hibernian Journal)
Aug 6 1818 RICHEY. On the 18th ult., Mr. James Richey, of Carenheney, near Clogher, aged 60 years (Saunders’ News Letter)
Feb 12 1824 JACKSON On the night of Friday last, a family named Jackson, consisting of four persons, in the mountain near Fivemiletown, were crushed to death by the falling in of their house (Enniskillen Packet & Lough Erne Chronicle)
Jan 10 1826 BAGWELL. At the Deanery House, Clogher, universally regretted, the very Rev. Dean Bagwell (Strabane Morning Post)
Feb 26 1831 MILLER. At his residence, near Clogher, county of Tyrone, at the advanced age of 87 years, the Rev. Andrew Miller, 58 of which he zealously devoted to the discharge of the important duties of a Presbyterian Minister of the extensive parish of Carrantall (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 10 1832 STOAKES. On the 15th ult., at his residence, Belnaclogh, near Augher, aged 74 years, the Rev. Hugh Stoakes. He was upwards of 34 years Minister of the Seceding Presbyterian Congregation of Glenhoy (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 19 1834 GRAHAM. Suddenly at Bundoran [Co. Donegal], on Tuesday last, after bathing, Miss Graham, of Fivemiletown (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 4 1837 BOURKE. On the 17th ult., at his residence in Fivemiletown, at an advanced age, Oliver Bourke, Esq., an upright and intelligent magistrate of county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 16 1837 KELSO. At Fivemiletown on the 3rd inst., Rebecca, wife of John Kelso, of that town, merchant, in the 38th year of her age. Her husband and only daughter mourn her loss (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 17 1838 SCOTT. Of apoplexy, on Wednesday, the 31st ult., Mr. James Scott, of Fivemiletown, merchant (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 30 1840 LENDRUM. May 22, aged 12 years, Jane, only daughter of Dr. Lendrum, of Fivemiletown, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 29 1840 TRIMBLE. On the 22nd inst., at her mother's residence, in Lisnaskea [Co. Fermanagh], after a protracted illness, Catherine, wife of Joseph Trimble, Esq., of Clogher, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 9 1844 WALKER. On the 28th February, at her residence, Ballygreenhill House, near Augher, county Tyrone, Mrs. Walker (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 30 1844 STORY. March 24th, at his residence, Corick, aged 80 years, the Rev. J. B. Story, D. D., Chancellor of the Diocese of Clogher, and Rector of the parish of Galoon (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 13 1844 McCUTCHEON. Lately, at Mullasiloga, near Fivemiletown, aged 115 years, Mary McCutcheon, widow (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 11 1845 MEEGAN. In the 79th year of his age, Michael Meegan, of Mountstewart, near Clogher, in the county of Tyrone. His remains were conveyed to their final resting place on Saturday, the 21st ult (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 10 1846 McLANNAHAN. On Sunday morning, the 27th ult., at Waring Bank, Clogher, Mary, wife of James MacLannahan, Esq., of apoplexy (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 2 1847 DENHAM (RICHARDSON). On the morning of Sunday, the 27th ult., at Lisgoole Abbey, the residence of her son in law W. Jones, Esq., Eliza, the lady of James Denham, Esq., formerly of Fairwood Park, county Fermanagh, and eldest surviving daughter of the late Sir William Richardson, Bart., of Augher Castle, in the county of Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 29 1848 TODD. On the 14th inst., at Mount Pleasant, near Clogher, in the 24th year of his age, William Todd, surgeon, eldest son of the late John Todd, Esq (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 30 1848 BURNSIDE. On the 20th ult., of inflammatory croup, at Corcreevy House, near Fivemiletown, Robert Acheson T. Burnside, aged three years and two months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 27 1849 LENDRUM. January 13, at Fivemiletown, aged 17, Wilson, eldest son of the late Dr. Lendrum (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 31 1850 HALL. On Saturday, 25th inst., at Fivemiletown, in the 51st year of his age, Mr. Robert Hall, merchant (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 9 1850 JOHNSTON. At the Chapel House, Clogher, on Friday evening, the 3rd inst., Thomas Francis, eldest son of Mr. W. A. Johnston (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 6 1850 MILLAR. On the 25th ult, at his residence, Daisy Hill, Clogher, Andrew Millar, Esq., Late Captain and paymaster in the Royal Tyrone Militia, aged 67 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 27 1851 STORY. On the 18th inst., at Corick, county Tyrone, Jane, relict of the Rev. John Story, D. D., in the 79th year of her age (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 