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Bodoney Upper Parish Church (St. Patrick's Church of Ireland), Plumbridge, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Baptisms 1806-1810

Extracted from FHL Film #258510
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Bodoney Upper Parish Church, St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Plumbridge, Co. Tyrone


Date Child’s Name Parents’ Names Abode Quality &c.
1806? … 
1 Joseph? Thomas? Ballantine? [difficult]
2 Elizabeth Daniel McCaman Glenrone miller
3 Margret Alex McFarland & Rebecca Hay Letterbrat weaver
4 Margret James McClary & Jane Young Lisnacrea farmer
5 Catherine Frs Mice? [very difficult] Lisnacrea labourer
6 Matilda John Black & Jean Campbell Lisnacrea weaver
7 William Robert Nickel? Lisnacre farmer
8 Barbara Joseph Glass & Mary McFarlane Eden miller
9 George Thomas Braten Laughanduhussey weaver
10 William Thomas Hay Castledamph weaver
11 James James McCullaugh & Margret Ballintine Laughanduhussey farmer
12 Charles James Bratten Laughanduhussey weaver
13 William John McCullaugh & Mary Robinson Laughanduhussey farmer


Feb 2

Mary James McKelvey & Mary Harkness Glenrone parish clerk
15 Samuel Andrew Black & Jane Hamilton Letterbratt schoolmaster
16 Martha? John Black & Jane Campbell Glengaugh weaver
17 Robert John Fullerton & Catherine McNickle Aughalane taylor
18 William Moses McNickle & Mary Canders Lisnacrea farmer
19 Jane William Rab Laughanduhussey labourer
20 Archibald Hamilton Ballantine & Margret Smyth Litterbratt mason
21 Elinor James Ballantine & Ann Young Laughanduhussey farmer
22 John James McCullaugh & Margret Ballantine Laughanduhussey farmer
23 Elinor M. Andrew McCullaugh & Martha Dunn Eden farmer
1809 ..
24 Martha William McNickle & Martha Watson Lisnacrea cotter
25 John James Black & Ann McFarland Lisnacrea shoemaker
26 An Margret Joseph Glass & Mary McFarland Eden miller
27 George James McKelvey & Mary Harkness Glenrone clerk
28 George James Braten & Ann Hamilton Laughanduhussey taylor
29 Catherine John McCullagh & Mary Robinson Laughanduhussey farmer
30 Eliz. John Fullerton & Catherine Knickle Aughalane taylor
31 John John McKelvey & Elizabeth McKnickle Glenrone farmer
32 Matilda James Mc…uke? [illeg.] & Martha Hood Lisnacrea farmer