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Neely Family Biographies: Nathaniel A., John, Isabel & Nathaniel H. Neely

The Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Kent, Ontario: Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens and Many of the Early Settled Families. Published by J.H. Beers & Company, 1904; pages 830-832
Transcribed and Submitted by
Annie Crenshaw


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NATHANIEL A. NEELY, a prosperous and influential farmer of the Gore of Camden, is one of the large family born to John and Isabel (Hopper) Neely, many of whom are residents of the same locality as our subject.

The Neely family originated in Ireland, where the great-grandfather, John (1) by name, lived and died in County Tyrone. His son, John (2), was born there in 1795, and his wife, Isabella (Carr) was also born there in 1816. Their marriage occurred in America. John Neely came to Canada in 1825, and located at Huntingdon, Quebec, on a farm, where he remained until his death in 1870. His wife survived him until 1886, when she passed away in her seventy-first year. Both were members of the Church of England. Eleven children were born to them as follows: Jane, the wife of Christopher Shaw, a farmer of Camden; John, the father of Nathaniel; Margaret, deceased wife of William Hanna; Catherine, deceased wife of John Grahams; William, deceased; Andrew, a farmer in Colorado; Isabel, late wife of James Henderson; Charles, unmarried, a farmer of Lower Canada [Quebec]; Robert, of County Huntingdon, on the old homestead; Archie, in Illinois; Elizabeth, who died young.

John Neely (3) was born March 15, 1827. He remained on his father's farm until he was married, and then came to his present farm in the Gore of Camden, in Concession 10, Lot 2, where he bought seventy acres, made a clearing, and built the house of hewed logs, in which he lived for twenty-five years before building the residence he now occupies. He speedily got the farm under cultivation, and has managed it most successfully up to within a few years, when he retired. For some time now he has been confined to his bed, and all responsibility has been transferred to his son, John (4). Mr. Neely always took a great interest in politics, and has ever been a strong Conservative. His religious belief is that of the Methodist Church, and he has not only always been a stanch supporter of it in its practical activities, but is unusually well versed in Scripture.

On June 15, 1853, in County of Huntingdon, Quebec, John Neely married Miss Isabel Hopper, by whom he had the following children: Isabel, at home; Mary T., who married John Traxler, a farmer of Gore of Camden; John; Lucinda, deceased wife of Robert Blackburn; Elizabeth, the wife of Charles Shaw, a farmer of Chatham township; Andrew deceased; Adolphus, deceased; Nathaniel and Isaac, farmers in Camden township; Deborah L., Mrs. William Ellis; Diana and Delina, twins, the former married to Thomas Lewis, of County of Lambton, Ont., and the latter to Samuel Ross; and Eva, the wife of Malcolm McDonald, of Camden township.

Isabel (Hopper) Neely was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, April 18, 1829, the daughter of Andrew and Mary J. (Carr) Hopper. Her parents removed to County of Huntingdon in 1855, and lived there on a farm some years before finally settling in County of Kent. The father lived to be eighty-six years old, and the mother seventy-eight, their deaths occurring in April, 1886, on the 6th and 18th, respectively. They were members of the Presbyterian Church. To them were born : Daniel, deceased; Isabel; Margaret, wife of Edward Kelly, both deceased; William, of Waterloo, Nebraska; Margery and John, both deceased; Andrew, a farmer in Camden township; Catherine, late wife of George Kelly; Mary J., deceased wife of William Cooper; Samuel, deceased; Charles, a farmer in Missouri; Robert, deceased; Eliza A., wife of Frank Corless, a farmer and owner of a creamery near Omaha, Nebraska; and David, deceased.

The paternal grandfather of Mrs. Isabel H. Neely, and the great-grandfather of our subject, was Daniel Hopper, who was a lifelong resident of County Tyrone, Ireland.

Nathaniel H. Neely was born on the family homestead in the Gore of Camden, Oct. 23, 1867; he remained there assisting his father until after his marriage, when he moved to an adjoining farm, and has made it his permanent home. It is a place of sixty acres located in Concession 11, Lot 2, and Mr. Neely has turned it into a fine farm. He is progressive and up-to-date in all his methods, and is doing well. Politically, he is a Conservative, while his fraternal affiliation is with the C. O. of Foresters. He attends the Methodist Church. On March 2, 1891, in Thamesville, Mr. Neely was married to Miss Amanda Ross, and to their union have come four children: A. Gerald, Mary V., Rhoda and Myrtle J. Mrs. Amanda R. Neely was born in Camden township Oct. 25, 1869.

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