14 1851 BUNBURY. November 4th, at Augher Castle, county Tyrone, Sir James Richardson Bunbury, Bart., D. L. (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 27 1852 KELSO. In Enniskillen, on Friday, the 20th February, Mr. John Kelso, late of Fivemiletown, in the county of Tyrone, merchant, in the 36th year of his age (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 17 1853 CURLISS. On the morning of Tuesday, the 31st May last, Oliver Curliss, a respectable inhabitant of the town of Clogher, left his residence at an early hour, nothing being heard of him until about nine o'clock, a.m. Dr. Twigg, the medical superintendent of the union workhouse, on his way to that establishment, discovered his body in the water, standing in an almost erect position, about forty yards above Ballymagowan bridge, and 200 perches from his own house. He at once sent for the police and gave the alarm at the workhouse, but when the body of the unfortunate man was removed from the water, life was found to have been extinct for a considerable period. James Buchanan, Esq., Coroner, held an inquest on the body, which was adjourned for a further inquiry. Deceased has left a wife to deplore his untimely end (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 24 1854 SHEPPARD. On the 14th inst., at his residence in Clogher, John Sheppard, Esq., hotel keeper, aged 80 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 16 1854 CALDWELL. On the 5th inst., at Augher, county Tyrone, John Caldwell, Esq. (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 13 1855 DICKEY. June 29, at his residence, Terew, near Clogher, Mr. William Dickey, aged 83 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 10 1855 JOHNSTON. On the 24th ult., at the Chapel, Clogher, Ellen, youngest daughter of Mr. William A. Johnston (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 2 1855 WILSON. At Rahern [Rahoran], near Fivemiletown, on the 30th September, Alicia, only daughter of Mr. David Wilson, aged 21 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 21 1855 MAXWELL. At Killyfaddy, Clogher, Robert Waring Maxwell, Esq. (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 9 1856 BEATTY. At Fivemiletown, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Sarah Beatty, relict of the late Mr. Richard Beatty, of that Town, aged 63 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 23 1857 MAUDE. On the 10th inst., at the Deanery House, Clogher, Lieutenant Thomas Francis Maude, of the 15th Hussars. He was in his 28th year, and eldest son of the Hon. and Rev. Dean Maude, and cousin of the present Viscount Hawarden (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 1 1857 RAMSAY. On the 24th ult., near Clogher, in the 52nd year of her age, Anne, the beloved wife of Andrew Ramsay, Esq. (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 19 1858 GEDDES. On the 9th inst., at Timpany, near Clogher, Mary, relict of the late Mr. James Geddes, Aughentain, at the advanced age of 91 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 8 1858 HERBERT. On the 5th inst., at Fivemiletown, Rev. James Herbert, Primitive Methodist Minister (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 14 1859 JONES. January 9, at 13, Middle Road, Derry, Mr. Samuel Jones, late organist of Clogher Cathedral, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 18 1859 MUNBEE. On the 12th February, at Corick, county Tyrone, (the residence of her son in law, the Rev. J. B. Story) aged 85, Letitia, the widow of the late Captain Valentine Munbee, of 43rd Light Infantry, and the Bristol Staff (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 4 1859 McKELVEY. On the 11th February, at Tullybroom House, Clogher, Anna Maria, daughter of the late Robert McKelvey, Esq., of Edergole, near Omagh (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 8 1859 WRIGHT. March 31, at Fivemiletown, county Tyrone, Elizabeth Spratt, third daughter of Mr. Robert Wright, Ballinode Mills, county Monaghan, aged 32 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 8 1859 STORY. April 1, at Rosstrevor [Co. Down], Maria Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Rev. J. B. Story, D. D., of Corick, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 10 1859 MANN. On the 26th of May, at his residence, Blessingbourne, Fivemiletown, William Henry Mann, Esq., in his 78th year (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 22 1859 JOHNSTON. July 9, at his residence, Dromore, near Clogher, county Tyrone, Archibald Johnston, Esq., aged 65 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 14 1859 WADE. October 9, at her residence, East Wall, Derry, Mary, relict of the late T. Wade, Esq., Fivemiletown, county Tyrone, aged 77 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 21 1859 ALEXANDER. At Fivemiletown, on Monday, the 17th October, Mr. Joseph Alexander, Sen., aged 76 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 2 1859 HARRIS (PORTER). On the 29th ult., in Summer Hill, Dublin, Margaret, relict of the late Hugh Harris Esq, of Ashfort, county of Armagh, and eldest daughter of John Porter, D. D., late Lord Bishop of Clogher (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 27 1860 TIBEAUDO (RICHARDSON). January 23, at 62, Upper Mount Street, Dublin, Letitia, relict of the late John Tibeaudo, Esq., of Portnahinch, Queen's County, and daughter of the late Sir William Richardson, Baronet, of Augher Castle, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 11 1860 STORY. May 2, at Corick, county Tyrone, Alexander, son of the late J. B. Story, D. D., of Corick (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 8 1860 HACKETT. May 31, at Aghamilkin, The Forth, Clogher, Mrs. Catherine Hackett, aged 60 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 15 1860 THOMPSON. June 6, at Clogher, Mr. Robert Thompson, at the advanced age of 91 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 5 1860 MENALL. September 30, at Fivemiletown, Edward F Menall, Esq., in the 63rd year of his age (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 26 1860 STORY. On the 21st October, at 2 Stanley Terrace, Dublin, Jane Story, fourth daughter of the late Rev. J. B. Story, Corick House, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 14 1860 ROBINSON. December 5, at his residence, Crossowen, Clogher, Mr. Joseph Robinson, late Sergeant Major of Her Majesty's 64th Regiment, aged 88 years, of which he has been 44 years in receipt of £40 yearly pension (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 18 1861 RICHARDSON. January 4, at Farranetra, Clogher, county Tyrone, Andrew Richardson, Esq. (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 15 1861 LENDRUM. At Fivemiletown, on the 9th February, inst., Mary, relict of the late Doctor Lendrum, of that town, aged 73 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 27 1861 RAMSAY. September 20, at his residence, Waterhill, Clogher, county Tyrone, Samuel Ramsay, Esq., aged 78 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 22 1861 MCKELVEY. November 10, at Glenview House, Clogher, county Tyrone, the Rev. William McKelvey, A. M., T. C. D., Chaplain, Royal Navy (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 20 1861 LITTLE. December 8, at Augher, county Tyrone, of bronchitis, Jane Elinor, infant daughter of Mr. Stewart Little, aged 5 months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 11 1862 WILSON. March 28, at Newry, Clogher, county Tyrone, Mr. Robert Wilson, aged 51 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 25 1862 NELSON. July 16th, at Fivemiletown, Mr. John Nelson, merchant, aged 65 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 8 1862 HERBERT. July 29, at the residence of his son, Francis Herbert, Esq., of Tettyreagh, Fivemiletown, the Rev. William Herbert, Primitive Wesleyan minister in his 93rd year (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 26 1862 BARNETT. September 22, at his residence, Ballagh, Clogher, Thomas Barnett, Esq., aged 90 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 7 1862 MCMAHON. October 18, at The Raw, the residence of his father, Mr. James McMahon, of Fivemiletown, aged 22 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 19 1863 BRASHCAR. On the 18th May, at Carntall, Clogher, county Tyrone, Sophia Eliza, daughter of Charles D. Brashcar, Esq., West Liberty, Texas, aged 17 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 22 1863 BARNETT. On the 17th May, at Ballagh, Clogher, Robert J. Barnett, Esq., aged 26 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 30 1863 WILSON. On the 21st June, at Forthill, Fivemiletown, David Wilson, Esq., aged 60 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 16 1863 ROGERS. September 12, in New York, Eliza Ann, beloved wife of Samuel Rogers, youngest son of the late Mr. Rogers, of Newry, near Clogher, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 24 years and 6 months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 26 1864 THOMPSON. January 15, at Corcreevy, near Fivemiletown, Mr. John Thompson, aged 89 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 4 1864 RAMSEY. February 29, at his residence, Waterhill House, Clogher, William Ramsey, Esq., aged 78 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 22 1864 GLENN. March 9, at the residence of her brother, Fivemiletown, Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Glenn, after a long and tedious illness (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 24 1865 DUNCAN. On the 13th January, Annie, daughter of Mr. James Duncan, Cecil, Augher, aged 19 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 7 1865 RAMSAY. March 29, at her residence, Waterhill, Clogher, Miss Ramsay, aged 76 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 15 1864 TONER. April 10, at Mores House, Charles Edward, infant son of J. K. Toner, Jun., Esq., Augher, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 15 1864 LIGGET (KILLEN}. At the residence of her sister, Mary, wife of Mr. James Ligget, of Toxteth Park, Liverpool, and daughter of Mr. William Killen, Mullaghmore, county Tyrone, aged 85 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 23 1865 GERVAN. May 17, at Roughan, Augher, county Tyrone, suddenly, Margaret, wife of Mr. H. Gervan (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 14 1865 MENAUL. July 10, at Crumlin Road, Belfast, the residence of Mr. Robert M. Carson, Jane, relict of the late Edward F. Menaul, Esq., of Fivemiletown, aged 70 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 12 1865 WILSON (TODD). November 29, at Rose Lodge, Drumshambo, county Leitrim, a few hours after the birth of a son, in the prime of life, Anna, wife of John Wilson, Esq., M. D., and daughter of the late John Todd, Esq., of Ballinagorra, Clougher, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 1 1866 CLARK. May 24, at Ballyvaddan Cottage, near Fivemiletown, Mary Clark, aged 84 years, and for 66 years the exemplary wife of Patrick Clark, Esq., late Supervisor of Excise (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 21 1866 LYNCH. September 14, at Clogher, county Tyrone, Mr. Robert Henry Lynch, aged 16 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 13 1866 ALEXANDER. November 7, at his residence Fivemiletown, county Tyrone, William Alexander, aged 76 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 14 1866 SPENCE. December 9, suddenly, at the residence of his father, John, third son of Mr. George Spence, Fivemiletown (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 8 1867 ALEXANDER. January 31, at his residence in Clogher, Mr. James Alexander, aged 64 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 15 1867 LENDRUM. February 8, at 82 Camden Street, Dublin, George B. Lendrum, medical student, eldest son of Mr. John Lendrum, of Broomhill, Fivemiletown, county Tyrone, aged 17 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 15 1867 LITTLE. February 2, at the residence of her son, Mr. George Little, Aughater Fivemiletown, Catherine, relict of the late William Archibald Little, aged 79 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 19 1867 TRUELL. April 14, at the Deanery House, Clogher, county Tyrone, Robert Holt, son and heir of the late Captain Truell, of Ballyhenry, county Wicklow, aged three and a half months (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 26 1867 PHILLIPS. April 21, at the residence of his son, Samuel Phillips, Esq., M. D., Ballygawley, county Tyrone, the Rev. James Phillips, Presbyterian Minister of Fivemiletown, in the 88th year of his age and the 56th year of his Ministry (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 18 1867 VANCE. On the 10th June, at the residence of her son in law, Mr. William Glenn, of Fivemiletown, Jane, relict of the late Oliver Vance, Esq., Dungannon (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 22 1867 SIMPSON. November 18, at Daisyhill, Clogher, county Tyrone, John Simpson, Esq., aged 65 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 22 1867 MILLER. November 15, at Daisyhill, Clogher, county Tyrone, Martha, last surviving daughter of the late Rev. Andrew Miller, of Clogher, aged 88 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 28 1868 BUCHANAN. On the 25th February, very suddenly, while at Clogher, county Tyrone, Eliza, wife of George Buchanan, Esq., of Tullybroom, aged 50 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 27 1868 RAMSAY. March 23, at Garvey, Aughnacloy, John Ramsay, Esq., late of Waterhill, Clogher, aged 91 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 3 1868 TRIMBLE. June 27, at the residence of her uncle, James Trimble, Esq., Clogher, county Tyrone, Annie, youngest daughter of the late John Trimble, Esq., M. D., Castlebellingham (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 8 1869 MORRISON. May 29, at Annaloughan, Augher, Mary, relict of the late Hans Morrison, Esq., aged 76 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 30 1869 BUNBURY. March 18, at the residence of her brother, Sir John Richardson Bunbury, at Florence, Mary, fifth daughter of the late Sir James Richardson Bunbury, of Augher Castle, county Tyrone (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 22 1870 BOOTH. June 18, at his father’s residence, Newry, near Fivemiletown, of scarlatina, in the 8th year of his age, Robert Cameron, only son of Mr. John Booth (Belfast Morning News)
Sep 5 1870 LEGGETT. August 29, at Keady, in the 81st year of his age, Mr. James Leggett, for 40 years a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church in Glenhoy (Belfast Morning News)